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Aluminum is a Secret Sauce!

Burger foilSuch a clever headline  and a WHOPPER of an obfuscation from National Pharma Radio, aka NPR. In the article they jauntily refer to a substance called "alum...."  The author might want to check in on the work of Chris Exley in the UK. His latest? The role of aluminum adjuvants in vaccines raises issues that deserve independent, rigorous and honest science

From NPR:

The Special Sauce That Makes Some Vaccines Work

There are many approaches to making a vaccine against COVID-19. Some use genetic material from the coronavirus, some use synthetic proteins that mimic viral proteins and some use disabled versions of the virus itself.

But before any of these approaches can generate the antibodies to the coronavirus that scientists say are essential to protecting people from getting sick, the immune system has to be primed to make those antibodies.

That's the job of something called an adjuvant.

"The definition of [an] adjuvant is something you add to enhance, in the case of immunity, the immune response," says Gregory Glenn, president of research and development at Novavax, one of the companies that has received money from Operation Warp Speed.

Vaccines essentially trick the body into making an immune response to a specific virus or bacterium, so if something dangerous comes along, the immune system will be prepared.

But before it can prompt a response to a specific virus, the immune system has to be made ready.

"When you inject a vaccine, the first immune cell that's of importance is a dendritic cell," Glenn says.

Dendritic cells are part of what's called the innate immune response. These cells will respond to anything foreign that enters the body, the coronavirus included.

"If they see something — they see a virus or bacteria — they become highly activated, and then they create a whole cascade of events," Glenn says.

That cascade leads to the production of antibodies, and it's the antibodies that will recognize the specific virus of interest.

Novavax's testing shows an adjuvant is critical to its vaccine working well. That's the case for many vaccines.

But the strange thing is that there aren't a lot of adjuvants out there.

"We only think about adjuvants when there's a dire need, such as this pandemic, for example," says Bali Pulendran, a vaccine developer at Stanford University. "Now everyone is interested in faster response and a better response and a longer-lasting response."

Pulendran says for almost a century, scientists relied on a compound called alum to act as an adjuvant. It was only in the 1990s that new adjuvants started appearing on the scene. Now there are several more options, but Pulendran says more choices are needed.


Gary Ogden

Lala: Aluminum hydroxide, along with AAHS (amorphous aluminohydroxyphosphate sulfate--a Merck proprietary accidentally discovered in one of their labs) is used as an adjuvant ("in medicine, a substance added to a drug to aid the operation of the principle ingredient") in some vaccines because it greatly increases the immune response. Macrophages (specialized white blood cells which are the immune systems' Marine Corps--the tip of the spear) normally rush in to gobble up whatever it is which doesn't belong in the body. They normally dissolve them using special enzymes so they can be excreted. The problem with Al is that these enzymes cannot dissolve it. So some of it is carried inside the macrophage in the circulation to be deposited in organs. Professor Exley's research of autism brains found worrisome concentrations of Al within these very immune cells. Al has no known biological function, and until the late 19th Century there was essentially no free Al in the environment, virtually all of it tightly bound to Silicon and Oxygen in the Earth's crust. So, yes Al is clearly a cause of injury from vaccines, what injury depending upon the affected organ and the individual characteristics of the affected person. Al in medicine has never been tested for toxicity in the 70+ years it has been in use. It was "grandfathered" in to the GRAS (generally regarded as safe) list. I know this is astonishing, but the last year and half has proven beyond a shadow of doubt that we are ruled by utter incompetents, with a few very rich malefactors at the top of the pyramid, aided by Fauci and his gang.


Is this the mechanism for autoimmune illness? The immune system is "primed" by an adjuvant but when there's really nothing to fight, it attacks its own? Or is it just a hocus pocus additive to make it seem like the vaccine is "doing something" when in reality nothing is happening, and aluminum is just damaging.

On Wikipedia Alum is described as another name for aluminum hydroxide, a vaccine adjuvant.

susan welch


Benedetta, the latest from the wonderful Prof. Exley


All those safe food dyes, those yellows, blues, greens, reds : Aluminum lakes # 5, 7 and so forth.

They keeps saying cheese has aluminum in it.
But they are colored by a plant down in South America called annatto. Then they said that it is shredded cheese to keep the shredded chees from sticking, but all I can read on the label is corn starch? I don't know, I really want to know. Dr. Crouse in his book pinpointed shredded cheese.

Then there is baking powder -- I order aluminum free now.

There is research out there that if you can stop eating aluminum, do the Fiji or Silicade water, or eat oat groats rich in orthosilic acid that the aluminum in the whole body including the brain will precipitate out.

Yet; This article has a chilling end don't you all think?

There are worse things to come our way.
They are looking for things to excite our immune system.
Anything that excites our immune system has to be a poison to begin with.

Which gets us to that great book "Vaccine A" about squalene.
What was going on in that part of Africa were children tried to eat and just fell asleep instead? Was that a new tested adjuvant? There are evil things afoot. And I fear more even worse evil things to come.

Grace Green

Margaret and Pogo,
And we tanned our goatskins using salt and alum, which we had to get specially from the chemist. Made beautiful rugs - think of that in your insides, or your brain!



Yes, some pickle recipes call for Aluminium Sulfate (alum). Alum for pickling is approved by the U.S. FDA as a food additive!!! [Calcium chloride works just as well and gives the pickles that ‘sour’ taste].

