Fagan Says Autism Numbers Are Fakin'
21 and Done In Covidian 2020

British Prime Minister Channels Churchill As He Surrenders To Gates And The Vaccine Cartel

03A4D969-766E-433A-B026-D40874CD1DCEby John Stone

This is the moment of national humiliation that we somehow did not see on our television sets last night: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson surrendering to Bill Gates and the vaccine cartel, GAVI, hailed by him as the new NATO - while he speaks from a nation on its knees like Vichy France. While British news after months of wall to wall Coronavirus suddenly, mysteriously became obsessed with the 13 year old saga of Madeleine McCann almost no one saw Johnson's insipid, but rhetorically overblown speech at the end of the global summit he hosted in London yesterday and chaired with Gates. No one knew when they were electing Johnson that they were electing Gates and putting the vaccine industry at the heart of the British nation's future. It was particularly galling to see him extol the already failed Oxford COVID vaccine as an example of British innovation. This is presumably where we were headed from the moment lockdown was announced. The meeting elicited a short mention at the end of the BBC 10 o'clock news and was not mentioned on the front pages of any of the national newspapers this morning. If GAVI is the new NATO, and the focus of British national destiny perhaps the moment should not have been news managed out of existence. Now everything that our lives were worth has to be surrendered in an endless war against disease long ago devised by Mr Gates. In Gates's brave new world everyone will have to have vaccines like computer patches every five minutes, and when they don't work - if we are still standing - we will have to have another.


John Stone is UK Editor of Age of Autism


Angus Files

Yes Jenny even the dreamers have to get real sometime -you would think.

I found this nugget the other day 6mths old. I take the party out from these articles, as we h
NHS gives Amazon free use of health data under Alexa advice dealave seen it does not matter what party gets in there is not a lot between them... the fun to be had with one of those Alexa machines...Alexa why is the JCVI conflicted?Alexa why does Boris give tax payers mob-oney to Gates..Alexa...

This article is more than 6 months old
UK health service will not gain commercial benefit from future Amazon products using its data


Pharma For Prison


Jenny Allan

@ Angus Files "The leader of the Oxford University coronavirus trials, Sir John Bell confirmed that the entire British population could be vaccinated by the end of the year."

In his dreams!!


See Racism -Wikipedia Definition/description
Alliance for Natural Health -Home
See - Covid Zone
03 June 2020 Excellent article and video by Rob Verkerk.
The [R] number - What we're not being told .
One commenter sent videore [R] number to her MP ,Sir Paul Beresford .
Wee bully response from senior parliamentary reseacher Sam White.
Racism in UK parliament presents itself as having more faces than Big Ben !

Racism -Wikipedia Re old Pears Soap advert , I had a realisation apoplexy seeing that racist old advert picture for this soap for the first time , What's on my own bathroom sink for handwashing Pears Soap !
Keep the soap ,nice enough , chuck the the present day racism "Off to the limepits with it!,best place for it"
As for MPs expenses Scandal including Paul Beresford ? MP's were caught using tax-payers money
for ornamental ornaments for their own garden duck ponds , Oh duck !
MP.s in Glass Houses ,leadership of vaccine risk assessments = pandemic pandemonium !
Billy Joel - You may be right [Official Video] You Tube Album Glass Houses
Even, Politicians overt racism couldnae organise a game of "Kick the Can " around their own back passages , shady cloak rooms/ shoogly corridors of power or pristenly pruned back garden/ rose garden !
Scientific institutionalised racism needs a good scrub down, with a wire brush and a bar of carbolic soap [ R] number == Rancid !

Angus Files

Apart from yours truly and family..

Coronavirus vaccine breakthrough: Britain to be fully vaccinated by Christmas, says Oxford
A VACCINE update has prompted excitement after the leader of the Oxford University coronavirus trials confirmed that the entire British population could be vaccinated by the end of the year.


Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

Thanks Jenny AZ have to be seen to believed no other product in the world is so laxed in safety checks.

Pharma For Prison



So we’ve had Mass Protest Rallies staying that Black Lives Matter. Well what about other lives? What about our lives?Why are there no protests about us not wanting mandatory vaccinations, about lockdown, etc?

