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Covid and the Era of Careless Chemicals

Texas Boy with Burns
Fox News 12 Sherman Texas

I saw this story about a Texas boy burned by chemicals left on a shopping cart on the Massachusetts' Health Choice Facebook page and wanted to scry. That's not a typo - that's scream AND cry. I've been thinking about children around the world - and ubiquitous use of toxic, caustic, dangerous chemical cleaning and disinfecting agents.

This weekend I was in a Shop-Rite here in Connecticut and they have shower curtains hung between the cash register aisles.  If you have ever had a clear shower curtain, you know they get moldy very fast and don't stay clear long. They are a bear to really clean. This is what shopping as come to during COVID-19. Jury rigged safety systems are that have no scientific basis.

What will happen in schools, when every surface is covered in a chemical one, two or more times per day? What is the public health cost to inhaling and contacting these products day in and day out for any of us, let alone kids? I think the boy have lost his sight if he'd gotten that "stay COVID safe!" chemical in his eyes. A nightmare.  Kim


Texoma boy burned by chemicals on Kroger shopping cart

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - A Texoma boy is recovering after something meant to protect him left him with burns on his face. How a trip to the grocery store quickly turned into a trip to the doctor.

“We go to Kroger weekly. We enjoy it, love the fuel points, you know. It’s just one of those, it took us by surprise," said Jessica Garcia of Sherman.

Garcia and her 7-year-old son, Jax Owens, went to do their weekly shopping at the Sherman Kroger Sunday. She said she noticed a gel-like substance on the shopping carts, but wiped down as much as she could see before letting Jax inside.

“As we’re going through getting our groceries he just was telling me how his face was itching and burning, but I didn’t see anything," said Garcia.

Garcia says his face became red and swollen, and kept an eye on him that night..

“The very next morning, his lip was, even though it’s huge right now it was about 5 times bigger than that,” said Garcia.


Angus Files

You can see the pain in Jax`s eyes poor lad.I remeber when I was in a vineyard in France and I asked why the roses beside the vines ?"its an early warning system for pests they eat attack the rose first"...we need the same for our foods an early warning system a contactless pesticide detector unless we grow it ourselves.

Pharma For Prison


Anita Donnelly

Kim similarly I have wondered why Green types aren’t upset about all the pollution from PPE and masks.

Has anyone studied the impact of all the vaccine plastics and needles? Are they floating in our oceans?

Has anyone traced Hg and other toxins from the source to the shot to the human body to the excreted waste to the waterways and landfills and toxic diapers and then fish? Are flu vaccines just a means of disposing hazardous waste?

Barry Stern

With all the spraying of disinfectants at our local Whole Foods, our daughter with autism starts melting down within 20 minutes of entering the store. And what good is there for going organic if the produce is tainted with these chemicals? Perfect example of preventive measures being worse than the disease.

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