Aluminium sulfate is also used in water treatment as a flocculant. It give the water more ‘sparkle’ than the safer iron sulfate.

Aluminum hydroxide is used in some anti-acid tablets and liquids like Gaviscon (GlaxoSmithKline),
Not forgetting antiperspirants, some of which contain Aluminum chloride hexahydrate.

Aluminium also ends up in some baby milk powders.

Aside: The Romans loved fruit syrup which had been reduced down in lead pots to make it taste sweeter (the fruit acid becoming sweet tasting lead acetate) and cloths spun from asbestos fibre. Wonder what happened to the Romans? One doesn't see any of them around these days.

Sandy Sad

Also, it bears repeating:

You get primed with a shot that contains an adjuvant.

EVERYTHING YOU INGEST around the time of that shot just might end up to be a new allergy. Because your system was primed. . .

And everyone of the 30-plus ingredients injected in the vaccine https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/downloads/appendices/B/excipient-table-2.pdf
just might become a brand new "allergy" too!

There is a book about peanut allergies that explains this.

Margaret Jaeger

We've always been informed there was aluminum salts in vaccines but...alum is a product also...used in pickle making. Is it aluminum too..?


Dan Olmsted wrote this March 9, 2009:

"I've always thought of NPR as an unbiased, hard-hitting model of journalistic integrity. It was a window on the world of which I wanted to learn more. Now, if I turn to NPR in the mornings, I always first think, "what crock will I hear about today."

National Pharma Radio has been regularly putting out a lot of crock; with PBS they seem to be in a race for the crock pot.


Hans Litten


Just in case anyone in the UK is foolish enough to think our problems would be solved with the rejection of Boris Johnson...... Keir Starmer is a Trilateralist.

And then we have the considerable problem of Nicola Sturgeon , Globalist.

Globalists are the reason for 2020 and the reason for the masks and covid19 and mandatory vaccination.
The problem is entrenched. Just look at the special Jacintha in NZ. Or the Turner situation Australia


Thank you, Laura, for putting that link up. I just checked it out; great information.

Casedemic -- very appropriate name for the current trend of "case hysteria.'

Kay Fabe

The interesting thing is alum has never been evaluated for safety in trials using a true saline placebo. Its safety is not known. New vaccines are evaluated in trials using alum or alum containing vaccines as the placebo. Basically testing to make sure the vaccine is no more toxic than an untested toxin

The Witchdoctors have taken over Medicine

In the US Fluad is a Flu Vaccine approved only for 65& up. It contains a super adjuvant based on squalene since elderly need more of a kick to jump start their immune system. They have only been approved for 2 years here and are basically mandatory in nursing homes. 40% of COVID deaths are in nursing homes. Might be worth looking into

COVID vaccines will also need a duper adjuvant to work. Any deaths or serious illness will be blamed on COVID and not the vaccine

Angus Files

Pharma Crème de la Alum..that little Je ne sais quoi that were all not meant to know about .The World wide Goverment charade continues.

Pharma For Prison


susan welch

Laura, Thank you for that link. Absolutely brilliant!

Laura Hayes

"Casedemic" - 2-min. watch - excellent:


Hans Litten

Moderna's share price was $91.97 on the 17 july 2020
The great Bill Gates hope for a first ever RNA vaccine
All the top brass sold large amount of shares around this time.
Today the Share price has fallen to $68 , which is getting on for a 26% fall in less than a month.

Not sure what all this means .....but its intriguing.

Lets go with the Russian Vaccine?

Bob Moffit

Just received following email from ICAN .. Del Bigtree's excellent organization … regarding ALLUMINUM in vaccines and his effort to inquire of the NIH all of the studies they have conducted on the SAFETY OF ALLUMINUM in vaccines. IT IS WELL WORTH READING:

The vaccines on the CDC’s childhood vaccine schedule given to babies during the first six months of life include over 3,500 mcg of aluminum adjuvant, a known neurotoxic substance which can damage nerves and kills cells.

The dangers of aluminum based adjuvants have been well documented. Animals injected with aluminum adjuvant, for example, suffer various neurological deficits. In 2017, ICAN even published a white paper summarizing the science which explains how aluminum adjuvant can cause neurological impairment when administered to babies.

Given the foregoing concern, a FOIA request was submitted to the National Institute of Health (NIH) requesting “copies of any human or animal studies involving the subcutaneous or intramuscular injection of aluminum adjuvant relied upon by the NIH to establish the safety of injecting infants and children with aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate or amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate.”

The NIH engaged in an extensive search that included having the following institutes within the NIH search for responsive studies: the NIH Office of Intramural Research (OIR), the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), and the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human (NICHD).

But despite their extensive search, the NIH finally conceded that “no records responsive to your request were located.” This admission is incredible. Despite injecting babies with thousands of micrograms of this toxic substance, known to cause cellular and neuronal death, the scientific medical brain trust of this country, the NIH, does not have a single study involving the injection of this substance that would support its safety. This may be because all of the studies involving injection of aluminum adjuvant reflect its dangers.


Hans Litten

Gregory Glenn
Bali Pulendran

A right pair I am sure .... AAHS , Squalene , go on tell us all about them ? If you dare ?

I would love to give these pair a shot of 1500 mcg of AAHS, and see what happens.

Has everyone seen the footage of Dr Liam Fox saying hydrochloroquine has never been properly tested according to the gold standard (double blind placebo trial) from just 2 days ago .... Priceless Dr Fox (own goal par excellence)

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