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By Adriana Gamondes

On May 3, 2013, Anne Dachel wrote about a similar nightmare (Heartbreaking Story: Adult Son with Autism Left to State) to the story below, also in Canada. Back then it was an Ottawa couple who were unable to care for their adult son with autism who functioned on the level of a two-year-old.  Families from coast to coast, Canada, America and elsewhere, are suffering right now as many children and adult children with autism have been home without supports during COVID.  Most families hide their plight out of love and respect and even fear of making the dark side of autism public. Parents are beaten, siblings cower in fear, families face collapse. This is the side of autism you rarely see or her about. Except at Age of Autism, and we take a drubbing for it. We don't care.....

Here’s the looming pandemic conveniently ignored for the present. Will officials be holding daily updates on the number of young adult descending on the welfare system?

Jul 13, 2020, (Canada) CBC: Winnipeg woman beaten by 16-year-old son with autism says she can no longer care for him

A Winnipeg woman says she's no longer able to care for her 16-year-old son, who has autism, because of his violence toward her.

She wants to surrender guardianship to Winnipeg Child and Family Services — but the agency says he needs to stay with her. 

CBC News is not identifying the woman or her son to protect their privacy. We've given her the pseudonym of Olivia and her son the pseudonym of Noah.

Noah has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and suffers from anxiety. 

"He is strong. He can throw me. That's a bad day, Bruises. Lots of bruises, and just anger.… I think I've lost consciousness one time," Olivia said….

Olivia said there have been numerous instances when she's locked him out of the house and called police after he's beaten her.

Police have been able to calm him down, she says, but in a few days, he'd act violently again. Officers have asked her to file a formal complaint, but she refused.

Noah is nearly six feet tall. He's talented, smart and can come across as a "know-it-all," his mother said. He has been home-schooled all his life. …

Olivia said her son was apprehended by Winnipeg's Family and Child Services last December, when a pediatrician notified CFS after hearing about Noah's violence. 

Noah was placed into the agency's Emergency Placement Resource program — where he was  temporarily housed at shelters and hospitals. But Olivia said on June 15, a court ordered Noah to live with her permanently — a decision she said is not realistic. …

Dr. Jennifer Frain, a clinical psychologist and the executive director of New Directions — an organization dedicated to providing services for people with disabilities — said violence from people with autism results from lacking other means to express themselves.

"Autism is sensory and behavioural. The world is not processed in the same way as for other folks," Frain said. ….

Frain said a long-term solution needs to be put in place for Noah, including a specialized placement, such as a group home, with staff trained to work with people with disabilities. Staff could also work with his mom to ensure they have a healthy and strong relationship. 

Olivia said the court order also asked her to contact Youth Mobile Crisis Services, CFS and police immediately should a physical assault happen. But Olivia said there have been times when her son would prevent her from using her phone, making it impossible to call anyone.

"The violence just keeps escalating. He punches and he kicks. And he's really strong. I can't defend myself, and if I do defend myself, it enrages him more," she said. …

Olivia said since Noah was placed in the Emergency Placement Resource program in December, he ran away from shelters and hospitals about a dozen times. 

Police were called in, and searches were escalated because he's considered a vulnerable person….

The Department of Families said the emergency placement program is only used when it is unsafe for a child to remain where they are residing and no other placement options are available….

Specialized placements lacking 

Frain and Penrose believe a child like Noah should be put into a specialized placement, where he can have access to trained professionals and services.   

"Pivoting toward specialized placements is the most appropriate thing to do when dealing with any type of child with a significantly high need and where their self-regulation can become quite aggressive," Penrose said. …

But specialized placements, which are individually customized, are hard to come by.

"In the CFS system … we don't have a lot of extra resources or extra space," she said. 

"It's oftentimes that I need to develop or define a [placement]," Frain said. "But there's often a waiting list for those kinds of specialized beds, and they're more expensive than a regular foster home." 

Frain said New Directions has opened four homes for children with autism, who were languishing in the shelter system. Those homes remain full today, as the children mature into adulthood. …

She said it's concerning to hear Noah will remain living with his mom, especially when she feels unsafe. 

"When the system is taxed the way it is, perhaps that's the best solution that they understand, but I believe there can be collaborative solutions that don't include leaving it up to the parent who's already in active burnout."

