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The One In Which Melinda Gates Bestows COVID Vaccines

Melinda Gates"The slave trade became legal for one last time ... as the Senior class members sold themselves along with thirteen brave and courageous teachers," the caption read in the yearbook, titled Acres. Two white students who darkened their skin appear in photos on the page." NBC Dallas on Melinda Gates High School Yearbook from 1979. She was a Freshman that year.

Hello, readers. I'm pretty sure I'll find myself in a morass as I try to tip toe across this minefield of topics.  Race and COVID. American cities are reeling after the murder of George Floyd in a brutal submission from which he was not able to "tap out." We know all too well in the autism community that restraints (as submissions are called in Special Education) can kill.   Just last November, Max Benson, a boy with autism, was killed during a restraint for spitting. One of my daughters has a spitting behavior that has vexed her team and me for a long time, and with COVID-19, is now I think life threatening for her safety and ability to re-enter any school or program. According to the LA Times: ...two teachers performed a takedown maneuver by holding Max’s hands behind his back, then dropping him to his knees and rolling him facedown.  We are in turmoil over COVID.  And here comes Melinda Gates who made two points that struck me in her interview with TIME Magazine last week at the GAVI fund raising pot luck supper in London. Her points were:

1) The second group who should have access to the COVID-19 vaccine is African Americans. And then other people of color. (health care providers are the first group.) 
2) The way "out" from COVID-19 is a vaccine.

America has seen the horror of the Tuskegee Experiment,  a FORTY YEAR EXPERIMENT for "science." America has not been allowed to see the CDC Whistleblower William Thompson's work on the falsification of MMR vaccine data as it related to African American toddlers and autism rates. Why does Melinda Gates get to decide who can or should have any COVID vaccine? Let's pretend for one moment that the vaccine will work - without out any side effects - and with guaranteed lifelong immunity PLUS free pony rides for life. How would Americans like her list of who should get the vaccine in what order? Conversely, let's pretend for another moment that the COVID vaccine(s) will have serious side effects and not confer immunity at all. How would Americans like her list of who should get the vaccine in what order?

Melinda Gates Lays Out Her Biggest Concern for the Next Phase of the COVID-19 Pandemic

TIME: The scale of anti-racism protests we’re seeing right now is incredible. How does this moment relate to your work in health equity?

Gates: What happened to George Floyd was brutal and horrible and should never happen to anyone, anywhere. This is a moment of reckoning in the United States. We all need to really pause during this time and learn as best we can from it. Even before we saw this senseless death, COVID had already started to show us gaps and structural problems in our country. We are seeing black men die at a disproportionate rate. We know the way out of COVID-19 will be a vaccine, and it needs to go out equitably.

Who needs it after health care workers? In the U.S., that would be black people next, quite honestly, and many other people of color. They are having disproportionate effects from COVID-19.

I Bing'ed her name (one does not GOOGLE Mrs. Gates) and biography. She is about my age, born in Dallas, Texas, just a year after President Kennedy was shot in the same city.  Mrs. Gates attended Ursuline Academy, and then Duke University in North Carolina. She was Valedictorian of her high school class in 1982. She would have been a Freshman in 1979, when students AND STAFF thought it was acceptable and clever and funny to have a fundraiser called "Senior Slave Day."

In Dallas, Texas. In 1979.  Not 1949 or even 1969. This does not make her a racist. She may well have run home and told her family she was appalled.  She attended Duke University which might or might not have a serious problem with race (see below).   I know her husband thinks technology and vaccines are the answer to most every health problem in a manner that is rigid. (No I am not diagnosing him.) I know COVID has turned our lives upside down and we all want blessed release from Quaranscream. I know the vaccines in testing are a wild crap-shoot and safety always takes a hit when speed is the goal.

From a February 2019 (this just sixteen months ago) NBC report:

Ursuline Academy of Dallas apologized after a decades old photo resurfaced showing students in blackface.

According to NBC 5's media partner The Dallas Morning News, the photo came from the all girls Catholic prep school's 1979 yearbook. In the photo, two students wear blackface for an event called "Senior Slave Day."

Duke is in the American South. I found this article, part of a series by Professor Don Taylor in The Chronicle dated just last August:

What's wrong with Duke? White supremacy is the root

A noose hung on a campus tree, a Latinx mural defaced, the n-word scrawled on the Mary Lou Center, a Swastika painted on the East Campus bridge, hateful words said to a student in a burka, students being told they shouldn’t speak their native language on campus. Each past event has a set of facts, known and unknown, that nevertheless flow from a root problem: Duke has a prevailing culture of white supremacy and cultural imperialism that must be named if we are to address it together and live into our status as a global university.

