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No Data for Neurological Impairment

John Stone Twitter Exchange
Our John Stone asked a simple, but critical question of Danish Professor Dr. Christine Stabell Benn on Twitter. "Do you have data for neurological impairment" from pediatric vaccines. In other words,  "At what cost?" And the answer was, “No, the focus is on the overall effect of vaccines on mortality and morbidity."  Or, " We don't know and we haven't bothered to look." I looked up the definition of the two terms:  Mortality is death. Morbidity is sickness or illness, but apparently only from the virus IN the syringe, not caused by it. 



I wonder how they got away with this?

Neurological Impairments such a simple two words put together, with instant clear understanding for the masses.

Two words that instantly every one understands is a really big deal, life altering, never living up to full potential, heart break, the end of almost everything.

Notice these two words are seldom used by the Medical and psychological professionals. They like to focus on one certain type of neurological impairment (can't see the forest for the trees), cause they don't want to. Yeah, maybe there is a reason that medical has made up so many fancy names for so many types of neurological impairments? All the different types listed in the DSM books, all the different types of movement disorders, or none movement disorders, and then all those different types of seizures.
Maybe we should just call it like the Bible; Mark on the head and hand? But that makes us all look for magic marker on the forehead and hand. So neurological impairment is the most straight forward.

And that is why there is and never will be any data. .

elaine dow

It is the standard rhetoric Joe's doctor repeated to me when I questioned the safety of vaccines. He said, "vaccines save lives!" I told him, I didn't know if you saved anyone's life, but I do know you poisoned my child. The children are all sick with conditions, and this is the new normal. The fact that the educators aren't shouting from the roof tops for the children, is horrible. I have not gone to the doctor in 18 years. When people say I should have routine checkups, I tell them, you should go to the doctor when you are sick, not to get sick. The first thing the nurse asks, "Are you up to date on your vaccines." The second question is "what RX's are you taking. Both my answers are ZERO!


Neurological impairment is a morbidity. If they looked at morbidity how could they exclude neurological impairment?

Anyways, its so obvious now. The professions of pediatrics, virologists and public health are controlled by swamp creatures and many belong in GITMO for crimes against humanity,

John Stone


But remember the reason why we are here is because facts do matter.


Tim Lundeen

@david L -- good comment, thanks, I hadn't seen that.

Sadly, facts don't matter.

David L

In recent decades, GlaxoSmithKline has been working on a new antimalarial vaccine, and the results of the trials of the new vaccine were published in The Lancet in a blaze of publicity. The vaccine provided 18–36% protection against malaria, more than any other previous vaccine. This is a potentially important step towards preventing a disease that kills millions of people each year, but Christine Stabell Benn and Peter Aaby scrutinized the research results and found that the vaccine did not reduce mortality. Overall mortality was 24% higher among people who had been vaccinated against malaria compared with unvaccinated individuals. “A vaccine that protects against malaria that does not reduce mortality makes no sense. We therefore asked GlaxoSmithKline for access to the original data and found that the vaccine reduced mortality among boys by a modest 15% while doubling the overall mortality rate for girls. This was the sixth non-live vaccine that we associated with increased mortality among girls – exactly as we had seen for other non-live vaccines,” says Christine Stabell Benn. The researchers published their alarming findings, but WHO is now rolling out the vaccine in Africa. [Links available here:]

Five non-live vaccines researchers studied all increased the overall mortality rate, especially among girls, even if they protect against the target diseases. These were: DTP vaccine, pentavalent vaccine, inactivated polio vaccine, H1N1 influenza vaccine and hepatitis B vaccine. They examined the vaccines for common features and found that the live attenuated vaccines have the beneficial non-specific effects, whereas the non-live vaccines produce the adverse effects, especially among girls,” says Christine Stabell Benn. There is now substantial evidence that mortality is lower when BCG is co-administered with DTP than when DTP is administered after BCG. When studies with survival bias or coadministration of BCG and DTP were excluded, DTP-vaccinated children had higher mortality than DTP-unvaccinated children. A non-live vaccine administered after a live vaccine will reduce the beneficial Non specific effects of the live vaccine. For example, when BCG was co-administered with DTP it reduced the negative effect of DTP; when DTP was administered after HTMV this had a strong negative effect for female survival. So far all studies have shown that non-live vaccines are associated with higher female than male mortality.

Although the mortality rate was low in rural Bangladesh, there was a marked difference between Female to Male mortality rate for children vaccinated with BCG-only compared with children where Pentavalent was the most recent administered vaccination. Penta is the combination of DTP, Hepatitis B, and Hib vaccine. This sex-differential pattern differed significantly from those in the BCG-only group where there was a tendency toward less female deaths compared with males. The WHO recommended schedule with BCG-first-then-Penta was not associated with better survival compared with children who received BCG and Penta simultaneously

The BCG and hepatitis B vaccines had OPPOSITE effects on the brain (BCG being beneficial, and hep B being detrimental), and a combination of both vaccines resulted in cancellation of the effects. The BCG and HBV vaccination procedures in this study imitated those used for human infant vaccinations. BCG vaccination enhanced synaptic plasticity. In contrast, Hepatitis-B vaccination hampered it. BCG induced a Th1-like response followed by increased neurotrophins in the brain, whereas HBV induced a Th2-like response followed by decreased neurotrophins. In this study, BCG raised IFN-γ, IL-4, BDNF and IGF-1 and reduced IL-1β, IL-6, and TNF-α in the hippocampus, whereas, HepB had the opposite effect triggering an increase in pro-inflammatory cytokines, such as IL-1β, IL-6, and TNF-α. The Hepatitis B vaccine contains aluminum adjuvant (which is known to increase IL-6) and the BCG vaccine does not contain aluminum adjuvant (BCG vaccine contains no adjuvant).

Bob Moffit

""Morbidity is sickness or illness, but apparently only from the virus IN the syringe, not caused by it."

Which explains why Harvard found 54% of today's generation suffer some type of chronic autoimmune "morbidity" .. creating the unhealthiest generation in our nation's history.


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