Respite not enough, says mother 

Since June 26, Noah has been staying at his mom's house. She said CFS staff fear that if he was placed at a shelter and ran away, his safety would be jeopardized because of the heat. 

Olivia was granted respite care for four hours a day two weeks ago, but said it doesn't help much.

"I'm exhausted," she said. "I'm old. I can't take this any more." 

She said she's made it clear to CFS she wants to surrender guardianship. 

"I love him dearly. There's nothing I wouldn't do.… I would die for this child if his life could just be made better. But I'm also realistic."




"A behavioural tinderbox of a situation, with the capacity to blow it's own fuse"

Does Canada not have the equivalent to The Mental Welfare Commission ?
Fractured care plan,no co-ordination of roles and responsibilities !
One named person needs to be accountable for care plan co-ordination /standards of
Doing the assessment of needs
making a plan of action
Reverse goal planning of identified "risk" areas of needs.
Implement the plan
agreed time of frequent reviews of needs and risks .

Abandonment to an usafe situation is organisational/clinical/professional/negligence.

Investigation into the death of Ms MN /Welfare Commissions Report .

And>uk -scotland-glasgow-west
"Enormous human error in Margaret Gilchrist bath death -BBC
but carer "thrown under the bus" as someone had to be blamed ?

No organisational learning "ENABLE-ed " from care failures in 1990 .
Miss JM had severe learning disabilities ,severe physical disabilities and epilepsy .She required suppositories /mini-enema, every three days, to prevent constipation.
"Care in the Community " new project for care, voluntary sector , decided all by themselves to stop giving supposotiries/mini/enemas "Because Miss JM would get a better diet than NHS food with plenty fresh fruit and veg which would "ENABLE" her to do without suppositories altogether .
Shortly after moving to the community care home Miss JM had a prolonged seizure [Status epilepticus] but rectal diazepam /stezolid could not be given as that route of medication administration was constipated-blocked -totally!
Thankfully she survived after two weeks in intensive care
Organisational arrogance /ignorance is a lethal combination. "An Accident Waiting To Happen!"

Grace Green

No need to apologize. I do take your point about how things are in USA, and probably the same here, although I haven't personally experienced that aspect of this situation. I do find myself wondering if there would be other ways of tackling the problem, which I've sometimes touched on, such as we need to redefine the terms others use about us. So, Autism is the word "they" have chosen to refer to vaccine injury, and I suspect they only mean the psychological symptoms of vaccine injury. I'm also uneasy about using the word "cure" because I don't view health in that way, but rather as a process. If we change the words we use we might be able to progress the debate. I think I can see at least some of both sides of this debate, but I do believe "autism" is a vaccine injury, and I'm passionate about ending this holocaust, and at the same time caring for those who are already suffering because of it.

Aimee Doyle

@Grace -

I want you to know I absolutely respect your experience as an adult with autism, and I know you would never intentionally hurt anyone. I always enjoy reading your comments. I remember thinking (after I posted that comment) that you would read it, and that it was likely hurtful to many like you. I apologize. There are undoubtedly many autistic adults who simply try to go about their lives and who are not militant in the ways I have experienced. Undoubtedly there are many who do care about the impact of autism on those who are severely impaired. I wish you all the best.

I want to explain a little. Besides my personal experience, my perspective is colored by the fact that here in the US, the neurodiversity movement dominates the autism conversation (perhaps it's different in England?). The media doesn't run stories about severe autism, largely because of the pushback they get from self-advocates. As a result, many Americans are unaware of the numbers of those with severe autism and the impact on the individuals and the families. Research into cure has flatlined due to neurodiverse complaints of "genocide." The word "cure" cannot even be written or spoken out loud, it seems.

The IACC (Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee) which is the US government's answer to the autism epidemic has a "public committee" which is supposed to provide the public input (to round out the scientific input from other members). However, that committee has been dominated by anti-cure self-advocates. For a number of reasons, the IACC has not been able to accomplish much. There has been no new treatment or therapy (let alone cure) since it was established. It doesn't even acknowledge the autism epidemic. Unfortunately it costs over $1 million per year to operate, and that's taxpayer money, which over two decades, has been essentially wasted.