Whilst on the subject of vaccines has anyone even considered a link between flu vaccines and the rise in Altzeimers and Dementia in old people?

Jenny Allan

Angus -thanks for the link- "Disgrace' Readers rage at Boris for giving £744m to COVID-19 fund organised by EU"

In the UK there is definitely a great deal of antipathy to the prospect of a Covid-19 vaccine, particularly the prospect of this being forced on us. A UK petition against mandatory Covid-19 collected more than 500,000 signatures, a majority from UK citizens. This was presented to Health Secretary Matt Hancock last week. These days, Hancock is on a 'charm offensive', presenting a far more conciliatory approach in his public interviews. Treating us all like naughty children for daring to criticise his obsession with vaccines, instead of ensuring health workers were properly PPE protected in hospitals and care homes, was turning him into a public pariah. Boris-previously quite popular with the public- is fast losing both popularity and trust. Appearing on a public vaccine fund raising platform with Gates was a big mistake. Boris -We DON'T want a Covid-19 vaccine. Get it?

I don't have a crystal ball -but I can read the writing on the wall.
Before AstraZeneca became involved with the Oxford Vaccine, we were all told a vaccine would take at least 12-18months to develop and manufacture, and that was considered 'fast tracking'. Now that Covid-19 is disappearing faster than 'snaw affa dyke', AstraZeneca has changed tactics. First of all the fast tracked vaccine was to be given to health workers first 'to protect them', but health workers in the UK have already been betrayed enough. Now it seems a few million advance doses of Oxford Vaccine are being manufactured 'just in case'. Where might these be destined to administer? Not to the Brits. I have already guessed. Watch this space! AZ is attempting to get into the hugely profitable
anti-viral Remdesivir, with a merger approach to manufacturer Gilead. They have begun to manufacture plasma antibody therapies. These are already being used to tread Covid-19 worldwide.

Profits now, before Covid-19 becomes history is the name of the game.

Angus Files

Before GAVI - Boris on the great Gates give away after all its only tax payers money...

Disgrace' Readers rage at Boris for giving £744m to COVID-19 fund organised by EU
BORIS JOHNSON'S decision to plough £737million into an international fund to fight coronavirus organised by the EU has been roundly condemned by Express.co.uk readers, with the vast majority saying he was wrong to do so.


Pharma For Prison


John Stone

Thanks Ade, let us know how you get on.


Ade Waller

Dear Prime Minister's Office (PMO), yesterday the 19th May 2020 the PMO published a press release stating that Boris Johnson took part in a meeting with Bill and Melinda Gates neither of whom are medically qualified.

Please indicate who requested this meeting.
Please indicate whether or not this meeting was recorded in full.
Please indicate whether or not complete minutes were taken and by whom.
Please supply a full and complete video/ audio recording of the meeting.
Please supply full and complete unredacted minutes of the meeting.
Please supply any and all pre/post meeting documentation created.
Please indicate in what capacity were Bill and Melinda Gates consulted ? e.g. as advisors, consultants, experts in their field.

Yours faithfully,
Adrian Waller

Jenny Allan

Hello John
"Why has the Oxford vaccine - which Hancock initiated in February, had failed in testing in April - gone into mass production, 2 billion shots by September?"
I'm using "Horse's Mouth" predictions here John. The morning after a huge BBC ten O'Clock news Oxford vaccine hype, Prof Pollard was was on Breakfast TV pouring cold water over his own Covid-19 vaccine. This was shortly followed by Boris Johnston warning us there might never be a vaccine. This coincided with the vaccine 'monkey failure'.

There are three UK involved vaccines in the pipeline. Three? Yes, in addition to the Imperial College London vaccine, GSK is also involved in making the adjuvant for the French Sanofi vaccine. This deal was completed shortly after Government Adviser Dominic Cummings' 'eyesight test' trip to Barnard Castle where GSK has a manufacturing plant. Coincidence? Maybe, but the deal was done anyway. We are not told if any UK public cash was involved. The Sanofi vaccine uses a generic approach, a novel conceptwhich might work but is risky. As yet we have not been told about any 'fast tacking'.

