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Bill Gates and 1984

Kennedy Tells How Vaccine Safety Commission Pfizzled When Pfizer Got Into Trump Administration

Fox-In-The-HenhouseSo much for draining the swamp. When President Trump appointed (was handed on a silver platter atop one million dollars) Scott Gottlieb to run the FDA, that was the death knell for the Vaccine Safety Commission he promised Americans. The pfox sashayed into the hen house with a million bucks and had a fine meal, leaving not so much as a feather. Kennedy on safety commission


Anita Donnelly

Laura, I hear you and your concepts have a place. And maybe it could be called "Vaccine Injuries & Death" commission. But here is the problem:

We are so indoctrinated into the importance of vaccines as is evident right now. Idiots are forgetting there is something called "treatment" that might save us from needing a vaccine. It's mind boggling.

We need to lead people into a path they can understand to the truth you are talking about. It took me years. I just found the book I bought in pregnancy which warned against vaccines, which I totally totally ignored, (in 2000). I did believe vaccines could harm some children, but I thought the risk was very tiny, to the point that I didn't connect his newborn stay at the Newborn ICU to the hep-B vaccine he had JUST bEEN GIVEN! And I didn't connect vaccines to the day he started having gut issues and started looking at his hands at 12 months until 3 people suggested it to me, and THEN my Mom remembered family stories of vaccine injury. THEN I believed it. My point is that this is a very hard thing to accept. I think we need things called 'Vaccine Death and Destruction" groups, and we need things called "Vaccine safety commission" . Sometimes the orwellian approach works. As they tried to make them safe, people would start waking up to the fact that is impossible . . . .but they would be under the umrella of that name while they woke up. Whereas we would get few researchers to have the guts to go into something named "Vaccine Death and Destruction" for example. Your approach is like the Defund the police thing. Even though many people are fine with reforming the police, when people who swear they only want to reform police say "Defund it" it scares people into turning off the message. You have the same rationale, and it does wake people up. I just caution you that it could backfire on you with people who don't bother to read the details. So maybe our message is 'REFORM MEDICINE"

Anna Flannery Stein

Look, we need to start running our own candidates. It's the only way. Maybe they are stealth? Maybe they don't overtly say anything about vaccines until they win?

The Democrats and Republicans have all let us down.

Trump and Melania sold out in an epic betrayal, because they know what happpened in their own life "to a staff person".

The Democrats are blind in a way that seems as if they were hypnotized. I have tried to talk to statehouse people and they look right through me as if I am a cartoon. We must must must find a path in to this. I have ideas for civil disobedience that could be effective but we know that the press will not cover what we do. It makes for despair, but we can do this.


Thanks Susan;
As Dr. Wakefield says the truth will win out, it always does; the question is how far along will it go before it happens.

susan welch

Benedetta. Hang on to that faith and hope. Dr Wakefield's 'The Act' is soon to be launched. I suspect it will open a few more eyes.


Oh and West Virginia was very much later turning away from very Democrat dependable voters when they had to choose between Bush the second vs climate changer - get rich scheming - what's his name? The one that Tipper got fed up with and divorced, Yeah, that one that lived in that big long, tall, huge carbon foot emitting house in Tennessee?

Once they get these laws set man they seem to be set forever. Takes an act of Congress as they say when they mean it is impossible.

Scary stuff, and sounds hopeless when we pray and dream for the vaccine manufacturers and vaccine giver's indemnity Act of 1986 .


Cait; "And of the 5 states that have eliminated religious and personal belief exemptions, 2 have Republican governors."

Mississippi and West Virginia no doubt.
What is the history of politics of those two states.
Heavily Democratic until the 60s and 70s. It all began to turn as People lead by Martin Luther King cause a lot of the south to grow sick of the old Democrats of the South. Example would be the likes of George Wallace. Not what L.B. Johnson thought that it was all about him.

West Virginia is/was Byrd's territory. Famous Byrd and also Grand Dragon or something of the Klu Klux Klan. Hilary's mentor and hero by the way. She said so.

