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Bad Kindergarten Cop - Colorado Teacher's Vicious Facebook Post About Special Needs Students


By Kim Rossi, Managing Editor

A male Kindergarten teacher posted the above comment on Facebook. He's so sick of hearing about special needs kids. He
uses the R word. He uses vulgarity.  

I'm going to tread politely on this post, despite my desire to go full steam ahead Kim Blast-you-out-of-the-water Rossi on this teacher from Colorado. I'm not using his name or the name of the district. They are sorting out the issue as I type. I'm either growing up or just plain old. Maybe both.

I commented on the district Facebook when they said they are investigating:

I’m sure this is traumatic for you too especially at this time. Please understand that when parents of kids with special needs send our children to school, we are entrusting you. I have 3 daughters with autism and have spoken at two major conferences in your beautiful state. The teacher is like a rogue police officer. You can be grateful you discovered his rotten core BEFORE he harmed a student. I guess you could say you dodged a bullet. Kim - Managing Editor Age of Autism, formerly Stagliano.

I would like to invite him to my home for a week, a weekend, a day, maybe a half day, if he can tolerate being around my three special, beautiful, kind, funny, teachable, educable in their fashion daughters. I have never had a teacher make me feel like my daughters were anything but valued members of school.  Many years ago, I wrote a post about our High School - and that the included Gianna holding a PBS Kids level library book (upside down!)  in their main corridor on a huge poster.

Gianna High School

He wrote: "Do you really think they'll be different after a year of staying home with their parents?"

Maybe we love them exactly as they are, Mr. Kindergarten Cop.  We always want more and better for them, because we are parents, and that's what good parents do, whether their kids are in special ed or gifted and talented programs. Maybe Mom and Dad enjoy their career, and work to put food on the table and having a special needs child home prevents that from happening. Maybe the special needs student loves being with other kids, in a school, surrounded by sights and sounds and adults who mostly are very kind and attentive to their needs.

Covid has been horror for so many families, who have always suffered in silence, but now without the break that school provided, are crying out for answers, help.... school.

Yesterday our Connecticut Governor announced that schools could offer distance learning in addition to opening classrooms. I'm hearing that many teachers are afraid to go back to the classroom, others are eager to get back to their calling. I have been teaching Karate for a month now, in person, and it has worked beautifully. The children follow the instructions without any issues and we have a pretty normal class, with some modifications. I think school can do the same. I went to a tiny Catholic grade school. We never changed rooms. We ate in our classrooms.  We had no bus. We had PE outside or in the auditorium. We walked the hallways in two straight lines. No wait, that was Madeline in Paris.  You get my point, we CAN find a way to get our kids back to school. We just don't need any teachers like the Kindergarten Cop waiting for them.




I am so sorry Angus and L Parker.
Thanks for sharing your stories, as painful as they are.
True prejudice is not pigmentation of skin because your ancestor was trying to survive in different latitudes. of our earth, but rather it is learning and intellectual disabilities.

So you would think that would be at the top of concern; maybe even before death and dying.

It is important to me to remember that Tom Insel testified in front of Congress that the worse outcomes of disease is retardation, and that has not diminished with the increase in vaccine science. That means to me, in a quick guess that it has not only not diminished, or stayed the same, but has increased.

We have to know skills in this life to survive. That is why so many in our government needs to face a knitting mob, and really "long" televised trials. I am not sure about executions though. Guillotine, lethal injection, electric chair all too merciful. It would have to be a life long prison sentence, the same sentence they gave our children

Angus Files

We had a friend we knew before autism
She was a special needs teacher.She used to tell us how she hated her job teaching and driving kids around with inappropriate behaviour she added the detail.Fast forward 10 years who is walking into her classroom with a special needs child yours truly. She was always off with stress,always having tantrums with her staff as she was assistant head.She eventually got signed off for ever on the sick.Started her own business and went bankrupt her husband left her ..I think it's called Karma.

Coming to fick teacher of the year .

Pharma for Prison


Hans Litten

Posted by: L Parker | July 28, 2020 at 12:29 PM

Heartbreaking story ..Please let me apologise for my smartarse comment (as should you Bill !)

You brought tears to my eyes ...and I felt that determination to fight the Offits and Gerberdings & Boyles DeStefanos.

John Stone

I suppose the problem is here that even within any discussion of free speech there is still the limit of hate speech and this is hate speech against a class of person for which the author has professional responsibility, so it has to have consequences.

Bob Moffit

@ Bill

I consider myself a staunch "conservative" for my entire life .. and .. I agree that our "freedom of speech" is a time-honored Constitutional Right .. but .. having said that .. I strongly disagree that this "teacher's vile, insensitive, mean-spirited evil words" were simply "venting". They were meant to HURT AND CAUSE AS MUCH PAIN AS A PHYSICAL PUNCH TO THE FACE WOULD.

