Feels A Lot Like Autism
Injured Kids, Society Costs

Autism Caption Contest

Posted with permission from Michelle Guppy.  Many of you will recognize her handsome son, 20-something Brandon, who is wracked with seizures and autism. Go ahead and provide a caption. The playhouse is for Michelle's darling grandson, her Grandfishy. But she snapped this photo and well, I had to ask if we could share it and she generously said, "yes."  I was reminded of the old Tom Hanks movie "Big," when he jumped into top of the the bunk bed after his date. But there is no Zoltan machine to change the past for Brandon or any of our adult children with autism.



What happened to my son, Dr. Fauci ?


In his summer time years, he languishes in the house of autumn.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

The home of neurodiversity. It is like no other university.

False Scientists

Such a powerful image xoxo

Jerry Martinez

He is so loved!

Anne Dachel


I have never forgotten this my interview with Michelle in 2014. How does anyone forget this photo?


My son't friend died last week. He was only 21.
Massive seizure, not Covid.
But I am sure his health was destroyed by the house arrest and those abhorrent suffocating muzzles...
Thank you, the State of California, for protecting the lives of our most vulnerable!

Kathy Sutton

Michelle he seems like an amazing young man that knows what he likes, privacy and his own environment. He is so blessed!

Angus Files

Brandon's Abode

A super cool space for Brandon but so sad at the same time.

Pharma for Prison


Shelley Tzorfas

When the Childhouse Grows Up ( the kids can't Grow with it).


I am so sorry Michelle. There but for the grace of God...

susan welch

Michelle, I am so sorry this happened to your son.

Thank you for allowing it to be shared. It may wake some new parents up to the reality that, for some vulnerable children, vaccines are not safe.

Michelle M Guppy

Eternal childhood stolen future.

Brandon is 26.

All I could think of seeing that picture as I walked by, was an image of him in there playing with his son.

An image that will never be thanks to vaccine injury.

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