---and the present governor James Conley Justice II (born April 27, 1951) is an American coal mining and agriculture businessman, who has been serving as the 36th governor of West Virginia since 2017. With a net worth of around $1.9 billion, he is the wealthiest person in West Virginia.[2] He inherited a coal mining business from his father and built a business empire with over 94 companies, including the Greenbrier, a luxury resort.[3]

In 2015, Justice announced his candidacy for governor in the 2016 West Virginia gubernatorial election. Although Justice was a registered Republican before running for governor, he ran as a Democrat and defeated the Republican nominee, Bill Cole. Less than seven months after taking office, Justice switched back to the Republican Party after announcing his plans at a rally with U.S. president Donald Trump in the state.

People can change parties even easier than Dr. Seuss's Sneetches changed the green stars on their bellies. Politicians will go with the strongest party, but what do they believe? Really believe?

And regardless of my frustration with Kennedy at first, I still and always will love him to death and do what ever to support him. Heroes are people and they might make mistakes. I don't think Kennedy saying what he did about Trump made any difference. I doubt if Trump pays much attention to such stuff in general after all that has happened. The truth is the public opinion is not there for vaccine safety.. The public they still trust, and believe those antivaxxers are nuts. .


@ Bob Moffitt

"...all States governed by DEMOCRATIC GOVERNORS AND LEGISLATURES have eliminated all exemptions to vaccines."

What? There is legitimate cause for concern about mandates and loss of exemptions, but if you want to get anywhere with this issue, you should at least get your facts straight.

@ Aimee

“And not all states governed by Democratic governors and legislatures have eliminated all exemptions”

This is true, as far as it goes… But in fact, no state has eliminated all exemptions. All 50 states have medical exemptions, and 45 have religious and/or personal belief exemptions. And of the 5 states that have eliminated religious and personal belief exemptions, 2 have Republican governors.


I love you too my sister warrior; Aimee.

Yeah Grand ma Peg, I see it that way too.

Aimee Doyle

@Benedetta -

BTW, I'm not a Democrat - I'm an independent. There's plenty about the Democratic party I don't like. But I'll freely admit to being liberal. : - ) Like you, I have friends of all political stripes. I think it matters to have conversations with people who think differently, since no one can see their own blind spots. I don't think we'll ever come together as a country unless we figure out how to talk to each other. I want to move from competing monologues to genuine dialogue. Hard to do in person, even harder online.

So - we can table this discussion about Trump for another day. : - ) I know we both care about our vaccine injured children - and that's the common ground we warrior moms have. Let's continue to fight the good fight together.

Take care.

Margaret Jaeger(grandma Peg)

I recall RFK publically stating he would NEVER work With (President) Trump...as That Man..? It may be true that Trump wanted RFK as head of any comissioed vaccine board, I don't know, but as a reader and follower of RFK ...on the vaccine ISSUES..it is a grievous error that RFK proclaimed he would Not work with (and for) President Trump,in an office where he could pretty much have controlled which way the vaccine program would go as also an opportunity dropped. While I suspect President Trump and most of the Republic colleagues know little to nothing about vaccine true workings nor the agenda of the Globalists and money fame of this Big Safety Issue, they All need to listen to their pro safe vaccines colleagues in any party. But since we've largely been dismissed as kooks, our opportunities have been tossed out by most of them. Were I RFK, and knowing what he knows about vaccines, I'd be asking for that job after all with stipulations attached. One, that All the people in the. House of Representatives be Mandated to listen to the real science of vaccines, lesson lectures until they know true science when they hear it. Then those representatives who already knew,,believed,,experienced the tragedy of them, to be appointed to a Kennedy commission to bring the big money making vaccine manufacturers to the bar of justice. Those manufacturers will quit making vaccines of course as they have always threatened to do if challenged. Then the nightmare of coping with diseases will become the nightmare dreamed of in apopolyptic scenarios....because we don't have an easy one shot alternative offer and the longer route to prevention will remain where it now is...on their kook shelf. But we continue on, those who have damaged children from vaccines. We Need to Work on those in government who have openly declared their experience and knowledge of vaccines who have been forced into silence. No matter What political persuasion they have otherwise accepted. As others have said today..it is up to Us after all. Shame on the others who think more of their political party standing than the millions of damaged or dead children, and military, the world round.


Poor ole Mitt Romney; now there is a piece of work. He really had Trump's back now didn't he.

