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Doublespeak about Speech and Liberty by British Politicians over Hong Kong

The One In Which We Teach Kanye and Kim the Secret Handshake

Secret handshakeWhat on earth can we add to any of these headlines?  You'll note that of everything Kanye West said, it's the vaccine topic that is branding him.   COVID and vaccination are two separate topics. Remember that. The media is conflating them in an effort to stem the tsunami of doubt. North, South, East and.... West.

Business Insider: Kanye West says he had the coronavirus but peddles unfounded conspiracies about vaccines

MTV: Hip-Hop Kanye West Says He Had COVID-19 Yet Takes Anti-Vaccine Stance

When a COVID-19 vaccine is available, will people take it? Kanye West promotes anti-vax movementWhen a COVID-19 vaccine is available, will people take it? USA Today: Kanye West promotes anti-vax movement



REALITY FACTS: Otsuka Pharma, of Japan, has on the market right now a form of their drug Abilify which contains a short-range RFID chip which transmits to a wearable device, to monitor dose compliance. The device can be read remotely. Development work continues. So, when Kanye West says they "want to put chips in us to track us", he's telling the FACTS of REALITY, because that is what they are ALREADY DOING....


It’s funny how “BlueNoMatterWho” folks, whom are mostly from the Baby Boomer generation, believe Mr West will draw votes away from Biden. I think it’s fair to say that Autism is X-gen’s polio, and Trump was able to tap into that demographic. As the threat of not being able to resume life as we knew it before Covid without a vaccine becomes something all people will have to address, the issue of forced vaccination becomes a “single issue” voting topic. Those voters will be split between West and Trump. Sadly, it will be the Autism community that suffers the most with a Biden win, as Pharma successfully splits the vote of families most harmed by their products. Personally, I could never vote for any one of the three, taking a hard look at Howie Hawkins, maybe there’s some hope there of at least taking on the corruption that fuels the vaccine injury epidemic?


It is too late for Kenya to get on the running ticket. Right??

I guess people could write his name in, but that just never works.

So is Kenya a fool that the media has been portraying him to be? Hardly; he has got this vaccine scam seen through which makes him an exceptional smart man. What better way to get an issue like "vaccines may not be what we been told and so much worse" --- noticed, talked about, discussed, just thought about at least by a larger population. . That just might be Kenya's job that he has taken upon himself to play his part. I think that Trump is treading lightly on this issue because of the general publics attitude about vaccines. The turning of public opinion on this has always been the problem hasn't it? I know you like I once upon a time would have been appalled to even consider our kids not get their vaccines. Now that we are where we are at in life we can easily forget how we once felt. But I use to feel really strong on this subject, as the author of one article said, he felt very strongly about a subject he knew nothing about. That was me, and that is my friends who are pharmacists and doctors position too. Crazy world.

John Stone


I think it is because fundamentally he's an old-fashioned guy who can't stand what he's seeing.

Bob Moffit

Don't fully understand why Kanye is running for office … but … I welcome his position on vaccines and the national exposure he is bringing to this issue …. which is avoided at all costs in political campaigns.

go Trump

They cannot write any story from the "other side" without using the word "Anti-vaccine." Of course, name calling is about the lowest form of any argument effort.

The "Vacci-Nazis" know this.

18+ billion so far handed out to Vaccine Capitalists to create billions of doses of a CV19 vaccine, first to be tested on I assume unemployed Americans who could use some extra money. I would guess they make the money the vaccine testing subjects will receive Tax Free.

Dr. Fauci is a banker, a scientist not so much.

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