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Excuse Me? Behind the Mask.

By CathyCj mask Jameson

This isn’t a post about the pros and cons.  It isn’t a debate for you should or shouldn’t.  It’s a post to share one fact that the media isn’t. 

Several years ago I was in the main office at my son's elementary school when a new family came in.  After settling her kids in the chairs where I was sitting, the mom asked to speak to someone about the enrollment procedure.  The young secretary, a twentysomething, showed and described the forms that would need to be filled out, signed and returned.  When she got to the health history form, the secretary said that the school required a copy of the kids' shot records, too.  I waited for her to add that vaccine exemptions could be accepted, but she neglected to share that information.  The mom thanked her for her time and said she'd get started on the paperwork that day.  "If I have any questions, I'll call you," she said.  I had a question for the secretary, so when the family left, I walked up to the counter.  

"Hey, I couldn't help but overhear what you said to that other mom about that health history form.  Do you ever tell parents that they can submit an exemption, because that's part of the law, too?"  

She said no.  

I told her it would be a good idea to include that info.  Not many people know that it's an option.  I shared that since she's the one person fielding calls and inquiries about school enrollment procedures, she should cite the whole law.

I was happily surprised that she said she probably should tell people that.  

These days, it isn't so much the vaccine laws that are being partly or wrongly cited; state mask policies are being wrongly cited.  





How about those sharing the mask information do their part, too?

Every policy I looked up had additional information that isn't getting broadcasted – a section or statement about mask exemptions.  Like vaccines, not everyone can partake in what’s being asked.  And like vaccines, governing bodies know this. 


The following individuals are exempt from wearing a face covering:

  • Persons younger than two years old. These very young children must not wear a face covering because of the risk of suffocation.
  • Persons with a medical condition, mental health condition, or disability that prevents wearing a face covering. This includes persons with a medical condition for whom wearing a face covering could obstruct breathing or who are unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove a face covering without assistance.
  • Persons who are hearing impaired, or communicating with a person who is hearing impaired, where the ability to see the mouth is essential for communication.
  • Persons for whom wearing a face covering would create a risk to the person related to their work, as determined by local, state, or federal regulators or workplace safety guidelines.
  • Persons who are obtaining a service involving the nose or face for which temporary removal of the face covering is necessary to perform the service.
  • Persons who are seated at a restaurant or other establishment that offers food or beverage service, while they are eating or drinking, provided that they are able to maintain a distance of at least six feet away from persons who are not members of the same household or residence.
  • Persons who are engaged in outdoor work or recreation such as swimming, walking, hiking, bicycling, or running, when alone or with household members, and when they are able to maintain a distance of at least six feet from others.

Washington State:

There are some exemptions to the DOH order, including people with certain disabilities or health conditions, people who are deaf or hard of hearing, and children under the age of 2. (Officials encourage use of a face covering by children ages 3-5 if possible. Children 5 and older must wear a face covering.)

You do not need to wear a cloth face covering in your home when you are only with people in your household, or when you are alone in your car. You do not need to wear one when seated at a restaurant eating, or when you are outdoors and people are far apart.

New York:

If you have a health issue that makes you unable to tolerate a face covering, you do not need to wear one. This makes practicing physical distancing and hand hygiene even more essential. 



The requirement to wear a face covering does not apply to following:

  1. While eating or drinking;
  2. Individuals exercising or using exercise equipment;
  3. Any person who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove the face covering without assistance;
  4. Any person seeking to communicate with the hearing impaired and for which the mouth needs to be visible;
  5. When temporary removal of the face covering is necessary to secure government or medical services; and
  6. Persons with health conditions that prohibit wearing a face covering. Nothing in this Order shall require the use of a face covering by any person for whom doing so would be contrary to his or her health or safety because of a medical condition.


Any person who declines to wear a face covering because of a medical condition shall not be required to produce or carry medical documentation verifying the stated condition nor shall the person be required to identify the precise underlying medical condition.

Exceptions and exemptions for masks exist.   

The CDC has offered information on that fact as well: 

CDC recognizes that wearing masks may not be possible in every situation or for some people. In some situations, wearing a mask may exacerbate a physical or mental health condition, lead to a medical emergency, or introduce significant safety concerns. Adaptations and alternatives should be considered whenever possible to increase the feasibility of wearing a mask or to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading if it is not possible to wear one.

Some people are excused from face coverings.  So why are we seeing an increase in assaults toward those who are not and may not be able to wear them?  I believe it can be helpful if someone wants to share why they can’t wear a mask.  But I don’t believe that private information should be required to be divulged.  