Trump and a lot of people out in the boonies was some what worried about the whole impeachment thing. Sure the Republicans had the Senate, but there was "THOSE" Republicans in which you spoke of Aimee.

McCain was a piece of work too, but we are not suppose to speak ill of the dead, except when they ruled over you. So I can and will.

Both of those Republicans were and are corrupt.


Aimee Doyle
I know that you are a Democrat forever more, and love the Democrat party for some reason with all your heart. I have plenty of friends like that, I know. You also have a streak of reasonability about you, fairness, and of a great heart and goodness too.

So I will remind you that you just got done talking about how it is the Republicans too, too, too, now didn't you?

The Republicans toooooo do not have Trump's back; that do not have Trump's back.

Trump came into office with every last one of the federal agencies out to get him. Every federal agencies was doing hand stands, and applauding that that the never elected likes of Comey at the very beginning meets with the president of the United States and talks to him so horribly that the President tells us all including Comey that he better hope that he had not recorded that meeting. Then fires Comey.

Then we had for the next three years a show put on for us that has left most of us with our jaws open with confusion, unbelief, and anger at the unfairness of it all.

I have my disabled Dad sitting in a wheelchair, with Parkinson dementia, and deaf; watching the House of Representatives impeaching the president for a phone call to a newly elected Ukrainian president that was so nothing that Trump released it. And even my Dad understood and asked me if my Mother knew all this was going on.

Yeah, Trump should have jumped right in there


Democratic candidate for president Marianne Williamson did touch the third rail of vaccinations and walked back some of her comments.

This from Wikipedia which I think is incomplete:
"The implication was that if you have any skepticism whatsoever, you are 'anti-science' [and a 'kook']. And I think there's a difference between having skepticism about science and having skepticism about the pharmaceutical industry. So, I think that –– even though my child was vaccinated –– I think that there is a public health issue that overrides individual liberty here even though I don't want the government, as a rule, telling me what I can do, and what I can't do, with my body for medical purposes. At the same time I think that the government earned our distrust. [...] This is the problem when institutions lose their moral authority [...], even when they say something that we should listen to, people have a skepticism –– and that's the real problem. [...] The answer is not to tell us we're 'kooks,' but get their act together so that they are more trustworthy again.[171]"

I hope we hear from her more in the future. I suspect she is familiar with Kennedy's work.

Aimee Doyle

@Benedetta - "Trump told us what he believed. But what is possible for him to do until the time comes when the public sheep wakes up?"

You think Trump is powerless? He has the power of cabinet and agency appointments. The person at the top of an agency does make a difference. Why did he appoint pro-vax people to the HHS, CDC, and FDA (not just once, but more than once?) I'm thinking Tom Price, Alex Azar, Brenda Fitzgerald, Robert Redfield, Scott Gottlieb. Now, Dr. Ned Sharpless will be temporarily replacing Scott Gottlieb. Sharpless is die-hard pro-vax.

Here's a quote from Dr. Sharpless: “As we head into National Infant Immunization week, I want to take the opportunity to underscore the public health importance of immunizations. One of my priorities at FDA is to continue to support the agency’s efforts to reinforce the rigorous and robust process we use to ensure the safety and effectiveness of vaccines that prevent infectious diseases like influenza and measles," said Ned Sharpless, M.D., FDA Acting Commissioner. "https://www.fda.gov/news-events/fda-brief/fda-brief-during-national-infant-immunization-week-fda-reinforces-continued-confidence-safety-and

You think Trump is powerless? Then why did Trump promote vaccines? According to media reports (conservative, liberal, and alternative) he changed his mind from what he initially said about a vaccine safety commission. Here is just one example. He said "they have to get the shots" - referring to vaccines.https://www.statnews.com/2019/04/26/trump-vaccinations-measles/

Trump uses Twitter to promote his viewpoints. Why hasn't Trump addressed this issue on Twitter? On Fox News?

Trump came into power with the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Supreme Court all in his camp. Essentially he has controlled all three branches of government. Why didn't he do anything about vaccines when he had this level of power? The Senate has done everything he asked.

I just don't get how you think he was powerless to do anything. Looks to me like he's had the power to do whatever he wanted - I don't really think he cares about vaccines. The things he cares about, he gets done.

