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The New York Times: The Pandemic’s Toll on Children With Special Needs and Their Parents

Connecticut: Pride of Covid Shame of Autism

CT stereotype mapNote: I live in Connecticut. We've been giving ourselves atta boy boolah boohlah top drawer I tell you top drawer high fives all summer for our response to COVID.  The state's response to autism for twenty years has been the equivalent of spitting in the face of families. Here's the long and the short of it: If you have a testable IQ over 70 and autism, you are shunted into the autism waiver. Last I was told, there were 115 waivers in the state. 115. In. The. State.  All taken. Think about the age of autism - we're looking at people under 40? Under 30? How long is the wait for someone to drown, wander, get hit by a metro north train, be beaten to death by a caregiver or murdered by a parent?

We are wearing masks like badges of saintly honor. Preening over our numbers. Gazing at Covid stats like Narcissus at the water's edge. We are a state of sinners. Autism will explode. Imagine if we had a fraction of the attention, will, resources to combat the autism epidemic and help families. Read and learn:

I commend writer Matthew Zabierek for this unvarnished look at what we face. The autism the media doesn't usually show. The ventilator version....


‘The system is going to explode’ — Adults with autism struggle to find support in Connecticut

A special report by Matthew Zabierek, Record-Journal staff , August 01, 2020
Read the full article at

During a trip to Bridgeport’s Beardsley Zoo in 2012, Sharon Cable’s son, diagnosed with autism and schizophrenia, wanted to find out whether the zoo’s tiger was ticklish. An in-depth series looking at how autism impacts us all. So when his dad went to the bathroom and a zookeeper wasn’t looking, 18-year-old Alex Cable hopped a fence, ran up to Victor the tiger’s cage, and reached his hand in while Victor was sleeping.

“When Alex tickled him, he woke up and bit off the tip of his finger,” Sharon Cable said, adding that doctors were able to surgically repair her son’s hand.

Alex Cable, now 26, is taking classes at Tunxis Community College in Farmington and hopes to one day get a full-time job. Due to his autism and schizophrenia, he constantly needs to be watched because he has “no sense of safety,” his mom said.

“He's 26 years old, he's doing college classes, and he cannot cross the street by himself,” Cable said. “It sounds ridiculous, and you say, ‘Why can't you teach him that?’’ We taught him, he can explain how to cross the street, but he doesn't actually do it … If he wakes up in the middle of the night, you better be awake to see what he’s doing.” Read the full article here.

A classic scene from Auntie Mame. Gloria Upson is a wealthy CT gal whose very life is "top drawer..."



Benzalkonium chloride, benzethonium chloride, and sodium nitrite is used in some hand sanitizers. The latter is also added to cured meat products (to prevent botulinum) which is being consumed more as frozen fresh meat is getting rarer in some areas). In quantity, this combo has caused methemoglobinemia. It can also lead to ARDS as reported in a case of barbicidal overdose involving benzalkonium chloride [1]. ARDS which as we know, is also getting reported as a complication of Covid-19.

Other triggers for that are biological plausible are many but seldom cause problems in normal use but these are not normal times.

Also the thought occurred to me that if a patent’s history is no longer taken on arrival then could ‘some’ people with low oxygen saturations (SpO2) be borderline glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficient and have been pushed over the edge into methemoglobinemia, by taking cough and sore throat OTC remedies that contain benzocaine, methyl hydroxybenzoate and other drugs that require the G6PD enzyme to detoxify? Labels say don’t take for more than three days. If so there are treatments for this such as N-acetylcysteine and IV vitamin C, methylene blue but I don’t hear it being mentioned.

Many of the BAME population have genetically determined lower levels of G6PD and they currently suffering higher fatality rates.
Statistically, I would think this must be occurring more frequently than before due to the high numbers of people taking OTC remedies and medical staff may be missing the connection, thinking the low Sp02 is due to the virus and so just following the CDC protocol.

Below MetHb levels of around 50% patients can still be lucid and coherent as reported. Yet, I have found no mention of this possibility being actively included as part of a differential diagnosis. That is not to say it isn’t — just that I haven’t seen it reported anywhere — at all.

[1] Barbicidal overdose

An unusual epidemic of methemoglobinemia caused by soap. Journal of Pediatrics.

Angus Files

People are also scared to speak out are gas lighted their freedom of speech is gone-freedom of speech what was that..Who would have thought Orwell as a prophet..

In full: Rowan Atkinson on free speech

Pharma For Prison


Bob Moffit

"Due to a lack of available funding, the program is currently only able to provide services for 116 individuals, a small fraction of those who have applied."

Sure would help to have a small fraction of US government funds presently being spent to develop a covid vaccine diverted to these ever increasing families in dire need of services for autism .. a growing problem throughout country and SHAMEFULLY no one .. PUBLIC HEALTH BUREAUCRATS, POLITICIANS, MEDIA refuse to label autism the EPIDEMIC IT HAS BEEN FOR DECADES NOW.

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