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Protests Break Out in Africa Over COVID-19 Vaccine Testing & The Herd Shaming Begins

No thanksLet the herd shaming begin....  "It would be tragic if Africa chose not to take part, at all levels, in clinical trials of a Covid-19 vaccine — or any medical treatment that could save lives."  Protests Against COVID Vaccine Show Fear

I'm reminded of the good old days, when we could say "no" and even encouraged in an iconic American commercial for Life cereal. "   Two brothers at the breakfast table jockey a bowl of cereal between them.  The COVID version goes like this: "What's this stuff? Some vaccine. It's supposed to be good for you. I'm not gonna try it. Let's get Mikey!"

Of course, Mikey likes the cereal, it's a Madison Avenue advertisement which always has a happy ending for the product. The vaccine, however, will not be sugar sweetened or come with a prize.


From AP numerous sources: PBS

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Protesters against Africa’s first COVID-19 vaccine trial burned their face masks Wednesday as experts note a worrying level of resistance and misinformation around testing on the continent.

Anti-vaccine sentiment in Africa is “the worst I’ve ever seen,” the CEO of the GAVI vaccine alliance, Seth Berkley, told an African Union vaccine conference last week.

“In general, people in Africa know the diseases and want to protect each other,” he said. “In this case, the rumor mill has been dramatic."

The trial that began last week in Johannesburg is part of one already underway in Britain of the vaccine developed at the University of Oxford. Some 2,000 volunteers in South Africa are expected to take part.

It’s important that vaccines be tested in Africa to see how they perform in the local context, professor of vaccinology Shabir Madhi, leader of the new COVID-19 vaccine trial in South Africa, told reporters and others in a webinar Sunday.

But the small band of demonstrators who gathered Wednesday at the University of the Witwatersrand, where the trial is based, reflect long-running fears among some in Africa over testing drugs on people who don’t understand the risks.

“The people chosen as volunteers for the vaccination, they look as if they’re from poor backgrounds, not qualified enough to understand” protest organizer Phapano Phasha told The Associated Press ahead of the event. “We believe they are manipulating the vulnerable.”

The activist and political commentator brought up the widely circulated remarks earlier this year by a French researcher, Jean-Paul Mira, who said, ““If I can be provocative, shouldn’t we be doing this study in Africa, where there are no masks, no treatments, no resuscitation?" He compared it to some AIDS studies: "In prostitutes, we try things because we know that they are highly exposed and that they do not protect themselves.”

“The narrative we got is our continent is a dumping ground,” Phasha said. First, ensure the vaccine works elsewhere before bringing it to Africa, she added.

The French researcher later apologized for his comments, but they continue to circulate on social media among those opposed to vaccine testing in Africa, Meanwhile, anger among African health officials and others was swift.

The Ethiopian director of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, called the comments “racist” and a “hangover from a colonial mentality.” The head of the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, John Nkengasong, called the remarks “very disgusting” and “condescending.”

”Africa CDC will continue to work very closely with the World Health Organization to ensure that only ethically and scientifically sound clinical trials for vaccines and therapies will be conducted in Africa, using exactly the same standards and principles as those employed elsewhere in the world,” Nkengasong said in a statement. “These principles will be guided by respect for the dignity of Africans, the beneficence and non-maleficence, and justice.”

Madhi, the professor in charge of the South Africa vaccine trial, has said volunteers were given an explanation about the trial and possible risks and then had to score 80% on a questionnaire to take part.

But why not target more affluent parts of South African society? Phasha asked.

“I believe in science,” she said. “And I believe that science has managed to solve most of the problems society is faced with. I’m not against vaccinations, I’m against profiteering.”

Fellow protesters sang and danced with banners saying “We not guinea pigs" and “No safe vaccine.”

“If you want to test, test in the areas which they call the epicenter of the world," demonstrator Sean Goss said.

It’s not clear when Africa’s first vaccine trial will begin showing results, but a worried Madhi has said the local surge in confirmed cases could mean seeing them months earlier than expected.

South Africa now has more than 151,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, the most on the African continent. Africa overall has more than 400,000 cases.

As the pandemic picks up speed in Africa, health officials are urging that any vaccine be distributed equitably around the world. A quarter of all vaccines for other diseases are used in Africa and yet the continent has little production capacity, putting its 1.3 billion people at risk of being near the end of the line for any COVID-19 vaccine.

The new global attention to racial injustice creates a key time to act, the head of the Nigeria Center for Disease Control told the AU vaccine conference last week.

“If we don’t use this moment when, for better or worse, we have the political attention of people, we will regret it,” Chikwe Ihekweazu said.

Africa must play a role in the new vaccine trials, the vice chancellor of the University of Cape Town, Mamokgethi Phakeng, and the chair of South Africa's Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Thokozani Majozi, wrote this month in the Sunday Times newspaper.

They, too, brought up the French researcher's comments and they criticized the calls for an “African-only” approach to finding a vaccine, saying it would pull the continent even further from the global stage.

“It would be tragic if Africa chose not to take part, at all levels, in clinical trials of a Covid-19 vaccine — or any medical treatment that could save lives,” they said.


