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In Memoriam Josh Edwards Age 27

Josh Edwards as babyJosh Edwards: December 13, 1992 - June 20, 20205E73170F-3A2B-4026-907F-7AEABB759689

Photos published with family permission.

We are gutted to write of the death of Josh Edwards. Josh suffered all of his life following injury from his MMR vaccination. From the healthy, bouncy baby boy you see, to the man who lost an eye to infection just this past January. But his soul remained pure and intact. Earlier today, Josh's soul left his ravaged body and is free.

Today, we honor his life and his sacrifice.  Josh was one of the patients seen so many years ago by a young. British gastroenterologist who looked at Josh's condition and asked, "How? Why?" That Doctor was named Andrew. J. Wakefield.  We extend our heartfelt condolences to his family and all affected by his death. The only thing worse than mourning your child once, must be mourning him... twice.  Rest in Peace, Josh.


An infection in January of 2020 cost Josh his eye.

I am Josh. I was born on the day I was due, December 13, 1992 -
and a little bruiser I was, said the nurses. I was a robust 8 pounds
11 ounces, chunky and muscular. I breastfed well and thrived.

After 6 weeks, I went on the bottle. I was
such a happy baby, always smiling and very
content, says Mum. I played peek-a-boo
and pat-a-cake with Brother. Everybody
gave me cuddles and I gave them back.
I sat at 6 months old. I walked at 11 months old and weighed 25
pounds. I could say “Mama,”“Dada,”“ta” [thank you], “gone,”“juice,”
and “bye.” I love bath time! I splash and play with my brother and the bath toys.
I am a strapping lad! |

Josh strapping lad
Remember this beautiful boy

It’s January 1994; I’m 13 months old. Off to the
doctor for my MMR! Tonight I have a high fever.
I don’t feel so well in the morning, with severe
diarrhea leaking through my clothes and onto
my bedding. My stool is bright yellow, runny,
and then like oxtail soup. Can you imagine?
This went on for 5 days, and then I stopped “going” so
much . . . Mum says “constipated.” I used to poop
every day before the MMR, sometimes twice a day.
I’m so sorry, Mum, I don’t know what is
happening. I am miserable and upset.

Read more about "I AM JOSH" Here.



Mo Wilson

RIP Darling Josh, sending love and strength Heather and Family. Your story is unimaginable and you were so brave!
God hold you in his arms now Josh as your fight and pain is over. Your story is a warning of what is to come for so many of us. May your soul flourish now, pain free and perfect in the lords arms.
Much love and prayers to you all at this tragic time. God Bless you.
Mo & Family

Adela Ludeke

Oh my god what a terrible life. I can imagine that his family feels grief about what he could have been, but never got that opportunity.


Thank you Heather for sharing your tragic story of how the MMR vaccine ruined the life of your beautiful son Josh. It just beggars belief when you read it but you know it has sadly happened to many children. My own son born in 1991 got the MMR at 17 months and also changed forever. Gut issues and severe development regression. He is 28 now and functions as a two year old. He also turned on lights on and off, banged doors and screamed a lot. Our life is hard enough but nothing like the ordeals and pain Josh, you, and your family have had to endure for the past decades 24/7. I hope people can learn from your horrific experiences and that Josh can now Rest in Peace.

Janice Percival

Dear Heather,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you for the untimely loss of your beloved son Josh.
We'll always remember him outside Number 11 Downing Street, following the "Open Your Eyes to Autism" march in 2009 and how brave he was throughout his short life.
Rest in Peace Josh, at last no longer in pain.
With love to Heather and all of the Edward's family
Jan Percival

Aimee Doyle

So sorry Josh - hope you are at peace now. So sorry, Heather, who fought the fight that's so hard to win. I've read Josh's story before and I cried then and I cried today before I even got past the first paragraph.

Sincere condolences. Tears. Anger. Love.

Linda Cameron

Heather and family.... Sincere condolences for the loss of your son Josh. Thank you for sharing your son’s life with others. I pray you find peace 💕

Elizabeth Gillesie

RIP Josh

Karen Charman

Rest in peace lovely Josh, you are not suffering now. Your Mum did everything she possibly could to save you, you know how loved you are.
Sending love to Heather and family
Karen and Joe xx

Jill in MI

So very sad to hear. God bless your family Heather.

