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HighWire Pushed Off YouTube

B2557466-265A-4EAD-9BDD-5F646E2A3854News we've all known was coming from Del Bigtree:

Greetings! I regret to tell you that this is the darkest day for The HighWire. The worst news has just happened. While the news is shocking and has created waves for our team, supporters, and viewers, we have a PLAN. We are confident every negative circumstance will ultimately serve to optimally benefit YOU after the challenge has been met. Google and YouTube may have won the battle but they will NOT win the WAR!! We WILL come out stronger with a larger audience, who is eager to hear truth, than ever before!!

Google and YouTube have decided to pull The HighWire. Our more than 200,000 subscribers and millions of viewers will not be able to watch our original, science-based reporting via this platform. 




I have the greatest friend on facebook.
His response to Mike Adam the health ranger ban was this:

ost a mangled link with the usual obvious typo? Like skepticsquestions dot com instead of Or go there on your phone, take a screenshot with the url clearly visible and post the photo. Viva la resistance!


Bigtree recently announced that Highwire will move to Banned.Video in the near future.


"Facebook would not let me post it on my facebook " Not so much "my facebook". The censorship portends much worse. The saints of censorship are among us.


I just tried to share Mike Adam's video on Amazon soil probiotics have leonardites in them and they contain aluminum. He also discussed zeolites. I have been curious about them. He said they too had a lot of lead, aluminum and other heavy metals in them as well.

Facebook would not let me post it on my facebook , so facebook is censoring Mike Adams the health ranger.

However; I was able to share Infro Wars with Dale Bigtree.

For some reason the really got it out for Mike Adams the Heatlh Ranger and Natural News guy.

Tim Lundeen

@john -- Thanks, I hope you're right. If a vaccine doesn't arrive for a year, then people will see that we've had a whole year with no more SARS-Cov-2 issues, and vaccine uptake will be low.

Jenny Allan

@ Jonathan Rose
"I suppose AoA will be next. And then throw the switch on RFK Jr.?"
I have noticed all the banned videos can be found on Facebook or Twitter, as people keep sharing them.

Google, which owns YouTube, has found its revenues and share price falling whilst rivals Facebook, Amazon and Apple are soaring. Censorship is NOT profitable.

"£170 billion tech boom
Bumper figures send shares in Amazon, Apple and Facebook soaring . . . but Google dives"
• Daily Mail
• 1 Aug 2020

Jonathan Rose

I suppose AoA will be next. And then throw the switch on RFK Jr.?

Angus Files

Stalin salivating from his hot place!

Pharma for Prison


John Stone


Don’t know how near we are to a vaccine - going by Bill Gates on CBS last week probably nothing hitting the market till next year. What we have been hearing for several days was that a major purge was afoot and I am sure Highwire will not be the only casualty. No doubt, however, when they want to ban things it just arouses wider interest and concern - it certainly ought to.

Tim Lundeen

It's curious that they did this now, instead of waiting till the SARS-Cov-2 vaccine is close. Waiting would have greatly reduced Del's impact at that critical juncture. As it is, he will have time to recapture his audience and have them start following his new platform(s), and give the alternatives a lot more/faster traction.

So I wonder, is a vaccine closer than I've been thinking?

Or was Del just popping the terror balloon too well, and they had to act now to keep the pressure up?

Paul Picha


Confirmation that Bigtree's not-pill-sponsored medical journalism IS WORKING.

I'm so proud of Del for all he's accomplished. They are messing with the wrong guy.

Perfect time to get Del on Bill Maher's show... Del Bigtree is the best person I can think of to explain the censorship that's going on.

Anybody with ideas on how we can make this happen, please comment...

Bob Moffit

Every day it becomes more and more urgent for CONGRESS, SENATE AND PRESIDENT to bring swift end the MONOPOLIES of BIG TECH … these companies have accumulated enormous .. TYRANNICAL .. power .. over what INFORMATION the people are being exposed to.


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