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Thermometers Break All Former Weapons Related Rules in US Schools

We Flattened The Covid Curve Why Not the Autism Curve

Flattening the curve
Safeminds' presents a 5 minute interview with Dr. Walter Zahorodny discussing the steep upward curve of autism especially in New Jersey, the non-existent response from state and federal officials and the whitewashing by the media. If we have taken a COVID approach 25 years ago, how many children would be in college or working to their fullest capacity today? How many families would be enjoying retirement instead of tending to severely affected children? How many school budgets would have millions of dollars free to use for the student population? None of this means "eradicating" people with autism. The birth cohort may well have had quirks and traits and even "autistic like symptoms" and gone on to lead the life meant for them. Not the life manmade autism foisted upon them.

Take 5 minutes to listen. We'll be sharing screen shot memes over the coming days that you can share easily on social media.  Thank you.




Clinicians are allowed in the comments in the industry periodical edited by Top-ol. Just saying for the person who posts here who is enamored with Top-ol.

Hans Litten

Rashid Buttar estimates a global autistic vaccine maimed population of 77m.
I think he is too low..... always said 100m

Grace Green

It seems clear to me that it is Cia who thinks she has a monopoly on truth and wisdom. And her oft-stated assertions that those of us who disagree with her beliefs are acting with callous disregard for the lives of others is offensive in the extreme. I myself have several times invited her to look at alternative sources for her ''research" into the present situation. Others here have suggested The Highwire and many alternative narratives, but she has rudely dismissed them all. This is exactly the attitude that we who believe that vaccines are the main cause of most cases of autism often encounter in the vaccine junkies. If we want to hear the cause she is espousing we can go the the BBC, or your equivalents in the USA. But most of us are sick of hearing such propaganda, which we believe is aimed at killing the maximum number of people in the shortest possible time. Perhaps it was time long ago to agree to differ, and drop this debate.


Thank you, Michael,

You are a good person and a good friend. Calm, tolerant, and fair. Well-informed and passionately concerned with seeking out the truth on all issues. As I said the other night, thank God for the truth-seekers.


To Belaguered Autism Mom, Jane and Julie.

There are many ways to arrive at the shores of Age of Autism. AOA is the only place I feel I can call home in this crazy world. Cia is a personal friend and I can assure you she is real, singular, comes from the planet earth and has her own truths and life experience that has brought her here. Her opinions are well researched, and if that makes us squirm a bit in our belief, that’s probably a good thing, less we believe we have a monopoly on truth and wisdom. I don’t always see eye to eye with many of my friends, but respectfully listen and move on.

If the main stream media were as good as AOA (much of that due to those who make an effort with informed comments) this world would be a whole lot better, the autism curve would have been flattened and likely wouldn’t be facing the crisis in chronic ill-health in more than half of our children or the tsunami autism that’s just around the corner.

I hope this is helpful.


Beleaguered Mum and Jane,
I couldn't agree more. I believe Cia is more than one person and is paid for her work here. Jane, I'm going one further than not responding to her; I will no longer even read her posts but am all too aware that she could post under another name. I am happy to read other points of view but not from people I believe are not up front about who they actually are.


Jane, Shell, Angus, and BAM,

I, in my turn, have found it very disturbing that you refuse to follow simple rules that save lives. Masks, social distancing, lockdowns, stay at home, wash your hands. I saw an interesting chart showing the CV rates in different countries. In one group, as soon as CV deaths rose precipitously, both the government and the people immediately went into crisis mode, implemented the measures, and both cases and deaths plunged. New Zealand, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, S.Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Austria, Cambodia, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, Jordan, Lebanon, Luxembourg, and Mauritania. Others, too, but they weren’t on the chart. On the right side were charts for the countries which did not achieve universal implementation of the measures: the US, the UK, Sweden, and Russia. The chart was a month old, I’m sure Brazil would be on it now. In these countries there was no peak and subsequent plunge back to low disease rates. Instead, we continue to coast along high above the base line, with millions of cases and many thousands of deaths. Because many in this second group of countries really don’t want to even wear masks and refuse to do so, regardless of how many die as a result. So sure, shoot the messenger, and go back to confabbing about how reprehensible it is that anyone would expect YOU to cooperate in saving lives. Your minor discomfort in wearing a mask is MUCH more important than the lives you would save, and having others repeat the same fable fills many of your psychological needs. What a bummer to be living through a deadly pandemic. I’ve got an idea! Let’s just deny the whole thing, make saving lives of others from Covid a denial of your *** civil rights. How ghastly to trouble the souls of little children with the grimmer facts of life! So, like the father in La Vita e Bella, lie to your son about the Holocaust, put a happy construction on the horrors he sees around him, he’s just a child, shouldn’t have to deal with human depravity. So back to school, no masks, no measures. Mrs. Robinson catches Covid from a student and dies? Nonsense, she just went on vacation, a long vacation. Braden is in the ICU in heart failure from Covid Kawasaki’s? Well, let’s make a get well card for him, make another one for him every week. He’s just got a cold, he’ll be back soon. Eventually.

