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Quiet Reflections

Quiet reflections
By Cathy Jameson

Some time ago, one of my old posts and accompanying image (below) popped up in my FB memories.  It had me remembering the early days, the early worries, and the early choices I'd made, ones I now wish that I hadn't.  

I wish i'd knownI know too much, so much but then on some days, not enough. 

That's why I still ask questions.  That's why I still read as much as I do.  That's why I still reach out to people I trust to lead me on the right path.  Who are those people?  They are other parents.  When I need answers about autism, seizure, and mito-related concerns, I don't tend to run to medical people first.  I go straight to the parents.  

That habit goes back many years.  It started when I needed help at the beginning of our journey.  Parents set me straight then.  Parents set me straight now.  They are the ones actively researching.  They are the ones sharing ideas, reporting on the latest research and sharing results of their child’s therapies - and they do so with no strings attached.  

Parents weren't clueless like some of our son’s doctors had been.  Not only that, when another parent's child got better, because some kids do recover from autism, these people didn't clock out.  They didn't leave the community.  They stuck around and continued to help!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.  I'd be lost without the moms and dads I've met in this community.  I wouldn't have learned what I needed to...

I know about vaccines, and autism, and special education.  I’ve read the history behind vaccines and understand that autism can be a result of vaccines. I hear about the greed, the cover-ups and the on-going deception. I know more now than I have ever known before. I belong to a community because of that knowledge. A community was formed because of awful realizations and because of greed that intruded in our children’s lives… Parents should have been able to trust their doctor, their government, but no. Instead of trust, they got betrayal.  Formed for parents like me who also felt that stab of betrayal, this community stands out speaking up against the atrocities. 

They also offer something else that’s equally important: help, hope and the truth.

I jumped into this community too many years ago. I’m happy to have found it, but I also thought that by now I’d be long gone from it.  My son wasn’t one who recovered, which is why I am still knee-deep in it.  His needs and the damage done to his health are still so great, so I remain.  I hang onto every word shared — in the biomed community, on the special needs parenting boards, and in the local support groups that we’ve made for each other.  They were created for us, and by us, to survive what we wished we’d known but didn’t. 

Our eyes are now opened. 

So much has been revealed.

We will never be clueless again. 

We seek the truth we wished we never thought we’d ever have to find and make sure that what we discover is shared.  This has become, and likely will remain, a way of life. 

Something else I've said before that I think others will agree with - I hate the reason that brought us together.  I do.  We found each other on account of our children’s injuries, after their diagnosis, or because of mistreatment they, or we, encountered.  I wish we never had to be here like we are.  But since we're here, we might as well work together.  And, for the most part, we do.  I try to do anything and everything I can for the kids and for the parents I am now been blessed to know. 

They are my teachers.  

They are my guides.  

They are my hope. 

Thank you to all who came before me, and thank you to all who’ve joined our community recently.  What a blessing to be supported by such a phenomenal group of people. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.



There is no one in my community that I can turn to, we live in a rural area. So reading your posts and the posts of others is very comforting, even if they make me really sad sometimes to see what has been done to so many of our sweet children. Thank you, and everyone at AofA, for bringing us together to share in our misery and exchange ideas.


Me too


Bill, thank you. Years ago someone else mentioned that reading my Sunday posts were "like going to church". I kept that comment close to my heart the instant I read it and will treasure yours there, too. Cathy


Cathy, this almost reads like a Sunday Church sermon! I mean that in a GOOD WAY! My friends son has "autism". He'about 8 now. I remember when he was "lost" inside himself, and very non-responsive, non-interactive, non-verbal. But watching his play, you KNOW he has a sharp mind that sees the world VERY DIFFERENT than most people do. He's why I've stayed with AoA the last few recent years.
I learned about the LIES, GREED, and DECEIT of PhRMA, and the "Public Health" authorities decades ago. The pseudoscience drug racket and social control mechanism of "psychiatry" decades ago. Persons with "autism" and the even more bogus "mental illness" label are BOTH victimized by the powerful moneyed forces you describe. And now, the Covid1984 PLANdemic....
I won't claim as TRUTH everything "Qanon" is saying, but they are performing a valuable service by exposing the inter-connected persons and workings of the "Deep State".
We were not BORN into great wealth and power, like the Rockefellers, Carnegies, DuPonts, Gates, Soros, Van Derbilts, etc., but we have LOVE, HEART, SOUL, TRUTH, GOD, COMPASSION, and love. Love for ALL people, especially the "least" of us....


So grateful that you are surrounded by like-minded good people. I too support you but I don’t have the wisdom your support people have. God bless you all as you travel this painful journey together.


Cathy-I have an adult son with autism and I agree that parent support is something we all really need to help us cope with the tragic condition our sons all have. I am still hoping and praying for a miracle cure that will soon be found to save this entire generation and their parents from a future with autism.
We must never give up hope for this miracle cure for all.

Bob Moffit

"I know about vaccines, and autism, and special education. I’ve read the history behind vaccines and understand that autism can be a result of vaccines. I hear about the greed, the cover-ups and the on-going deception … Parents should have been able to trust their doctor, their government, but no. Instead of trust, they got betrayal"

If anything positive results from governmental public health mismanagement and over response to the PLANDEMIC-COVID disaster .. it was yesterday's GLOBAL demonstrations all over Europe and USA .. where HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS gathered in PEACEFUL PROTEST of governmental public health TYRANNY. If nothing else … MILLIONS OF PEOPLE HAVE COME TO REALIZE GOVERNMENTAL PUBLIC HEALTH CAREER BUREAUCRATS HAVE POITICIZED SCIENCE TO FURTHER THEIR AGENDA OF ABSOLUTE CONTROL OVER OUR LIVES.

Cathy .. for the first time in my long-life … I hope and pray great majorities of average citizens have JOINED US .. AS THEY TOO "SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO TRUST THEIR DOCTOR, THEIR GOVERNMENT, BUT NO, INSTEAD OF TRUST THEY WERE BETRAYED."

I hope and pray … when all is said and done with the PLANDEMIC … that people are held accountable for all the damage they have done .. already DOJ is investigating the tragic decision to force senior aged homes to accept COVID patients .. KNOWING THOSE SENIOR CITIZENS WERE AMONG THE HIGHEST RISKS OF DYING FROM COVID. That could indicate CRIMINAL charges for those who engineered this disastrous attack on our most vulnerable citizens … the same CRIMINAL charges could easily be prosecuted for all those "experts" who DENIED Hydroxychloroquine to patients at a time when the drug could have SAVED THEIR LIVES ..

Let's hope this PLANDEMIC is fully investigated as a potential CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY

susan welch

Beautiful post, Cathy. Thank you.

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