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JB Handley LOCKDOWN LUNACY: the thinking person's guide

CJ crazy womanJB Handley wrote a lengthy article about the COVID lockdown well worth reading. Below is an excerpt.

j.b. handley blog

May 30

LOCKDOWN LUNACY: the thinking person's guide

By J.B. Handley

For anyone willing to look, there are so many facts that tell the true story, and it goes something like this:

Knowing what we know today about COVID-19’s Infection Fatality Rate, asymmetric impact by age and medical condition, non-transmissibility by asymptomatic people and in outdoor settings, near-zero fatality rate for children, and the basic understanding of viruses through Farr’s law, locking down society was a bone-headed policy decision so devastating to society that historians may judge it as the all-time worst decision ever made. Worse, as these clear facts have become available, many policy-makers haven’t shifted their positions, despite the fact that every hour under any stage of lockdown has a domino-effect of devastation to society. Meanwhile, the media—with a few notable exceptions—is oddly silent on all the good news. Luckily, an unexpected group of heroes across the political landscape—many of them doctors and scientists—have emerged to tell the truth, despite facing extreme criticism and censorship from an angry mob desperate to continue fighting an imaginary war.

My goal is to engage in known facts. You, the reader, can decide if all of these facts, when you put them together, equate to the story above.

Fact #1: The Infection Fatality Rate for COVID-19 is somewhere between 0.07-0.20%, in line with seasonal flu

The Infection fatality Rate math of ANY new virus ALWAYS declines over time as more data becomes available, as any virologist could tell you. In the early days of COVID-19 where we only had data from China, there was a fear that the IFR could be as high as 3.4%, which would indeed be cataclysmic. On April 17th, the first study was published from Stanford researchers that should have ended all lockdowns immediately, as the scientists reported that their research “implies that the infection is much more widespread than indicated by the number of confirmed cases” and pegged the IFR between 0.12-0.2%. The researchers also speculated that the final IFR, as more data emerged, would likely “be lower.” For context, seasonal flu has an IFR of 0.1%. Smallpox? 30%.

As the first study to peg the IFR, the Stanford study came under withering criticism, prompting the lead researcher, Dr. John Ioannidis to note,

“There’s some sort of mob mentality here operating that they just insist that this has to be the end of the world, and it has to be that the sky is falling. It’s attacking studies with data based on speculation and science fiction. But dismissing real data in favor of mathematical speculation is mind-boggling.”

Like all good science, the Stanford data on IFR has now been replicated so many times that our own Centers for Disease Control came out this week to announce that their ‘best estimate’ showed an IFR below 0.3%. In this article on the CDC’s new data, they also highlighted how the cascading declines in IFR has removed all the fears of doomsday:

That "best estimate" scenario also assumes that 35 percent of infections are asymptomatic, meaning the total number of infections is more than 50 percent larger than the number of symptomatic cases. It therefore implies that the IFR is between 0.2 percent and 0.3 percent. By contrast, the projections that the CDC made in March, which predicted that as many as 1.7 million Americans could die from COVID-19 without intervention, assumed an IFR of 0.8 percent. Around the same time, researchers at Imperial College produced a worst-case scenario in which 2.2 million Americans died, based on an IFR of 0.9 percent.

If you’re still unconvinced that the IFR of COVID-19 is roughly in line with a bad flu season, the most comprehensive analysis I have seen comes from Oxford University, who recently stated:

“Taking account of historical experience, trends in the data, increased number of infections in the population at largest, and potential impact of misclassification of deaths gives a presumed estimate for the COVID-19 IFR somewhere between 0.1% and 0.41%.”

Finally, just last week, Stanford’s Dr. Ioannidis published a meta-analysis (because so many IFR studies have been done around the world in April and early May) where he analyzed TWELVE separate IFR studies and his conclusion is so good, I’ll just leave you with it:  READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE.


Grace Green

I would be surprised if you had attained any level of education in science since, as a secondary school teacher, I assess your use of English at about age nine years. You have a very limited vocabulary and don't seem to know the correct meaning of some words, which I will not repeat. Also, Jesus Christ should have a capital letter for his surname, and as I'm not aware of Him ever having posted here I'm not sure sure whom you are addressing. On the other hand, I have gained the distinct impression that those who are paid by the Government to attack anyone who tries to reveal their Crimes Against Humanity often write in very poor English in an attempt to appear even more stupid than they actually are.

susan welch

Goodness me, Kay, why so angry?

Very many who contribute to this website have family members who have been injured by their multi, liability free, neurotoxic shots. Some have children with lifelong disabilities and others with children who have died. However, they comment with dignity and intelligence and manage to control any anger they may feel.

Most of them have spent years researching this subject in depth.

However much you may disagree with them, perhaps a little more compassion wouldn't go amiss?

Angus Files

Keep reading Kay ,we werent born hating vaccines opposite in fact indoctrinated from birth..I used to think a pal that refused all vaccines for her and her baby was stir crazy mad.It turned out her mother was head of Socail Work at Warrington ,what did she see back then 30 years ago.But given enough time to read the subject matter and digest you cant come up with anything diffrent vaccines kill and are the causse of most health ailments .Where exactly are you pointing to in your post, what part, or is it a post someone else typed ,or maybe you posted it on the wrong site, as you could copy and paste that one anywhere.

Another one joins the anti vaxxer cat long before they tell him you cant play tennis until you have your untested liabel free shot.

