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The Age of Autism Continues 1 in 21 English Schoolboys Autistic

Us-uk-englishExcerpted from the Child Health Safety site.  As if we aren't reeling with enough sadness and turmoil right now. The Autism epidemic roils on, with our protests squelched, our voices ignored, and our patience thin, our future in doubt.


England Has 250,000 More Autistics in 15 years – 1 in 21 English Schoolboys is Now Autistic Official Education Department Government Statistics Indicate

Official UK statistics indicate 1 in 21 English schoolboys is now autistic.  Worse still when school leavers are included, in just 15 years the total number of new autistic school children and young adult school leavers is 258,000 according to CHS’ estimates from the official figures.

This is good solid information.

We have only just heard for Northern Ireland that: One in 16 Boys is Autistic Show New UK Official Statistics – But Nobody Cares – And Its Worse than COVID-19

These are all truly horrifying figures.  And you can see from the chart how the numbers have been increasing every year.

If the USA follows the same pattern Americans have today an extra 1.6 million autistic children and young adults added in just the last 15 years.  But the US has the highest vaccine burden of any country in the world, so the figure could be higher.  1.6 million is a crude estimate for the equivalent number of new autistic American children and young adults added to the US population over the past 15 years. This is calculated by multiplying CHS’ estimate for England by 6 times.  The USA has approximately six times the population of England [330 million US vs 54 million England].

People like Sir Norman Lamb a former UK health minister and Matt Hancock the current English Secretary of State for Health along with many others have been pretending nothing is wrong and that vaccines have nothing to do with causing autism. It is just not true and the evidence has been building up for over three decades now.

The British Government can spend billions on a lockdown caused by junk science but does not care about 250,000 new autistics added to the English population in just 15 years. To these we need to add the Irish, Welsh and Scottish autistic children and the now young adult school leavers in those regions over the past 15 years.

The figures these estimates are taken from are highly reliable.  They are not from inaccurate surveys. The figures are official government figures from the annual schools census. The census counts every child in school in England known to be autistic.

The hollow claims of those who either want to cover up this disaster for children and their families or bury their heads in the sand or sit in denial, that there is no real increase are hollower by the second.  It is not credible nor scientific.

But if anyone wants to play stupid games claiming there is no increase and we always had these numbers of autistic children, the recent figures from Ireland show that nearly two thirds of autistic children are stage 5.

What does that mean?  It means if we always had the same numbers of autistic children and young adults before now, two thirds of them would be so severely disabled you could not miss them unless you were blind deaf or dumb or the UK’s National Autistic Society, [NAS] or the UK’s Autistica or Professor Brugha and his UK team of “expert” autism researchers at Leicester University. or even Professor Simon Baron-Cohen and his team at Cambridge University.  Professor Baron-Cohen and his team were quoted in The Independent  saying:  READ MORE AT CHILD HEALTH SAFETY HERE.



Hans Litten

Posted by: Alessandro | June 02, 2020 at 11:41 PM

You can see why they monitor us closely, why they censor us, why they send agents to taunt us.

The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis is a terrible thing.
(Police brutality - their procedures, methods all need addressing and restriction placed on all these madmen worldwide .)
And it has unleashed mobs of the young people with torches and pitchforks.

Now imagine those same people understand that Government is trying to murder everyone.
And has been doing so for possibly 100 years. Flexnor report.
The amazing Carnegie Rockefellor business model of deliberately making people ill for profit .

Fluoride for instance is in a californian court June 8th I believe .....
Most of the English speaking world is being deliberately poisoned with it.
We shall see


@Hans Litten | June 02, 2020 at 12:23 PM

Hans, there are people like Will who are paid to disrupt comments online and there are people like Will who do it because they think it is funny or good sport.

"Will" does not criticise the bare facts and makes no proper attempt to do so because he or she cannot without coming unstuck so relies on ad hominem type remarks. The link to the NI figures report is avaible in prior comments and in the article.

No one like Will attempts to say the 1 in 16 figure for boys with autistic conditions in Northern Ireland is wrong nor that because 2/3rds are Stage 5 that trashes the idea this is all "better diagnosis" or "greater awareness". Its because he or she will come unstuck.

And the person posting as "science is pure" asking for the link to the English statistics has not come back either.

It is a twisted world in which we live.

Hans Litten

Posted by: will | June 01, 2020 at 03:36 PM

You are definitely in a "genius" class of your own.
Tipping my hat to your superb brilliance & intellect !
you have cut right through the Governments own figures.
I wish I had met someone of your great insight years ago and none of us here would ever have needed to waste anytime at all investigating what some believe to be the greatest crime in all history. Vaccinocide.

Will , I ask just one small favor. Please protect yourself and your family and take every available vaccine, twice or three times if need be. They definitely are safe and effective... I assure you

Take that flu shot every year, twice if you want each season. We are so grateful for your opinion.
We need to hear from more people like you - you are just great.

John Stone


Trouble is that unless you are citing something what you instinctively think is to little avail. I am reading the hard data from Northern Ireland which is not what you think and does not conform with your type-casting of the fashionable middle-class diagnosis. One reason why you might expect the numbers to get worse is the many vaccines which are now given, even compared with two decades ago. There's also more SSRIs, more Round Up, more WiFi.