At the end of the last Narnia book, The Last Battle, the children saw a group of trolls grumbling to each other. They were in Heaven, but couldn’t see it, and complained about being locked up in the dark on smelly straw. Lucy hands one a flower, and he strikes it down, growling How dare you fling filth at me!

You get the picture. I had already started not replying to anyone, for the obvious reasons, so your communally not replying to me would be great. Please don’t.

You have achieved high —, but I don’t understand your psychology well enough to know if this gives you any degree of pride or if you disassociate yourselves from your achievement.


Thank you from one Beleaguered Mum to another. Your comments are spot on. I don't believe Cia is commenting in good faith and may very well be rewarded financially for the disharmony she injects into this group. As such I will no longer respond to her and suggest no one else does either.

Angus Files

Hear hear !Beleaguered Autism Mom

Pharma For Prison



Thank you Beleaguered Mom...


Beleaguered Autism Mom,

Age of Autism has been printing a lot about coronavirus because it is an event unprecedented in our lifetimes. Nearly half a million killed in the world. Eight or nine million cases, one million more in the past week. Death or disability from Covid is just as tragic and criminal as death or disability from vaccines. It would be unfortunate if you considered autism the only problem in the world which anyone had any right to talk about. It would have been unfortunate if Age of Autism had ignored this man made health crisis and only written about autism, ignoring this massive and often deadly pandemic. But talking about flattening the curve brings Covid into the discussion. Is your concern completely circumscribed by autistic children, with zero to spare for the children killed or disabled by Kawasaki’s caused by Covid? Your justification for this would be...? Autoimmune reactions caused by humans which severely damage the brains of autistic children are horrendous (and they are), while autoimmune reactions caused by humans which destroy the hearts and other organs of children don’t even bear mentioning, and those which destroy the lungs, kidneys, livers, GI tract, eyes, and nervous systems of adults are so unimportant that you would be willing to censor those who find them all important? Have you considered setting up your own niche website? Good luck with that.

Barry Stern

WHY does NJ have the highest rate of autism among school age children in the country - 3% overall and 5% among boys? Why hasn't CDC conducted a serious study of the issue? If these stats were typical of all states, there would be plenty grounds to declare autism prevalence even more of a national emergency than it already is. Consider this hypothesis:

Many families with children with autism have moved to NJ because their school services for these children are better than they are in other states. We are aware of several Virginia families, for example, that have moved to NJ for this reason. Virginia provides plenty of evidence that these kids are not welcome in the schools. State and local officials perceive that most children with autism simply cost too much to educate because their proper education requires highly trained professionals with superb supervision and an incentive structure that guarantees accountability for the performance of children at all levels of severity of this disease. These conditions are sadly lacking in VA.

Since the CDC's inflated vaccine schedule is the likely cause of our autism epidemic, and the agency is captive of a rogue pharmaceutical industry that seeks profits above public safety, it is unlikely that the CDC as presently constituted will ever conduct the kinds of studies that will get to the bottom of the role of vaccines in causing the autism epidemic, why some states have higher rates of autism than other states, and why some do a better or worse job of educating these unfortunate children. As a matter of national security, it is essential that our candidates for president and the congress begin debating this issue, and that the CDC cooperate with academic institutions to elucidate the causes and solutions of our fast-growing autism epidemic.

Laura Hayes

Placing this important information here, even though not directly related, to make sure AoA readers have access to it:

Parents and Educators...THIS IS FOR YOU!

The email below is from a fellow activist. Please read it all the way through AND watch the 2 brief videos at the end by attorney Leigh Dundas. Then, share this critically important information with your school board, superintendent, principal, school nurse, teachers, daycare workers, county supervisors, legislators, governor, county sheriff, religious leaders, and with every parent you know! Laura Hayes

Dear Friends,

Schools are figuring out how to open back up, and their decisions will have a strong effect on our children’s physical and mental health. Attorney Leigh Dundas has put together some excellent information - including links to the scientific studies and two videos - that you can use in talking to your Boards of Education, Governors, County Supervisors, etc. Please read, watch, and act on it!

Warm regards,
(Activist's name here)

P.S. The Orange County Board of Supervisors rescinded their mandatory mask order after receiving this information last week.