Julie Priestley

So saddened to hear Josh’s story, devastating for him & his family. My son was born in 1992 also, we were ‘hounded’ by letters, phone calls to give our son MMR. My son already had allergic signs, terrible eczema etc., so we refused MMR, fearing he would be vaccine damaged. I had researched what I could, didn’t have the online access then, but luckily a natural therapist told me about ‘what doctors don’t tell you’ articles/books ...I learned about vaccine dangers. My GP practice nurse said on the phone, that as I was a nurse myself at the time, I should realise it was irresponsible to not vaccinate my son!! She said it would need to be documented on my son’s medical notes, that both his parents refused MMR...I said ‘write what you like, he is not having the vaccine!’ It breaks my heart how lies are told, precious children are damaged by these poisonous vaccines!! Money is all that matters to big pharma & beyond. Always believed Andrew Wakefield too!


Very sad situation.,with sympathy for the family in their grief.

Has dear Dr Kenneth Calman worked out the difference yet, between a vaccine adverse reaction and a devastating /demolishing vaccine injury?

We have an anchor [will your anchor hold Gaelic version] You tube

Jennifer Horne-Roberts

R.I.P. dear Josh, a victim of unsafe MMR vaccine like our beloved son Harry Horne-Roberts, whom we lost over a decade ago aged 20,as the result of further medical negligence.
We pray that God will take care of Josh, and help his grieving family at this terrible time.
With love
Jennie Horne-Roberts and Keith Roberts, parents of Harry R.I.P.


I am so sorry. Sending comfort and prayers to Josh's family.

Bill Pitts

Rest in Peace Josh

Theresa Cedillo

May you Rest in Peace in God's Glory Josh. You were an angel here on this earth and now in Heaven. Your suffering will not have been in vain. You had the most incredible will to live and persevere. I know that your Mother's love kept you going. Your mother was extraordinarily loyal to you and she has never stopped fighting for you. God bless you sweet Josh. 🕊🙏💙💜🙏

Heather you are still and will always be in my prayers. I don't know what words of comfort to offer you because I don't know if there are any. I pray you will some day have consolation in the care and love you gave Josh. You sacrificed everything for him. You walked in God's path because you gave all of yourself over to caring for Josh. Not many could do what you have done Heather. Josh will watch over you always as you watched over him. I love you both and send all my love and deepest condolences 💔💔😢😢🙏🙏💙💙

Jill Southgate

Such sad news today. Rest in Peace Josh.
Sincere condolences to all the family 💔💔

Joan Campbell

God love him and his family, he was such a wonderful soul and we appreciate him for the strength he held throughout his life. He loved my willow fish.


Dearest Heather I can only imagine your pain , you have been a soldier fighting in the trenches using every amunition to protect and help your beautiful Josh . Your love willstay with him always , and his love in you always .
Sending you strength
Nicky and Max

Allison Edwards

Heather must feel as if her heart has been ripped out over and over again.
Loved this brave devoted pair
Josh will make one powerful angel and be back to watch over his mum.
In life, sweet Josh really was one good, brave, most innocent soul.
We have lost a dear friend.

susan welch

I didn't know Josh or his family, but I am heartbroken by what I have read today. So much suffering.

My sincere condolences to Josh's mother and his family.

Laura Hayes

Tears for a young man I never met, and for his mom and family, and all that they have endured. And for Dr. Andy Wakefield, and the horrible maligning this intelligent, compassionate, truth-speaking man has endured for more than two decades now. And for all the children the world over who have had their lives irreversibly altered, decimated, and prematurely ended by vaccines. And for all the children still receiving the severely dangerous MMR vaccine, in addition to many other vaccines that are just as dastardly, despite so many having their lives shattered by it for decades now. And for the evil, stupidity, immorality, and cruelness that seems to know no bounds in today's world.

May sweet Josh rest in peace, and may his family feel the love, support, and prayers being sent their way.

