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Injured Kids, Society Costs

Abadnonned schoolBy Anne Dachel, CHD Contributing Writer, Age of Autism Editor,

There is still a dearth of any real news on special education and autism in U.S. schools, but not so in Britain and Ireland where the press reports constantly on big time increases in special education spending.

Honestly, while it’s not being reported on as a crisis, any thinking person has to be concerned about what’s happening over there. Someone needs to explain what’s going on.

Back in 2015 the big news out of Britain was the announcement that the government would be opening 27 new special needs schools in England.

These schools would serve 2,000 students. It all sounded good. Of the 27 schools, 22 would be specifically for children with autism. Unfortunately 27 schools weren’t enough, so because of “increasing demand” more had to be done.

2020: 37 new special schools with 49 more schools in the planning stage

July stories from the U.K. were all about more funding and more provisions for students with complex special needs. The British national government has approved 37 additional special schools across England, and that’s only the beginning.

Seemingly no one can tell us when it’s going to stop. At the same time no one is alarmed. Stories include reassuring photos of teachers and officials smiling and being quoted using words like ‘delighted,’ ‘fantastic’ and ‘exciting.’

The truth is the U.K. government has to do this. They have no choice. Local county councils simply can’t pay the enormous cost of sending students with critical special needs outside their home areas to school. The government has to come up with funding and it’s adding up to be billions.

The same is true in Ireland where shocking reports tell us about hundreds of disabled students who wait 3 and 4 years for assessments and then go on waiting lists for services. Hundreds have been told there aren’t school places for them.

One might ask why everyone is so compliant. Why doesn’t anyone demand to know why all this is necessary? Read More at Children's Health Defense.


John Stone


I wish they were over-diagnosing. In Northern Ireland schools, where they have most complete data, the rate is 4.2% (6.9% in Belfast), but 64% of those are graded at the worst level of disability (Education Stage 5).


Now the UK and it's doctors and psychologist are over diagnosing autism! Where is the British Government getting all this money for these special education schools? A gold mine in South Africa or Argentina?
Do not get me wrong, special education schools help those with autism but they can fail just like mainstreaming if not do with the upmost care and a highly educated staff. Will these schools offer physical,occupational,speech and psychological therapies. What about vocational training for the high school age students? If the special educator is alone with out these supports I just mentioned then the school is destined to failure am I right Long Beach Unified School District employees if any of you who worked there are reading this? LBUSD got rid of many school based therapies and did away with vocational education and it went down hill from there.

Angus Files

Grace seen to be doing something achieving nothing as always..better larf or I would cry.
If possible we try to get what we need from food a lot cheaper as well as more absorbable.The supplement business is a rip off but needs must when the devil farts in your face and leaves your child with autism.As our sons Social Worker pointed out to us when he was just 5 years old "its mercury that caused his damage and mercury is the winged messenger so we must all learn".

Pharma For Prison


Grace Green

I think certain people in Scotland get free vit. D supplements. You have to be pregnant or a child under a certain age, or have a condition such as MS. Apparently it doesn't cross their minds to give it to everyone in order to prevent such conditions, or vaccine injuries.

Angus Files

Under the guise of increasing disabled and carers rights anyone who has anything to do with either will tell you that all the re written rights by Goverments have given less rights in law to disabled or carers. Allowing councils to have more discretion(cut budgets) when allowing budgets for disabled or carers.I myself have yearly battles with the Council and it ends up in the hands of the SPSO every year. I have won 1 out of the last 4 years over budgets for my son.People think now in the UK there is nothing they can do about it as all legislation is rigged and the bodies you go to complain are rigged towards .guv legislation cutting spending.I can see why people just sit back and take what scraps are thrown at them as nobody can break the cabal by themselves its stiched up-but things will change they always do.

Remember foods give Vit D as well. The tint of your skin can allow or stop a lot of vit D entering the body.One of my sons friends Norwegian cant go out in a partial sunny day here in Scotland because he becomes sick with thumpers of headaches his skin has no Vit D resistance the sun comes out he is very ill.So if your in a country that has low vit D from the sun and your from a high Vit D country your in troublehealth wise- unless you can supplement vit D by eating high vit d foods and or supplements.

Pharma For Prison


susan welch

Anne. Thank you, again, for your tireless work highlighting the increase of Special Education in schools. It is such important work and very much appreciated.

(The link on this page didn't work for me but I found the complete article easily on the CHD website.)


In England, unless the family or individual can travel south -- to where sunshine actually can create Vitamin D -- EVERY SINGLE PERSON is Vitamin D deficient. Unless they take supplements of it, which is not nearly as common there as in the U.S.

So . . . add this question to everything else . . . what would you get if you give children many vaccines, and they are Vitamin D deficient? (Autism? Or what . . ?)

And think about how many of the English -- not even spreading the question our by saying "U.K." -- how many of them are snaggle-toothed. Their teeth can't possibly come in straight, because it takes Vitamin K to create strong bones, teeth and structure generally.

Bob Moffit

"One might ask why everyone is so compliant. Why doesn’t anyone demand to know why all this is necessary?

Because the answer to that common sense question .. is the same answer to explain why public health bureaucracies refuse to conduct that long avoided independent study of "vaccinated v. unvaccinated" populations .. to ascertain once and for all time … if BOTH POPULATIONS HAVE SUFFERED THE SAME INEXPLICABLE, DRAMATIC, UNEXPLAINED INCREASE IN LIFE-THREATENING, LIFE-LONG, LIFE-ALTERING CHRONIC AUTOIMMUNE DISORDERS .. WHICH HARVARD CLAIMS 54% OF THIS GENERATION OF OVERLY AGGRESSIVE VACCINATED CHILDREN HAVE.

Just like growing special education needs are sky-rocketing for at least a decade or two … those most responsible for identifying the CAUSE of the epidemics raging throughout heavily vaccinated populations … special education and public health career bureaucrats … prefer to claim not to know the CAUSE .. than publicly admit what the data and research clearly indicates … VACCINES ARE LIKELY THE CAUSE.

If THEY don't ask the common sense question .. "Why doesn’t anyone demand to know why all this is necessary?" .. THEY don't have to answer it.

(Was going to quote Dr Bernadine Healy's excellent quote on "science undone to identify vulnerable sub-groups with high risks to vaccines .. but … google has scrubbed these particular quote from her legacy biography)

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