Will Flu Shots Exacerbate COVID?
PECS Sums Up Summer

NY, CT & NJ Love CDC on Vaccines But Not Covid

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut Governors (Winken, Blinken and Nod) kiss the CDC's buttocks when it comes to vaccines, and now thumb their noses at them claiming they are not health experts when it comes to Covid.   You  may agree or disagree with the CDC recommendation changes (no point in outlining them as they will change again soon no doubt), but ask yourself, how much of ANYTHING the CDC does is really about our health and not tied to politics and profit? It's a jaded point of view, but one we know is all too true here in the age of autism. 

 All righty then.



Parliamentary speech by the one politician in Australia who is speaking out on this;


A brave man going against the tide.



Children have highly active thymus glands, the source of new T cells. That may allow them to stay ahead of the virus, making new T cells faster than the virus can destroy them. In older adults, the thymus does not function as well.

Covid-19 immune response like sepsis. (Dr) Marik Sepsis protocol:

iodine rinse

Aug. 12

Coronavirus: Mix 1 heaped teaspoon of salt in a mug of warm water, cup a hand and sniffle or snort the whole lot up your nose, spitting out anything which comes down into your mouth. If you have a burning sensation you have a virus, so blow out your nose when burning ceases (2-3 minutes) and wash your hands afterwards and do my salt water cure morning, noon and night (or more often) until the burning sensation ceases, when you have disinfected and killed the virus in your head and you won't ever get Covid-19, the disease, which takes 2 weeks to incubate in your head. I have been doing this cure for over 25 years and I am never ill, it is great for pollution type illnesses too, do once a month. There are only 2 ways we can get an external illness, by injection (like mosquito bite) or breathing it in, like Coronavirus - so always breathe through your nose and isolate it in your head, where it is easy to kill, contrary to medical opinion - they want you to get the Covid-19 disease in your body and they don't care about killing the virus in your head first, hence the 2 week isolation, to make that Covid-19 disease happen. A vaccine is supposed to kill Covid-19 in your body, but it won't stop you getting a virus or Coronavirus again, bearing in mind a vaccine in your body, does not deal with the Coronavirus in your head, when you got Covid-19 from it and what happens afterwards, in the longer term. when it is not killed off there. Doctors & Medical Try it. form your own opinion.


The UK government is going through the motions of doing a sham open consultation.
Just published today 28th August:
Distributing vaccines and treatments for COVID-19 and flu
We want your views on proposed changes to the Human Medicine Regulations to help with the safe and efficient distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine and expanded flu vaccine programme in the UK, along with treatments for COVID-19 and any other diseases that become pandemic.
This consultation closes at 11:59 pm 18th September 2020.


Carolyn Cassandra

Trunp will secretly rebrand Putin’s vaccine and push it on the public. This will pay his debt to Putin using tax dollars—his favorite trick.

People will die and be disabled. It will clearly be due to the vaccine. Or the epidemic of young adult brain damage will be blamed on COVID. We must fight that.

The CDC will never recover from this. And it is all their fault as we begged them to do actual testing to find out why our children reacted as they did. They didn’t care. They thought it would never happen to them. The tragedy as they see what they did to their own children will be terrible to watch. It will destroy them forever. No one will ever dare say the word vaccine again. They will try to act as if they never existed.


I asked my high school friend now a pharmacist, if she received a prescription from a doctor for hydroxychloroquine, for an out patient with covid 19 would she fill it. She said not at this time.

Fauci is a powerful man.

Meanwhile my brother-in-law buried his son and his mother with in a weeks time. He was really sick with it too for a while, with a lingering neck pain. But my sister-in-law his wife that has everything you can think of wrong with her immune system. Lupus, myasthenia gravis (immune system is attacking her ATP? -has to take immunoglobin treatments seems like every week - and who is on hydroxychloroquine had no trouble with the Covid 19 other than to run her system down a little bit in which she needed another IgG treatment.

Fauci has ordered that we all be denied treatment. All so he and his staff at his division within the CDC can make millions if not billions either actually making a vaccine, or being funded forever as they attempt to make one.
Fauci 's time is short. The glass sea mingled with fire will soon stand against the dark sea that produced the beast with one head that has a mortal wound (they do have miraculous ways of keeping you alive till your body can heal itself -- I will give them that) . I just hope that there is enough of us glass sea people left to make a difference. I have Quercetin, zinc, vitamin c, vit D all ready. No azithromycin though, and no hydroxychloroquine, and nor will I be able to get it when we get sick. Cause Fauci had denied us treatment. .

Bob Moffit

If nothing else .. our public health bureaucracies .. and .. the 'experts" who oversee them .. have proven themselves to be more "political" than "science" motivated in their response to COVID. It is about time these public health agencies received the public scrutiny of their actions … which prior to COVID their actions were not only UNQUESTIONED … but … anyone who dared question them was immediately demonized by a main stream media that has … just like CDC, HHS, FDA, Fauci .. lost the confidence and trust of the American people.

When all is said and done … I am hoping there are CRIMINAL CHARGES bought against these despicable people … who DENIED access to drugs and treatment KNOWN TO SAVE LIVES OF COVID VICTIMS .. as well as .. those responsible for deliberately putting SENIOR AGED PEOPLE AT HIGH RISK OF DYING FROM COVID .. as the DOJ has just announced an investigation of.

There were CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY committed during COVID PANDEMIC .. and .. those responsible MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR CRIMES … are you reading this FDA and Fauci for refusing to admit Hydrochloroxyquine WAS SAFE AND EFFECTIVE …

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