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Damn the Side Effects! Full Speed Ahead, Oxford!

Spin a taleOxford coronavirus vaccine induces strong immune response, early trial results suggest The vaccine was found to produce both antibodies and virus-killing T cells.

Note: Corrections made below to match manufacturer. Thank you.

Spin the vial it's a clinical trial, "CoVax Express " You won't leave home without it."


Breaking news from NBC yesterday.

Oxford coronavirus vaccine induces strong immune response, early trial results suggest The vaccine was found to produce both antibodies and virus-killing T cells.

A Coronavirus vaccine being developed by the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca is safe and shows signs of inducing an immune response, according to early clinical trial results published Monday in the medical journal The Lancet.

The trial did not look at whether the vaccine prevents coronavirus infection, however. That's a question that will be answered in trials that are currently ongoing.

Studies provide glimpse at efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines from Oxford-AstraZeneca and CanSino

The data, published in the medical journal the Lancet, also show that the vaccine caused side effects, including fever, headaches, muscle aches, and injection site reactions, in about 60% of patients. All of the side effects were deemed mild or moderate, and all resolved themselves over the course of the study.



Further to my prior comment, a Covid vaccine may cause even more deaths. It may occur directly with all these 'minor/moderate' side-effects that we are seeing in healthy trial participants proving far more deadly in a less healthy general population, and especially with the side-effects appearing to be a priming/sensitivity issue that may get greatly aggravated by the natural infection. We may also see more deaths indirectly with people assuming false comfort in a subpar vaccine that only lessens symptoms and not prevent infections; no longer wearing masks and practicing social distancing infection rates could soar even more and posing greater risks to the elderly population who are likely not to see any benefits whatsoever from vaccination.

Jenny Allan

This was stated to be 'terrible news'. More like good news to me!

The trial did not look at whether the vaccine prevents coronavirus infection, however. That's a question that will be answered in trials that are currently ongoing.

It's funny with all the news about positive trial results, no one is bothering to keep score. The primate study has already revealed that the vaccine does not prevent infection, and it merely only lessens sickness. That result is pretty much in line with an article I shared here a few weeks ago, with Prof Frazer from Queensland University saying a successful conavirus vaccines is next to impossible because such viruses infect outside of the body and immune system.

The best they can hope for is a vaccine that reduces sicknes, and elsewhere that has already been conceded. Goodluck then trying to convince the majority of folks to take a risky vaccine that will lighten sickness and when they are not likely to get very sick from the natural infection in the first place.

Angus Files

Plausible deniability Pollard below..long term effects now not a worry..

Oxford coronavirus vaccine results 'very encouraging' as it produces immune response


Pharma For Prison


Shelley Tzorfas

"AastraZeneca University" hit the big time. In the Covid vaccine trials subjects only had headaches, fevers, muscle pain and some of our healthiest young men-millennials became dizzy and nauseous to the point of nearly tripping over. I believe it was level 3 ? These are the Short Term Effects. What about the Long Term Effects? Maybe we should create a "Betting Pool" complete with odds? We might bet on how many develop uncontrollable cell division-cancer, arthritis, brittle bones, a speeded up aging process, blindness, sterility and more.


Right Bob, I thought the same thing!

I have a friend whose brother's child died in his 4th year of college; he had finished his math degree in only three years and was almost done with his masters degree in his fourth year.

They found him in their basement TV room, dead on the couch. An unknown Cardiac Arrhythmia the medical people said. Unknown!

My first thought was what vaccine did they not know he took, that no one including him bothered to even mention he took while attending college? HE was still living at home, not in the close quarters of dorm life that is where meningococcal some times shows up.

Jenny Allan

From the BBC:-
"Coronavirus: Oxford vaccine triggers immune response"
By James GallagherHealth and science correspondent
• 20-07-20
"Is it safe?
Yes, but there are side-effects.
There were no dangerous side-effects from taking the vaccine, however, 70% of people on the trial developed either fever or headache.The researchers say this could be managed with paracetamol"

Fever and headaches? -NOT for me!!


The NEJM article on adverse effects was for the Moderna vaccine. Not the Oxford vaccine. The control group for the Oxford vaccine got the meningococcal vaccine as a placebo (why not just saline), and apparently the Oxford vaccine had no more side effects than the meningococcal placebo. Might want to fix this.

Bob Moffit

Last night on Tucker Carlson … resident Fox health guru Dr. Mark Siegal was very enthused over early results of this vaccine … during which he stated with a stunning indifference the meningitis vaccine was given to the PLACEBO group.

Apparently Dr Siegal's interpretation of PLACEBO is whatever the vaccine manufacturer decides it to be.

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