Sorry, but I'm angry. I'm not defending Democrats (whose record on vax safety is horrible) but I would like to know why Republicans deserve defense. Readers who want to defend Trump or other Republicans - what exactly have they DONE in the last twenty years? As far as I can see the autism rate has continued to increase and the vaccines schedules have gotten even more draconian. A few people have said maybe we need to scrutinize vaccines more closely, but nothing has changed in terms of the big picture.

I think we need another plan, one that bypasses politicians completely.

Aimee Doyle

@Bob - "The ENTIRE Democratic party is in the pocket of big Pharma.

I'll agree the Democratic party is bought. There are exceptions, such as the Democrats who voted against SB 277 in California. " Sen. Richard Roth, D-Riverside, was one of two Democrats voting no. He still had concerns about the list of mandated vaccines." from the Sacramento Bee.

But I think most Republicans are bought too. I will agree that some Republicans have spoken out on vaccine dangers - you are correct about the individuals on your list. But I haven't seen that any of these individuals have actually done anything to address their concerns - despite having the power and the pulpit to make a difference. Trump, as you acknowledge, has been a disappointment. I haven't seen Ben Carson talking to the AMA or advocating for vaccine safety in any forum, medical or otherwise. Ron and Rand Paul haven't called for hearings, or (to my knowledge) authored any legislation to address vaccine risks.

I don't see that Republican governors or Republican controlled legislatures have done anything about vaccine safety...in terms of expanding exemptions, relaxing mandates, calling for vaccine safety research, etc. In fact, two states that are solidly Republican (Mississippi and West Virginia) only allow a medical exemption. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has publicly vowed to veto any vaccine bill (relaxing or expanding exemptions) that comes across his desk. These are just a few examples.

Bob - I'm not defending Democrats - their record on this matter is horrible - and most of them are in the pocket of big Pharma. There are exceptions, such as RFK, and lone voices here and there (e.g. Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party - I include her not because she's a Democrat, but because she's a liberal). But I'm curious why you have such faith that Republicans are (a) not in the pocket of big Pharma, and (b) likely to actually do anything about the vaccine issue. I just haven't seen it - when Republicans have been in positions of power to do something, they haven't.

Of course, I could be wrong, and maybe you're familiar with Republicans who have actually taken action. I can think of two - I remember Dan Burton, who held the thimerosal hearings a couple of decades ago. I can't recall if he had a lot of Republican support at the time....there don't seem to have been any Republican calls for hearings since, though. And certainly nothing changed except more vaccines being added to the schedule. Bill Posey did get the whistleblower documents from Dr. Thompson, and apparently released them to one of the vax safety organizations on the Internet, but then he seems to have stepped back and washed his hands of the matter.

And not all states governed by Democratic governors and legislatures have eliminated all exemptions: I live in Maryland. Although we have a Republican governor now, we've mostly had Democratic governors and legislatures. We still have the medical and the religious exemption. Across the country it's a patchwork, actually. It's interesting to look at this chart: https://www.ncsl.org/research/health/school-immunization-exemption-state-laws.aspx

Bob Moffit

@ Aimee

"I agree the Democrats have been bought. I think Republicans have been bought too."

Do we agree the ENTIRE DEMOCRATIC party is in the pocket of big pharma?

However .. while I do not remember all their names .. shame on me … there were at least a very few REPUBLICAN POLICITICANS who have expressed some degree of dissatisfaction with the SAFETY of vaccines .. such as .. Trump, Dr Ben Carson, Rand and Ron Paul, Rep Weldon .. while all States governed by DEMOCRATIC GOVERNORS AND LEGISLATURES have eliminated all exemptions to vaccines.

Indeed, I suspect the person most disappointed in the DEMOCRATIC PARTY is none other than RFK whose name alone qualifies him as someone to be LISTENED TO AND HIS VIEWS RESPECTED BY THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY.


How many times have you all said something about vaccines are bad or they hurt my young'un and you get this strange stare like you just have horns growing out of your head, or that look that is given when some one realizes that the other person is crazy, maybe wearing one of those tin hats?

It is public opinion that had to be changed. Until that happens this is the way it will be.