Jeanne J

My condolences to Josh's family. I pray God's love comfort and sustain you at this time. I know it is little comfort for the loss of his daily presence in your lives, but I truly believe he is at peace and has a perfect body.

Jenny Allan

I met Josh outside the GMC premises in Euston Road London; he was there with his Mum. There was quite a large crowd with supporting placards, and a strong presence of London Bobbies. The occasion was awaiting the GMC verdicts, after three long years of what was obviously a 'show trial' , with the sole aim of discrediting the research papers of Dr Andrew Wakefield, and his clinician colleagues, Professor John Walker-Smith and Dr Simon Murch, in order to protect public confidence in the MMR vaccine. The guilty verdicts on all three were inevitable, although Dr Murch was permitted to keep his medical licence, being junior to Professor Walker-Smith.

My placard stated 'A travesty of Justice' -exactly what it was.

The main accusation was the three conspired to 'subject' children to unnecessary invasive procedures, in order to carry out their 'fraudulent' research. Most of the 'evidence' was supplied by Brian Deer, who was also permitted to write about the 'trial' in the Times. Professor Walker-Smith was completely exonerated two years later in the High Court, (which also exonerated now Professor Murch, although the GMC never issued a public pardon). Dr Wakefield could not afford the costs of an appeal, but at least 75% of the GMC charges were common to all three doctors. There's no question Dr Wakefield would have won had he appealed. Brian Deer continues to promote his false evidence in the Times and has apparently written a book on the subject

Josh rewarded me with cuddles when I let him sit on my folding stool, he was a lovely affectionate lad who was well loved. He was the same age as my Grandson, who also developed autism and serious bowel problems following administration of the MMR vaccine. I have no doubt at all , the excellent treatments and interventions my Grandson received at the Royal Free Hospital, saved my Grandson's colon, if not his life. Ethical permission was properly obtained for extra tiny histopathology samples to be taken during procedures necessary for diagnostic purposes. Deer knew about these permissary ethical forms but failed to inform the GMC, when submitting his 'cherry picked' and fabricated evidence Professors Walker-Smith and Murch were simply doing their jobs, with professionalism and compassion. I am still angry about the disgraceful way they were treated by the GMC, egged on by the UK Government.

Poor Josh, got to the Royal Free too late and lost his colon, damaged beyond repair. I am so sad for him and his family. Rest in Peace Josh.

Rebecca Alderson

I can't imagine the pain you are going through. Your beautiful little boy, what a hero. The heartbreak is unimaginable, my thoughts are with his parents bad family. I have had a similar event with my daughter Mae, I am slowly recovering her thankfully and hopefully. Love to you all xx


Heather, we are sending our love to you all, you are an amazing mum. Such strength and courage to fight for Josh, heal gently from this tragedy, give yourself time. You are in our hearts, God bless Josh xx

Suzanne Azar

Rest in eternal peace, dear, dear Josh. . He chose his Mama well, Heather. Love and light for your poor bruised heart. You are in my prayers and my thoughts.

Grace Green

This is such very sad news. There will be peace, love, and justice in the next life.

Janette Robb

This is heartbreaking. Josh went through so much during his short life - and his family along with him. May his soul rest in peace. Sending love and prayers to you all, from the Robb family.


Today we say goodbye to one of the bravest young men i know , brave because he has been through more in his young lifetime than most , the strength he continued to show through all of his pain , god holds sweet Josh now , and i have met some wonderful mothers of Autistic children in my life , Heather Edwards you wonderful woman and mum your dedication to your Josh knew no bounds , dedication and love to the core praying for you and your family , i cannot know the pain you are feeling now , but i pray you will all get through this with the support of your family , and the support of your friends and everyone who knew Josh , holding you Heather

John Stone

I had the privilege of meeting Josh several times and every time was touched by his gentleness, patience and courage. Although he was silent you felt he understood it all. No one should ever have to suffer like Josh - his story stands as an everlasting reproach to our remorseless medico-political culture. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wonderful family.

Angus Files

Poor totally tragic Josh. Sorry we couldn't save you. We will fight on in your memory. God bless.

Pharma for Prison


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