Djokovic won’t be forced into coronavirus vaccine
Novak Djokovic has revealed he’s an anti-vaxxer and admitted his controversial stance may stop his return to international competition.

But speaking during a live Facebook discussion with several fellow Serbian athletes, Djokovic said: “Personally I am opposed to vaccination and I wouldn’t want to be forced by someone to take a vaccine in order to be able to travel.

Pharma For Prison



Why are you guys so obsessed with hating science, reason, and evidence? What the actual fuck is wrong with you? Jesus christ I heard of this website and thought it was a joke but the level of ineptitude here is literally dangerous to society. No wonder you idiots are constantly attacked by "angry mobs", you're sociopaths hell bent on taking the rest of us with you just because you're too stupid to understand basic biology. The actual fuck?

Angus Files


Its not often your right but your wrong again.
Denmark elderly 19.6%
Sweden elderly 19.9%

You also asked “Has there been rioting in Denmark? Businesses going bust? Upticks in suicide and substance abuse?”
I kindly supplied you an article/site url which bluntly and clearly point to many failings within Denmark just now murders, business failure, suicide and substance abuse all on the uptick during COVID.Fauci is even on it with COVID Doomsday October predicted. Most of the uptick in Denmark reported in the article is prior to George Floyds horrific, terrible, terrible, murder on May 25th.His murder which occurred during the lockdown of millions of people losing their human rights, day to day living, jobs capacity to make mone no money no life putting untold mental pressure on all. The murder reporting fanned by the media was the spark that ignited the tinder box pressure being experienced by the world wide population due to lockdown, This sparked riots in America which spread globally including Denmark. I can’t explain your disturbance, concerning the article. Possibly due to reading narrow-minded media press narratives denigrating everything white and the article is the polar opposite,but your perogative. The woke corporate press only print the agenda of the Globalists. The mainstream press have lost all journalistic credibility long long long ago.Crimes out with the Soros Gates agenda are never printed in the main stream press.The mass stabbing in London at the weekend 3 dead over 12 seriously injured two still critical hardly reported in the mainstream press. The knifeman allegedly shouting Allah Akbar whilst slashing and stabbing after a BLM demo. The crimes against the indigenous populations in Denmark and elsewhere go unreported in the main stream lying fake news press. You call the site “ off topic and disturbingly racist “Its all too convenient to name a site racist just because it calls out the ones who are perpetrating horrific crime’s to whites and mainly white women .In an attempt to shut us up on here were all cat called anti-vaccine. Does it mean what’s going on, the vaccine genocide of babies globally isn’t happening, Many would like us to shut up and go away subjugated . Possibly you find the content of AOA disturbing and biased too. Theres no racism or biased reporting on here as William Thomson’ showed in his work at the CDC exposing who the real racists and the real murders of the black people are via vaccines and cover it up-as they do. You could take every cop murder of a black person and it wouldnt come close to the weekly death toll of pharma on blacks globally.But one death is too many by the cops for sure.We name the vaccines, we name the manufacturers, we name the culprits, we name the profiteers and we tell them what they can do with their vaccines. Just as the article and site names and shames and rightly states if you don’t like it here why are you here, why should special rules be shown whilst you’re here, you obviously don’t like it here.and being here is a privilege not a right .
Your nearly 99% always wrong and misrepresenting of the facts is disrespectful.Your self-indulgent attention seeking selfism might be more appreciated somewhere that supports the vaccine Soros and Gates plandemic idea of the milk shake homogenises World population and at the same time a different world of white freedom and choice for them.
Your wasted on here we dont deserve you.

Pharma For Prison



@ Hera

That's a good point, i.e. that much of Sweden is unpopulated, or very sparsely populated.

The percentage of people living in cities in Sweden is nearly identical to Denmark, at 88%. That's higher than the UK, the USA, or Canada.


@ Angus

The article you linked to is off topic, not to mention disturbingly racist -- it's about Black Lives Matters protests, not lockdown riots.

The population of Denmark is as old as Sweden's; in fact, the median age is a year older.


Hi Cait,
You mentioned population density.From reading, it seems that countries can have both a lower population density, and also more urban living, if a large part of the country is considered uninhabitable.
Desert or glaciers are basically empty land, so they decrease a countries population density. Many countries with large deserts or large glaciers or large forests have almost no one living there, hence a low overall population density, but of those who do live in the country, many may live closer together in inhabitable areas ( like cities.)
I was reading that 97 % of Sweden is uninhabited.,of%20the%20country's%20land%20area.
From the website
Can you imagine that 97 per cent of Sweden is uninhabited? National parks and nature reserves cover a tenth of the country’s land area.

Paradoxically, a country with more people living in cities together, because large desert or fjords etc in the middle making huge tracts of land unlivable, is going to have a smaller population density ( because it is an average of all the people versus all the land) than a country with people spread out throughout the land.

So I don't think population density is as useful a way to compare two countries, as the size of the cities, since larger cities have in every country, lead to more deaths, and, per the data, Sweden's largest cities are almost twice as large as Denmarks.

Angus Files

In short Cait yes riots everywhere Denmark

You answer your own question “thousands of deaths “ as with Italy and like elsewhere, Sweden’s Covid-19 related deaths have disproportionately hit the elderly .Italy and Sweden have a much higher aging population than most countries.This to me could explain higher death rates compared to other countries even with the lockdown.Would the figures have been lower if Sweden locked down? they werent in Italy remember aging population and they locked down.. Half of those over 70 years old who have died from Covid-19 in Sweden and Italy lived in nursing homes a genuine pandemic doesn’t just pick on the elderly.

