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ACOG Wants CDC To Test Covid Vaccines on Pregnant Women of Color

"It's a psychological fact. Pleasure helps your disposition." 
Camel Cigarette ad. So puff away!  1950

"We're making sure this a psychological fear tactic. Covid could kill your baby."
American College of Ob and GYN. So test this new vaccine! 2020


"It's a psychological fact. Covid will kill your baby." So test this new vaccine! 2020

My oldest daughter is 25. My youngest is almost 20. During my three pregnancies, women were outright shamed for having a sip of champagne at a wedding, a taste of coffee at breakfast, a bite of a tuna sandwich at lunch, a puff of a cigarette any time, a tablet of Tylenol for a headache, a spoonful of any medicine whether OTC or Rx. Vaccines, let lone experimental vaccines, were never, ever mentioned to me in 27 months of pregnancy (3 kids, I'm not an elephant.)

OB/GYN Docs in U.S. Want COVID-19 Vaccines Tested on Pregnant Women

Below is an excerpt from OB/GYN Docs in U.S. Want COVID-19 Vaccines Tested on Pregnant Women
by Barbara Cáceres
Published July 6, 2020 | Medicine, Women

The Vaccine Reaction

ACOG Says Pregnant Women, Breastfeeding Moms Should Be Test Subjects in COVID-19 Vaccine Trials and Be Among the First to Get Vaccinated

In its June 24 statement, the ACOG also stated:

In light of this new information from the CDC regarding the risk to pregnant patients, it is even more concerning that pregnant and lactating patients have been excluded from clinical trials for a coronavirus vaccine. The new information from the CDC highlights the importance of pregnant patients being prioritized for a coronavirus vaccine once it becomes available. ACOG again urges the federal government to use its resources to ensure the safe inclusion of pregnant and lactating patients, including patients of color, in trials for vaccines and therapeutics to ensure that all populations are included in the search for ways to prevent and treat COVID-19.13

Questions About Safety of Vaccination During Pregnancy

The time-honored rule of avoiding any potential toxic exposure that might interfere with the normal development of the fetus was suspended and replaced by the CDC in 2006 with an assumption that vaccination during pregnancy was safe after the CDC strengthened recommendations that all pregnant women, healthy or not, should get influenza vaccine during in any trimester. This CDC recommendation was followed up in 2011 with another new one directing obstetricians and gynecologists to administer a pertussis containing Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis) shot to all pregnant women during every pregnancy.14 15    

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OB/GYN Docs in U.S. Want COVID-19 Vaccines Tested on Pregnant Women


Grace Green

I'm so sorry, that's such a sad tale. What a beautiful thought for your daughter to have, at only four years old. She was right - a baby should definitely have a name. I think I've become numb to the depths that our medical profession and politicians have sunk to now. Each new step just seems beyond belief. Please everyone watch Dr. Zach Bush being interviewed by Brian Rose on London Real. It starts out on a rather depressing note but the whole programme is the most positive and hopeful view of our present situation that I have heard.


Is the abortion rates falling then in the black population? Now they are rolling out this to reduce the black population. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

But dang that is kind of painful for the woman! Kind of cruel too.
I was four months along when I had a DPT vaccine and lost mine. My four year old daughter said it's name was John.
Yes, I think it needed a name. I gave birth to it in the back seat of our burnt orange Chevette as we went to the ER. I never looked. I was told it was just a glob of cells. Was it just a glob of cells at four weeks along? Probably not.


My mother told me that her OB told her that smoking was good for the baby. She smoked Raleighs without filters during her pregnancies and had several miscarriages, but I survived her charlatan's advice.

Wonder if I was x-rayed too?

Beleaguered Autism Mom

The powers-that-be are trying to prove autism is born not made - hence the vaccination assault on pregnant women using Tdap (AKA the autism vaccine), and thimerosal-full flu vaccines.

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