Perhaps Trump Should Send Us All a Treadmill: Obesity could undermine effectiveness of a Covid-19 vaccine
Injured Kids, Society Costs

Feels A Lot Like Autism

BB2E1A74-F4CA-44D7-B633-187049864177Ginger Taylor posted this Tweet from Canadian MD Matt Strauss. It made my blood run cold. Read it. Admissions diagnosis, starvation. Our elders are starving because Covid measures have plunged all of into.... autism. Hear me out. 

Autism is loneliness.  I once watched my beautiful then 15 year old daughter stand at the front door of my home watching the neighbors much younger kids playing in their yard. She was mesmerized from behind the screen door. Then she said three words that broke another piece of what was left of my autism ravaged heart:

Gianna wants friends.

Autism is not being able to leave the house when you want to go somewhere or do something because it may be very difficult for your child.  My daughters have never left the house without an adult, caretaker or to board a bus with an adult.  I wrote in my memoir about the time I had to leave a Chinese food order in the restaurant because my daughter had such a meltdown in the parking lot that I had to carry both her and her older sister (they were tots) back to the minivan and drive home hungry.

Autism is not knowing what the person you see is feeling because you can't read his or her facial expression.  I thank God I am old enough to have crows feet and forehead creases so that people can tell if I am smiling or angry behind my red, white and blue mask. And poor enough that I can't even consider Botox...  ha ha.

Autism is isolation. My 25, 24 and 19 year olds have not been invited to a single event that was not adult facilitated for special needs since around 5th grade. That's more than a decade without a social interaction with typical peers.

Autism is diminished financial security for adults with autism and their families alike. From this I surely know.

Autism is an epidemic.  And so are the repercussions of COVID.

We're starving. All of us.

XOX    Kim



Laura Hayes - Oh, God!!!!
What the F was that? How Australian police still exists?
They should all be immediately imprisoned for life!

Laura Hayes

Wasn't sure where to post this, so I am posting it here.

Video footage of police brutality in Australia against a young woman not wearing a mask. Coming to a street corner near you. The police state has arrived.

Language and horror not have children anywhere around when you watch this horrific footage!


Kim-I also have an adult son with autism who can keep himself busy at home looking at the internet videos of subjects that interest him like animals, the solar system, Sesame Street, Dr. Seuss, and many other things he googles that he finds interesting. He also has a small video device called NABI that functions like a mini IPAD and it has internet access and also is loaded with lots of fun games for him to play. These are his favorite activities right now while his day program instead of being out in the community is doing Zoom sessions twice a day with educational videos, games of all kinds like hang man, crossword puzzles, wheel of fortune, deal or no deal etc. The guys all interact on the screen and they all love it. Thank God for things like this that provide activity and fun for all. I wish the best to you and your beautiful girls during this trying time of dealing with the corona virus epidemic.


Those with autism need outdoor activities for those with autism. If a parent is afraid of the virus you need a better mask like and N95 or KF94 mask which can be bought in limited quantities online or even a surplus soviet gas mask may help. Sadly those with autism are so sensitive to the mask they will have a melt down but as a person with autism diagnosed by a Harbor Regional Center(look it up) psychiatrist myself I have learned to cope and so should those with more significant autism. Social interaction can also be done over a phone and one with a face screen is more better.
What about that Chinese takeout? Order from home next time.
What about the starving seniors and let us include disabled people? A few bottles of Ensure may help these and other nutritional shakes can even be bought with food stamps. I like Pediasure Sidekicks and Orgain kids protein. These shakes have most vitamins and minerals one needs along with obvious protein and fats. should your pick eater of a child with autism have these to make up for what he is not eating? Some doctors recommend nutritional shakes and I hope Matt Strauss MD is one of them.

Grace Green

During the "pandemic", 69% of people with a learning disability (in the UK) had their social care cut when they most needed it. (Mencap)

Grace Green

I think you've hit the nail on the head with this comparison. Complete lockdown hardly made any difference to my life! They have managed to make several generations of autistic people, and I wonder if it was a deliberate strategy to achieve this outcome.

Carter's Daddy

Love this Kim. Carter is lonely for sure. He's developed solo activities and he's far too accustomed to them.


The parallels are striking. And all of it is heartbreaking.

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