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Josh Mazer BMJ Rapid Response to: Even covid-19 can’t kill the anti-vaccination movement

Experts respondRe: Even covid-19 can’t kill the anti-vaccination movement

Re: Even covid-19 can’t kill the anti-vaccination movement  Katrina Megget. 369:doi  10.1136/bmj.m2184

Written by Joshua Mazer

Dear Editor 5-18-2020

I read with interest Even Covid -19 can't kill the anti-vaccination movement. President Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed,” the crash program to develop a covid-19 vaccine should give any sentient, thinking medical consumer reason for pause. Voices on the left and right, inside and outside of the medical community, are sounding cautionary notes about ignoring established safety protocols to speed development of a covid shot.

Yet Trump is demanding, and getting, short cuts. MSN reported May 5: “Medical staff at the University of Maryland School of Medicine spent early Monday injecting the first few people with a potential vaccine for the coronavirus as part of an accelerated international effort” “We’re not skipping any steps, but we are speeding them up quite a bit,” said Dr. Kirsten Lyke, and “she’s never done one quite…this quickly.”

What could possibly go wrong? A brief history of “rushed vaccines” from the recent past offers some troubling insights
The polio vaccine was rushed to market by firms competing not only to save lives, but to cash in on the opportunity as well. Dr. Paul Offit cited in the Washington Post commented; ”Roughly 40,000 got “abortive” polio, with fever, sore throat, headache, vomiting and muscle pain. Fifty-one were paralyzed, and five died, Offit wrote in his 2005 book, “The Cutter Incident: How America’s First Polio Vaccine Led to the Growing Vaccine Crisis.” It was “one of the worst biological disasters in American history: a man-made polio epidemic.” Further, an estimated 10 million Americans were infected with Simian Virus 40 from the early polio vaccines.

The measles vaccine was rolled out in 1963. It was withdrawn within one year. It caused a more virulent and infectious vaccine strain of “atypical measles” that was deadlier than natural measles.

The Urrabe strain measles mumps rubella (“MMR”) vaccine was introduced in Canada in the early 1980’s and withdrawn immediately because it caused aseptic meningitis. Despite the warning, Britain introduced the same shot and withdrew it in 1993 for the same reason.

The 1976 H1N1 flu shot was hurried to the market under the spectre of an impending epidemic. After killing about 20 people and paralyzing numerous more, it was just as quickly pulled.

The original whole cell pertussis shot caused so many injuries and deaths that it was replaced with a safer, attenuated version.
The 2009 H1N1 shot was touted by Dr. Anthony Fauci as “safe and effective” Australia stopped giving it to children under 5 because 1/110 developed febrile seizures. Over 1500 cases of narcolepsy in Europe, according to the CDC, were caused by this expedited shot.

Ruth Karron at Hopkins has been trying for over a decade to develop a vaccine against respiratory syncytial virus. Early human trials killed two young participants, which highlights the need for careful and staged research protocols.
The dengue vaccine introduced in the Philippines in 2017 by Sanofi was withdrawn. According to NPR, “The Philippines government has indicted 14 government officials over the deaths of 10 children. The government said the officials acted with "undue haste in launching the campaign."

The human papillomavirus vaccine introduced in Maryland in 2007 was “fast tracked” through the regulatory process. The Royal Society of Medicine published in 2020 “A new analysis of the clinical trials of HPV vaccines to prevent cervical cancer raises doubts about the vaccines’ effectiveness.” The HPV shot caused the death of Baltimore County resident Christina Tarsell. There are an additional 720 adverse events described in Maryland, and over 500 deaths worldwide associated with that shot.

Science has been working on vaccines for severe acute respiratory syndrome, Mid-Eastern respiratory syndrome, and even the common cold for decades. The corona virus class experimental class vaccines when tested in animal models do induce the production of disease relevant anti bodies. In each case, the animals have more severe symptoms to the natural pathogens when re-exposed.

William Haseltine wrote in Forbes: “All of the vaccinated monkeys treated with the Oxford vaccine became infected when challenged…. There was no difference in the amount of viral RNA detected… in the vaccinated monkeys as compared to the unvaccinated animals. Which is to say, all vaccinated animals were infected… It is crystal clear that the vaccine did not provide sterilizing immunity to the virus challenge, the gold standard for any vaccine.” Oxford Group is moving ahead with this covid candidate vaccine.

Trump’s Operation Warp Speed may be based more on political expediency than actual science. That this process can be so politicized, and has been over a period of decades, is concerning.

Josh Mazer, CFP® 

Competing interests: No competing interests


elaine dow

Thanks Josh!!! My Joe was born in 1987, he received Merck's MMR at 18 months. in June of 1992, he received a "new MMR vaccine" less reactive, the nurse at Annapolis Pediatrics claimed. I am sure it was the Urrabe vaccine remarketed as "pluserex". Annapolis Pediatrics was known to get rid of "hot lots". In September in 1992 they called and said the children were at risk and they gave him another MMR along with other mercury containing shots. Weeks later he developed slurred speech rocking and banging his head in the chair and he looking at us. By Christmas, he would not even open his Christmas presents. No socialization at all. Later on when I picked up his shot record, the MMR given in June was not on his record. I keep the cancelled check with me at all times. Joe's class was the first of nine students in kindergarten seen with this puzzling disorder in Cape St. Claire elementary. All those kids probably got the same shots. I remember at the first IEP, I said I think Joe has lead poisoning, they rolled their eyes. Remember we new nothing about the mercury in the shots in 1992. We are still fighting the good fight for the health of our children.

Jenny Allan

Excellent BMJ Response Josh.
Grace -I too have faith in the people who are at last questioning the safety and effectiveness of certain vaccines.

" You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time,
But you can't fool all of the people all of the time."

Bob Moffit

"The dengue vaccine introduced in the Philippines in 2017 by Sanofi was withdrawn. According to NPR, “The Philippines government has indicted 14 government officials over the deaths of 10 children. The government said the officials acted with "undue haste in launching the campaign."

It is not enough to "indict" .. this demonstrable callous indifference for the health and safety of the people they swore to "serve and protect" .. is nothing less than a betrayal of those people who elected them .. and .. PROSECUTION MUST BE SWIFT TO PROVIDE JUSTICE FOR THE TEN CHILDREN WHO DIED.

Indeed .. we are long past time when every elected Attorney General … in all fifty states .. seeks INDICTMENT of those responsible .. including … public health officials, politicians, medical professionals, vaccine industry "scientists" .. for causing the unhealthiest generation in our nation's history .. where 54% of children suffer some chronic autoimmune disorder. As RFK so eloquently says: (paraphrasing) "There are over 400 LISTED ADVERSE REACTIONS on vaccine inserts .. most of which are life-long, many life-threatening, all life-altering .. requiring BILLIONS of dollars to be spent on various "treatments" .. such as .. epi-pens, drugs, inhalers, on and on .. for their entire lives.


Grace Green

This is a first-rate letter, thanks for reprinting here. I had to laugh out loud at the title of the original article -"Even covid 19 can't kill the anti-vaccination movement." It has clearly fanned the flames and vastly expanded our movement. I've realized that there is one thing that medical students surprisingly are not taught in their universities - namely, that human beings have brains.

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