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CT Department of Ed Says "Catch Up on Your Vaccines For School!"

Wake Up! Alan Dershowitz Debates Robert Kennedy Jr

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From CHD: Don’t miss this historic debate between Children’s Health Defense Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz.

With the current COVID crisis dominating headlines at national and local levels, the topic of vaccines is now front and center. The two attorneys will debate a range of issues including vaccine mandates, the PREP Act, the lack of vaccine safety studies, Jacobson vs. Massachusetts, and HHS’s failure to act on provisions of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. Are compulsory vaccines even legal? Should any government be able to force medical procedures on families?

Tune in today July 23, 2020 8:45 a.m. EST / 7:45 a.m. CST / 5:45 a.m. for insightful discussions on these questions and more.


Jenny Allan

An excellent resume of Kennedy's assessment of the Covid-19 vaccine during the debate:-

"Kennedy Jr. warns parents about danger of using largely untested COVID vaccines on kids
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. warned against mandatory COVID-19 vaccination in a debate with Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, pointing out that ‘key parts of testing’ were ‘being skipped’
Fri Jul 24, 2020 - 3:08 pm EST"


For the state to demand covid vax, shouldnt you have to prove it stops transmission?
The Astrazeneca cannot, given it infected the lungs of the rhesus monkeys in the animal trial. Having antibodies alone does not equal stopping infection either.
(there was a case where a nurse got measles, even after demonstrating antibodies from injection of MMR.) I recall even Fauci saying we dont really understand antibodies.

It was not acknowledged at the time of Jacobsen that vaccines can drastically and permanently alter health , including death and disability. Currently these risks are not accessible to the public or those authorized to inject, due to resrictions of the Vaccine Safety Datalink.
Nor are the risks of overall mortality and morbidity assessed, as Peter Aaby indicted for DPT.
Regulatory agencies have neglected fiduciary responsibilities to protect citizens from harm by manufacturers of vaccine products, instead heavily investing resources to bolster their use, in return for budgetary, career, and patent boosting.
Requiring this medical intervention, covid or other, is morally indefensible.

Jonathan Rose

Of course, when we had the draft, we permitted conscientious objection on religious or philosophical grounds, and now similar exemptions for vaccination are being abolished. Governors of many states have assumed dictatorial "emergency" powers, bypassing state legislatures, and are now prohibiting by personal fiat religious services, public gatherings, and the normal opening of small businesses. I see nothing to prevent these same governors from using the same powers to impose mandatory vaccination on everyone. This all looks like part of a larger movement away from democracy and basic civil liberties and towards authoritarian rule. No one voted for Bill Gates, but he seems to be running everything.

Ronald Kostoff

Dershowitz made an interesting and troubling point near the beginning of the 'debate'. He essentially stated the government has a constitutional right to put citizens in harm's way if it will benefit the greater good. He gave the draft as an analogy.

There are those who would make the argument that mandatory vaccination is required to suppress the COVID 'pandemic', and prevent further 'waves'. All that would be required is that nine people in black robes (actually only five of the nine), the US Supreme Court, agree that the viral spread is a major threat to the health of the larger citizenry, and mandatory vaccination is for the greater good. That's not far-fetched. Already, all the governors of the fifty states (to different degrees), and many mayors, have agreed to the imposition of questionable measures (mandatory face masks, etc), and much of the citizenry have bought into that. I don't know whether such a court ruling would result in people being forced to have vaccinations, but there could be severe penalties. Not going along with the draft meant jail terms for many, and I assume jail terms or restrictions from public places could result for people refusing to get vaccinated.

What I find truly disturbing is that such a court ruling could be completely orthogonal to the actual facts of the situation. People like Denis Rancourt ( are promoting the idea that the 'pandemic' is fake, that all-cause mortality has not been increased by this 'pandemic', and that deaths of fragile people have been accelerated by the draconian measures imposed by the lockdown. Yet, five people in black robes could ignore any alternative theories, proclaim mandatory vaccination is for the common good, and get the ball rolling for implementation of the vaccinations within the year.

While Kennedy made a number of good points, I think Dershowitz's point was right on target. The Supreme Court has made a number of decisions not in the best interests of the public (Dred Scott, Plessy vs Ferguson, etc), and it would not surprise me to see them follow suit on the mandatory vaccine issue.

Laura Hayes

Hans Litten,

Great to hear, and thanks for the link!

Hans Litten

Posted by: Laura Hayes | July 24, 2020 at 12:23 PM

I have some really good news for you .... We are seeing some real traction on the ground here in the UK for the first time. People who havent a clue are reading and learning and catching up fast. I might even be a bit impressed.

