Children’s Health Defense Suing Zuckerberg & The Fact Checkers
The role of aluminum adjuvants in vaccines raises issues that deserve independent, rigorous and honest science



Hans Litten
Your U tube of all the important big names Plandemicing was in May of 2018.

If you have a bunch of biggies sitting around talking about it,; is it really that they are prophesying and a predicting like the weather? Or making it happens eventually?


There is not one thing - in that movie documentary that I have not read here first on Age of Autism.

That includes the immoral married couple of Snopes even.

Well maybe David Martin's computer program that is able to discern intent with what is actually said.

susan welch

V. I hope the links on this article work - for both of the videos

Hans Litten

Why am I only hearing about this now ?

Clade X Pandemic Exercise: Segment 1

Julie Gerberding of all the criminals in all the world ......You had to wander into this Exercise

18 May 2018


Is there anywhere to see the first one?


Thank you for indoctrination,fantastic work ,evidence based forensics using evidence base documentation . "The Truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth" has just thrown "The Book" at
the agenda, leaving it professionally doctored and neutured, leaving the pyrimid selling scheme-regieme, imploding into a pantomime!

Runrig -News From Heaven - Lyrics-YouTube .

Red squirrels are developing their own community immunity against invasive Grey squirrel ,squirrel pox virus [SQPV]
The horrible pox nearly decimated the indigenous reds, however the wee reds are better at sensing and sniffing an aproaching Pine Martin ,so now the introduced Grey squirrels are getting decimated .
"Those who sniff and run away, live to sniff another day! "
Adapted from " Those who shoot and run away ,live to shoot another day!"


John Thomas Ordille

Yes, here you are, I have tested this download link, it works fine and is safe.


Gary Ogden
Yes. It. Is.

John Thomas Ordille

Is there anyway we can get a copy of this special desert before it is hard to find?


Thank you SO much Dr Mikovitz & Mr Willis!!!!!!

I wish there was a way to emphasize that this Part Two release addresses some of the smearing of Part One.

Gary Ogden

Thank you for posting this, Kim. A fine production and Scary. As. Hell.

Caroline McIlhenney

Here's to Shrewdie Kryptonite O'Vits and Tricky Thrillis! Loved the flan flick!

Hans Litten

meanwhile DisneyLand has refused a 7 year old autsitic girl entry because she cannot wear a mask .
All on camera

People should be boycotting all Disney now anyway ..... given what we now know.

Hans Litten

P.lan.demic Indoctrination ........Being banned everywhere on FarceBook .....

Meanwhile :

The heavyweights of Aluminium Science have collaborated "Exley Lujan Gheradi"

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