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The Healthy American on Church Singing Ban

Fat in church
Yes, irreverent....

Stopping singing in Church is a consideration, a guideline, but it is not forbidden.

CNN, July 3, 2020 With a worsening pandemic, California bans singing in places of worship

Again, fear and shame have been used by the media to affect behavior.  See the attached video which shows the actual information from the CA Department of Health.

Have you been told you can not sing during religious services, if you are even attending at this time?  Here in Connecticut, the Catholic Churches require a reservation to attend Mass, masks and distancing from other worshipers.  I don't know if there is singing - I haven't been.

We have so much competing information during COVID-19 that it is difficult to know how to proceed to protect yourself and your family. Masks. No masks. Distance. Proximity. Social events. School. Work.  Play.




Judy's link to catching corona 19 to singing;

Says that the CDC says:

After eating cookies and drinks together, and stacking chairs, that:

"Another theory? A fine mist of virus particles emitted during singing could have contributed, the report suggests. Some people emit more particles than others and such emissions can happen with loud talking or, possibly, singing."

The CDC reports?

The CDC?

Is this the same CDC that transferred OO7 Collen from the agent orange denying adverse events department to the National Center on Birth Defects, and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD) -- ah, better known as "keeping the public aware that all vaccines are made of fairy dust., and nothing else" That CDC?

Is it the same CDC that states in bold writing on their main website that "Vaccines do not cause autism"
When there has never been any study that comes to that conclusion! That CDC?

Is this the same CDC whose real existence is based on keeping statistics on health trends of the United States, and yet just it can't seem to get a handle on the number of 8 year olds, or teenagers or, adults, or just generally people that have autism? Surely this is not the same CDC?

Is this the same CDC that gives huge, massive sums of money to "Every Child by Two" UNICEF and WHO ?

IS this the same CDC that helps WHO give DPT vaccines in Africa that kills more kids than would have died from these actual diseases?

Oh silly me this can't be the same CDC that gave millions of dollars to help research Bat corona viruses over in Wuhan. I am all confused,

How many organizations that have the letters CDC acronyms are there, anyway?

False Scientists

Grace and Irina, I’m with you! Let’s all sing, wherever we are. This has all got as crazy as a Dr Seuss book. Now we are hearing how Florida labs have inflated numbers. I will not go places where a mask is required. I can’t pretend to care or believe the half of what “they” recommend or say. Interesting that paediatric docs are now recommending children get back to school. Enough with all the deferred surgeries, treatments, suicides, bankruptcies...


Dear Judy - why don't YOU stay home?
Why don't YOU wear a mask?
Why don't YOU distance yourself from the rest of humanity?
Many, if not most of us, already sacrificed the most precious possession we have - our children's health and happiness - for the "greater good" that actually helped no one.
We are not about to sacrifice the rest of our lives for the ridiculous notion of "stopping the spread of a virus".
Would you please excuse us for not trusting the mainstream media any longer?
We are too busy living our lives and trying to restore our vaccine injured children's health to pay attention...
I am singing along - can you hear me, Grace?

Grace Green

Going shopping on Friday without a mask, the first day Scotland "mandated" masks in shops, I was singing as I walked down the road, and smiling at everyone I passed. I remembered reading Christians are not allowed to sing, so I sang louder. We have to resist in any small ways we can. The spirit then spreads to others. Do your bit everyone, in whatever way you can. This could be said also on the next thread. God bless our neighbours in France, who've been engaged in the 21st century struggle with little publicity for so long now. And God bless AoA.


WA choir member deaths:

back to work with no virus spread at hair salon due to all precautions:

why & how masks work:

Shelley Tzorfas

Your Governors, Democratic leaders, TV news, schools, Pharmaceutical Companies and more do NOT want you to use your lungs. They deem it fit to reduce your oxygen and lung capacity with masks that have little to no ability to stop a virus. They do not want you to take a deep breath in order to sing. They do NOT want you in the sunshine at a beach that will likely make you healthy. When they release the thousands of dangerous crime causing inmates from prisons they allow them to break into stores and loot and cause upheaval for political purposes. When its your store , home or friends and family getting busted or robbed-it is YOU who will go to jail for not wearing a mask? Take a look at "Masque of the Red Death" by Edgar A'lan Poe.https://learningenglish.voanews.com/a/the-masque-of-the-red-death-edgar-allen-poe/3702277.html

Donna L.

I don't know about church, but my singing is pretty much banned everywhere. ;)


guidance is not law.
Further more who sits around thinking if some one sings they will force contaminated viral air out of their lungs and give it to everyone else! How much of a viral load does some one that feels well enough to sing -- shed, in Sheryl's she shed, or the church choir.

IT is like the nut that closed the city parks, the national parks and all those sunny, UV light killing beaches. We have a bunch of over educated people that are uneducated.

And then it all comes down to Power!

susan welch

Loved this video.

Thank you.

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