Its a Plandemic (gone wrong) planned by Gates Crime Inc Against Man Kind.

Pharma For Prison



Hi Ciat,
It appears that Sweden has a much more dense urban population than Denmark, so it is not an apples to apples comparison
For Denmark, urban population
Copenhagen – 1,320,629
Aarhus – 330,639
Odense – 213,558
Aalborg – 205,809
Esbjerg – 116,032

For Sweden, urban population
Stockholm – 2,371,774
Gothenburg – 1,015,974
Malmö – 707,120
Helsingborg – 272,873
Uppsala – 253,704


@ Angus

My suggestion was to compare Sweden with neighbouring Scandinavian countries rather than with the UK or the USA. Has there been rioting in Denmark? Businesses going bust? Upticks in suicide and substance abuse?

If not, then what has been the advantage of Sweden's approach that would offset the loss of thousands of lives?

I'm not saying I think the situation has been well handled in either the UK or the USA. Or here in Quebec for that matter.

Grace Green

I have to say again, it's a question of risk assessment. We can't run a society, or our individual lives, on the basis of only doing things if the risk "doesn't happen". "Rarely", has to be our guide, anything else is psychiatric paranoia.

Angus Files

Very blinkered Cait. Sweden has no riots,no schools closed,no businesses going burst,no increase in suicide,no increase of drink and drug abuse,and its far to early to make any predictions about COVID.In my opinnion it was no worse than a flu bug that killed people who were going to die from the next flu bug that came along..Oh! and the world death rate for this time of year has not gone up by millions its on the same curve as would have been predicted for previous years just aload of tosh and big pay day for Gates billions world wide if not trillions from goverment held to ransom..

Pharma For Prison



For those who like to compare the death rate in Sweden with that in UK to suggest that lockdowns don’t work, remember that the UK started with a no lockdown strategy. By the time the eventual lockdown went into effect the virus was already well entrenched. Population density is also a likely factor in the high death rate in the UK, with more than ten times the population density of Sweden (724 vs 58 people per square mile).

It's true as Handley pointed out that Denmark has re-opened schools without a resurgence of infection. However, unlike many countries, Denmark took immediate action to contain the virus. As soon as the pandemic was declared, it closed its borders and locked the country down. This early intervention seems to have made all the difference. By mid-April it began to re-open safely. Today (June 12), Denmark has a Covid-19 death rate of 103 per million, compared with 481 for Sweden. And this in a country with six times the population density of Sweden.

So the key seems to be early lockdown, not no lockdown at all.


@ Grace Green

Even if you are right, there is a difference between "rare" and "doesn't happen".

Though I'm not convinced you are right:

"We observed the highest viral load in throat swabs at the time of symptom onset, and inferred that infectiousness peaked on or before symptom onset. We estimated that 44% (95% confidence interval, 25–69%) of secondary cases were infected during the index cases’ presymptomatic stage, in settings with substantial household clustering, active case finding and quarantine outside the home. Disease control measures should be adjusted to account for probable substantial presymptomatic transmission."


If people are confusing things.
Like Cait said there is pre being sick, just before you get sick for sure.
But what is all this crap about having no sickness and carrying it around and giving it to other people?

Grace Green

I have just watched Del Bigtree's Highwire live today, 11th June. He played two clips of the WHO scientist speaking about asymptomatic transmission. In the first, she repeatedly said that several studies of the data had been done around the world, and they showed that it was very, very rare. In the second clip, she had obviously been "corrected" by someone - Dr. Faust, sorry, Fauci, or Bill Gates - but she couldn't bring herself to lie, so she repeated that there exist studies of the data showing that asymptomatic transmission is very rare, and added some waffle about the things which are not yet known making it difficult to say. (The things which are not yet known are not studies, disproving the things which are known!)


@ Cia

Thanks back to you! I don’t always have time to comment, but I always read and appreciate your perspective.


@Susan Welch

JB Handley is a fine writer and very knowledgeable about autism and vaccination. But that doesn’t make him an expert on every subject. The article you linked to says that asymptomatic transmission is rare. That’s not the same as saying it doesn’t happen at all, which is what Handley claims is a proven fact. And btw this week the WHO backtracked from the position that asymptomatic transmission is rare. The truth is, it’s early days yet and there's still a lot we don't know about this virus.

We do know that being asymptomatic can mean more than one thing. Someone without symptoms might not be infected at all. Or they might have been infected, but never develop symptoms at all, in which case transmission could be rare to non-existent – the Chinese case study Handley describes may be fall into this category. But what about those who are infected but merely pre-symptomatic? Unlike the flu, this virus multiplies in the upper respiratory tract, so the virus could be easily transmitted by these people before any symptoms appear, especially in the absence of precautionary measures such as social distancing and wearing a mask where social distancing is not possible.

Much as I admire Handley, it seems to me that in those parts of his essay that discuss asymptomatic transmission and mask-wearing, he has worked backward from his conclusion to the evidence that supports it — something we all decry when others do it to support vaccination.


