COVID Vaccine During Pregnancy?
Connecticut: Pride of Covid Shame of Autism

Gates on CNBC Suggests Removing What's App Messaging Encryption will Protect You

Gates headI wrote this post on my Kim Rossi Facebook page yesterday and I made it public. I've been pretty quiet on Facebook over the last couple of years, on my personal page.  I post memories and the occasional sweet treat I've baked or some local news.  Basta - enough. It's time to tell all your friends and family and colleagues what's going on.   Removing encryption opens you to hacking, fraud, theft, safety issues galore. I excerpted information from NORTON security below.  The more Gates interviews, the more he seems to be a few lines short of a fully working code.

Here is what I wrote on Facebook.

Do you use What's App to communicate when traveling or with family and friends overseas? Bill Gates wants to remove encryption safety to make sure big tech can read your content. See the article below. He wants to protect YOU from two evil groups - Pedophiles and Anti-vaxxers. I am a nationally known "anti-vaxxer" which means I learned from my family's sacrifice and seek to inform and warn others. I use humor mostly. But it ain't no fun. I fight for YOUR RIGHT to say yes OR no. I am pro-choice. I resent and am disgusted by Gate's conflating pedophilia and "anti-vaccine." BTW, If you aren't already 100% decided to take the very first Covid FrankenVax and give it to your children and elderly parents too, and I mean the fresh off the pharma line first shots from whatever manufacturer crosses the phinish (sic) line first, - then welcome to the anti-vax club. We'll send you the secret decoder ring in the mail. Unless Gates hacks it.......  Kim

Bill Gates: Lies spread faster than facts on social media, which is hard to police

“Some of the messages on their platform, they don’t even see because of the encryption on WhatsApp,” Gates said. “In order to not have any responsibility, they’ve made that opaque. You know, so whatever the issues — anti-vaccine, child pornography — they have made sure they can’t intervene on those things.”

3 reasons why encryption matters

Why is encryption important? Here are three reasons:
1. Internet privacy concerns are real

Encryption helps protect your online privacy by turning personal information into “for your eyes only” messages intended only for the parties that need them — and no one else.

You should make sure that your emails are being sent over an encrypted connection, or that you are encrypting each message.

Most email clients come with the option for encryption in their Settings menu, and if you check your email with a web browser, take a moment to ensure that SSL encryption is available.

2. Hacking is big business

Cybercrime is a global business, often run by multinational outfits.

Many of the large-scale data breaches that you may have heard about in the news demonstrate that cybercriminals are often out to steal personal information for financial gain.
3. Regulations demand it

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires healthcare providers to implement security features that help protect patients’ sensitive health information online.

Institutions of higher learning must take similar steps under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) to protect student records.

Retailers must contend with the Fair Credit Practices Act (FCPA) and similar laws that help protect consumers.

Encryption helps businesses stay compliant with regulatory requirements and standards. It also helps protect the valuable data of their customers.



Good grief,holy smoke,and gee whiz?
It' like watching rodents gnawing through boxes of matches and expecting a good outcome? With the archetecture "Bubbled" in combustable cladding and only held together by shooggly scaffolding!

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job ,wait till you hire an amateur" Red Adair .

Alliance For Natural Health : Home
Gates on Covid Vaccines : The Video 29 July 2020.
"Dry Balk Alert" perhaps not suitable viewing for people with a sensitive/delicate constitution?
"Conflagration in motion "


I’m old enough to remember (that’s the joke) when the pope was famously photographed giving vaccine drops to a child. I’m guessing those were polio drops, because I know of no other vaccine drops that are administered orally. Please let me know if measels etc vaccines come in oral form.

Could Gates be projecting? Still really want to know what his relationship with Epstein was all about. Could it have possibly been about the ability to experiment on children?


Oh Kim, don’t you know priests do not molest, and vaccines do not injure.....CHILDREN.

No rule of science, no rule of law, where are the adults?!!!!!


Elaine: I never thought of it like that! "The cost of a gluten free loaf of bread=three mercury free DPT's. "

Angus Files

He holds the world record by a long way for the saying `how low can you go`.`

Pharma For Prison


elaine dow

I have always believed Gates is the anti-Christ. I believe he also owns Alexa. I watch how our grocery store chain has an app for coupons for discounts. The seniors were struggling with setting this up in their phones and employees had a day where they helped them, and went right into their phone! Everything we do is being tracked. This everything done by debit at the stores and bills put automatically on credit cards is scary. I work at a produce stand for our farm and for another farmer, we accept no cards, only cash or check. the younger people can no count monies or make change, relying on there gadgets. I have not been to the doctor in 18 years. Everyday I say to myself, they didn't get over on me. All the lies about vaccines and denial that it is vaccine injury. It cost two dollars more to make a single dose vaccine without mercury. All of us would have gladly given them the money. The cost of a gluten free loaf of bread=three mercury free DPT's. They have kept us in financial hardship with this insane vaccine agenda. That's the plan. What they have done to the children is despicable. God is crying.

Bob Moffit

"I resent and am disgusted by Gate's conflating pedophilia and "anti-vaccine'.

A truly DESPICABLE man .. Gates is the epitome of EVIL.

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