Truth hurts guys Let say the vaccine injury rate is 1/100 I could buy that as there is some proof. That does not mean it causes all autism and the benefits outway the risk 10 to 1. What ever happened to Mcarthy's sane green the vaccine movement she was supported by so many celebrities like Oprah for poorly vetted vaccines worsening her son's rare autism like epilepsy. He recovered partially thanks to many medical and non medical factors. The sane green the vaccine movement was here on Age of Autism in the early days which I have read since about 2008. I ahve "autism" myself and a rare genetic nerve tumor disorder and I did have some kind of vaccine reaction to a minengitis shot that worsened some medical conditions I already had.
The whole thing rememinds me of why some direct descendents of Spanish and Portuguese people in the US and Canada call themselfs "Hispano" or "Iberian" instead of Hispanic and Latino because these are a terms for mixed race central Americans people seen as less than humans by those S/P biggots just like the same racist use of the term like the term "autism" is an in vague term for white and east asian people in lui of "developmental disabled" and "retardation" because only non asian minorities can have a low IQ in their biggoted minds and "autism makes my kid rain man".

Grace Green

There may be some truth in the political motives that you suggest, although in my experience there's no guarantee that a white middle class person, especially a woman, who seeks an autism diagnosis will get one! I'm also puzzled by your definitions. It may be that the official definitions of these diagnoses are as you describe, but linguistically it seems to me that "mental retardation" and "developmental delay" mean the same thing. I'm not sure you understand what "autism" is. If you read widely on this website I think you will realize that most autistic people start off very intelligent but are brain injured by vaccines making them regress into autism. Hence the residual abilities you describe. Maybe mentally retarded people really are born that way and that's why they don't have any compensating abilities. On the other hand, autistic people have the frustration of knowing deep down that they could have been different from how they are.

Angus Files


I have never seen a news article world wide faking an autism diagnosis to access alleged benefits.

Pharma For Prison



Yeah Will, Those upper class people really want a disability label on their child.

That is what they were trying to claim 30 years ago when my son was all new and damaged.

Oh, the upper class (not that I was upper class) are just wanting special ed so their kids get extra attention.

Have you ever heard of such rubbish.

25 years ago, my husband found out a lab tech had been in special ed. and said something in front of me and our son.

My son lashed out that it was just extra help (sure it is) , but you know and I know what the thoughts were behind what he meant! It hurt us all three at that time.
It hurt my husband cause it finally sank in, it hurt my son's feelings, , and I felt the fear of what the future held.



As a teacher of primary school children for 38 years, I can categorically say, 'YOU ARE WRONG'.

John Stone


Governments never recognise disability easily because then they have to budget for it. Actually also it isn’t the middle classes seeking a fashionable diagnosis - in NI the rate is far steeper in working class areas.


I do not trust autism statistics.
I think it is no more than 1 in a 100 children having autism
. The far left benefits from autism over diagnosis through perpetual victimhood and a "disability" like autism helps that perpetual victimshood and the far left's exploitation of such disability. On the far right there is racism related to an autism diagnosis. As autism is way better than having mental retardation because of savantism, artistic talent. and athleticism of most of those with autism. Only non Asian "minorities" can have mental retardation which does not come with the mentioned benefits of autism, according to these extreme biggots. So upper middle class white families seek an autism diagnosis for their child for these and similar reasons.


Britain has surrendered to autism. They can't stop it. They don't want to acknowledge it's happening. Somehow calls for more services, more SPED schools, more teacher training will make everything fine.

It's far worse than just kids with autism...in Northern Ireland 23% of students receive special ed services. In Scotland it's 29% of students. Over in Ireland it's 25%. All these rates keep increasing. STILL they do nothing.

Bob Moffit

How bad does it have to get before public health agencies FINALLY admit the unexplained dramatic increase in autism is being CAUSED BY VACCINES?????? How in god's name can these public health bureaucrats sleep at night KNOWING they are destroying lives and families for generations .. with generations yet to arrive destined to suffer same????


Angus Files

Very scary everyone of them my heart goes out to them total carnage. 2002 was one of my first letters to government and by writing I feel like that I have given them a heads up because nothing to stop the slaughter has happened the opposite is true. A continuation of political pharma policy .



John Stone

Science is Pure

Yes, because unlike NI the Department of Education publish the number of cases and the number of schoolchildren but they never draw attention to the problem by publishing a rate (which is just a simple division sum once you have scrabbled around to find the data). The data even in NI will always be incomplete (more cases to be discovered) but probably more complete than for England, Wales, Scotland, and the author has used the Baron-Cohen formula that for every 3 cases diagnosed there are two to be discovered, which frankly might be conservative amid the present shambles.

At the beginning of last year I was trying to remonstrate with the outgoing Chief Medical Officer to the British government pretending that the rate was only a little above 1% when actually the school system was already demonstrably crashing.


Science is pure.

I cannot find the source document for England. This is the source of the NI figures:


John Stone

I also want to keep people’s eyes on the fact that nearly two thirds in the NI figures are severely disabled - that is 2.7% of all schoolchildren and 4% of all boys ie when the British government go on about a 1% we are 2.7 times that for serious autistic disablement alone. No possibility that cases in these numbers were somehow simply missed in previous years. If you go by the NI figures of 11 years ago (0.89%) it is more than 3 times as bad.

The particular interest of Northern Ireland is that the assembly legislated that ASD be monitored by the NI executive. So they do actually monitor an entire population of schoolchildren, and they attempt to keep a proper count unlike almost anywhere else. There is no question however that education system across the UK is disintegrating under the weight of the problem.

If we were to revise all our medical and environmental practices today to protect children from the routine toxic assault of modern daily life, it would still take another half decade to halt the upward trend.


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