With huge numbers of protesters chanting and shouting right next to each other in major and smaller cities throughout the U.S., in huge groups, staying together for hours at a time, for about two weeks now, I think we will soon be able to see whether the massive social distancing and economic shut downs were, and defiinitely whether they still are, required or not.
If COVID is deadly for many,if it has an 11% kill rate, then we about to see many many deaths. Over the next two weeks, there would, in that scenario, be people dying everywhere. The hospitals and morgues will be overwhelmed and there will be bodies in the streets by the millions.
I would like to believe that if all the health authorities truly felt many of protesters were going to die, that they would have united in giving incredibly strong warnings.
If they had come to the conclusion, as many have, that this lockdown is more about economic control, power, and pushes to mandate tracking and vaccines, at least at his point, then the attitude of many health authorities and even the Governor of Michigan becomes more understandable.
Either way, the data should be in over the next week or two.
Pushing schools to socially distance in the fall, while watching hundreds of thousands march together right now, with minimal harm makes no sense at all. On the other hand if millions die, then we will all understand the need for quarantine, without being forced.


Cia; Viral load ; Doesn't mean not that your doomed if you receive two droplets of airborne snot, instead of one; heavy viral loads come about when you rolled around in it, slept in it, and breathed it ], swallowed a large contaminated drink, most times over several hours or days, not seconds or a few minutes.

Speaking of viral load how much of a load do you think a person that has no symptoms, no immune response would have?

Grace Green

Why did a disproportionate number of doctors and nurses die of this corona virus? Because they were wearing masks, unlike the rest of us. The majority opinion of scientists is, wearing a mask puts you at greater risk.



Thank you for the excellent points you made. Many people spread Covid for up to a month before they develop symptoms and many people remain asymptomatic throughout the illness but still transmit it to others. Many others. Covid has an R0 of up to six or seven people infected by each carrier.

Any kind of mask is much better than nothing. Any kind of cloth mask, even a bandanna or t-shirt is at least 50% effective, and most homemade masks are 70% effective. And reducing the viral load you’re exposed to can make the difference between death (as for many young, healthy Chinese and Italian doctors) and immunity from low-level natural exposure. I agree with every point you made.


some times we get all tied up in the knots of details.
Step back.
We are talking about a virus made of the stuff of life. Coming from a lab in China, it all still started out as star dust and must follow the rules.
Well true a virus is not exactly living, but it has to go along with the rules of life and DNA.

Like all viruses its most prized entrance into our bodies is through the eyes, that little tear duct to be exact. All viruses and bacteria loves the eyes, but ears and mouth will do just fine, the nose though has them pesky little hairs and mucous to get through.

Air borne, or droplets, are the same thing. A sneeze of droplets going airborne all the same, and then the land on the surface of something, only to be picked up by your hand, and wiped on your mask right close to your eyes as you fiddle with, and adjust your uncomfortable mask.

Asymptomatic. has been a problem for every disease on the planet. It takes about two weeks for a person to catch something, and for it to multiple before it makes you sick. There have been for years research done on just when a person is the most likely to spread it around.

It is not like weeks or months or years by the way that a person can spread it around, but only a day or two at the most before they feel sick. . The way that it is worded makes people think it is like a Typhoid Mary. Hmmm, Typhoid Mary by the way was a fake a roo too.
The real story of Typhoid Mary is a real miscarriage of justice. She was a poor maid that worked for a couple of families and in other areas around town, that came down with typhoid while she just remained well. They put her in prison for that.

The only thing I found that J.B. Handley to ever be wrong on was an off handed remark in his book comparing something to global warming.

Global warming is something Handley never thought much on, or researched. He just took it for granted that the consensus of scientists that were all at the same meeting didn't have schemes and plans all lined up on riches to be made, off the back of the lower life people. After all he is a busy man looking at how vaccines cause soft brain injures and how to stop it. He is not in the global warming fight . Dang it anyway; it looks like there should be at least one darn thing that the establishment has not lied about.
It is just plum tiring.

susan welch

For Cait

susan welch

Cait, I was absolutely delighted to see a new blog from JB Handley after all this time. His research is always thorough and well informed.

I bought several copies of his book 'How to End the Autism Epidemic' and sent it to many vaccine injury 'nay sayers'.

I assume, if you have read it, that you would find fault with that too.


This is an interesting and persuasive article. However, some of Handley’s conclusions do not stand up to scrutiny, and are even contradicted by sources he cites elsewhere in his article.

“Fact #3: People infected with COVID-19 who are asymptomatic do NOT spread COVID-19.”
Handley bases this claim on a case study involving a SINGLE asymptomatic person in China. Later, when discussing “Fact #6”, he includes a quote from a NEJM article. But a passage in the same NEJM article states that “transmission from people with asymptomatic infection has been well documented”. Another recent article in NEJM calls asymptomatic transmission the “Achilles’ heel of current strategies to control Covid-19.” “Symptom-based screening alone failed to detect a high proportion of infectious cases.”

“Fact #6: Science shows masks are ineffective to halt the spread of Covid-19.”
To support this conclusion, Handley draws on research pertaining to influenza. In his “English translation” of a scientific quotation, “influenza” becomes “respiratory illnesses”. This is misleading. We cannot assume that what applies to influenza necessarily applies to Covid-19.

Handley quotes from an article in the BMJ suggesting that cloth masks don’t work as well as medical masks. The authors conclude that they should not be recommended for use by health care workers because they may increase the risk of infection. I interpret this to mean that they may increase the risk of infection COMPARED WITH HOSPITAL MASKS, not compared with no masks at all.

