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Perhaps Trump Should Send Us All a Treadmill: Obesity could undermine effectiveness of a Covid-19 vaccine



For a world crippled by the coronavirus, salvation hinges on a vaccine. 

(I hope you read that sentence from the CNN article below in the movie trailer guy deep. ominous voice.)

Instead of sending $1200 checks, perhaps the Federal Government should send everyone a treadmill. Instead of COVID checkpoints in New York, perhaps there should be weigh ins (open the old highway truck weight stations?) Instead of temp checks, calorie checks.  Force Americans to lose weight to save us from COVID.  Heavy Americans will be looked upon as dangerous, uncaring, unwilling to sacrifice their Big Mac and fries for the greater good of humanity. Schools will pass laws outlawing students above a certain BMI from attending classes.  Hospitals will dock the pay of nurses and doctors who are overweight.  This article expresses "concern" for those for whom the "salavation" COVID vaccine might not work because of their weight.  The same folks express disdain for "anti-vaxxers," but isn't this the same?  If you do not whip yourself into proper shape to prepare your body, your temple for the Covid vaccine, then surely you are sinner and do not care about those around you.  Food is health. Fitness is health. The Western diet is pharma reliance and death.

According to CNN and others: US obesity epidemic could undermine effectiveness of a Covid-19 vaccine

For a world crippled by the coronavirus, salvation hinges on a vaccine.

But in the United States, where at least 4.6 million people have been infected and nearly 155,000 have died, the promise of that vaccine is hampered by a vexing epidemic that long preceded Covid-19: obesity.
Scientists know that vaccines engineered to protect the public from influenza, hepatitis B, tetanus and rabies can be less effective in obese adults than in the general population, leaving them more vulnerable to infection and illness. There is little reason to believe, obesity researchers say, that Covid-19 vaccines will be any different.
"Will we have a Covid vaccine next year tailored to the obese? No way," said Raz Shaikh, an associate professor of nutrition at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.
"Will it still work in the obese? Our prediction is no."

More than 107 million American adults are obese, and their ability to return safely to work, care for their families and resume daily life could be curtailed if the coronavirus vaccine delivers weak immunity for them.



Francis Weibel

Thanks for the link. It was well worth watching.


Consider for a moment. It was only some 400 generations ago that our forbears got up each morning, wondering if they would be able to eat something that day, without something eating them first or some plant poisoning them after. They were always on the search for the most nutritious foods. Once sated with nutritious food, the bodies desire to eat more food faded. Omnivorous animals evolved that way by natural selection — the individuals which didn’t eat nutritiously died out. Whereas today, most people just eat on autopilot — and are suffering the slow drawn out consequences. They have been brainwashed into believing that their bodies are somehow always at fault when it has problems or becomes a virus factory, instead of learning as a first priority, how to care for and maintain the wonderful self-repairing machine — they are the guardians of. Yet, too many are carelessly and thoughtlessly doing everting they can to make null & void — its full-life-time warranty…

I’ll leave you with a video presentation by researcher Arthur Haines who picks holes in Diet Mythology. He got me thinking about what ‘food’ is, in a whole new way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9Cz0QTvBjo


“People are fed by the food industry, which pays no attention to health, and are treated by the health industry, which pays no attention to food.”

Wendell Berry

Kay Fabe

Just a layman but what I believe they mean, reading between the lines, is this. The elderly , obese and diabetics have one thing in common. Their bodies are in an inflammatory state. This chronic inflammation may be the cause of the obesity and diabetes, and is a normal part of the aging process as cells deteriorate. The chronic inflammation in non elderly may have been caused by vaccines or medications, and it might exacerbate inflammation in the elderly. In any event, for those who have chronic inflammation this mean their innate immune systems are in overdrive/activation, although not performing optimally because they are attacking self.

During COVID infection immune molecules like complement , which are more plentiful and activated than in younger non obese people , trigger an excessive inflammatory response which is deadly, especially when drugs like dexamethasone are withheld like they were/are with COVID.

These COVID vaccines, in order to work , will have powerful adjuvants in the form of nanoparticles. Trial participants exclude or underrepresent those who are older, have high BMI and other comorbidities that have chronic inflammation. They will suffer the most from these vaccines.

The vaccine guys know it , so their backers are conditioning people as to what to expect. Deaths will be high but will be blamed on COVID (vaccines didn’t work because they were old and /or obese) and not because of the vaccine. They have lots of experience covering up side effects from vaccines.

I predict far fewer old and/or fat unhealthy people after these vaccines are rolled out. Unfortunately the young/healthy ones might suffer too , albeit with more treatable symptoms.