It remains to be seen what happens with the Oxford vaccine, but they are moaning about the disappearance of the Covid-19 virus in the UK and are carrying out human trials in Brazil. 'Challenge' trials where volunteers are deliberately infected have been mooted-God forbid!

I am happy for Hancock to concentrate on Covid-19 amelioration therapies and plasma therapy. This is hugely preferable to fast tracking vaccines.

John Stone


Nothing Hancock does impresses me, and any good he does is for effect. The vaccines are all going to fail? Well, yes, but not before many people have needlessly been harmed, and not before many coercive measures have been taken, hate rhetoric used against dissenters as it is every day. Why has the Oxford vaccine - which Hancock initiated in February, had failed in testing in April - gone into mass production, 2 billion shots by September. When it gets to the JCVI is Prof Pollard, it’s lead developer going to say no? The reality is that the public health system is being debauched by global interests and Hancock is facilitator.

Jenny Allan

Sometimes we have to stand back and ascertain the wider picture.
In the UK, Health Secretary Matt Hancock seems to have stopped banging on about 'waiting for a vaccine'; instead he has endorsed efforts to find and fund treatments aimed at ameliorating the effects of the Covid-19 virus. ( I am no fan of Hancock, but for the first time he is looking on top of his game). The only way to assess the success or otherwise of a treatment is to carry out trials on patients already seriously ill with the virus, presumably with their permission. I know nothing about the relative benefits and drawbacks of the anti viral therapies, Remdesivir and Hydroxychloroquine, but if they help even a small percentage of seriously ill Covid-19 patients they are worth prescribing. The plasma therapy is rumoured to have helped Boris Johnstone. It may have saved his life, but he is still plainly not a well man. Astra Zeneca have apparently jumped on this bandwagon and are apparently now engaged in manufacturing an immune therapy, based on plasma antibodies obtained from Covid-19 survivors.

I find it significant the WHO and the Oxford Uni Group, have both claimed Hydroxychloroquine does not work as a Covid-19 therapy. The WHO even claimed it could have harmful side effects. That's a bit rich coming from them, since EVERY medication can have harmful side effects. The important thing is to identify these and carefully screen and monitor the patients.

The approach to Gilead, the manufacturer of Remdesivir, by AstraZeneca, offering a merger worth £200billion, gives us some idea of the amount of cash involved in these deals. I find this obscene. I would like governments worldwide to throw out the largely pharma and Gates financed WHO and replace this with some kind of independent world cooperative which does NOT involve vast profits. ( Yes-Well done Trump withdrawing the US WHO funding). Bill Gates wants to 'vaccinate the world'. He is a dangerous man.

On another thread on another blog, John Stone called the ridiculous worldwide 100+ attempts to find a Covid-19 vaccine 'racketeering'- too right John, but they are all going to fail. Quite simply, coronavirus vaccines have proven impossible to vaccinate against in the past. These viruses, which include SARS and MERS are also 'self limiting'. They mutate and disappear on their own. In the UK, the recently rolled out testing regime has found a significant percentage of the population already has Covid-19 immunity. We plainly don't need a vaccine. The stats demonstrate more than 90% of UK cases are in persons over the age of 65, and virtually all of them have serious co-morbidities. In contrast only 1% of deaths are in persons below the age of 44. Again many of these patients had co-morbidies.

John Stone pointed out the vaccine produced by the Oxford Vaccine Group failed to protect primates from becoming infected with Covid-19. This makes the vaccine 'dead in the water' as far as I am concerned, but Astra Zeneca are going ahead with manufacturing millions of doses of this Covid-19 vaccine. They say this is a financial risk and it is-but not for THEM . Boris and Gates have supplied them with £millions of taxpayers' cash.

Coronavirus: AstraZeneca to begin making potential vaccine
5 June 2020

Gary Ogden

Laura: Indeed, the elected county Sheriff is the chief law-enforcement officer in every county in the United States. We must make them our allies. Catherine Austin Fitts is always good. She's worked in the belly of the beast, and knows what goes on there from soup to nuts. $21 trillion laundered through the DC/Wall Street swamp. Gates and Epstein were certainly more than casual acquaintances. Epstein knew too much. All buried under the carpet now. But they've over-reached this time, by a long distance, with this plandemic. Their world will come crashing down. They have so thoroughly pissed off so many, and damaged so many lives. I am hopeful that, at some point, Trump will realize we've been had on a grand scale. But we must continue with in-your-face defiance of these tyrants!

