Mandatory Vaccination and the Ethics of Human Sacrifice
58% of Americans are Anti-Vaxxers

Don't Punish Progress: Forbes Writer Says He Was Wrong to Encourage Earliest CoVax Use

Meme willisNote: Many years ago, when I was a cub saleswoman for a female run organization, my mentor taught me a phrase: "Don't punish progress."  Those three words have served me well when I adhered to them, especially when teaching my daughters skills.  All forward movement is progress, even if glacial in pace. I am trying not to punish progress as Forbes' writer Steve Salzberg admits he is wrong, then says:

"...if we expand the distribution of vaccines too quickly, and then the vaccine doesn’t work, we may seriously undermine the public’s trust in any eventual vaccine that really does work."

I translate this to mean that if the earliest COVID vaccines cause harm, it could mean that a nation of "anti-vaxxers" will be born.  And that's exactly the fear.  Not the early injury to those who might give their consent but are still vulnerable lab rats. Slap your head much, readers? Welcome to.... The Age of Autism where so many of us experienced vaccine injury that "undermined our trust."  Do read the entire article and let us know what you think.


I Was Wrong: We Can’t Skip Phase 3 Vaccine Trials

I wrote a blog post over the weekend that has generated tremendous pushback, including an op-ed in the New York Times as well as thousands of comments on Twitter.

In my previous post, I suggested that while we’re pursuing Phase 3 testing of several promising Covid-19 vaccines, we could simultaneously offer those same, unapproved vaccines to a wider community of volunteers, as long as those volunteers were fully informed. The benefits of moving quickly, I argued, would outweigh the risks.

I was wrong. After reading many of the responses to my article, some of them outlining the risks in greater detail, I have concluded that (1) the risks are greater than I presented them, and (2) the benefits are not as great as I had thought....


Ronald N. Kostoff

"One thing I’ve learned as a scientist is that if you get something wrong, you need to admit it, learn from the experience, and move on."

That statement is valid. The first step in implementing that philosophy is identifying what you got wrong. He states: "One is that although phase 1 and 2 trials establish safety, they don’t tell the whole story." Phase 1 and Phase 2 don't begin to establish safety. They may establish efficacy to some degree, but safety? They involve human subjects, and both short-term and long-term safety are required. How long is long-term? Well, if we were testing for adverse effects of smoking, about two or three decades would be required before we started to see correlation with increased incidence of lung cancer. There are other cancers related to other causes that take up to five decades to emerge.

Every vaccine insert I have seen (~ten) states that the vaccine was not tested for carcinogenicity or mutagenicity or some aspect of fertility. For example, the MMR vaccine insert states: "M-M-R II vaccine has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential or impairment of fertility".
Will that be different for COVID-19 vaccines? Unless Phase 3 lasts for thirty or forty years, and researchers actively look for such linkages (not limiting themselves to passive databases like VAERS), I don't see how such tests could be performed credibly.

So, he was wrong, as he admits, but he was actually very very wrong relative to safety, which he has either not realized or has not admitted yet. If the Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, and Biostatistics at Johns Hopkins University can get the safety issue wrong, what can we expect from the hacks who populate government and the media?


Oh, they are all - the whole nation is being injuried by vaccines any ol'e how; it is just invisible,

It is just FATE that we all are dying of heart disease, auto immune diseases.

Bring on the vaccine from HELL!

Better that way than to be like frogs, and sit in warm, hot, hotter water till we all are in full boil and dead.

About full boil as it is.

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