A reviewer on the BMJ site comes to the same conclusion: “Why not interpret the cloth masks as being less protective rather than presenting high risk?” … “If, say, out of 100 infections that would have occurred, medical masks prevented 80, resulting in 20 infections, and according to this study, cloth masks would result in 51% more i.e. 30 cases, or at upper limit of 95%CI, RR=2.49 i.e. 50 cases, then the cloth masks have still avoided between 50 and 70 cases, i.e. more than half the cases are prevented.”

This reviewer also points out that “[t]he main virus transmitted in this study was Rhinovirus (85%) – which is mostly airborne whereas WHO argues that SARS-CoV2 is mainly droplet or fomite/touch. The effectiveness of transmission interruption by cloth masks is likely to be different and better for droplet versus airborne transmission.” He goes on to say that “[t]he high penetration of the in vitro test of cloth masks (97%) is quite out of line with most other in vitro tests of cloth masks which usually show 50% to 70%.”

susan welch

Cia, The 'truth' really does seem to depend on which media outlet you read, doesn't it? In this article it states UK had 570 deaths per million people (and economy destroyed), whereas Sweden had 442 per million with far less economic destruction.


Sweden’s head epidemiologist Anders Tegnell admits that Sweden’s refusal to go on lockdown was a mistake, resulting in too many deaths and not saving the economy at all.



I just saw this. Mexico has had an eleven percent fatality rate among Covid cases. I think your extremely low fatality rates are based on pretending that the entire population of every country has already gotten and recovered from Covid, greatly diluting the mortality, while the antibody tests that have so far been done average about two percent. Mortality being about six percent in the US, ten percent in many other countries. I’ve got an idea! Let’s calculate the fatality rate for Mexicans based on all Mexicans who have ever lived over the last ten thousand years! There, you see, Covid is really not serious at all!

So what is your explanation for the hundreds of thousands of people everywhere continuing to be diagnosed with Covid, hell, continuing to DIE of it? How did they happen to escape the universal infection? Do you have any evidence that everyone getting it is the answer? I’ve seen a number of things saying that immunity, to the extent it may occur at all, seems to last not longer than two years, although I assume they’re extrapolating from other coronaviruses.


Aerosol scientist's work:

"A lot of the evidence has been pointing to aerosol transmission of respiratory viruses," she says. Influenza can be passed through the air, as can the virus that causes SARS. "This particular virus, a lot of evidence is mounting."

Prather says she's been alarmed not to see the CDC or WHO come out with a strong statement that people could catch COVID-19 by breathing it in.

"It's just shocking to me, quite honestly, that this has not been factored in."

And she believes masks can play a major role in stopping that transmission.



I got this at Bloomberg, it may be the same as what you linked.

Reports from South Korea are obviously more reliable, but it looks like the governments of these two countries really have declared new lockdowns involving well over a hundred million people. And, again, they would not do this unless they thought the danger was very great. It would be good to try to arrive at an action plan for if this goes on indefinitely. We should not ignore these warning signs. I’d say masks for everyone, social distancing, and implement a plan to go into lockdown when a certain number of hospitalizations in a city is reached, to last until the figure goes down to a pre-established number. Hospitalizations in Arizona, Arkansas, and Wisconsin are reaching new heights right now. This is not behind us.



This is on the new outbreak and lockdown in South Korea.

Pandemics of dangerous disease require a different method of decision-making than most dangers. If you delay taking measures for even a short time, it is impossible to preserve as many lives as you would have done had you acted earlier. Like in the UK in March. But certainly better late than never.

Angus Files

The Biggest Fraud in History is Happening Right Before Our Eyes
By Gary D. Barnett

April 1, 2020

“When I consider Life, ’tis all a cheat;
Yet, fooled with hope, men favour the deceit;
Trust on, and think to-morrow will repay:
To-morrow’s falser than the former day;
Lies worse; and while it says, we shall be blest
With some new joys, cuts off what we possesst.”
~ John Dryden, Aureng-Zebe

More and more evidence is forthcoming daily that this new coronavirus called Covid-19, is not only being blown out of proportion, but is purposely being manipulated to show many more deaths than are actually caused by this mystery virus. In some cases, as in Italy, the so-called current epicenter of this falsely identified pandemic, the obvious deception is easy to identify, but it goes on none the less; this due to the perpetrators of this fraud understanding that fear sells, and allows for the unimpeded ease of population control. This is partially due to a weakness of mind, but also to the fact that the American public is no longer independent and free, but is beholding to the state as guardian of the flock.
Much of the hype surrounding this ordeal has been refuted, and those responsible for making magnificent and unsubstantiated death claims early on have not only backed off, but have ratcheted down their initial warnings exponentially. This was done quietly and without fanfare of course, unlike their mass fear mongering, but nonetheless their claims were patently false. This is why the continued tyranny due to this hype is so ridiculous, as the false basis for the initial fear has been exposed, but the political class and its media continue on as if their lies were not noticed. In the meantime, millions of Americans are without a job, without savings, and without any way to support their families, all due to forcible government interference into their lives in the name of “safety.” The economy was shut down, and is still shut down, with no apparent end in sight.

The salacious headlines continue, and read as if Armageddon is already here, but by some legitimate estimates, the actual numbers being reported of death due to this virus could be ten times too high. There should be no doubt at this point that this entire episode of viral panic has either been purposely staged, or used to accomplish nefarious political agendas, or both.

All this for a pneumonia-like sickness that is minor compared to the common flu, but a very convenient tool if control of the masses is sought.

