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Cooties! Disinfectant Spray and Vaccines Raise Safety Questions

CootieA TV report out of Texas reported on a restaurant called the Alamo Biscuit Company that has a "disinfectant arch" that sprays mist onto customers before entrance.  I'm sure it's not the only establishment in the USA with the same idea. From KHOU:

Would you walk through it? San Antonio restaurant installs entryway that will spray you with disinfectant "It's not mandatory," the restaurant owner said. "But we definitely recommended it. It makes our staff feel a little bit better about having people come in here."  KHOU - read more here.

Questioning the push to do something that worries you, that you don't want to do, that might harm YOU to protect others is taking root outside of the vaccine conversation. It will open Americans' eyes (but please -  not while walking under the arch into the "Lorna Doom" biscuit shop). 

Are you willing to walk under a chemical spray to make your server feel safe?  Care to get sprayed at a biscuit shop when you have a bun of your own in the oven? Will you roll your toddler in a stroller or hold the hand of your 90 year old Great Auntie and sashay through the mist to make an employee feel safe? What's in the spray? No mention. The owner suggests you "cover your mouth and eyes." 

It’s likely a bleach solution. (Note to self, ix-nay on the dark clothes when dining at the Alamo Biscuit Company.)  See the attached article:

Is spraying disinfectant in public spaces a good way to fight COVID-19?Is spraying disinfectant in public spaces a good way to fight COVID-19?

Workers wearing protective suits, rubber boots and tanks of disinfectant strapped to their backs have been photographed all over the world hosing down plazas, roads, church steps, airports, vehicles, indoor spaces and even the occasional person.

Some countries, such as Russia, Iran and Indonesia, have even used trucks to spray more areas more quickly. And an industrial complex in Chongqing, China, has built "mist tunnels" to spray employees with disinfectant as they arrive for work. The disinfectant is typically diluted bleach. And officially, it prevents the potential spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

I am not anti-bleach. I'm no Anti-Cloroxxer! I've used it to clean up many crapisodes. I swim in a chlorinated pool. My white Karate gi sparkles and is never, ever gray. My hair is another story. Still, I want the right to decide whether to be bathed in a solution of ANYTHING. I want informed consent!

What's in a vaccine?  You won't see any chirpy reporters with flowing Farrah curls in sausage casing dresses and winged eyeliner letting you know.  Will you take a vaccine produced at the speed of light with no liability and guaranteed side effects to make those around you feel safe? Asking one group to undergo risk to protect another is the core tenet of today's public health.  When it was "just" vaccines, the majority of Americans had been able to ignore the risk. Most citizens fully vaccinate their children without worry or question, and adult mandates haven't hit us except for certain professions and the flu shot. Now the net is being cast far and wide.  Corona-wide. Risk of disease is poised and ready to pounce on every single surface. Fellow humans are death vectors. Disinfectant sprays will be an issue in school. What is the effect on children with asthma if they breathe the mist? Masks will be an issue. The "anti-vaxxer" tent is growing as more Americans feel impinged upon by demands to participate in what used to be polite society.




susan welch

Love this post, Kim. So well said.

Thanks for all your hard work.

Tim Lundeen

Mass biophobia/insanity.

I hope they are using Chlorine Dioxide, not bleach :-)


As the world spins completely off it's axis, I am so grateful for your unique perspective, Kim.

Not an Anti Chloroxxer lol.



I can’t take all the credit Ms Donna L (apologies if it’s Dr Donna L). I was encouraged by many of the great historical pictures of that era Ms Rossi often headlines her articles with that relate to this subject. I tried to find the one where there are what appear to be either nurses or nuns spraying children, however, I came across this one, that I hadn’t seen, and was struck by its prescient relevance.

Shelley Tzorfas

Some prisoners are sprayed and deloused before going in...People entering Concentration Camps were sprayed and deloused with live classical music being played upon their entrance and a big sign that said- Work Makes You Free. A further steps was added, both women and mens heads were shaven. It reduced the look of humanity upon their faces. Masks do that as well.
Today in order to enter an establishment some people are being poisoned with chemicals. That is not a "Fair Trade." We have nearly 1 billion bacteria and viruses in our system in any moment. I am saddened at how quickly people gave up their businesses, jobs, and homes as a result. We could have fought this with A B C D and silver for starters. I would not enter a business that chooses to spray me with toxic chemicals and who knows what the concoction is? Work Makes You Free?

Donna L.

So well said, Kim.
And annie -- I was thinking the exact same thing! Thanks for posting that video!



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