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Warning! Snarky post alert. I’m just a dumb autism Mom but I didn't even have to take off my socks to figure out that we will need five and a special education bus to transport 66 students who used to ride one bus to school. Full disclosure: I am wearing flip flops.  We can send an armada of buses out during COVID. Or is that a flotilla? I guess global warming is no longer a problem. Ain't that a gas?



Gina Badalaty

Remember like a heatbeat a go, when single use ANYTHING was a crime against humanity? I haven't heard a PEEP about how restaurants are all using single use EVERYTHING, even menus. Or paper mask litter, no one seems to really care about that anymore either, even if its polluting oceans and lakes. So, yea, I guess Covid cured it all!

Aimee Doyle

@Will -

I'm a disability attorney. "Disability" has a legal definition which was developed by attorneys and policymakers. It is not a "liberal" or a "conservative" definition. You don't get services from the state or the government without a documented disability. Actually, you don't even get no the wait lists without documentation.

I take exception to your comment that the "numbers are inflated". My experience with autism is personal (my son) and professional. I often advocate for adults with moderate and severe autism to get SSI. Autism wasn't added to the list of mental disorders until 2001, and it was added because it was radically different from the other disorders on the list. In the last decade, the number of adults with moderate to severe autism who qualify for SSI has TRIPLED. And SSI is known in the biz as "the hardest federal dollar to get."

This was recently confirmed by a study out of Drexel. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32264799/

Wait lists exist because the number of individuals with disabilities is increasing (autism numbers, in particular, have skyrocketed), and because most people don't want their taxes to be used for special education, or adult supports and services.

Laura Hayes

Donna L,

So true what you wrote.


I somewhat agree with this Donna L women why is there so little money to help those with autism. contact tracing is no longer fesible in large countries like the US. Sadly, thanks to liberal definitions of "disability" the numbers are inflated and so too are the wait list.

Donna L.

You just have to realize, Kim, that these are magical times we are living in. Like for instance, all that money that hasn't been there to pay for help for autism families who've been on waiting lists for 10+ years? Voilà, it has all been magically pulled out of thin air to pay for Covid testing of every organism on the planet, contact tracing, etc etc etc. Magical!
Just keep your head down, your mask on, and stop asking so many questions.

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