Grace Green

That hurtful comment you experienced may not be the exception among those of the neurodiverse mindset, but hopefully THEY are the exception among verbal, adult autistic people. We're not always very good at expressing ourselves, so tend to keep quiet. I think we all find those who think they know it all an embarrassment at the very least.
Your comment could just as well have gone on the nearby thread on diet. What you wrote can never be said too often!


Please don't take it as a personal attack at anyone,
but I think there is also a component of a mom still believing into allopathic paradigm that autism can not be helped or improved.
Even now, at 16 years old - diet DOES make a difference.
I am being reminded of it pretty often.
Of course I can not complain myself - my deaf and autistic son is doing amazingly wall.
But that is not for the lack of trying to improve his lot.
Years of detoxification, supplements, diets, etc - they pay off. Really. Even if your "doctor" doesn't believe in nutrition.
Just my take on things.

W John Martin, MD, PhD

Based on available Government figures, I had estimated that in 2001, one in twelve thousand children were orphaned to the State because of their parents' inability to cover institutional costs. This heart-rendering loss of legal custody does not even ensure medical therapy, but merely protective restraint. Children with “sexual proclivity” are essentially banished to prison-like facilities in certain remote areas of the country. Let me once again try to encourage others to learn about and to openly discuss published research relating to stealth adapted viruses. This information will provide useful guidance for effective therapy.

Aimee Doyle


Would love to say I responded with a pithy, sarcastic comeback. But these kind of things floor me, and I remember being so astounded that I just walked away.

I wish these kinds of comments, and this mindset, were the exception among those in the neurodiversity movement.

susan welch

Aimee. Such a cruel comment. How on earth did you respond?

Aimee Doyle

The challenges of severe autism simply do not get covered in the media (whether conservative, liberal, or alternative), whether print, TV, or Internet.

Not one major autism organization is looking for a cure. Cure has become a four letter word. There is almost no effective treatment for severe autism other than zombiefying antipsychotic drugs.

Why has this happened? How has this happened? I put a lot of that blame on the neurodiversity movement, which has managed to totally capture the conversation about autism and reframe it as a "superpower." That, and blaming one advocate told me once "your son wouldn't have aggression and self-injury if you just loved him and accepted his autism."

Angus Files

A child called TAZ. That’s one of the autistic family i met over the years with head butting a speciality. Aged 11 and 6ft something, knocked out the retiring teacher all 5ft of her at the end of the school week, on his way out of the school on route to the school mini bus .She had been there over 30 years She never came back and died of cancer 3 years later.

So sorry for this lady, and anyone in a similar predicament.

Pharma For Prison


Shelley Tzorfas

Nearly 20 years ago in NJ there was a single mom with a severely Autistic son and several other young children. Her older son was violent and threw many tantrums. She had asked the state to please put him somewhere because he was big and strong and she couldn't handle him. The state and all the services that made a fortune helping families refused year after year. This young man had a habit of running naked through the town-still no help. One day he started to climb the rooftops while naked. The police were called. They got him and rang her doorbell to return him. She said no. She said she had small children and their lives were in danger from him. At that time he was finally removed and permanently put into some kind of a setting. It was clear nearly 20 years ago that normal happy children were getting shot with Neurotoxic Aluminum, thimerosal, cancer causing Formaldehyde, PEANUT OILS, and other chemicals. It became clear that many kids are injured with Autism, ADHD, Seizures, tics, Sudden SIDS, SUDS, and now 54% of our kids are chronically ill. Our communities are at risk too from "Rooftops to pocket books."


This is another tragic case of a mother who loves her son with autism dearly, but can no longer live with his extreme violent behavior. I know many mother's who are in the same position that she is in and they are suffering and at their wits end not knowing how much longer they can cope with such a child or adult who is extremely violent. We need research from scientists and medical experts from all over the world to find the cure for this devastating condition that is destroying so many lives. We must make this a top priority NOW!

Bob Moffit

""I love him dearly. There's nothing I wouldn't do.… I would die for this child if his life could just be made better. But I'm also realistic."

My heart breaks for this loving mom … I guess "better diagnosing and broader spectrum awareness" isn't much help to mom or her son …


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