NY, CT & NJ Love CDC on Vaccines But Not Covid
Quiet Reflections



Response to Will:
my son is autistic and deaf, and twenty years ago lazy and ignorant deaf education "professionals" suggested to me that my son should learn sign language (total communication as it was called).
My response then and now was: How are you going to teach a child sign language if he is not looking at you?
People with autism have hard time making eye contact. You can only teach sign language to someone who looks you in the eye.
My son is now fully verbal and pretty intelligent, and he is doing well without the benefit of sign, Thank you very much.

Kay Fabe

Wishful thinking. 2020 will seem like paradise compared to whats coming unless people wake up. Unfortunately people seem content to bicker among themselves and hope it ends rather than confronting the snake that orchestrates these events.

Laura Hayes


Inspiring link. Thank you for posting it here.

Here is another:



Ach well,and there you are,and right enough!
Summer will yield into autum no matter if we want it to or not .
Age of Autism is providing a unique community service.

And it;s a human need to be told stories .The more we're goverened by idiot's and have no control over our destinies , the more we need to tell stories to each other about who we are ,why we are ,where we come from ,and what might be possible . Alan Rickman
Just fab!


How about this for a sensible Bylaw?

"In response to the increasingly repressive COVID regulations and the threat of mandatory vaccinations, a citizens' Common Law Assembly on Canada's west coast has passed a Bylaw that outlaws and nullifies all COVID restrictions, masking, distancing, medical testing and vaccinations. Anyone forcing these measures on the people of Parksville and Qualicum Beach can now face fines and imprisonment in a local Common Law Court. See www.republicofkanata.ca and www.murderbydecree.com and contact republicofkanata@gmail.com for a copy of the Bylaw. Posted August 25, 2020.


Age of Autism is endorsing Picture Exchange Communication System a communication system that is made by a for-profit company and is trade-marked. The company whom trade-marked PECS is called Pyramid Educational Consultants. What not teach your child actual sign language even if the grammar is off-key compared to spoken English at least you can obtain a teaching license in teaching American Sign Language meaning it is recognized as a real language by educational professionals and the government and it is not some made-up card game which lackluster pictures. For a few years, the special education schools were teaching those with autism ASL but nonsense fads won out. I have autism and I learned basic ASL in middle school and the cognitive benefits helped me.

Bob Moffit

Amen to that ….

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