Jenny Allan

Hedging Their Bets.
Gilead is the manufacturer of Remdesivir, our UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock's preferred Covid -19 treatment. AstraZeneca is going into mass production of the Oxford Covid-19 vaccine:-

"Covid-19 vaccine: AstraZeneca has 'approached Gilead over possible merger"
"If reports are accurate, £200bn merger would be biggest ever pharmaceuticals deal"

AstraZeneca has also said "that it was close to a breakthrough on a potential antibody treatment that could save the lives of people who become infected." Matt Hancock, who survived Covid-19, was recently photographed donating plasma.


this government including johnson should all be charged with seditious conspiracy


What power we have to stand up against this Vaccine tyranny is the power given to us by 25 Barons in circa 1215 under Article 61 of the Magna Carta, Read it people

Jenny Allan

The see-saw history of Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid-19 continues. The Oxford Uni group, also involved in developing a vaccine, now insist it doesn't work! Well they WOULD say that wouldnt they, with a vested interest in promoting their own Oxford Vaccine Group Covid-19 vaccine. The UK Health Secretary has made a decision to use the Ebola drug remdesivir, to treat Covid-19.
"Hydroxychloroquine does not cure Covid-19, say drug trial chiefs"
"Major study of thousands of patients led by University of Oxford shows drug is ineffective"

"Health Secretary Matt Hancock calls Ebola drug remdesivir the 'biggest step forward' in treating Covid-19 since the crisis began as it becomes the UK's first approved coronavirus medicine."

Laura Hayes

Gary Ogden,

You are most welcome! Glad you watched it.

I am beginning to think that our target audience, in addition to fellow citizens, should be law enforcement, especially sheriffs. We need to appeal to them to keep their oath to defend both their state's constitution and the U.S. Constitution, which would include the protection of our rights to peacefully assemble, speak and write freely, work, travel, frequent businesses of our choosing, not wear masks, attend church, socialize, direct our own healthcare decisions (including refusing that which we don't want), make our own parenting decisions (including home schooling and refusing medical treatments and procedures for our children as we see fit), and more. Additionally, these sheriffs would refuse to enforce gubernatorial, and I would also hope legislative, orders/mandates that violate our state and federal constitutional rights, and would direct the officers under them to do the same.

I have said on more than one occasion, including to a friend of mine who is in law enforcement, it seems that we should be able to call 9-1-1 to report the pediatrician who vaccinated our children once we realize what has been done to our children via vaccination, which includes the injection of ingredients that would result in a person being arrested if they fed them to an infant, toddler, or child.

In any event, our legislators seem to be a lost cause...too bought and too beholden to those who then essentially own and control them. To that end, hoping law enforcement officers can still be appealed to, educated, and enlisted to protect our rights and oppose this present and evil tyranny.

Here is an inspirational video of Spiro Skouras interviewing a number of sheriffs from across the country who are refusing to enforce illegal and unconstitutional gubernatorial orders:


We need lots more sheriffs like these!

Gary Ogden

Laura: Thank you very much for that link. They won't get away with it.

Paul Davey

Boris, did Jenner' son and his son' friend, who was also "inoculated" both end up dying because of the injections!
NOTICE: The Government is illegitimate and has no jurisdiction. Britons DO NOT give the illegitimate Government authority to accept bribes from alleged philanthropists who are also Eugenicists; that want to see billions killed, and want to poison Britons with vaccines, which are never tested and always dangerous to health which the "governments" own website corroborates and testifies to: https://www.gov.uk/vaccine-damage-payment . You are hereby given notice, that any vaccine ministered to any Britons or any sojourner amongst us, based on fraud will be challenged against every and all men who had a hand in it' implementation.



Jo blogs

Boris you brought into a bribe....shame on you dam fool!
You won't vaccinate me....stick it in your pillow buddies....who's making the deadly killer!

susan welch

Linda Cameron. I heartily endorse your comments.

