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Welcome to the Refrigerator All You Mentally Ill Moms Who Missed Kids' Vaccines

Retro 1950 FridgeIn an effort to bring sexism, misogyny and shaming back to the 1950s, The Daily Mail claims Mothers are crazy, stugotts,  bonkers, barking mad and one vaccine shy of a "well visit" and this is why they are skipping some pediatric vaccines.

Autism Moms were once called "refrigerator Mothers" as autism was blamed on cold Mothering that caused mental illness in their children. So, on a hot summer day we say to sane, well, intact, strong Mothers everywhere, "Welcome to the fridge dear! It gets colder every day."

HEALTH NOTES: Thousands of children miss out on jabs because their mothers 'have mental health problems'

At least 5,000 children in the UK miss out on potentially lifesaving vaccines every year because their mothers have mental health problems, research has revealed. 

Conditions such as depression, anxiety and eating disorders leave mothers less likely to attend routine appointments where injections are given to protect under-fives against measles, mumps, rubella, whooping cough and diphtheria. 


Tim Lundeen

@shelly do you have a source for the SIDS reduction during lockdowns? I've only seen Amy Becker and Mark Blaxill's analysis, which didn't have that detail. Thanks!

Shelley Tzorfas

How could the mothers make a decision to not take their children to the pediatrician during the Coronavirus around the globe? They have been frightened into this virus as something that is Deathly Contagious and Warned to keep their children home and yet they still get castigated for it? They get put down and scolded by the media and the medical profession as if they are little girls? Some research shows that the results are in. There has been a 30% DROP in SIDS cases which means Sudden Infant Death Syndrome for babies under the age of 1 during this pandemic. I read that 79.4% of infants that died from SIDS were vaccinated that day. I am not sure yet about the SUDS cases-Sudden Unexplained Death Syndrome for those that die after their first birthday or for the SADS cases -Sudden Adult Death Syndrome which often occurs right after medical clearances for our youth to play in various sports teams during High School or College-where young people suddenly die on the school tracks after the events.

Bob Moffit

Obviously the Daily Mail believes mothers acting on their UNIVERSAL RIGHT TO INFORMED CONSENT have "mental problems". Positively frightening a major media outlet can make such an absurd ... hateful message … eerily familiar to Stalin's incarceration of all who disagreed with his policies as being MENTALLY ILL .. without any fear of being challenged for their similar HATEFUL BIGOTRY.

It would be one thing if the public health in U.K. were evidence vaccines work .. but … I suspect public health in U.K. is as bad as in U.S. where 54% suffer chronic autoimmune disorders .. such as .. autism and special needs education .. which did NOT become PANDEMIC until mass vaccinations in U.K. became prominent.

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