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How Flattening the Autism Curve Fell.... Flat

Flattening the curveBy Anne Dachel

On June 19 Age of Autism published the piece, We Flattened The Covid Curve Why Not the Autism Curve featuring an interview in which Safeminds' Rebecca Estepp had a candid conversation with New Jersey autism researcher, Dr. Walter Zahorodny.

“The most startling aspect of the report was that in New Jersey, I see the New Jersey rates as being the leading indicator and I saw surprised to see that even though our rate overall didn’t go up very dramatically between 2014 and 2016, our rate of autism in boys was at the 5 percent level.

“One out of 20 boys [has] autism.

"That’s hard to get your head around. Sometimes I find myself checking myself and questioning, why am I saying that? I’m saying that because the data are clear that that’s the case. I certainly never thought I would be identifying such a high rate of autism among children in our state. That’s certainly the case. I think that would be, from my perspective, the two big findings of this report are that Hispanic children are significantly under-detected in most states and that autism as the leading indicator shows that one out of 20 boys has autism.”...

"...the CDC, I think, has been just understating the issue. But really it’s behavior of the press that seems unconscionable to me, and that they take for granted that a claim or the assertion of better awareness explains the problem is sufficient. It’s really not a sufficient explanation.”

 Since I've been writing about "the really lie about autism" (that there's no real increase in the number of children affected, just greater awareness) since 2006, it immediately had my attention.

I've also written about Dr. Zahorodny before. He's been adamant that the ever-growing autism rate represents a real increase in the number of affected children that has to be addressed.

I wrote about him in my book, The Big Autism Cover-Up How and why the media is lying to the American people, published in 2014. I quoted his reaction to the rate increase to one in every 68 children announced by the CDC in 2014. 

'To me, it seems like autism prevalence can only get higher.'

And in a story from Zahorodny said, 'The new report should put to rest the argument over whether the increase in autism diagnoses stems from growing awareness or reflects growing numbers of children with the disabling condition. It's a true increase. It's a change of great magnitude. It's silly to go on debating that.'

Even more revealing was what Zahorodny said in 2012 on the Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC radio. He acknowledged that vaccines are causal in the autism epidemic.

"Vaccines don't play a significant role in autism increasing. Some small number of children probably have autism because of an adverse vaccine reaction, but they don't make for the overall rise."

'Some small number'?  Of course no public health official would ever agree with that carefully worded comment, merely said in passing, but a top autism expert in the U.S. did say it publicly.

What’s interesting in Zahordony’s latest interview with Becky Estepp is his move to blame the media for promoting the really big lie about autism. While he's absolutely right that members of the press are thoroughly corrupt, conflicted, and disingenuous when it comes to reporting on autism and on the decline of children's health universally, he refuses to point a finger at the master data manipulators and ardent liars in all this: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

 Zahorodny told Estepp, '...the CDC, I think, has been just understating the issue.'

Seriously? 'Understating'?

Let me provide some official statements on the autism increases from CDC officials:

2007 (one in 150) Dr. Marshalynn Yeargin-Allsopp was quoted saying the CDC's study was designed to provide "more consistent and reliable estimates.”

Autism spectrum disorders are an "urgent public health issue that affects the lives of many families and communities,"

2007 CDC director Dr. Julie Gerberding: "Our estimates are becoming better and more consistent, though we can't yet tell if there is a true increase in ASDs or if the changes are the result of our better studies."

2009 (one in 110) Dr. Catherine Rice: "At this point it's impossible to say how much is a true increase and how much is improved identification.”

2012 (one in 88) Dr. Coleen Boyle: "We know that some of it is due to how children with autism are identified and served in their local communities.”

“… But we don't know how much is due to better identification and diagnosis, how much is due to availability of services, and how much is a true rise in prevalence."

2014 (one in 68) Dr. Coleen Boyle: “The report was not designed to say why more children are being diagnosed with autism. …Increased awareness in identifying and diagnosing children contributes to the higher numbers.”

2018 (one in 59) Dr. Daisy Christensen: “The new government data can't tell us exactly why the increase has occurred.”

The further increase to one in every 54 children in 2020 was attributed to finally ending the disparity between African American and white children, so it too was nothing to worry about.

The CDC and the medical community have looked on as autism has consumed multiple generations of children across the globe over the last thirty years. Doctors have refused to talk about the dramatic changes they’ve observed in children's overall health and especially the massive increase in developmental disorders, all the while taking credit for their "better diagnosing."

Health officials, supported by their lackeys in the press, continue to feign total ignorance when it came to anything about autism except their absolute denial of any link to their liability-free vaccine schedule.

Why was it that the only site to cover Dr. Zahorodny and yet another autism update for New Jersey in April was the Daily Targum, the student run newspaper at Rutgers where he does his autism research?

