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Italy's Corvelva Invites You To International Call to Action for Access to Technical Scientific Covid-19 Data

Corvelva-call_largeFrom Corvelva, in Italy. An important appeal. Per favore. Grazie.


We are appealing to all the associations (and citizens) whose Countries have experienced and are still experiencing restrictive measures like Italy. We need to share with you an unacceptable fact and we want to ask other citizens in the world to take action in order to shed light on the many shadows that envelop the emergency situation we are facing.

We are an Italian association 1 fighting for freedom of choice in the vaccination and therapeutical fields since 1993, but we are here today speaking also to those associations that do not totally agree with our way of thinking and living freedom.

Italian people have gone through the Covid-19 pandemic strictly following the rules imposed. Italian people have complied with the Government’s restrictions and provisions but even so, for months we have been watching tv programs showing drones, helicopters and law enforcement vessels chasing and identifying individual citizens walking deserted streets or empty beaches, 2-3-4-5-6-7 and even law enforcement precluding religious services. Media have been pointing the finger at the runners, ordinary citizens going solo for a run, suddenly becoming terrible plague spreaders and primary cause of infection, according to the mainstream media narrative.

We are silently accepting our Country’s economy to fall apart and we should at least expect that our Government, responsible for the imposed restrictive measures, would clarify and be willing to provide evidence and answers to the people.
Every single choice the Italian Government made to manage the Covid-19 emergency, was and will be based on the opinion of the Technical-Scientific Committee (CTS). A small number of people called the shots of the Government Agenda, from the forms and lasting of Lockdown, to the masks, the social distancing, and any regulatory act always issued “having consulted the CTS”.

Recently, three lawyers, being part of a foundation, decided to file a FOIA (request for access to documents) , specifically requesting to view the minutes of the Scientific Technical Committee of February 18th, March 1st, 7th, 30th and April 9th. The data and opinions expressed and collected in these minutes are basically the reason, the drive, the foundation for the Government to have issued every act relating to the Covid-19 emergency management.
After the request has been rejected at first instance, the lawyers have been forced to apply to a Court. On July 23rd, 2020 the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio (TAR) had ruled in favour of the publication of the documents by August 21st at the latest. 8

And here is the shocking and for us unacceptable fact: the Italian Government, through the State’s attorney, on July 31st opposed 9the Court (TAR) ruling, motivating that the publication would have caused “a real damage to public order and security that exposing the CTS minutes, at this stage of the emergency, would cause for both technical assessments and general guidelines of the technical body”. 10

On August, 5th 2020, we learned from journalistic sources 11 and from the same lawyers who had requested access to the documents, 12 that the Italian government will publish these minutes, but the question remains unchanged:
Why did not it make immediately transparent what really happened in the emergency? If the Italian government acted on expert opinions, why did it oppose the publication of the data? What are the contents of these reports that should cause damage? Why would damage to public order and security even be expected?

In the next days we will inform everyone about the content of these minutes, verifying together with many experts who work alongside us, if the emergency policies have been correctly undertaken, if they were fair or exaggerated or disproportionate, up to at least the end of the State of Emergency, but the fact that the Government has opposed the publication of documents that should be public, worries us greatly. We remind that the news of the declassification of the minutes, if analyzed with intellectual honesty, show that it took place solely for political conflicts with the parliamentary opposition, not for true listening and transparency towards citizenship.

All of you reading us, both ordinary citizens and associations, have at your disposal a tool created for this kind of action, the Freedom of Information Act, 13 that is the law granting freedom of information and public access to data held by national governments!

Read the full article at:

International call to action: demand your governments to access the technical-scientific data of Covid-19 emergency!


Mayhem Global

No-vac mentions the Chinese and Israeli governments when oddly this article is about the Italian government, but what about the US, UK, French & Australian governments for example.

susan welch

No-vac. Well ;said!


I suspect that majority of totally corrupted governments of the world are following the directives of UN/WHO cartels, which follow the directives of communist China, Israel and global oligarchs to start global civil and racial wars, destroy economies, maim and enslave the populations, turn the children into illiterate zombies who are burning and destroying western civilization. All this for profits of China, Israel and oligarchs, who will finally buy the bankrupted businesses for pennies and enslave humanity. The only reason why those governments became voluntary slaves of China, Israel and global oligarchs and are readily betraying and destroying their own countries are gigantic BRIBES ($ billions), which the dominant bureaucrats have taken from their masters. Besides the bribes, most likely there is also a blackmail on a gigantic scale - Epstein type. And obviously, they will guard this secret to their graves or to prisons! We must expose these bureaucrats and submit them to Nuremberg II trial for crimes agonist humanity.


It does seem unreasonable that an outdoor trail runner would carry covid and spread it across Italy, causing wanton death. Usually they’re fairly healthy with all that aerobic exercise and eating kale and stuff. I mean, do people with covid really go running ? really? That’s just more of this complete and utter bs narrative. I guess when government and Pharma are selling death, they don’t care who’s in the way. Don’t drink the kool-aid and live a happy life !

Angus Files

The Goverments world wide can blurt out utterly ridiculous bursts of unsupportable COVID braggadocio with no consequences at all.But the people and school children are denied their basic human rights.

Pharma For Prison


Bob Moffit

The very last thing public health career bureaucrats can allow is complete TRANSPARENCY of their scientific reasons for the tyrannical actions, policies and protocols they have imposed on the WORLD.

If ever there was a need for ABSOLUTE TRANSPARENCY it is NOW … IMMEDIATELY .. God speed for those trying to achieve it.

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