People here at Age of Autism are way too right wing Politically Correct to discuss the obesity epidemic and it's impact on those with autism and other developmental disabilities. examples: Morbidly obese white boys in diapers who have dangerously limited diets that have negative results on their health. what are some of these food the children and teen with autism like? McDonald's Taco Bell and other junk foods like cookies, soda, candy, chips. The Applied Behavioral Analysis practitioners have to offer. The predecessor therapies before Applied Behavioral Analysis are also responsible for awarding or more commonly pacifying severely intellectually and developmentally disabled people with unhealthy junk food and very few in the professional medical and psychological community has the courage to admit this problem!
What about this honest blogger poster with autism? I had significant malnutrition due to my limited diet and dangerously fast metabolism. That is quite rare. Obesity is way more common. Some people with Tuberous Sclerosis and Fragile X may be skinny due to the fast metabolism.

Grace Green

In the UK this information was put the other way round: People who are obese are 40% more likely to die of "Covid" and those who are severely obese twice as likely. No mention of a vaccine. So I took the implication to be, here's yet another way we can all get healthy and avoid the need for a dangerous vaccine! Funny how the USA always seems to come round to its favourite theme!


Ronald N. Kostoff Wow!

Ronald N. Kostoff

The main contributor to serious reaction to infection is a weakened immune system. To the degree that the obesity contributing factors contribute to weakening/degrading the immune system, they will contribute to increased serious reaction to infection.

In our recent Editorial (https://www.spandidos-publications.com/10.3892/ijmm.2020.4640), we addressed this issue as follows:

"A strong immune system responds appropriately to the challenge; a weak immune system may over-respond or under-respond. A weakened immune system appears to be the main determinant of serious/fatal reaction to viral infection (for COVID-19, SARS, and influenza alike).".....

"Eliminating factors that weaken immune system.
Our group has recently examined thousands of article Abstracts identifying factors that weaken the immune system. We have identified hundreds of factors (depending on how they are aggregated) that contribute to weakening the immune system (29). The complete study showing all the factors identified will be posted online by 20 June 2020 (https://smartech.gatech.edu/handle/1853/62907).

Some of the factors in our study that have been shown repeatedly to weaken the immune system include:

Lifestyle (e.g., smoking, excess alcohol, substance abuse, high-fat diet, protein-deficient diet, high-cholesterol diet, Western-style diets and chronic sleep restriction);

Iatrogenic (e.g., immunosuppressive drugs, gamma radiation treatments, nanomedicinal products, adjuvanted vaccines, acetaminophen, non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), surgical stress, serotonin reuptake inhibitors, selected anesthetics, selected antibiotics and highly active antiretroviral therapy drugs);

Biotoxins/Biomaterials (e.g., aflatoxin, ochratoxin, T-2 toxin, anatoxin-A, mycotoxins, microcystin-LR, dietary toxic cyanobacteria, yessotoxin, scorpion venom; Streptomyces californicus; Pseudomonas aeruginosa; Rhinovirus and respiratory syncytial virus);

Occupational/Environmental (e.g., microplastics, endocrine-disrupting chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides/insecticides/herbicides, nanoparticles, perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), perfluorooctanesulfonate (PFOS), fine particulate matter, air pollution, acrylamide, aromatic halogenated disinfection byproducts, benzene, benzo(a)pyrene, crude oil, corexit, ultraviolet (UV) radiation, wireless radiation-cell phones/cell towers/WiFi and sodium fluoride);

PsychoSocial/SocioEconomic (e.g., depression, chronic stress, restraint stress, social isolation, stressful life events, and childhood adversity).

Eliminating/ameliorating these toxic exposures/behaviors will require a combination of individual motivations/efforts and government efforts, especially at the regulatory level."

The last sentence should be the takeaway. It is the combination of individual efforts and more stringent government regulation that is required to strengthen the immune system, and reduce serious reaction to infection. While we all like to blame the government for its weak regulations on toxic exposure levels (and rightly so), how many of us are doing all we can to eliminate those toxic exposures and behaviors that are under our control? Some of those toxic substances and behaviors are listed in the summary above; a more complete list is contained in the referenced monograph.

Gary Ogden

And what has led to this epidemic of obesity and poor metabolic health? Why, none other than the Dietary Guidelines. The newest version just released, and it is the same crap as usual. Begin them young with the school lunch program and hook them for life. Actually what appears to be a minuscule silver lining for continued school closures. But not really. The massive cumulonimbus cloud: The social development role of school is vastly more important than any particular classroom lesson. Horrifying what we are doing to our children. First, poison them from the day of birth, then early and often thereafter. Second, deprive them of normal human contact and make them frightened of other people. We truly have a bunch of incompetents in our political leadership. Throw them out of office I say (except Trump, as the alternative would be worse).

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