All because of cv1984 which we may have brought about in the first place.

This is the best episode of the Highwire that I can remember (Jaxxen is really emerging as a leading light for me)

Covid19: What we dont know. So hard hitting at last.

Laura Hayes

Not one vaccine has been properly or ethically tested or approved, and therefore, not one should be on the market. No way to get around that fact. Furthermore, due to that fact, not one valid claim about vaccine safety, efficacy, or necessity can be made, not one. Conversely, many valid claims can be made about vaccine failures, and about the harm and deaths caused by vaccines. As such, an immediate moratorium on each and every vaccine would be the proper, ethical, and wise course of action.

I cover the above in my 2 comprehensive, vaccine-related presentations, available here on AoA to read or watch. They contain different, but complementary, information, so it is valuable to watch or read both:

"Why Is This Legal?" by Laura Hayes

"Vaccines: What Is There to Be 'Pro' About?" by Laura Hayes

For those who prefer shorter articles, below are a few more, all of which, and more, can be found at this link:

"Regaining Our Right to Refuse Vaccinations" by Laura Hayes

"Citizens Against Mandatory Vaccinations" by Laura Hayes

"Here Is What I Don't Understand" by Laura Hayes

"Vaccine IQ Test" by Laura Hayes

And one more which some longtime readers of AoA might remember, which might shed light on Kennedy's path from yesteryear to today:

"I Respectfully Ask Mr. Kennedy and All Americans These Questions" by Laura Hayes

I certainly hope, and want to believe, that presently Mr. Kennedy is firmly on the side of individual and parental rights with regard to healthcare and medical decision making, including vaccination decisions, minus any government interference, coercion, cost, penalty, or caveats. I am pleased to see that he has moved beyond his strong support for vaccines (provided they were minus the thimerosal/mercury), and that he is no longer beginning his public speeches and interviews with his 3-sentence mantra of many years, "I am fiercely pro-vaccine. I vaccinated all 6 of my children. Vaccines have saved millions of lives." I think he did an outstanding job in this debate. I wish he had answered with an emphatic "Yes" when Mr. Dershowitz asked him if he thought the flu vaccine should be taken off the market (can't remember the exact wording of the question). Like every other vaccine currently on the market, there is no flu vaccine that has ever been tested or approved properly or ethically, and therefore, not one of them should be on the market.

Lastly, my personal definition for "anti-vaccine" is informed intelligence and principled ethics. As presented in depth in my 2nd presentation listed above, and further confirmed in the presentation listed above it, too, when it comes to vaccines, there is nothing to be 'pro' about.

Adam S

While Mr Kennedy may have a point about the freedom of the individual to choose their medicine there is a question whether any of the products deserve their licences. Also, if they did not have licenses and people could just pick and choose a product based on reputation and judgement they would put a lot more thought into it perhaps.


Aimee, I believe RFK did not know what he knows now when his children were young.

Hans, I, too cannot understand why people who have a lot of knowledge about vaccination safety, efficacy and ramifications balk at being labelled 'anti-vaccine'. To me, it's the same as saying, 'I am not anti-poison'. I even have difficulty with the idea of freedom of choice. I accept that adults have the right to poison themselves but I am not fine with adults being allowed to poison their children. Am I missing something?

Hans Litten

Posted by: Tim Lundeen | July 23, 2020 at 02:34 PM

I forgot the 1979 Wyeth-Pfizer SIDs memo ....

Would anyone here care to tackle the maths ? In the 41 years that Pharma knew vaccines caused murder
How many have been culled ? What is that figure ? A billion ? More ?

Might be an easier calculation to consider the US alone ? 500k ? 1m ?

Hans Litten

I wonder would Alan Dershowitz be willing to debate Sherri Tennpenny about Polio ?
And the 1200 iron lungs ? So only 1200 people were ever treated with an Iron Lung. Propaganda

This interview was pathetic.....

Hans Litten

Posted by: Tim Lundeen | July 23, 2020 at 02:34 PM

Every vaccine harms, Every time.

