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National Counsel on Severe Autism on the Extreme Sexual Danger Females Face

Self Defense AdBelow is a Facebook post I could have written myself. Three times.  Please consider support VOR - Voices of Reason for the disabled. VOR has been fighting for the rights of the disabled, including the autistic, for decades.  I was their keynote speaker several years ago and still recall how welcome I felt there, as we all had the same agenda - our children's rights throughout the lifespan.  It's ironic that I teach self-defense. I earned my black belt in two martial arts late in life. And I train every day. Protecting women is my passion. And yet, I can do little for my own daughters.

The post linked an article from the National Counsel on Severe Autism.


An autism fact too horrible to discuss May 27, 2020 The mother of a teenage daughter with nonverbal autism opens up about her extreme sexual vulnerabilities

My 17 year-old daughter, I’ll call her Cathy, has autism. Not the “self-advocate” autism, or the “neurodiversity” autism, or the Daryl Hannah autism (whatever that was). Noooooooooooo. My Cathy has an autism that leaves her helpless, 100% defenseless.

Cathy is gorgeous, quite tall, with wavy bright blond hair and a face like a doll. If an actress were to play her in a movie I think Cameron Diaz would fit the part. But after that, no similarity. Cathy can’t talk, read, write, answer a phone, text, or understand a story. She can’t brush her hair or teeth, wipe herself after toileting, change her menstrual pad, or put on her clothes. If it’s freezing outside it wouldn’t occur to her to put on a coat. More than once she’s left the house totally naked.

I found NCSA because of this post on its website, A Sister’s Quest to End Sexual Abuse of the Severely Disabled. I was looking for information I could use to protect Cathy, because she is more vulnerable to sexual assault than almost anyone else in the world. Mothers like me suffer a sheer terror that rips our hearts into pieces....  Read more: An autism fact too horrible to discuss May 27, 2020 The mother of a teenage daughter with nonverbal autism opens up about her extreme sexual vulnerabilities


Laura Hayes

It is not what some people will want to hear, but in order to protect our severely impaired, highly vulnerable children, parents cannot entrust them to anyone they have not personally selected and trained, and in whom they have implicit trust. If parents choose to send their child to settings away from home, and are not able to personally accompany them, then they must send one of the people whom they have personally selected and trained, and in whom they trust, if they do not want to put their child in a situation where they may be harmed, neglected, or abused. Some relatives may also be able, if trustworthy, and trained to the individual child.

As I stated at the beginning, some will not want to hear this. They want to be able to have their child ride the school bus, go to a public or private school, attend a day program, or participate in something else away from the home and parent. However, unless that personally-selected, trained, and trusted person accompanies them, the severely impaired, highly vulnerable child will remain vulnerable, and therefore, subject to abuse.

I realize that providing such a level of care and supervision is extremely difficult, and for some, seemingly impossible. Neither of those, however, makes what I have written untrue, unfortunately.

When our severely impaired children are unable to protect and/or report, then the only reliable solution is never leaving them without a trusted protector.

To that end, I never accepted a school-assigned aide (yes, that was an annual battle that I had to fight, and win...and I did). Our son only ever attended school with a tutor whom I selected, trained, and trusted. Since the end of his school years, we have continued to utilize only those whom I personally select, train, and trust to work and hang out with him at home, and to take him on community outings.

Providing that level of essential care and supervision is yet another expense that Pharma is not being held accountable of so many.

As for video surveillance, it may be a deterrent, but it is not sufficient, as it can be avoided, disarmed, and/or erased...and most importantly, it does nothing in real time or real form to protect the vulnerable individual from harm, neglect, or abuse.

And as for what happens when our severely impaired, highly vulnerable children outlive us, and/or any willing and capable siblings or relatives...that is troubling to contemplate...and personally, I pray for the Lord's protection and provision, should it come to that.

John Stone


Our children still have to be protected.

Hans Litten

For me - we just have to win the overall vaccine war.
Then we get justice for all the sons and daughters.

Grace Green

A very interesting article. So far all discussion on this topic, relating to all types of vulnerable people, has been about reporting - after the event! I have long thought this is totally unacceptable, and we should all be shouting about it. The only solution is what I call chaperoning. This could either be Bob Moffit's modern technological suggestion, the writer's idea of always looking after your own child (ie, home education), or the at-risk people being looked after by others. The feminists will hate me for saying it, but male nurses/carers should not be permitted to do this sort of work, either with vulnerable women, men or children. No ifs, no buts.

Angus Files

Absolutely disgusting these monsters. I`m quite sure many on here could tell a few recent stories in their communities about autistic/disabled children adults being abused sexually or for another depravity. Strange I can forgive murder in some cases, but none of this fiendish depravity is forgivable.

Pharma For Prison



Aren't you forgetting about minority girls and higher functioning girls with autism?! I have heard some higher functioning developmentally disabled people especially male and minorities but also and female and white complain they were victims of sexual harassment or worse one claimed raped and got not justice. Maybe because they were not believed or the suspect was a slick stranger that quickly fled after the assault. I was a sexual harassment victim in middle school and the female student who did it only got a lunch detention. Your post seems slightly racist and hypergamist. Forgetting about male victims and minorities like myself. Do not exploit abuse of the disabled for white female victimhood.

Jonathan Rose

This danger is all too real for autistic females as well as autistic males. We like to tell ourselves that we no longer institutionalize autistic people, but of course we do: group homes are simply small institutions, and they are reproducing all the physical and sexual abuses that happened in the big state hospitals. If you hire caretakers for minimal wages and without thorough background checks, this kind of abuse is inevitable. The only check on it is regular visitation, but that isn't always possible. I recently attended an anti-lockdown protest, and one of the speakers was a father who said he was not allowed to visit his autistic son in a group home for the duration of the epidemic, so he has no idea what is happening to the boy.

Bob Moffit

It was heartbreaking to read this mom's absolute anguish and fear of her daughter's inability to protect herself against sexual predators who prey upon the most vulnerable in society.

The only thing I can think of to protect someone incapable of protecting themselves .. is to make certain at every opportunity there is VIDEO SURVIELLANCE .. on buses, in schools, in all areas where the opportunity exists for a sexual assault to occur. It would help if technology existed where a camera is worn by the vulnerable to capture even the most minimal assault.

Recent video of a 22 year old man viciously assaulting an elderly man in a senior nursing home .. an elderly man he was assigned to care for .. if not for the video that elderly victim would have been subjected to vicious assault every day.

When perpetrators of assaulting the most vulnerable among us are identified, arrested and PROSECUTED … THE PENALTIES MUST BE SEVERE WITHOUT ANY MERCY SHOWN THE GUILTY.

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