I'd hope that they’d be on the receiving end of some compassion.  But that isn't happening.  It isn’t happening in other countries Violence and disrespect is what those who cannot wear a mask are encountering instead.  Seeing these types of stories reminded me of the condescending remark Nancy Snyderman, shared years ago on national TV when she assumed everyone could and should get the flu shot.  “Just get your damn vaccine!” was her reply.  Just wear your damn mask! is the new forced agenda. 

Most of the time, the reason someone asks me about liability-free vaccines is because a medical person, or a school administrator, has left out some details, including an important part of the law out—the exemption information.  Some people may not qualify for one, but they should be made aware that exemptions exist.  I know I’d have less parents asking me for guidance if their doctor, school and the media would share that information.  Those entities could fully inform the public on vaccine policies but haven’t done their part to help.  That goes for sharing entire mask policies as well.  

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism. 


John Stone


That’s graphic! I don’t know how a live COVID virus would compare in size to a vaping molecule but I assume if I can breath in and out that microscopic material can flow in and out as well. It might be a bit like the illusion I had when I was about three years old that if I closed my eyes no one could see me. Might a mask help to filter viral material just a bit - I presume that would be the only argument of scientific proponents? Maybe we have to compare the size of the vaping molecule with a COVID infected aerosol. Comparing it to using a cloth condom for sex, as in the video, is a serious warning.


You gotta see how ineffective masks really are with this guy vapping in one.


Here is an interesting and relevant article in the Guardian about the difficulty some rape survivors have with wearing masks, and how hard it is for them when people demand "proof" of their disability..

Grace Green

The leader of a "protest group" in the UK has advised that people who did not have a qualifying disability should not claim exemption. However I would like to point out that many autistic people are not aware that they are autistic, do not have a diagnosis, or else have difficulty in understanding or asserting their difficulties and needs. These people are in danger of falling through the net. It's my personal opinion that masks are so dangerous to health that everyone should consider themselves entitled to exemption. If everyone did claim exemption on those grounds it would put an end to this nonsense.
I also understand that in some states of the USA children are required to wear a mask from the age of two. This is child abuse. Please do not do it!


The great awakening has begun. More Americans are questioning what we are being told, what is being demanded of us, and—especially—who is making the demands and why.

There is a great uneasiness that so much of medical “truth” is not settled science; it might not even be science. Self-education is needed now more than ever, or as one pundit put it, sheep know more.

Thank you Cathy ... keep up the good work!


....ah!, but what ELSE are they NOT telling us....????....

Not an MD

Your post is so important, Cathy. The media needs to fix the problem they created for all of us. The media generates a tremendous amount of fear porn every single day, non-stop, so much so that people who used to watch the news religiously, have stopped watching it to get moments of peace in their lives. The media needs to start telling everyone that some people cannot tolerate wearing a mask, yet they still have the right to move about in society. The fear that so many people have is so strong that they honestly believe every single person on the planet is a carrier of Covid-19, and every single person is therefore contagious and spreading the virus to others, and to them, too.

A person cannot spread a virus they do not have! Healthy babies, children, and adults do not spread Covid-19 to anyone at all, and the vast majority of people walking around are not Covid-19 carriers and shedders. ( Hell, even asymptomatic carriers of Covid-19 don't spread Covid-19 to others due to the very low transmission rate of Covid-19; without symptoms, social distancing, alone, is more than enough to stop viral transmission of a newly infected person with low viral replication who is simply breathing and exhaling air, even without a mask.) Sounds like a simple enough message, but to the intentionally media-brainwashed masses, this plain-as-day explanation is incomprehensible. The media is driving and is responsible for ALL of this violence against those who cannot tolerate wearing a mask, and the media should be sued for every incident of violence they have deliberately incited-- ALL media outlets.


'Mandatory Mask Rights Flyer For Individuals And Businesses', by KrisAnne Hall:

D Nantz

I also never knew that you could get an exemption to vaccinating nor was I informed that there was risk of any adverse outcome. Since my Son’s injury; I realize that this is the norm, sadly.

I’ve said the same thing regarding executive orders for wearing masks. Few read the actual orders and also don’t understand the difference between an EO and a Law.

My 28 year old Son is on the Autism and also has Sensory Processing Disorder. Growing up; he couldn’t even tolerate wearing a Halloween Mask. He was literally in tears when I asked him to wear one at the Market. The reason I did was only to keep people from lashing out at him. He complied. He removed his mask literally for less then 2 minutes to talk to me on the Phone when some ignorant Mom berated him. Am I suppose to have him dress with a shirt on which states his disability? Who is being selfish in this situation?

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