I am quite convinced every vaccine accepted will shorten a persons lifespan.
I fully expect life expectancy statistics to collapse (which is seen clearly with Pet vaccines)
Gardasil clearly seems to be a sterilisation vaccine (in the 10 years in the US, 45% uptake , 5M fewer births)
The mumps component of the MMR is a rabbits blood fraud.... Mercks MMR is therefore INVALID
William Thompson August2014
Poul Thoresen Danish studies to disprove the vaccine-autism link.
Dr Theresa Diesher DNA-RNA fragments
Professor Chris Exley Aluminium salts traced directly into the autistic brain specimens.
Professor Boyd Hayley mercury
4BN Hannah Polling ... Gerberding quote ..... Offit caught on camera
Gatti contaminants
Peter Aaby DPT paper
Dr Frank Engley , Themiserol toxic at nanograms ppb 1948
MF59 squalene Gulf War Syndrome - Gary Masumoto
100m global children with Autism

Anyone who thinks RFK did a good job needs to get up to date with their vaccines.
Are you leading us to the slaughter RFK ? The cull must continue. Not good enough RFK
Every interview is identical to the last ("nobody accuses me of being anti-fish") it wasnt good the first time.

Vaccination Sterrilisation Assassination Exterminaton

Aimee Doyle

I haven't watched the debate yet, although I will try to catch it on Youtube.

In other contexts, though, RFK often makes a point of saying that he is not "anti vaccine" and that all his children are vaccinated.

I wonder why, knowing what he knows, RFK vaccinated all his children?


So great! Thank you Mr Kennedy! With the imposition of the lockdown, so many lost their jobs and (in US) consequently their health insurance. Many would be even more devastated if they had to weather Guillain-Barre or narcolepsy as they did after the Swine Flu vaccination campaign. I hope this conversation continues with more experts and I hope these issues get raised. Again thank you RFK Jr & Mr Dershowitz.

Ronald Kostoff

During the debate, Kennedy mentioned the Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare, Inc, study in arriving at the one-in-forty vaccine adverse effect estimate. However, that may be an under-estimate. In our recent COVID-19 monograph (, we addressed that study in the context of the VAERS vaccine adverse effect tracking database. We stated:

"The methodology for obtaining this result was as follows: “Every patient receiving a vaccine was automatically identified, and for the next 30 days, their health care diagnostic codes, laboratory tests, and medication prescriptions are evaluated for values suggestive of an adverse vaccine event. When a possible adverse event was detected, it was recorded, and the appropriate clinician was to be notified electronically.”

Thus, these adverse events are single-visit short-term adverse events (within thirty days of the vaccination). They do not reflect the results of vaccination combinations administered over a longer period than thirty days, and they do not reflect results of vaccinations of any type in the mid-or long-term".

We have little information on long-term vaccine adverse effects, although the monograph does provide some references on these types of effects. So, the 2.6% should be viewed as a floor, not a ceiling.

Angus Files

Superb Mr Kennedy

Pharma For Prison


Ronald N. Kostoff

In a recent Editorial in Covid-19 (, we stated:

"Third, it is difficult to see how safe COVID-19 vaccines can be developed and fully tested on time scales of one or two years, as proposed presently.

Fourth, the only real protection against a future COVID-19 pandemic or any other viral pandemic is the one that was demonstrated to work in the SARS, MERS, COVID-19 and annual influenza pandemics: a healthy immune system capable of neutralizing incoming viruses as nature intended. We need an Operation Warp Speed (currently working to produce a vaccine in a record short time period in the USA) to identify and eliminate those factors that weaken the immune system as thoroughly, comprehensively, and rapidly as possible."

Tim Lundeen

@hans -- RFK is in favor of safe vaccines, which means he is anti-all-current vaccines, because they are known unsafe and/or untested. He says that so he can reach more people, who wouldn't listen to an "anti-vaxxer".

Bob Moffit

This DEBATE should be broadcast on national television so the American people can receive the same EDUCATION AND INFORMATION that RFK gave to Alan Dershowitz … information that is critical for anyone who is considering receiving the Covid vaccine when it finally becomes available.

Anyone who listens to RFK's common sense criticism and revelation of the entire CORRUPT vaccine industry … the conflicts of interest of premier supposedly "public health experts" … and the agencies (CDC, NIH, HHS, etc) they represent .. that PROFIT from the vaccines THEY ARE RECOMMENDING AND APPROVING for our children .. cannot avoid being angry for what they have done.

As for RFK's insistence on claiming he is NOT ANTI-VACCINE … I cannot imagine how critical he would be if he were an AVOWED ANTI-VAXXER. God bless him for his continued battle against the dark forces of public health charlatans......


Robert Kennedy Jr, as always, bringing it to the table, captured regulatory agencies, opaque risk profiles, problems of government profiteering and industry bolstered budgets.
a good listen.

Hans Litten

How is it even possible that RFK is not anti-vaccine ? He knows what I know ?

Robert ? are you there ? The emperor is naked !

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