Pharma For Prison



Sweden HAD been going to do a formal investigation of its no-lockdown policy, but is now planning to do one immediately in the wake of the massive tragic results of its policy.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

This is for your Cia...
Maybe you should move.

Jonathan Rose

Cia: China has a totalitarian government that has consistently lied about the epidemic and has no regard for human rights: I wouldn't follow them as a model. As I predicted earlier, lockdowns are pushing poor nations toward mass starvation. And in the US, the Congressional Budget Office now predicts that it will take a full decade to recover from the economic shutdown, about as long as the Great Depression. The cure is indeed far worse than the disease.

John Stone


I believe there was talk of a new lockdown in China a couple of weeks ago. Not sure how serious it was, or if any of it ever happened.

Worldometer records 5 new cases

Life will become literally unsupportable if we cannot take a realistic and proportionate view of risk.



I don’t know how you can say that CV fears are unwarranted. China and South Korea have just announced new lockdowns because of a new mutation which has an even longer incubation period when those with no symptoms can spread it. The lockdown in China involves a hundred million people. They do not think that protective measures against so serious a virus are unwarranted, even though they are extremely intelligent and world leaders in industry. Why would they seriously handicap themselves and their economies if it were unwarranted?



Italy and Spain had a 10% mortality rate, also Ecuador and Brazil. That’s what happens when a lot of people have little access to health care and when the hospitals are overwhelmed. I’d have to look up the figures for other hot spots. 10% was the fatality rate for SARS, so it is not surprising.



You need data to establish what you are trying to say. You have no idea what the current R0 is in Sweden now. If the R0 is below one, then the outbreak is on its way out, with each infected person infecting less than one other person. Maybe most Swedes have woken up to the fact that their government doesn’t give a damn about them, are taking their own self-protective measures, and have lowered the R0 still more. Without actual data, you don’t know. Go look for a brand new antibody study conducted by a reliable agency in Sweden on thousands of representative people both in Stockholm and in the rest of Sweden. And then prove that having antibodies to Covid protects these people for a fairly long period of time.

Grace Green

Thank you so much for a breath of common sense. Here's my version of the children's "two-metre song" (sung to the tune of "Ring-o-roses");
Spinning round in circles
with my arms outstretched,
masks on!
and gloves too!
We all look daft! (American - dumb)



That information in this link about Sweden herd immunity is not correct.

The journalist doesn't seem to understand that it takes 2 weeks to develop antibodies after you have been infected and that the measurements had been taken weeks ago.

If you extrapolate a reproduction rate of below 1 you would find that 7% several weeks ago must be above 20% today.

So it would seem to be true that more than 20% have been infected so far.


You can fail to label deaths as COVID-19 but you will still see huge excess mortality spike of overall deaths.

That has not been seen in Japan so far apparently at least not to the extent that has been seen in Europe or New York.

There could be other reasons why many Asian countries saw far fewer deaths than Europe or the US.

Some of the ideas researchers had:

Genetic differences
Previous exposure to coronaviruses
BCG vaccination
Different microbiomes
Lower rates of obesity
Different strains



We don’t go to the pharmacy, it’s been years since we bought a prescription drug. The health food store closed for two months but just reopened, so now we’ll go to it and then the supermarket. I don’t see what you mean. Right now there are 35 active cases in Columbia, probably a lot more in reality, but that’s out of about 100,000 people. Ten days ago there were only six active cases, so I really don’t know what this increase from six to thirty-five in ten days means. Let’s say someone infected talked near us and we got their germs on our masks. Well, there they stay. We leave them on while we go down the street to Schnucks. We also wear disposable gloves. Same thing. Our germs don’t go beyond the inner surface of the mask and the germs from an infected person stay on the outside surface. No one has ever rubbed our masks while we were wearing them, or any other time either. We spray them with a vinegar solution when we get home, I put the washable ones in the washing machine, and any germs still on anything die within a day or so as they sit in the car. On some surfaces like cardboard they can live up to nine days.

So which is better? Germs caught on the surface of the masks which are soon sterilized, or us spreading whatever germs we have by talking, laughing, sneezing, coughing, or breathing while we are out, or breathing in the germs expelled by those around us doing those activities? Normally I wouldn’t worry about germs, I think it’s good to exercise the immune system and keep up to speed on ordinary local germs, but I would like to avoid all the dangers and health problems caused by Covid if I can. I think it’s likely I had it in December, but my health has been very poor for months now, and I guess that might be the reason. Covid is not your ordinary germ.

Shelley Tzorfas

No such study shows Asymptomatic transmission. An Asymptomatic person is a Healthy person whose Immune System is working. Don't let the media or a person's Opinion cause you to be fearful about Healthy People.


Fauci; short little guy

Perfect image of a Imp that I imagined looked like in the Screwtape Letters is a Christian novel by C. S. Lewis .
Yeap that be he.

Benedetta F Stilwell

Guys! This is Fauci's fault. .

Oh sure we can blame Trump after all he did listen to them. Yeah, Trump apparently listened to them, and decided that the data that was given to him by them was worth all of this!
By Fauci and those other ilks of the CDC, NIH, all those HHS sisters .

Fauci is allergy and infectious disease guy, and what has the allergies and autoimmune diseases done under his watch for the past 40 years? Skyrockets to the heavens would be the description.

