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Mommy. Simon is home. Alec Baldwin & Robert Kennedy Jr Video Chat About Pediatric Health

Alec and robert
Here's a trip down memory lane, the kind of road that leads you to back to the future. When I look at Alec Baldwin, I am transported back to the late 90s, sitting on my couch in Doylestown, Pennsylvania watching a movie called Mercury Rising. I was in the early stages of Mia's autism diagnosis. The movie, about a boy with autism who cracks an encrypted government code setting off a very angry Alec Baldwin and a boyhunt, presented one of the most realistic portrayals of autism I've ever seen. I cried throughout the movie. One line especially slayed me:

Mommy. Simon is home.

Mommy was dead.

Robert Kennedy Jr had a 1 hour video chat on Facebook and Instagram with that bad guy from Mercury Rising, Alec Baldwin. Here we are some 20+ years later, and Baldwin, who has 5 young children with his wife Hilaria, just spent an hour listening to Robert tell him the facts about the demise of pediatric wellness.  The media is already going after him - but I have a feeling he's used to that and will not allow them to besmirch him. Alec Baldwin Just Did an Hour-Long Instagram Chat with an Anti-Vaccine Activist During the talk, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who’s been promoting vaccine misinformation for years, promoted false and misleading claims about vaccine safety and COVID-19.

Let's hope Alec listens, thinks and acts. As only he can. XOX


John Stone


Baldwin gave RFKjr a platform rather than the other way round - whatever you don’t like about his background he stuck his neck out this time.

Hans Litten

Why would RFK give this man a platform ?
Dershowitx was more understandable ... but we have no need to talk to a halfwit like Baldwin ?

The names listed in Epstein's "black book," first reported on by Gawker in 2015, are far-flung and include President Donald Trump, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Ted Kennedy, Alec Baldwin, and Courtney Love. (The president — who once called Epstein a "terrific guy" who "likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side" — said on Tuesday that the two haven't spoken in 15 years.)


Beleaguered Autism Mom
Thank you so much for sharing the link, But BEST of ALL going on ahead and telling what Gates had to say.

"President a vaccine skeptic." Oh thank God in Heaven.

And the Fauci, Collins and "I" (I being Gates) had to sit there. I was not aware that Gates was a leader, director of a public government agency? And as they sat there and listen to a bunch of guys that had no data. Poor Gates, but I have listened to Del Bigtree, and Kennedy and Fauci, Collins and Gates didn't have the data either.

Last paragraph Gates says, " I’m calling everyone I can to get 4 billion through GAVI for vaccines and 4 billion through a global fund for therapeutics. "

GAVI is Gates.
Trump defunded WHO, but bragged on GAVI there for a brief while --- trying to placate ol'e Gates?

Who is he calling?

The medical middle men that have so very, very rich that Trump was referring to as he answered a question given to him at the Whirlpool plant in Ohio?

John Stone

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Not sure that I detect senility - evasiveness and mania perhaps.


I found it fascinating that Orac lashes out about many things, yet he chose to not discuss some very important points to do with Coronavirus vaccine testing, past and present. Does he think it’s ok to use Meningitis vaccines as placebos in safety studies?
Does he dispute that vaccinated ferrets, primates have been shown to be left in worse positions to fight actual disease?
If he such an educated expert these areas would seem a glaring omission.

listen to me, i have autism

I myself, someone who was profoundly autistic (diagnosed at age 6 before first grade), was badly maimed by pharma, politically correct nutrition, unavoidable childhood drugs for behaviors, etc.

Also had aluminum laced DTaP in early childhood, and at one time was given 4 flu shots at once, at age 9, just to attend elementary school. (Only went to school for grades 4-6 was removed at age 14). Even if vaccines didn’t directly cause my condition, some ingredients (like aluminum and mercury) might have really worsened it.

Also hyperthyroidism (very likely), was grossly obese (with almost no muscle) and addicted to sugar and carbs, suffered Strep and PANDAS disease, excema and severe GI issues (like extreme vomiting) all my life and never attended high school, was homeschooled almost all my life due to severe autistic problems and chronic illness, etc.