From Leigh:

First, a disclaimer: this email does not constitute legal or medical advice, nor the formation of an attorney-client relationship. Please feel free to make use of this information, as needed, in your own lives.

Letter sent to the Supervisors of Orange County, California:

NOTICE: 6/9/20 Mask-Wearing Caused DANGEROUS Drops in Oxygen Levels in OC Residents

Dear Supervisors:

I wish to thank you again for taking the time yesterday to focus on the mandatory mask order. As I was inside the building when the OC residents decided to begin donning masks on the County Hall steps, it was not until this morning that I was presented with the data.

At the request of certain educators in OC, I summarized the data in an email. I am forwarding that email (below) for your review as well. Given this information, I am hereby requesting an immediate response by OC Health Department to the effect that mask wearing - which causes such precipitous drops in oxygenation - is healthy. Frankly, I doubt that such a statement can or will be forthcoming, given that every medical study worldwide holds that catastrophic medical situations and death occur in these low oxygen ranges.

If no statement can be propounded by OC Health Department - that it is medically safe for one to have oxygenation levels below 92% - then I would expect an immediate retraction of the Department’s order IN FULL regarding mask wearing. Even "recommending" such an action - now that we are all on notice that mask wearing for even a few minutes creates immediate and dangerous hypoxemia - puts OC residents at risk of catastrophic organ failure and death, with untold liability facing the the Board and its agencies for same.

Leigh Dundas, Esq.

Leigh’s email to the Orange County Board of Supervisors on the same day:

Provided below is a brief list of new studies from recent days -- but at the outset of this email I want to take a brief detour to summarize the results of what happened to OC residents wearing masks yesterday. This is a MUST READ BEFORE ANY EDUCATOR EVEN BEGINS TO CONSIDER MANDATORY MASKING OF STUDENTS OR TEACHERS.

On Tuesday, June 9, 2020, OC residents turned out en masse to the Board of Supervisors meeting to protest the mandatory mask order. At the meeting the health officer provided zero medical-scientific data that mandatory mask-wearing was safe, particularly during summertime high temperatures, or in the context of young children - nor could he provide any study showing mask-wearing is effective at containing viral transmission in order to combat the myriad studies showing it is NOT effective at viral containment.

At the meeting numerous doctors, attorneys, educators, psychologists, parents, and concerned residents cited medical studies on the harms from mask-wearing. So upset were these residents by the failure of the health officer to rescind the medically-unsubstantiated mandatory mask order - which intransigent position also drew hours of heavy fire from the Supervisors - or even to provide any studies showing efficacy of mask-wearing, that the residents proceeded to go outside onto the steps of the County Hall, at noon, in the 100 degree heat, and put on the "mandated masks" while using a Pulse Oximeter to measure their oxygen levels and heart rate.

The results were nothing short of horrifying:

ALL of the individuals had their oxygen rate drop from a healthy 98 or 99% (without the mask) - a total of five, ten, and sometimes twenty full points - within a few minutes of mask-wearing. Medically, below 92% is considered "dangerous" - while below 90% oxygen merits a denomination of "hypoxemic" The AVERAGE drop of these OC residents in oxygenation was more than 12 points, into the hypoxemic range.

Two of the participants, one a very fit daily runner, and one a very fit nurse, had their oxygen rates drop into the 70s - where organ damage, systems failure, and death can occur. ALL participants suffered dangerous drops in oxygen: 43% fell into the "dangerous" zone, 29% in the hypoxemic zone, and 29% fell into the extremely dangerous hypoxemic zone (where cardiac arrest, organ failure and death occur.) Even those who just stood around in the masks doing absolutely nothing had frightening drops in oxygen levels. As context, most of the participants were in decently good health, and not overweight. I'm sure I don't need to extrapolate for the reader what could happen if this test were performed with an average cross section of citizens, i.e., with the nearly 40% of OC residents who suffer from at least one chronic health condition, and with the more than 20% of OC residents who are obese. It is a striking juxtaposition to note that Medicare and most insurance companies will pay for people with oxygen rates of less than 88% to get supplemental oxygen and all carriers and health experts advise you to seek immediate medical intervention below 88% - and the average oxygen rate was two points less than that at 86% after only a few minutes of mask-wearing.