What do we want? Whooping cough or diabetes, of some lesser known but life changing and deadly auto immune disease.
What was he doing after this alarm of the China virus is a coming ?
Let me see?
He sure did not buckle down and try to keep a low profile?
Instead under the lime light he put down a perfectly good treatment hydroxychloroquine while giving all the glory on a much lesser effective drug all because it had to do with patents, a company out of China, Gilead--- sounds like money laundering.

And please dear Father in Heaven don't let the American people forget that he insisted on give 'em (the CDC) money, lots of money for a speedy vaccine. OR THERE would never be a return to normal ever, ever, ever again.


I just found this on Sweden’s aspiration to herd immunity.

Notice that head epidemiologist Anders Tegnell first said that 7.4% was a point or two below what he believed to be the case, then that surely it must be 20% at least. And the MSM failed to mention this. Tegnell also said recently that maybe he had been wrong to just let Covid have its way with the Swedish people.


I don’t think our societies could have managed a wholesale lockdown in earlier times. Are you saying that you think it is preferable to just let millions die horribly than prevent most of these deaths by the measures we have taken? I beg your pardon if that’s not what you are saying, but I’m afraid I see no other interpretation. What if the majority disagrees and supports safeguarding these lives in spite of the costs? Do you have the right to thwart these measures by not observing the measures, spreading the disease and killing a sizeable number, and show everyone that taking these lives is really the better course?


cia, i wonder, when you wear a mask to the pharmacy, and then to the grocery store, take it on and off in the car, not changing the mask once, are you really gaining any advantage for the public or just re-exposing a population to other risks, carrying around a concentrated pooling of various visitations.

there are unknowns that make your jailor gambit overly simplistic, not to mention vitriolic for those with invisible disabilities.


Cia says “but we have no idea at all how many have been infected since no country has tested everyone”

Thats why its called an estimate. Thats CDC specialty. We don't test everyone for flu either.
Spanish flu numbers outside of excessive deaths from all causes in US are estimates

Based on the numbers 2020 COVID ranks after 1918/1957/1958. We didn't lock down like this for any of them. Instead we caused the Greatest Depression ever, fueled riots and basically stuck a fork in our Democracy.

Like Forrest said, Stupid is as Stupid does.


To: Vaxxus
Japan may be down playing the actual case load and case fatality rate in their country of SARS COVID 19. just like they did not tell the whole truth about the Fukushima nuclear disaster . To be fair Japan partially fixed the Fukushima nuclear disaster but still down played it's scale and took weeks to get it under control.
Another reason why the death is somewhat lower in Japan is that they have universal health insuarnce that citizens and non citizens on a work or student can purchase for about 15,500 Yen per month or about 140 USD. That country also invented the pulse oxymeter a medical tool which looks at blood oxygen levels. Many non medical people own one of those small devices in Japan. This device is in vogue now and sold out in many pharmacies because it detects silent hypoxia a little know but fatal sign of SARS COVD19 . The sooner a person detects silent hypoxia the higher chance to treat it. Silent hypoxia can only be found early with this pulse oxymeter tool and when a person is sick enough to realise they are low on oxygen a ventilator or death awaits them.


China is lying about the number of people dead in Wuhan alone is at least 50.000 people. Though they claim about 5000 deaths. Trump also wants to save face with an artficially lower death count. Just not as bad as China's downplaying of the pandemic. My guess is a fatality rate of 2% for young adults and 15% for elderly people according to news reports and doctors claims. That is alot higher than a flu which is 0.2% for young adults and about 1.5% for seniors. Many doctors do not test for flu plus a flu and a cold can be confused with each other easily.
I agree that there are many absurd aspects of this "lockdown" but to those who cry "communist" "facist" "jihadist" or any other over used word by the right wing my question is this! Do you not realise that many of these "social distancings" guideline where used in 1918-1919 when people where much more "conservative" and "capitalist"!? So you point is a mute.
Also some Developmentally Disabled People have died from this pandemic so any claims it will not harm people is autism is bulls---! Read the DDS California website they are keeping track of their disabled citizens deaths and sickness from SARS COVID 19.



"Sweden threw away four thousand lives to get 7.4% of people with temporary antibodies in Stockholm, 2.3% in the rest of the country. Is that what we want for ourselves?"

These numbers are not accurate. These are the numbers that result from infections almost 2 months ago. Epidemiologists in Sweden believe that this indicates that in Stockholm now over 20% of people that have developed antibodies.

Depending on how this pandemic progresses what Sweden did could have been a grave mistake or a good choice. We still don't know. If there is a second wave and immunity is long-lasting Sweden might do much better than other countries. If there is no second wave, we have a working vaccine soon or the disease becomes much milder then Sweden could have avoided many deaths by making different choices.

"Most people think that it is the CFR, case fatality rate, which is important, not the infection fatality rate"

Who is most people? I doubt that anyone would believe or say that. The opposite is true.

The CFR alone is not useful if we have no idea what the IFR is. CFR is simply the result of the number of tests that you make and how you test. If you test a lot the CFR is low, if you test little the CFR will be high.

While the IFR can't be known exactly we have now enough information available to determine that it can't be much higher than 1% and it is probably much lower in many locations.

So we have a pretty good idea about possible ranges at the moment.

"Many countries are seeing 10% mortality, which was what SARS had. "

No one sees a 10% mortality rate even when healthcare systems aren't functioning anymore.

Even on a cruise ship with a mostly elderly population, a high risk group the death rate observed was 1.3%.