I am neither liberal nor conservative. Both sides of the aisle are corrupt in my opinion, but this major problem shouldn’t be split into either aisle.

My autism type was regressive and was PDD NOS /classical autism with multiple learning disorders and mixed expressive receptive language disorder. I still have really bad dyscalculia, am really clumsy, still losing weight and gaining muscle mass with keto/GAPS, must undergo chelation therapy almost daily (also have MTHFR mutation so I must detox), have never aced a basic algebra test, may never drive a car, etc. and i bite on my shirts and have vocal tics, but I hope to be cured or really lessened of my autism before i’m 30.

I’m sick of media sugarcoating severe autism and the dark effects of it, those sites like VICE? they’re all run by US state department mafia gangsters, who are trying to start another cold war.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

When I see photos of Bill Gates I notice he is not aging well and his answers to interview questions are incoherent. As an example:

I know most of you don't want to read it so, here are two examples from that interview:

Are you concerned that in our rush to get a vaccine we are going to approve something that isn’t safe and effective?
Yeah. In China and Russia they are moving full speed ahead. I bet there’ll be some vaccines that will get out to lots of patients without the full regulatory review somewhere in the world. We probably need three or four months, no matter what, of phase 3 data, just to look for side effects. The FDA, to their credit, at least so far, is sticking to requiring proof of efficacy. So far they have behaved very professionally despite the political pressure. There may be pressure, but people are saying no, make sure that that’s not allowed. The irony is that this is a president who is a vaccine skeptic. Every meeting I have with him he is like, “Hey, I don’t know about vaccines, and you have to meet with this guy Robert Kennedy Jr. who hates vaccines and spreads crazy stuff about them.”

Wasn’t Kennedy Jr. talking about you using vaccines to implant chips into people?

Yeah, you’re right. He, Roger Stone, Laura Ingraham. They do it in this kind of way: “I’ve heard lots of people say X, Y, Z.” That’s kind of Trumpish plausible deniability. Anyway, there was a meeting where Francis Collins, Tony Fauci, and I had to [attend], and they had no data about anything. When we would say, “But wait a minute, that’s not real data,” they’d say, “Look, Trump told you you have to sit and listen, so just shut up and listen anyway.” So it’s a bit ironic that the president is now trying to have some benefit from a vaccine.


That "Vice" article?? Pure pro-vaxxx PROPAGANDA!.... Read it carefully, word-for-word, and you'll get a college level lesson in "How to Write Propaganda".... When I see garbage "journalism" like "Vice", I'm reminded just how strong FAKE NEWS really is!

Bob Moffit

If nothing else .. the article more or less PROVES some of RFK's arguments are RIGHT .. such as .. his stating vaccines are 'unavoidably unsafe" .. which the "reporter" responds by be-grudgingly admitting over 4 BILLION has been paid to compensate innocent .. healthy children .. for LIFE-LONG, LIFE-ALTERING, LIFE-THREATENING INJURIES CAUSED BY VACCINES.

Pray tell me ANY product that continues to be recommended and approved by ANY federal regulatory agency that has PAID 4 BILLION DOLLARS IN COMPENSATION FOR THEIR PRODUCT? Just ONE will suffice.

This "reporter" should be ashamed of herself posing as someone well-versed on the subject of vaccines .. she is nothing more than a "sock-puppet" for a corrupt vaccine industry that continues to damage generation after generation .. today's generation is 54% burdened with chronic autoimmune disorders … 54% … autism alone .. all but unheard of in 1970 now affects 1 in 35 .. peanut allergies, asthma, juvenile type 1 diabetes, on and on … never ending list of chronic autoimmune disorders in the MOST HEAVILY VACCINATED GENERATION IN OUR NATION'S HISTORY .. NO END IN SIGHT .. SO . THE BAND PLAYS ON AND ON … ON AND ON ..


Read the Vice article...unsurprisingly it was meant to unabashedly bash RFKjr and throw heat on Baldwin.
I can only imagine that this will back-fire, as in bad publicly is good publicity for the cause. Now intrigued readers will check-out the interview which I qualify as a win!

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