I am lucky that I have a couple of friends and a few family members that are 'on the same page'. Hopefully you do too. However, it is so important to keep up with the truth in these confusing times - and I, too, am grateful for AoA as an invaluable source. Not just the articles, but all the info from its supporters in the comments.

Linda Cameron

Totally bereft and demorlised. Johnson's new love affair with Gates is sickening. The utter glee on Johnson's face during his vomit worthy IGNORANT speech was shameful. Accurate historical disease graphs are clearly not his strength but reinforcing his place at the Gate's medical mafia table, clearly is.

Johnson has ABUSED his power. How EASY this has been for him. Flick a switch and he sees the country willingly obeying his every word...wonder what's coming next. This once strong country quiver and hide in cupboards waiting with baited breath for the daily propaganda spoon feeding.

Discussing government corruption and abuse of power gets tougher by the day with China style censorship gaining such momentum and the masses actually lapping it up. Beyond belief! Thank goodness for you John Stone and other independent thinkers out there to keep us going...thank you...

Laura Hayes

Interesting and worth the hour-long watch:



https//www.weforum.org/agenda 2020 /06/now- is- the- time- for-a-great-reset
By World Economic Forum 03 June 2020.
Book -Slowdown The End of The Great Acceleration -and why it's good for the Planet the Economy and our lives .
By Dorling Danny, McClure Kirsten 14 April 2020

The public revulsion for the state of their sloppy, servile, and sub-standard professional covid vaccine trials, gonnie hit them from the side like an unexpected squall?
They are only as good as their previous weeks performance, in terms of public respect. If they want to abuse their position of authority with it ,they loose it, faster than you can say Jack Flash !
The Lackeys of Lackeys, always have been, and always will be, a hundred times worse than the servant of a servant ! Badnabahn Lochinver !


Well, maybe things are not as they seem?
Boris might have to walk a tight rope, with a beast so powerful that it is probably the very one written about in Revelations, end of times in the Bible.

Notice that when he got Covid19 that he did not get on the ventilator but had his ear to the other side of medicine cared what was best for people and only took oxygen. Do we know if he also took hydroxychloroquine?

WHO has U.K.'s financial support ---- for now. Now that Trump has stopped supporting them, perhaps it will give Boris more footing to do the same - soon?

John Stone


We have the power of the word. I think one thing we learn was how sheepish they were about giving this event wide coverage.


So what powers do we have? Do Petitions ever have any effect? Mass protests, no thanks. Elections, yes, but not for another 5 years. Scores of us have written about vaccines, no to mandatory vaccines, to our MP’s and to the PM himself5to no effect. Can anyone close to him tell us why he is a supporter of Gates? Are we really in such an impotent powerless position?

John Stone


It is evident that the purpose of the creation of Public Health England in 2013 was to create a huge network of operations within the National Health Service which could avoid public scrutiny or accountability - it is a special domain in which there are almost no ordinary rules.


We need to support the legal action by SImon Dolan


The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has donated $7.4m to Public Health England. It works with DHSC https://carb-x.org/partners/funding-partners/ and has been working with DFID for over a decade on vaccinations and surveillance of those vaccinated in 3rd world countries.

We need to ask why its legal for a foreign foundation to give money directly to our government. Presumably there were strings attached. They seem to have changed and now work 'in partnership'

The Foundation has also given $53m to BBC Media Action and $9 to The Guardian and they 'sponsor' the global section.
Imperial College has received $288m and LSHTM $363m (where Whitty worked), John Hopkins University (Event 201) $837m

Angus Files

Aye Will not a link provided try chewing this over...and get back to us.


WHO, Pharma, Gates & Government: Who’s Calling the Shots?

Multi-national pharmaceutical corporations 26 27 in command of a global 34 billion dollar vaccine market 28 29 are holding billion dollar contracts with mass communication companies 30 and public-private partnerships with governments to purchase vaccines and create vaccine marketing campaigns 31 32 33 34 that dwarf the relatively small number of websites and blogs labeled “anti-vax” simply for criticizing vaccine science and government policy. 35 Yet, there is no recognition by mainstream media articles of the fact that wealthy corporations and philanthropic foundations with political agendas, 36 37 well paid medical doctors, 38 39 40 and government health officials in charge of operating the vaccine system 41 are in privileged positions of power with a distinct advantage over ordinary people subjected to vaccine laws that place an unequal risk burden on individuals with genetic and biological susceptibility to suffering harm from vaccination. 42 43

“Bio-Populism” Blamed for Vaccine Hesitancy in Europe

Pharma For Prison


Jenny Allan

The British Public DON'T want to be forced to accept mandatory vaccinations, including for Covid-19.