Again, I am not implying that Mrs. Gates is racist. I read her interview in Time. I did a bit of homework on her background. And now I am thinking.  How about you?




Another addition for the philanthropist's -medical- monstrosities- mausoleum!
The Kardex Klan ,ring the last and final bell for it !
Foundation funding the forensic fondling of finance for" Barra Boys" medicine merchants .
Same model as previous people traders of tea/cotton/rubber/sugar . Except this time people themselves are the raw material ,"biceps and buttocks" required as vaccine vassals for pharma plungers?
and pokers on every street corner!
These mercenary medical merchants don't care what age of eye color /eye shape/ or eyebrow shape
they medicate . access to human muscles and tissues is the new cash cow ?
Mercant foundation funding flowing from the "sporadic specific syndrome ?" with a superimposed dsintegrative "God Complex " going on?
Medical merchants playing warp speed "poker" with health and safety risk assessments !
Maniacs on a mission !
All lives matter more than money ! That poor man George Floyd his life mattered as well and look what a training deficiency defective did tae him !
warp speed's off track, aye right off it!
YouTube- Mumford and Sons- .This Train.
FiercePharma: Pharma News/Pharma Industry

Patricia Costello

Let us not forget that Bill Gates' father served on the board of Planned Parenthood, founded by one of the most racist, eugenicist woman in history, Margaret Sanger, infamous for her "Negro Project".

Jack Humphries

Boris et al seem to be jumping a rather large gun by funding vaccinators before a key question is asked of them – how are they adapting vaccine design and production to what some authoritative experts claim is a manmade pathogen not a naturally occurring coronavirus?
Luc Montagnier is on record as referring to covid19 as having an HIV genetic insert and a ‘germ of malaria’ according to Italian journalist Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio. The HIV insert he refers to is necessary (J Virol 2008 Feb 82(4) 1899-1907) for covid to infect humans. A Telegraph report cites ex- MI6 boss Richard Dearlove as having seen a scientific paper suggesting covid19 is manmade. An Indian scientific teams first broke news about their suspicion covid19 is manmade. Carisio published “a worldwide preview of the research of another French professor, Pierre Bricage, a molecular geneticist who became Director of the Dept. of Bio engineering at the University of Pau, and a lecturer for NATO” who supported the Indian thesis and “added surprising analytical details such that the virus could not have emerged spontaneously by natural mutations/wild strains recombinations” which according to Carisio “reinvigorate the suspicion the new coronavirus may be a bio-genetic weapon calibrated to target ethnic groups in a different way”.
This may be scary stuff which, with the terrible effects seen globally on certain ethnic groups, reflects back on the way MMR appears to have caused significantly more ASDs in young African American males according to documents obtained by Brian Hooker from CDCs whistle-blower William Thompson.
Carisio describes the extensive funding of the Wuhan lab, from where covid19 may have emerged, as involving Australian, Canadian, US and EU financial and scientific bodies, Duke University, and the WHO with strong ties to the Gates Foundation. Can we trust these institutions to tell the whole truth?

Angus Files

The Gates` we all know on here and their web of carnage worldwide that they sow. Sometimes a lot of the times we try to unravel our kid`s strange behaviours in attempt to understand them. The Gates and family, there is nothing to scratch, shallow and evil to the core they were born that way unlike our children’s funny strange testing behaviours

Pharma For Prison



Whoops! Major typos in my last post. Y’all know what I mean. People should have informed consent, which none of the powers that be intend to give us, least of all people oppressed and terrorized by a racist police force.


Well, how about me! What do I think?

I think that I was in the second grade when Kennedy was killed, thus older. Rules on things were getting well established before she came along, and certainly by the time she was old enough to enter Duke!

Still I am confused, Mrs Gates must have had a better education than me, going to Duke and all.
I myself just went to a school that mostly had rural kids attending but even there, I was taught in the the fifth grade, U.S. about Black minstrel.

I got it that Black minstrels may have brought a smile to everyone's lips but at the expense of stigmatizing blacks as foolish, uneducated, mental cripples. Been there myself with the hill billy jokes. It never mattered to me, or bothered me until one night in an ER, after a bad seizure from a vaccine injury; a doctor said he could tell from my accent that I was from south eastern Kentucky and they worshiped snakes there.

Do you get that put down, I believed in vaccine injuries, and so of course ignorant me also handled snakes in worship services. Since most of you are not valedictorians like Mrs. Gates, I feel the need to spell it out for you all. Mrs. Gates being really smart and all ----- Hmmm. Something ain't right.

