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Needles and Vials and Syringes

Rainbow_syringesThanks to reader Judy R for sending me this article about the behind the scenes work involved in ramping up production of COVID vaccines. While pharmaceutical companies carry out "Operation Warp(ed) Speed" to develop product, run of the mill products also need to be manufactured and ready to go, like glass vials, needles and syringes.   After seeing "multi-dose vials" I wondered if Thimerosal will be used as a cheap preservative. I looked into whether the vaccine(s) might be live virus or not -  and found this info from AARP (you know the elderly will be asked to take this vaccine first.)  The article did not answer my question or inspire even modicum of confidence in a COVID vaccine.  But a glass shortage...  Hmmmm. I'm reminded of a line from The Graduate, except in this case, "One word. Glass."


Seattle Times from Washington Post:

Race is on to make enough small glass vials to deliver coronavirus vaccine around the world

As scientists race to test coronavirus vaccines in humans, a parallel scramble is underway to produce billions of medical-grade vials and syringes that will be needed to inoculate the world’s population.

The job of delivering vaccine to a majority of humans within two years is so vast that global production of pharmaceutical vials needs to be ramped up by 5 to 10% within two years, a job the industry says requires immediate preparation and increases in production but is not an insurmountable challenge.

Governments and drug companies around the world are placing huge orders worth hundreds of millions of dollars and pushing the makers of vials and syringes to add manufacturing capacity.

Compared with the rush of laboratory studies and clinical trials needed to produce vaccines that can safely and effectively block the virus, the work of producing vials is prosaic stuff — but just as important.

“Vials and stoppers are only trivial if you have them. If you don’t have them, they cease to be trivial,” said Awi Federgruen, a professor of logistics and supply chain management at Columbia University. “A shortage of any one of those will act as a bottleneck.” Read more at:

Race is on to make enough small glass vials to deliver coronavirus vaccine around the world



It is heart breaking to say this, but if they release a massively dangerous vaccine, with vaccine injury for many many people, it will probably result in the end of vaccine mandates and the end of the censorship of vaccine injury.
Almost everyone who defends vaccine mandates talks about how safe the vaccine they took was." My family was just fine after the ( fill in the blank shot or medication) so I don't believe you could have had a bad reaction"
What happens when they have also have a bad reaction? Already we see people have a much harder time denying vaccine injury in adults.
It has also been mildly amusing seeing some of the older medical folks tap dancing around, and talking about how the vaccine probably won'y work in older people and how only younger people should get it...
By the way,I was reading about Marek disease in chickens. There is an "imperfect" vaccine. It has resulted in vaccinated hens not getting sick, but being able to spread the virus to others. And, instead of the virus getting weaker over time( as normally happens, since viruses like everything else, mutate to survive, and if the host dies, so does the virus.The common cold, passed repeatedly from person to person with only mild symptoms, has got it right from a viruses' point of view) Anyway, Mareks has now mutated into such a deadly form that unvaccinated hens die extremely fast,with every hen dead within ten days from the "hottest" or most deadly strain, apparently even Ebola does not kill its victims that fast..
So an imperfect covid vaccine may result in a covid virus so deadly that all the talks at the moment of pandemics and plagues may pale in comparison..

Go Trump

Only a year ago, one could simply choose whether or not to take a FLU vaccine.

With CV19, the entire nation will have to PROVE over & over that they do NOT have CV19 by testing which is only good until one walks into the next Wal-Mart.

The endless testing and mask madness will create a number of new millionaires, until the vaccine billionaires show up.


Indeed we are dealing with madmen, John.

Truth be told, haven't failed to demonstrate adequate neutralizing for its vaccine, Monderna's trial is now proceeding as a Hail Mary. Moderna and its NIH partner are hoping that the binding that they are witnessing will some how translate to the vaccine demonstrating protection at the last stage of testing. This Hail Mary will proceed no matter how many subjects get sick. The adverse events will all get swept under the rug as just mild/moderate reactions, and anyone cautioning that the large quantities is indicative of something far more serious will be dismissed as an antivaxxer.

John Stone


Unfortunately we are dealing with madmen. This is from the Abstract NEJM:

“...Solicited adverse events that occurred in more than half the participants included fatigue, chills, headache, myalgia, and pain at the injection site. Systemic adverse events were more common after the second vaccination, particularly with the highest dose, and three participants (21%) in the 250-μg dose group reported one or more severe adverse events.
The mRNA-1273 vaccine induced anti–SARS-CoV-2 immune responses in all participants, and no trial-limiting safety concerns were identified...“


Speaking of a Covid vaccines, looks like a few days ago Moderna was back at pumping their mRna vaccine candidate with another press release declaring 'promising' results from its Clinical I trial. We will wait to see in the next couple days if it's followed with more executives dumping stocks.

What was so 'promising' about theses latest results over their May 2020 announcement? It appears not much. As a I explained several weeks back, with their May press release they tested for binding antibodies, and finding that in the vast majority of the 45 subjects the binding was so poor and not at the correct site, they opted to test only 8 subjects for actual Covid neutralizing antibodies. As I explained, it was a colossal failure with only 8 out of the 45 subjects showing neutralizing for the virus.

With the latest follow-up results, all they appear to be doing now is providing charts. Scanning those charts, it appears they still haven't tested the remaining 37 subjects for actual Covid neutralizing antibodies and, instead, they have done something 'craftier' by testing them for 'paravirus' neutralizing. I am considering this is neutralizing antibodies produced by the body in response to the the mRna injection. It's entirely different than neutralizing antibodies for the real Covid virus.

On the safety front, It appears the vaccine was a bigger flop. Incredibly, for the medium and high dosage subjects just about everyone suffered a mild/moderate reaction, with three suffering a serious reaction! Even in the low dosage group, over half suffered a mild/moderate reaction, yet these results are being billed as the vaccine showing a 'safe' profile! Consider the rare adverse side-effects that vaccine pushers are willing to concede for other vaccines are never reported in these range. I shudder to consider the potential disaster for the upcoming Clinical 2/3 trials, when much larger samples are injected.

Angus Files

Covidiot master puppeteer Faucie pushing the sheeple towards another untested vaccine.The only diffrence with this vaccine compared to others is they are admitting upfront, its untested to any science standard.

Pharma For Prison



The great news is that with each passing month, public confidence in the Vaxsiah wanes. Since March I've watched the percentage of the population who says, "I will definitely get a coronavirus vaccine" dwindle. I follow RFK on Instagram and he posted some recent footage of mainstream media interviews with Gates and Offit where they state the following:

-The results of the coronavirus vaccine may only be good for a year or two.
-The FDA is willing to license a product with 30-50% efficacy.
-The vaccine is unlikely to prevent you from getting sick or transmitting the virus to others and will thus likely only lessen the severity of the illness.

Offit states, "We need to manage expectations."


Many of my neighbors have volunteered how eager they are for the vaccine to come out. I am genuinely curious how the average Joe is going to react to this set of facts.

Bob Moffit

"To get to “herd immunity,” the threshold where the coronavirus is no longer able to easily spread, as many as 5.6 billion of the world’s 8 billion people will need to receive a vaccine. To be effective, a second booster shot a month or so later is likely to be needed for many of the vaccines under development. That means more than 11 billion individual doses may be needed to defeat the virus."

Is a "vaccine" the only path to 'HERD IMMUNITY"?

As the man said: ''ALWAYS FOLLOW THE MONEY" .. which all but guarantees natural acquired "herd immunity" WILL NEVER BE AS PROFITABLE AS A VACCINE ..


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