These are his final words of personal contempt for special needs children and their parents:

"Sorry you f....d got pregnant and had a retarded kid .. YOUR PROBLEM NOT MINE. And yes I am a TEACHER"

This guy may be a lot of things … but … TEACHER IS NOT ONE OF THEM

Hans Litten

Posted by: Bill | July 28, 2020 at 08:58 AM

I agree with you Bill wholeheartedly.
This chap is clearly so ill informed, he will be one of the first to roll his sleeve up voluntarily.
And then he will know how we all got here.

This language does not bother me in the slightest because that teacher will get his (if thats how poor his understanding is - which it clearly is) - And I am not being malicious either, I would definitely try to explain it to him but I fear the warning would not permeate even in the least bit.

Our unfortunate children have been the warning to the better educated amongst the population.

I wonder if you will even listen to the warning Bill ? Or are vaccines safe and effective ? haha

L Parker

We experienced a teacher (and assistant) like this in a Special Ed classroom. The teacher was a certified Speech/Language Pathologist who ran the Speech-Language Impaired pre-K classroom in our county. One day, my daughter (who was mostly non-verbal) arrived home traumatized. She fell to the floor and commenced rocking and shouting “vudulookvududun,” over and over. For nearly an hour she refused to be soothed and would not settle down.

I began to understand what happened as I put together pieces of evidence. She had arrived home in a urine-soaked dress, sitting on a plastic grocery bag, on an un-secured car seat, on the bus. She had a bag of soiled clothes, and as I boarded the bus to get her, the children were taunting her with “poopy-head,” while the bus driver and aid were berating her for “behaving like a baby and pooping her pants.”

I opened the bag and found firm feces smeared into her socks, full length of her pants, all over her shirt, in the palm of used gloves, and all over several used wipes. Horrified, I laid these out and took pictures, before cleaning-up the mess.

After I got my daughter calmed-down and cleaned-up. I was sad for her and angry with the school district. They are supposed to act en loco parentis. This clearly had been an day of vicious targeting of my daughter who has Severe Autism, who is unable to care-for nor defend herself. No loving parent would ever choose to treat a child as mine had even treated.

I immediately called the school district and scheduled an IEP to establish a corrective action plan. My daughter, who had loved school, would no longer get up and say “bus” with a smile, she would not allow me to take her there. During the meeting, I shared the pictures and my daughter’s traumatized state. The teacher and aid got indignant. They defended their bad behavior (I still don’t know what they said or physically did to my daughter).

After the meeting the SLP approached me and said, “One day you’re gonna come in and I won’t be here; I didn’t sign-up to teach kids like yours. You should take her to that school on the other end of town [for violent child-felons], she’s not welcome here.” The aid added her own nasty comment.

We opted not to return to that Public School. I doubt the bus driver or bus aid were ever sanctioned, I know the teacher and aid were not.

On the bright side, I did learn the SLP later had a child who has a disability; maybe she has now learned the important lesson that EVERY person has intrinsic value and ALL people should be treated with love and respect...


A kindergarten teacher that uses the F word? On top of that it is a male teacher. A male teacher using the F word is much more sinister in my thinking.

Now I am about to show my bias and up bringing.
I know I have heard many times that it would be good to have "MALE" kindergarten teachers cause there is usually no males much in a lot of kid's lives.

Since when in the history of human kind is males around much in the upbringing of very, very young children? Even Daddies, stable daddies are away making a living, at least my hubby was.

That said; trade schools out there will help him learn a good trade cause he does not need to be in the class room.

Aimee Doyle

I don't think a teacher who posts those kinds of comments about students should keep his job.

Really, "retarded"? Where did he get his professional training? That term was retired (appropriately) years ago. How heartless and unfeeling to children - and unkind to parents too - "your problem not mine" - if you're a teacher, then children's "problems" (I prefer to call them challenges) are your work.

Why use profanity? And he's not too great with grammar either. I hope he gets fired. Kim - if you get an update on this, would love for you to post it.

And @Bill - I believe in free speech. This "teacher" (and I use the word loosely) does have right to say what he pleases. Certainly he can vent. But consequences come with free speech, and if he feels this way about students, then he has no business teaching. And he should expect blowback from parents and others who care. And you said "he has a point"? What exactly is this point? What was that? Seems like he just wanted to be cruel.

Kim for Bill

Honestly, Bill.... We aren’t a Conservative site. Never have been. Both parties have done us wrong. Individual readers are from all walks of life. Your comment turns my stomach, yet here it is... published.


I thought those with here at Age of Autism were for free speech aka "conservatives". Why can not this man vent. This is the conservative version of "cancel culture".He has a point.

Bob Moffit

Thank God for Facebook .. which allowed this "teacher" to expose himself for the evil creature his insensitive .. hurtful .. mean-spirited remarks prove him to be.

Every parent should know if their child's "teacher" harbors such personal animosity for their special needs child.

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