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Eyebrow Raising Reports from Ukraine and Russia

Russian troll









Update: A reader has informed us that the article* is indeed last week’s spoiled borscht. We’ve removed it. The politics of implicating the American company is worth watching as all of the experimental and myriad Covid vaccines go global. What will happen when resultant injury begins? 

“*Yesterday I saw a Tweet that claimed that four Ukrainian military members had died following va cks in ation for Covid using the vaccine from Moderna. I have not been able to double confirm the source.”





As a native Ukrainian and Russian speaker, and a professional translator/interpreter, I was curious to see the article about the Ukrainians who allegedly died from the American COVID-19 vaccine. I followed the link and read the article. It was released by the Luhansk Information Center of the self proclaimed Luhansk region, currently under heavy Russian influence/control. The article contrasts a "deadly" US made vaccine undergoing trials in Ukraine's Kharkiv region with a prospective "good" Russia made vaccine to start trials on June 18 in Russia. The article lists no sources, is written incoherently, and has several contradicting facts (including information about who died, how many people underwent trials, and how many were infected by COVID-19 during those trials). My multiple searches in Ukrainian of COVID-19 vaccine trials in Ukraine brought exactly 0 (zero) references. My searches of such trials in Russian, produced dozens of regurgitated "news reports" referencing the same article from Luhansk. This is obviously a fabricated "news story", done for political reasons. Its goal is to scare Russians and Ukrainians alike about "bad" American influence, and to show people of Luhansk that they are better off with Russians than with Ukrainians. So, you can dismiss this "story" as a total hoax.

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