I wrote about the Rutgers story two months ago.

The fix is in. Autism can never be more than a medical curiosity we have all the time in the world to figure out. No increase will ever be alarming—no matter how scary the percent of affected children.

Officials will never know if the higher numbers mean more kids have autism. No one in the media will ever point out the obvious: there isn't an adult rate of autism even remotely close to what we see in children.

No one will ever study regressive autism—those once healthy, normally developing children who inexplicably lost learned skills and ended up on the spectrum.

Legislators will continue to ignore the thousands of parents who've called, written and marched on Washington hoping to have them respond to this disaster of damaged children.

We'll have more and more accommodations like autism-friendly movies, airports and restaurants, along with sensitive Santas and special mall shopping hours with low lighting. Every April we'll light up sites around the world in blue to raise awareness.

Special education will continue to eat up more and more of local school budgets, forcing officials to siphon funding from regular education.

THE TRUTH IS very powerful corporations are in control and have been for a long time. Nothing will change until everything eventually collapses. No society can function with an ever-growing disabled population like this.

The evidence is everywhere, if one cares to look. It’s what I’ve been writing about on my site,, since the beginning of 2017.

What the future holds

Today’s children with autism are tomorrow’s dependent adults and we’re all going to be paying the bill. Denial simply won’t work when that happens. The really big lie about autism will finally stop.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


Aimee Doyle

@Gayle - "Why is it that they are racing to cure the corona virus, but have ignored the staggering increase in the numbers of autistic people all over the world?"

Enter the neurodiversity movement, whose advocacy (autism is a "difference" not a disability) has effectively ended research toward cure. I can't think of one major autism organization here in the US that is looking for a cure. It's become a "four letter word". Parents who want to cure their children have been likened to Nazis, and adults with autism (a surprisingly large number) who want a cure are ignored and called "self-hating."

Not sure how the neurodiversity movement achieved this. I mean, if you are deaf, you can choose cochlear implants. If you are transgender, you can change your sex. If you are missing limbs, you can get prosthetics. I've seen research toward helping the blind to see. I really don't understand why autism is different.

Grace Green

Things aren't what they seem. Have a look at some of the many alternative news websites relating to the "corona virus" and the real motives for it and the lockdown.


I agree with Bob that vaccine induced autism is already the greatest catastrophe experienced by the human race in history. These vaccines have destroyed the lives of millions of healthy children and adults and their families as well. 1 in 20 boys is a staggering number and outrageous. We desperately need researchers from around the world to provide the medical expertise in finding a cure for this terrible and tragic condition. Why is it that they are racing to cure the corona virus, but have ignored the staggering increase in the numbers of autistic people all over the world? I can not accept losing my son and all the affected people's lives to an illness that could be cured if it were given the proper kind of attention it has so long deserved. The time to find a cure is NOW and not after we, the parents have all died.

Shelley Tzorfas

Watch out Generation Z. As you begin to get pregnant and get forced into getting vaccinated (4 of them) with a 4,000 percent increase in fetal deaths so far and begin to give birth where your Newborn gets shot with 400 MCG of deadly aluminum and other toxic chemicals the Autism rate Will RISE. It's already 1 in 20 boys. Are you too going to participate in this "Program?" You have 5 seconds to decide...4,3,2,1

Tim Lundeen

@william h gaunt -- I'm able to link from FB to ageofautism or childrenshealthdefence, but you doubtless have a higher profile :-)

For me, spurious "fact checking" and "violates community standards" are very common. I once had a "fact checker" cite ABC news as a source to reject peer-reviewed research.

Even ResearchGate is censoring. They removed DG Rancourt's article on masks, see his exchange with them at -- his original article "Masks Don't Work" is at

ResearchGate also removed Andreas Kalker altogether. He is an expert in using Chlorine Dioxide, and none of his COVID patients have died afaik. See -- ClO2 appears to be highly effective against viral, bacterial, and malaria infections, with minimal or no side-effects, and is extremely low-cost.

Judith Zimmerman

Thanks Anne for another great article and thanks to Age of Autism for your continued efforts to shed light on the autism epidemic.

What I am baffled by is where is Autism Speaks? Why aren't they all over this? Are they still supporting the CDC lack of urgency narrative? Again kudos to Safeminds and Walter for at least trying to bring some attention to continuing increases.

Bob Moffit

Without doubt .. vaccine induced autism will someday be recorded as the greatest catastrophe foisted upon the people in history … unfortunately .. most of the vile perpetrators of this public health catastrophe will be long retired or deceased … never to be held personally accountable for their CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

Dr. William H. Gaunt

Censorship is getting more heavy-handed. If I spell out the A-word or reference or, FB disappears whatever I posted. Is anyone else having this experience?

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