Given the data from yesterday, let me underscore once more in no uncertain terms, and in language that is absolutely unmistakable: the liability that an OC School District or Board will be facing if it mandates mask-wearing for students or teachers is truly incalculable, in the event the mask-wearing causes a drop in oxygen (which we now know it likely will), which then leads to a medical complication or death. We have no idea what will happen to children who are made to wear masks in the triple digit weather of mid-August, but my guess is that their systems, being less developed and often more sensitive -- compounded by the fact that children are notoriously poor at self-regulation and are traditionally MUCH more active than adults -- will fare very badly indeed. Recent headlines have made quite clear that death of children and losses of consciousness can and do occur: and and

Let me now turn to the original reason for writing this email, which was to provide you a Summary of Medical Data (June 2020) from Switzerland, which further throws into serious question why educational agencies would make any changes to school protocols - if we are not similarly prepared to make massive overhauls based on the flu season each year (which seasonal flu actually affects children more than COVID does):

• "According to the latest immunological and serological studies, the overall lethality of Covid-19 (IFR) is at most 0.1% and thus in the range of a strong seasonal influenza (flu)."
• "Even in the global “hotspots”, the risk of death for the general population of school and working age is typically in the range of a daily car ride to work."
• "The median or average age of the deceased in most countries (including Italy) is over 80 years and only about 4% of the deceased had no serious preconditions. The age and risk profile of deaths thus essentially corresponds to normal mortality.”

Also, New England Journal of Medicine notes that masking is ineffective in community settings, and that even in healthcare arenas, it's highest and best use is not to reduce viral transmission but people's anxiety:
• "The chance of catching Covid-19 from a passing interaction in a public space is minimal. In many cases, the desire for widespread masking is a REFLEXIVE REACTION TO ANXIETY over the pandemic.... Expanded masking protocols’ greatest contribution may be to reduce the transmission of anxiety, over and above whatever role they may play in reducing transmission of Covid-19."
New England Journal of Medicine (May, 21, 2020).

Finally, the World Health Organization came out yesterday (June 8, 2020), concluding in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that asymptomatic patients are NOT spreaders of the virus, which simply confirmed what earlier studies in May had found. Accordingly, we should NOT be worried that Little Johnny is going to catch the virus and bring Covid home to kill Grandma. Put simply: masking and social distancing are unnecessary, will create more medical and psychological damage than benefit, and are unneeded as healthy people and asymptomatic positive people DO NOT SPREAD THE VIRUS (so just keep the sneezy-coughers out of class -- which is standard -- and we will be just fine):

• "Coronavirus patients without symptoms aren’t driving the spread of the virus, World Health Organization officials said Monday, casting doubt on concerns by some researchers that the disease could be difficult to contain due to asymptomatic infections. 'We have a number of reports from countries who are doing very detailed contact tracing,' she said. 'They’re following asymptomatic cases. They’re following contacts. And they’re not finding secondary transmission onward. It’s very rare.’"

Leigh Dundas, Esq.

The masks study video:
The history of social distancing and the harm of using it in schools:

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Cia, please don't use irrelevant comments to try to divert attention away from this important post about the autism epidemic on a site called Age of Autism. It is cruel to the people who have spent decades trying to get others to pay attention to the devastation of autism. Autism is breaking my back every day. I have a recommendation - if your comment is not about autism, don't post it here, find an appropriate site to run your ads. Your comments are demeaning the plight of readers like me who come to this site for solace and hope regarding the future of the autism epidemic.


Sorry, the link didn’t work. I had to copy it by hand. For the stunning chart, go to Twitter, Eric Topol.


Flattening the curve in the US has only meant plateauing it at a very high level which should be unacceptable. We have been at 20,000 new cases a day for eighty days now. About seven hundred deaths since yesterday. About 130,000 deaths here since March.


Many of us read about the hair stylists at Great Cuts in Missouri being infected with Covid and attending several hundred customers at close quarters. None of them got Covid. Why not? Both stylists and customers were wearing masks.

California just set a new record. Abbott forbade mayors of Texas towns from mandating masks, even though Texas is also breaking new records in cases and deaths. Several counties have defied him, mandating masks anyway. San Antonio mandated them and immediately saw cases plunge. Austin has followed suit and Abbott is having to walk back his folly. He says Texas schools will reopen in August, no masks. Yeah, we’ll see how that works out for him.

Bob Moffit


(These are the same people who have watched WHO "murder" patients by deliberately administering LETHAL doses of Hydrochoriquine … knowing those patients would be likely to DIE .. in order to discredit a drug proven to be effective in treating covid if administered properly. We hear every day about SYSTEMIC RACISM in our country .. but .. the biggest threat to the health and safety of the people is our CORRUPT PUBLIC HEALTH AGENCIES.)

Anyone who still believes the CDC is the "gold standard" for protecting the country's public health is simply a "useful idiot" .. a description that is well deserved by the vast majority of elected officials, university research professors and main-stream media.


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