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SafeMinds: Having an Aunt or Uncle with Autism May Put Children at Higher Risk of ASD

Safeminds 2018 logoRisk estimated at 3 to 5 percent vs. 1.5 percent in general population

According to new research from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), a child who has a parent with a sibling on the spectrum is more likely to be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) compared to the general population. The study, published in Biological Psychiatry, analyzed health records of approximately 850,000 children born in Sweden between 2003-2012. Using the Swedish National Patient Register and the Multi-Generation Register, information on ASD diagnoses in both the child and parental generations were recorded.

Close to 13,000 Swedish children ended up with an autism diagnosis, about 1.5 percent of the cohort. However, children whose mother had one or more siblings with autism were three times more likely to have ASD than the general population and children whose fathers had one or more siblings on the spectrum were twice as likely to be diagnosed with autism than the general population. The study considered the slightly higher autism risk rate of children from mothers who had a sibling with ASD to that of the fathers to be insignificant. The research also reported that the autism risk rate was not different if the parent had a brother versus a sister with autism.

Ultimately, the researchers found that 3 to 5 percent of children whose parents have a sibling on the spectrum also have autism themselves. This points to a 100 to 230% increased chance of developing the disorder compared to the 1.5 percent autism rate in the general population. According to the authors, this is the first epidemiological study to provide an autism risk estimate for children with aunts or uncles on the spectrum.

Since autism was first identified, a strong male to female (4:1) bias has been recognized. This rate disparity has had many researchers consider if a female protective effect exists, the idea that females have a built-in resistance to the disorder for unknown reasons. The female protective effect theory further speculates that women could carry autism risk factors but remain unaffected. However, these women could transfer the risk to their sons who lack the same protective effect and therefore may later develop autism.

John Constantino, a co-author of the study, sheds light on this issue and says, “This finding challenges the existence of the a female protective effect, because if such an effect existed, the children of mothers with a sibling with ASD could be expected to have up to a 30% higher risk of ASD. Similarly, the researchers found no statistically significant increase in ASD risk for children whose uncles have ASD, compared to children whose aunts have the condition.”  Read more at SafeMinds HERE.


Carolyn donnely

It's genetic but the dose makes the poison


Having an aunt or uncle with autism doesn't put children at greater risk of having ASD. It's the old "autism is genetic/inherited" argument through the back door.

go Trump

Could there be a Study from Safe Minds on the Autism rates of the younger "un-vaccinated siblings" of Autistic children ?

I would suppose finding 50,000 of them would not be difficult to do.


Will; I am sure that the better funded, more well known charity; that even the Dollar Store collects for -- Autism Speaks has all that you were wondering about.

Meanwhile; Can I make you aware that my children's health problems were caused by vaccines. So if you are lucky to have children; I am your bell, your horn, you alarm. Hopefully you won't be as clueless as I was. I want to help you, warn you. If you are lucky to have children; blessed to have them; I want to help you to protect them.

Bill Gates has succeeded in what he set out to do when it comes to my family. Population will be reduced.

Angus Files

Lethe how precise.

Will try to give one good comment you have to have one article you liked.Most on here have done the demos,done lobbying,and lots more and will contine to do what we can.There are a lot who are no longer here who without skin in the game fought the fight on our-your behalf.You owe them nothing, but a little thank you now and again it would go a long way.


Kim for Will

Hi, Will. I'm Kim. Do your realize we are a staff of..... under 5? Maybe under 3? Sometimes 1? If we don't meet your high standards, I can only say, "well, we tried!" And I'm pretty certain we all care about people with autism! Thanks. Kim


Does Age of Autism actual care about those with autism . They publish mundane research to try and argue about whether vaccines cause autism or not. Whether an aunt or uncle has autism and whether vaccine cause autism does not do a darn thing to help those with autism obtain needed services like supportive employment or affordable housing and medical care. Maybe AoA could aggressively lobby state and federal legislators to reopen day programs and make funding for affordable housing during and after this pandemic, among other things.


That is right, Daddy and Mommie by the grace of God squeaked by on those vaccines. They got that immune system right on the edge. They got that viral load of what ever right on the edge. They got that load of aluminum and mercury --esp the aluminum right on the edge to push their kids right on over.

How about in addition to autism and not talking that additional vaccines ruin that pancreas and their autistic child now has diabetes.

Here is another study the could do. How about doing a study on how many nurses that have gone through vaccine have sick kids, and what are those types of illnesses.

How about that study.

More little nurses have sick kids that I know personally. So many more than I know have covid 19


It won’t be news that autism often clusters in families though the reasons may not be particularly genetic, but if nothing is done ASD will finally overrun every single family on earth and we’ll find out the entire species was autistic all along and we never realised.

Bob Moffit

"According to the authors, this is the first epidemiological study to provide an autism risk estimate for children with aunts or uncles on the spectrum."

How about doing a "study" of autism risk to those receiving recommended and approved vaccines during 18 years of life … vs a "study" of autism risk to those UNVACCINATED?

Nah … how silly of me … why would anyone do such a common sense study in a world gone completely MAD?


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