Margaret J Jaeger

This is SO DISTURBING ....I hardly know what to say because it really sounds as if we and all other joined countries are going to be guilty of...genocide. Do Globalists Really need to be annihilators of the black/brown Africans..?? Or all the poorest people on the world..? Well, Margaret Sanger thought so. Her organization was sworn to eliminate certain people's. The Globalists embraced the statutes of Sanger....and Nazi-ism when they did that. I don't know why but until this day, I didn't even think about how vaccines were tested. Once in awhile, I'd see news saying prisoners were offered a chance ....if they volunteered for the vaccine testing program. And I knew military people got/get apparent experimental vaccines, which seemed beyond my ability to help stop.

This may wake up others minds about vaccines, more, and all should read it.

Ronald N Kostoff

This type of experiment continues the sordid history of how high-risk drugs, vaccines, and other treatments have been tested by (mainly) the developed countries. For the most part, the test subjects domestically have been selected from groups unable to give truly informed consent. These include prison inmates, mental institution inmates, orphanages, schools for the disabled, military, etc. The overseas test subjects have been obtained through a process known as 'off-shoring'. Arrangements are made with officials in foreign countries (typically developing countries) to conduct clinical trials, where the safety oversight is weakened with respect to the safety requirements in the developed countries. Basically, it is the poor and dispossessed of the world (in Franz Fanon's words, the Wretched of the Earth) who are risking their lives for drugs and vaccines that only the residents of the richer countries will be able to afford. See Appendix 1 of ( and Chapter 9D3 of ( for examples of who suffers and who gains as a result of these 'experiments'.

Balbir Virik

Shouldn't Bill Gates and Fauci be leading by example and getting themselves tested with the experimental vaccines first before anybody else? And how about Gerberding joining that queue?

Anne Dachel

Maybe the protesters remember the tetanus vaccine in Kenya in 2014....


I wonder if they’ll be kneeling on peoples’ necks to administer these vaccines?

Angus Files

In 1947, the Nuremberg Code was established in response to Nazi physicians forcibly performing gruesome experiments on prisoners in concentration camps during World War II. The document set forth basic ethical principles for medical research involving human subjects, such as the requirement that a person must give informed consent before participating in an experiment.

Well then, where`s Black Lives Matter on this one.Theres a Jenner statue in London.

Pharma For Prison



Here's more proof that the Communist Chinese Covid-19 PLANDEMIC is political and economic/financial, and NOT public health or medical. And I agree 100% with Bob Moffitt, above, as I usually do!....

Bob Moffit

This pervasive and increasing power of public health officials and the well financed vaccine industry must be ended … NOW … it is already long overdue.


We must allow the DISCOVERY PROCESS in all CIVIL AND CRIMINAL prosecutions .. where the highest levels of public health and industry must TESTIFY UNDER OATH .. all correspondence between public health "professionals" and vaccine industry "marketers" must be surrendered .. all FOIA request MUST be answered in reasonable time.

The time for public health bureaucracies to be held responsible for creating the most unhealthy generation in our nation's history is NOW … as yesterday's HIGHWIRE program hosted by Del Bigtree offered hope in pursuing LEGAL PROSECUTIONS of those (DR FAUCI AND WHO) who deliberately engaged in a wide-spread conspiracy to discredit Hydroxychloroquine as a proper treatment of covid 19 ... thereby DELIBERATELY denying THOUSANDS of potential life-saving benefits ... which would .. as Del described .. be a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

The only good thing possible learned from this covid inspired NIGHTMARE is hopefully the world will FINALLY REALIZE HOW DANGEROUS AND INCOMPETENT OUR PUBLIC HEALTH AGENCIES HAVE BECOME .. as each day more and more information on the threat to our lives and freedoms .. under the guise of protecting the public health ... is uncovered.


Jenny Allan

I've always assumed Africa would end up with those rushed, not properly tested, possibly unsafe and so far ineffective Covid-19 vaccines. It's ironic Africans are also to be used as guinea pigs for testing Covid-19 vaccines.
We have been here before. Around a decade ago, several representatives from African countries, lobbied the UN to have mercury (thiomersal) removed from vaccines destined to be used in Africa. Their deputation failed, although mercury has been almost completely removed from child vaccines in most developed countries.
The WHO continues to claim mercury in vaccines is completely safe, using the same kind of so called 'scientific' skewed 'evidence' they used to discredit hydroxychloroquine. Why should ANYONE believe ANYTHING that comes out of this pharma sponsored profit driven collaboration of corporate fat cats and conflicted political appointees.

WHO Thiomersal - questions and answers
October 2011

"WHO has closely monitored scientific evidence relating to the use of thiomersal as a vaccine preservative for over 10 years, in particular through its independent expert advisory group, the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety. The Committee has consistently reached the same conclusion: there is no evidence to suggest that the amount of thiomersal used in vaccines poses a health risk. Other expert groups (the U.S. Institute of Medicine, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the United Kingdom Committee on Safety of Medicines, and the European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products), have reached similar conclusions "

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