Trump told us what he believed.
But what is possible for him to do until the time comes when the public sheep wakes up?

And speaking of waking up. how about that Pandemic lockdown while the whole world watched and Fauci just didn't care, he still went about it usual business of trying to take the real good cheap drug and throw it out in the trash while snake oil salesman he is; touted a less effective drug that he was probably deep involved with financially. If that was not enough people paid attention to the vaccine end of it. That he had spent 30 years raking in the money from the tax payers for the AIDS vaccine that never came about, as he claimed we would never get back to normal till after a vaccine for the coronavirus even though there had never been a successful vaccine. AND more and more people began to ask why , and more and more people found out about them killing a couple of kids back in the 60s while trying to make one.

Some how Fauci has not come out as the untouchable he once was.

And with him that came out stinky was WHO and well what is to follow no doubt is the CDC.

We are on our way. I am so excited.

Angus Files

Hold my hands up thought the swamp would have been drained but it just filled up with diffrent swamp monsters-heart braking to watch.

Pharma For Prison



See Blackballing- Wikipedia
Reference [3] MSA [1929] "The black Cube" Short Talk Bulletin Vol 11,no 11 Nov 1929
Masonic Service Association.

Aimee Doyle

@Bob -

I agree the Democrats have been bought. I think Republicans have been bought too. I can't think of a single Republican politician (whether House member, Senate member, Governor, or President) who has taken a strong stand on vaccine safety. Republican politicians have protested in some states where religious vaccine exemptions have been removed, but I haven't seen Republicans take strong vaccine safety positions when they actually control the legislature or the governor's chair. At the federal level, certainly the House Committee on Government Oversight did squat during the years it was Republican controlled, and the Republican controlled Senate has pretty much ignored the issue. I don't think the Supreme Court (even though it is majority conservative now) is likely to help us - the late Antonin Scalia wrote the Bruesewitz decision, which closed the litigation door pretty thoroughly.

Perhaps it's time to stop putting faith in politicians to change anything and come up with a Plan B.

False Scientists

I confess I had high hopes for Trump in this regard and yet it’s not looking good. Still. When will there be justice and common sense with regard to children’s health?? Peoples’ health?? No country can withstand this level of injury.


This is how the swamp works. It was wishful thinking on my part to believe any proclamations from anyone that the swamp would be drained.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

The King-of-Vaccines claims he told the President just after he was elected "don't do that" regarding the Vaccine Safety Commission by RFK Jr.

Bob Moffit

Extremely disappointed … disgusted … discouraged .. that President Trump abandoned his campaign pledge to create a "vaccine safety commission" to be led by RFK … in favor of partnering his administration with the career public health and pharma companies who are terrified of having vaccines evaluated for SAFETY … obviously the SWAMP cannot allow .. under any auspices .. to allow an independent scientific study of VACCINE SAFETY.

It is unforgiveable of Trump .. a true betrayal of many of his most ardent supporters .. which would include myself … unfortunately a typical POLITICAL decision KNOWINGLY placing voters in the position of voting for him or choose his Democratic Party opponents … who have clearly been in league with public health and pharma SWAMP for decades now. Can't even fathom a DEMOCRAT candidate ever speculating VACCINES MAY NOT BE AS SAFE AND EFFECTIVE AS WE HAVE BEEN LED TO BELIEVE.


Laura Hayes

“Vaccine Safety Commission” is a misnomer.

Any such commission should be named the “Vaccine Dangers Commission”.

We in the movement must stop using the words “vaccine(s)” and “safety” together, as doing so perpetuates the propaganda that vaccines are safe, are close to being safe, or can be made to be safe.

Our rhetoric is critically important when trying to educate those who have been indoctrinated and deceived by the pervasive vaccine propaganda that permeates every aspect of our society.

The message we need to socialize and convey is that vaccines are dangerous, damaging, ineffective, unnecessary, and unwise.

Additionally, vaccines have nothing to do with good health, proper development, an effective immune system, fertility, or longevity...other than that they wreak havoc on all.

As for Trump, what a gargantuan disappointment and complete failure he has been when it comes to stopping the vaccine and pharmaceutical destruction of our children, populace, and nation...an inexcusable and shameful disgrace.

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