"LifeSite's Paul Smeaton delivered a petition with over 567,000 signatures, urging politicians to reject mandatory vaccination for the coronavirus. Nearly 60,000 signatures came from the UK, alone."
Go to the petition, here: https://lifepetitions.com/petition/no...

John Stone


I don’t think there are any direct payments here but people get street cred or think they do sucking up to Gates and giving his operation public money - or helping to raise it. The first leader to break ranks will look like a human being -there are admittedly aspects that I don’t fully understand but I think that’s how it works. The are also the sinister ex-PM operators Major, Blair, Brown - the last advocating for a global government during the crisis! We seem to hear less of Cameron and May, although it was Cameron who started to pour tax payers’ money into GAVI in 2011.

Linda Rivera

How much was the amount paid to Boris to sell his soul and sell out his nation and people?

A Morrow

I voted for Boris and the Tory party as I thought he was a strong man who would get us out of the EU which is happening.
I now feel so betrayed by this man who is selling not only his soul but the soul of the United Kingdom to Gates and Co and will be responsible for more death and disability than could ever be imagined.
I am so angry 😡 I am sharing this to let people know that The future of our children is in grave danger now.


Do you people pull statistics out of your darn arses of what. Bill Gates has very little power good or bad he is not the British PM or a US president. To be fare he does have shady business dealings but Bill Gates is NOT significant invested in the Pharmaceutical Industry. He is a information technology (computers and their parts also video games ect.) monopolist. Why can not you blame Trump. Many of you people developed a cult around Trump greater than Liberals around Obama. Though Trump's businesses are mostly real estate monopolies he still has more invested in the pharmaceuticals industry than Gates does. Blame the CDC and WHO for poor quality vaccines not a men who have little to do with it whether Gates or Faucci. We need the CDC and WHO of before the 1990s. That is when those groups and the benevolent vaccines and research fought contagious disease that actually killed people in large numbers like Smallpox or the Plague. Now vaccines and research by the WHO and CDC for minor irritations like chickenpox or measels that kill less than 1 in 1000 in even very poor countries.

Angus Files

As you noticed John no mention of the UK`s tax payers ransom payment..

$2bn global coronavirus vaccine fund announced at Gavi summit
Alliance aims to ensure a vaccine is not just distributed to rich countries that can afford it


Pharma For Prison



Gates and Fauci should be imprisoned for war crimes and mass murder and child abuse.
How the hell are these deep-states getting away with this. I think that BORIS Johnson has immensely under estimated the British public and will be infor a surprise when they turn against the government for using tax payers and getting in to bed with the likes of the well hated Bill Gates.

We voted for Boris no Bill.
I think there is going to be large protest against the Vaccine.

Grace Green

Presumably the UK's contribution comes from our taxpayers. I know most people pay income tax via PAYE (pay as you earn) and it's taken automatically, but I really think this is grounds for serious civil disobedience. It's worth considering earning less, for the sake of a clear conscience, and if you buy furniture etc. secondhand you don't usually pay VAT. If you can't avoid paying tax, you should complain to your MP about this murderous use of it.
Susan, congratulations on your amazing handiwork! I'm wondering how large your face mask must be and hope you'll be able to see!


Boris has well and truly lost it...it is a bit unsettling to watch. Part of me wonders if he thinks this wlll be a get-rich quick scheme for the country. Recently found a videoclip of CNBC interviewing Bill Gates at Davos 2020 in which he boasted the ten billion he put into vaccines 18 years ago has since yielded a 20 to 1 return or $200 billion ! No mention of vaccine related injuries.


@Christofer, Trump keeps saying that vaccines are NOT the only solution and keeps reminding people that there are therapeuticals too and that "vaccine or no vaccine, America will re-open". He pulled the rug from under the WHO and stopped Bill Gates by banning aborted foetal cells use for his "experiments". The UK government has sold out lock stock and barrel to Mr Gates.


