Wednesday June 24 Massachusetts Rolling Statehouse Rally to Fight Community Immunity Bills
Insider Look at Autism and Aggressive Destruction of Property

It's Not Nice to Fool with Mother Nature But It Is Profitable

MAMM logoToday, we'd like to tell you about a new collaboration called Millions Against Medical Mandates.

We are a coalition of health freedom activists working together to prevent medical mandates. We are physicians, lawyers, journalists, nurses, researchers, scientists, nutritionists, parents of vaccine injured children and adults, citizen activists and organizations alarmed about the erosion of our rights to bodily autonomy.

Those of us who have experienced autism vaccine/injury have been sounding a warning for some twenty plus years. Not just to deaf ears, but ears tightly closed on purpose.  And then came COVID-19.

How many times have informed, educated advocates in the vaccine injury and autism community been maligned in the press because we do not have a medical degree, and therefore are unable to understand science or have an opinion or recommendation? Even those who are PhDs, Doctors, Scientists and experts have been destroyed. And yet, Gates, a college drop out is the de facto expert, revered like "The Claw" by the media and public health minions. 

Given the billions he has invested in vaccine development prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, isn’t it curious that he is so obsessed with the idea that we can’t go back to normal until there is a fast-tracked vaccine for the Coronavirus -as if vaccines are the only only way to protect oneself from a virus.  COVID provided public health officials with a chance to completely revamp American health.  How about a FitBit for every American, to track their health along with that stimulus check? Public service exercise announcements sandwiched with advertisements - "Get up! 10 jumping jacks! 10 sit ups! Let's beat COVID together!"  We needed Jack LaLanne! We got Jack Kevorkian.

We could have helped a nation of obese citizens fighting heart disease, diabetes, stroke and living on pill after pill with a cascade of side effects  make meaningful steps forward to health that would not only fight COVID or make for a better outcome if contracted, but also owered the staggering healthcare costs plaguing us.

Please consider signing up for this new collaboration called Millions Against Medical Mandates to receive emails that you can share with friends and family. Information isn't just for Bill Gates. It's for all of us to be able to make informed decisions for ourselves and our families.   Thank you.


susan welch

Grace and Angus. I took out the gap and still had a minor hiccup as it had a 'this is required warning' and I couldn't, for the life of me, see what I'd missed. So I went back and started again (again) and could then see I have to tick the box to say I'd read the 'bumf'.

Thank you both for your response. I did finally get there.

Grace Green

Susan Welch,
It wouldn't accept my postcode until I put it in with NO GAPS!

Angus Files

It wasn't accepting my UK postcode but then I removed the space and it gave a thank you for joining note.

Apart from that it seemed to be straight forward for once.

Pharma For Prison


susan welch

I tried to sign up, but it just wouldn't accept my postcode. I haven't got another one so gave up after about 10 variations. Anyone any suggestions - please. (Am from UK)

Angus Files

Same Grace Green. How long in jail and how long would it take for Police to react rather than the Police stance just now of -not wanting to upset the crowd.
We could have a Vaccine Damaged Lives Matter, demo maybe culminating in the pulling down of the Jenner statue in London.How much coverage would it get by main stream-absoloutly nothing.How many would get arrested everyone.How many would be fined and jailed everyone.,_London

Pharma For Prison


Grace Green

I had a look at the website of Millions Against Medical Mandates and it seems to be a great organization so I signed up to hear more. I hope they really do something in terms of leadership for the masses who believe in this cause. We are waiting to be told what to do!


I looked at the emails today and in the emails was one from IACC.
They are still around.

I bothered to read all what the meeting covered.

Down at the bottom it said the autism has at least one co existing mental problem that is not ASD.
That there is a higher prevalence to commit suicide than the normal population -- 13 times higher in girls with ASD.

Services cliff -- that was a term they used. They said that services dropped off sharply in highschool and nothing after high school.

What services would that be in school? I don't remember anything except special ed.

They did sign us up for vocational rehab stuff after high school. Is it possible that vocational rehabilitation is really just another welfare service for the average person that pretends to work there? I think they just might be drawing their pay checks for nothing? Am I being uncharitable?
or worse ungrateful?

IACC minutes mentioned Search Project. I looked that up in our area -- nothing. Search is dong vocational training and best of all internships. Internships would be nice. I see it is mostly in the hospitals they are doing these internships.

It said that forcthose ASD ers that continue to live at home there are no services offered, none; but guess what? There is a great need.

So if I put mine out on the street there might be services?
I would guess he would be one among the multitude of homeless.

It is not that I expect anything from the government other than to stay out of my way while I make a living, not steal from me through high, unreasonable taxes, maintain law and order, and keep foreign invaders from pilfering my property/life.

But since they insisted on federal agencies, my tax money paid for these federal agencies and they pilfered my family's health, then I want services.

Let us start with a service of an internship in his chosen field since they did not steal all his skills from him through brain injuries by vaccines?

Oh and I want free medical care for him since they took his health. Yeah, let us start with that one. AND I want the best medical care.


I'm surprised and disappointed we don't see more use of the phrases "medical mafia", and "medical fascism". To me, this whole covid19 thing is an exercise in Global Medical Fascism....

Bob Moffit

"How about a FitBit for every American, to track their health along with that stimulus check? Public service exercise announcements sandwiched with advertisements - "Get up! 10 jumping jacks! 10 sit ups! Let's beat COVID together!" We needed Jack LaLanne! We got Jack Kevorkian."

Tyranny comes in many guises … most times it is military uniforms armed with guns .. other times it comes in surgical scrubs armed with syringes .. either way .. it is TYRANNY NONE THE LESS.

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