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We can sleep well tonight knowing that Bill Gates has transformed Dr. Peter "Vaccines did not Cause Rachel's Autism" Hotez' life. Money will do that.   Dr. Hotez earned $70K for working just 10 hours a week in 2016 for the Sabin Institute. That's around $145 per hour. Not a bad wage by the average American's thinking. And that was a side gig.  For most of us, autism has thrown our finances into a blender set to shred. 





We know this stuff goes on, we just, well I am shocked when I find out about it.
Perhaps it is the ease that it can be found out by people in the know?
I am just shocked!

And it makes me think this world is not so very big after all.

Bob Moffit

Mission statement from Dr Hotez's Sabine Institute:

"Our mission is to make vaccines more accessible, enable innovation and expand immunization across the globe.

We seek a future free from vaccine-preventable diseases.

We deliver sustainable, evidence-based solutions that extend the benefits of immunization to everyone, everywhere."

Noticeably absent from their mission statement is any mention of making vaccines …"SAFER AND MORE EFFICIENT".

That safety and efficiency are not a "mission priority" should surprise no one .. their primary mission is FINANCIAL PROFITS … which is the primary reason they labor so hard to make vaccines ... "more accessible and expand immunization across the globe".

Indeed … UNAVOIDABLE UNSAFE vaccines from which Hotez's Sabin institute profits have complete product liability protection .. which is why SAFETY is of no concern to THEM .. because the life-long, life threatening, life-altering chronic autoimmune disorders CAUSED by those UNAVOIDABLY UNSAFE VACCINES result in BILLIONS OF DOLLARS spent purchasing the PRODUCTS they sell to treat those autoimmune disorders.

Couldn't provide a better business model if I tried .. isn't this a great country to be a vaccine manufacturer?

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