A 10% reported rate is simply the result of a lack of available tests. When tests are limited most people will be denied testing and only the sickest that are expected to be at risk and that have progressed enough to go to a hospital can received a test. Not surprisingly in this group a very high death rate is seen but you can't use these numbers to conclude that COVID-19 is as deadly as SARS.



Japan has done a lot, closing schools when there was a spike in cases. Everyone was already on board with face masks in public, hand washing, social distancing, no hand shakes, and so on. So sure, let’s imitate Japan. That means EVERYONE out in public has to wear a face mask, for one thing. You don’t need a mandate if the entire population is already on board with protecting the entire population from Covid. But since many here don’t give a damn about protecting lives, we need a mandate.


The infection fatality rate applies to everyone infected, but we have no idea at all how many have been infected since no country has tested everyone and many problems have arisen in the relatively small sampling’s which have been done. A few big cities appear to have 20% who have gotten the infection, but they have had to pay for that with tens of thousands of deaths, and the best guess scenario is that to the extent that the recovered get immunity, it only lasts between eight months to two years. Are we willing to throw seaway thousands of lives every couple of years to provide temporary immunity to a few people? Where antibody testing has been done, the highest rates are usually in the twelve to fifteen percent range. Sweden threw away four thousand lives to get 7.4% of people with temporary antibodies in Stockholm, 2.3% in the rest of the country. Is that what we want for ourselves?

Most people think that it is the CFR, case fatality rate, which is important, not the infection fatality rate, which, without waiting until it is over and testing everyone, we have no idea about. The CFR is probably a hundred times more than for the flu. It seems to be about six percent in the US, which is appallingly high. Many countries are seeing 10% mortality, which was what SARS had. We don’t get a do-over. We must cautiously lift the lockdown, but when weekly hospitalization rates reach a certain figure, be prepared to go back into lockdown until hospitalizations are brought back down to a pre-established figure. Everyone has to wear a mask in public, unless in a walk in the spacious country. Five years in jail for violators. No one has the right to carelessly take the lives of others.



Japan hardly did anything and even tried to downplay coronavirus because of the olympic games they planned, declared an emergency far too late, had no lockdown and a non compliant population that wasn't scared and saw few deaths despite high population density and the oldest population on earth.

Their approach wasn't so different than what Sweden did.

Clearly there are also other factors that must explain the death rate differences between various countries. We simply can't assume a country with a low death rate did something right and a country with a high death rate must have done something wrong.

Science is pure.

That is a better picture of the situation than any media outlet has drawn. The cost of bringing the country to a halt would have paid for an awful lot of support for the elderly and otherwise vulnerable.

It is also worth bearing in mind that there are some in the field who claim that the virus can only realistically be man made; it is not my field, but this kind of information is out there:


It is not true that asymptomatic people cannot transmit coronavirus. That was a theory they had at the beginning which they quickly realized was untrue. Up to 80% of cases are transmitted by asymptomatic people who have no idea they are carrying it and infecting others. That’s how MOST people are infected.
The only countries take it seriously and get control of it early have been China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Japan. Mongolia, New Zealand, Austria, Hungary, Czechia, and Slovakia. And they did it by adopting and observing the basic measures with dedication and cooperation. Masks, social distancing, stay at home, lockdown, stay at home, school closures, test everyone at state expense, contact trace, isolate all positives at state expense, treat all symptomatic cases with HCQ plus zinc and AZT at state expense. Test everyone entering the country. That’s how it’s done. The other option is to let it burn through and just throw millions of your citizens at it to their deaths. All because your ppi Latino didn’t have the discipline to take the measures and save lives.

Laura Hayes

Thank you for this thorough, well-written, and much-needed article, J.B.

I will be sharing it with my email group, in hopes it is read and spread far and wide by week’s end.

Bob Moffit

This PANDEMIC may someday become a prime example of the dangerous "unintended consequences" from government protocols and policies imposed on people to calm the unwarranted FEARS of people inundated with weeks upon weeks of media scaremongering of a virus that SCIENCE will eventually confirm was no worse than some annual flu seasons.

Who to blame when the SCIENCE can no longer be IGNORED?


These damaging protocols and policies could not have been imposed without UNIVERSAL MAIN STREAM MEDIA COMPLICITY …

Defunding WHO is long overdue .. the same defunding should be applied to CDC which has long ago squandered scarce resources and energies promoting political issues .. such as .. gun control, abortion, global warming .. issues well outside their primary purpose .. DISEASE CONTROL.


Angus Files

What the pharma never calculated with this long term plan that a President would try to stand up to them .Outcomes for us that have come to fruition are..

Finsihing of the WHO to America.

The relations world wide turning on China.

Fauci being given world wide exposure and all the players Gates et-al.

For me the exposure of GAVI as explained by The Amazing Polly

Latest BOOM!

Pharma For Prison


go Trump

Thank you JB, great to hear from you.

Revenues to our now "sacred vaccine industry" have grown by a factor of about 600 since the creation of the Vaccine Court in 1986. With these funds, they have purchased Congress and will spend millions in any primary to defeat those who do not support them.

They continue to throw vaccine bricks at our children about every two months & many are now waiting for a new miracle CV19 vaccine that will save us.

go Trump

Thank you JB, great to hear from you.

Revenues to our now "sacred vaccine industry" have grown by a factor of about 600 since the creation of the Vaccine Court in 1986. With these funds, they have purchased Congress and will spend millions in any primary to defeat those who do not support them.

They continue to throw vaccine bricks at our children about every two months & many are now waiting for a new miracle CV19 vaccine that will save us.

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