So how long have ivy league schools been raising snobs?
Where does the snobbery end?
Does a line extend from the really white rich folks and circles around the Rich successful black people too, but cuts off those lower intelligent folks, the blue collar workers? The Black Minstrels and Little Abner cartoons?
But not the he Jeffersons and Jed of the Beverly Hill Billies cause they were millionaires too.


I wonder what is the AMA postion on Melinda Gates declaring doctors go first.

Bob Moffit

@ Irena

"there are SO MANY horrific videos of vaccine damaged children and young adults - seizing, non-verbal, in diapers, self-injuring, uncontrollable, mind-numbing..."

I have seen that horrific video of George Floyd's murder .. over and over again .. for weeks now .. and each time it is shown it enrages viewers anew each and every time ..

Most if not all videos of children damaged by vaccines are shown rarely in specific instances … such as .. promoting the movie Vaxxed or a book of the same subject. I cannot recall a single video of a damaged child ever … that was shown over and over again … certainly never for weeks in a row. Indeed … I cannot recall the NAME of single damaged child from a VIDEO shown of that child? Indeed the only NAME I remember is that of Hannah Poling and we know her name because of a court decision … not a video.

That said .. my main point was Ms Gates saying … "What happened to George Floyd was brutal and horrible and should never happen to anyone" … while she shows no such compassion or sympathy for the EVIDENCE showing significant increase in Black American children with autism linked directly to VACCINES. Perhaps if videos of our children received 24-7 coverage on ALL mainstream media outlets .. for weeks on end .. she would have the same compassion for them as she justifiably has for George Floyd?


@Bob Moffit - there are SO MANY horrific videos of vaccine damaged children and young adults - seizing, non-verbal, in diapers, self-injuring, uncontrollable, mind-numbing...


It’s absurd that these conversations are being had in the absence of context. These products are not being offered, they’re being mandated. The question isn’t who should get the vaccine first it’s how will forcibly administered. The next question is how will this product be forcibly administered. Will Melinda Gates get to deploy the same racist police force to go banging on doors?


The best word I have to describe the look on the Gates's faces in that photo is CREEPY.... I don't describe myself as an "anti-vaxxxer", because I don't like labels of any kind for people. I would claim to be "vaxxx-neutral", if anything.
But the longer this PLAN-demic continues, the more I consider "coming out" as a PROUD, RATIONAL, SCIENTIFIC, FACT-BASED, ANTI-VAXXXER.... And the more I value Buddhist teachings on the nature of DUALITY.... maybe "vaxxx skeptic" would work?....

Bob Moffit

Gates: What happened to George Floyd was brutal and horrible and should never happen to anyone, anywhere. This is a moment of reckoning in the United States. We all need to really pause during this time and learn as best we can from it. Even before we saw this senseless death, COVID had already started to show us gaps and structural problems in our country. We are seeing black men die at a disproportionate rate. We know the way out of COVID-19 will be a vaccine, and it needs to go out equitably."

As despicable and tragic it is to watch that sickening event unfold .. for 8 minutes and 43 seconds .. as that maniacal .. sadistic .. uniformed police officer .. sneered arrogantly at bystanders pleading for him to allow George Floyd to breathe .. were it not for the video .. the world would have never known what happened to him.

And so … I think the entire world agrees with Ms Gates .. "what happened to George Floyd was brutal and horrible and should never happen to anyone".

Having said that .. I believe what happens to 54% of children today is also "brutal and horrible and should never happen to anyone" .. that being recommended and approved vaccines which list over 400 potential adverse events .. many life-threatening, life-long, life altering events … all requiring life-long purchase of pharmaceutical products to survive.

I believe it highly unlikely that Ms Gates has never heard of Dr William Thompson who has provided EVIDENCE exposing the CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR of the highest public health agency in our country .. that being solid evidence of significantly higher risk of autism among AFRICAN AMERICAN CHILDREN. Apparently Ms Gates is concerned when "we see black men die at a disproportionate rate from COVID .. but .. arrogantly ignores the DISPROPORTIONATE RATE OF AUTISM AMONG BLACK CHILDREN FROM VACCINES.

Unfortunately there are no dramatic videos of children .. ALL CHILDREN .. who have lost their lives and future from vaccines .. but .. to ignore and deny the common sense investigation of life-long health outcomes of vaccinated and unvaccinated populations is .. NOTHING LESS THAN OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE FOR OUR INJURED CHILDREN.

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