To know that the UK has given 2 billion pounds to the vaccination program already, and is dedicating another 1.65 billion pounds over the next 5 years is a sad day for the UK.

The evidence can easily be found of the harm vaccines do to the immune system especially those supported by Fauci and Bill Gates. The following series on the Truth About Vaccines is self-explanatory:

Vaccines as supported by Bill Gates and GAVI, is not about health, but about world depopulation control:

Remain vigilant. God help us.

susan welch

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=057Xeucqv6U Really excellent coverage on UK Column today.

(BTW I have made my 'face covering' which I will have to use on buses from 15th June. I had to sacrifice a Vaxxed tote bag to get the logo, but managed to get the caption 'From cover up to catastrophe' and 'The film they don't want you to see' on it, as well as the logo. Hopefully I will receive some enquiries!)

John Stone

The Oxford vaccine is already in mass production to provide 2 billion doses by September “if it works”:


False Scientists

@Christopher, it’s not such a “weird little alternative reality“ when approximately half of those polled would have nothing to do with a Covid vaccine.

Carol Ann Runham

Boris johnson needs to go he doesn't care about the British people there will be a riot about this I'm joined a human rights group

John Stone

Mr Mooney

Donald Trump is talked about every day in these columns but he was not the subject of my comments above. I don’t see your point.

Christopher Mooney

Trump is a big supporter of vaccines...........why don't you ever talk about that? Because it ruins this weird little alternative reality you live in?

Angus Files

Gates one of the chosen who get richer by giving money away...

Gavi's replenishment, Trump's WHO announcement, and Yemen's funding shortfall: This week in development

04 June 2020

The Gavi replenishment on Thursday surpassed the vaccine alliance’s target of $7.4 billion, securing $8.8 billion for 2021 to 2025. The virtual event, hosted by the U.K., saw donations from more than 50 countries and organizations, including a $1.6 billion pledge from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Gavi aims to reach another 300 million children with immunizations against diseases such as measles, polio, and diphtheria over the next five years. “I hope this summit will be the moment when the world comes together to unite humanity in the fight against disease,” said U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The U.K. government is the world’s largest donor to Gavi and has committed to contributing more than $2 billion over the five-year period.


Pharma For Prison


Bob Moffit

Every time I think politicians, public health officials, main-stream media in the USA are arrogant, willfully ignorant "sock puppets" for the Bill Gates Foundation .. lo and behold .. along comes evidence that the USA is not alone in our struggle against the GATES FORCES OF EVIL .. apparently the UK is in fierce competition with USA in selling their citizens into SLAVERY OF THEIR MASTER .. BILL GATES.

Joan Campbell

Who is Bill Gates
From Robert F. Kennedy
"Regarding Bill Gates Labs...Independent labs have found the sterility formula in every vaccine tested. After denying the charges, WHO finally ADMITTED it had been developing the sterility vaccines for over a decade. Similar accusations came from Tanzania, Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines
(As RFK Jr has pointed out - the way it works is, if any of this is false, then Bill Gates should sue him immediately for libel.
However it’s not false, so he cannot.)
“Promising to eradicate Polio with $1.2 billion, Gates took control of India ‘s National Advisory Board (NAB) and mandated 50 polio vaccines (up from 5) to every child before age 5. Indian doctors blame t

In 2010, Gates committed $ 10 billion to the WHO promising to reduce population, in part, through new vaccines. A month later Gates told a Ted Talk that new vaccines "could reduce population". In 2014, Kenya's Catholic Doctors Association accused the WHO of chemically sterilizing millions of unwilling Kenyan women with a phony "tetanus" vaccine campaign.

A 2017 study (Morgensen et.Al.2017) showed that WHO's popular DTP is killing more African than the disease it pretends to prevent. Vaccinated girls suffered 10x the death rate of unvaccinated children.
Gates and the WHO refused to recall the lethal vaccine which WHO forces upon millions of African children annually.
Global public health advocates around the world accuse Gates of - hijacking WHO's agenda away from the projects that are proven to curb infectious diseases; clean water, hygiene, nutrition and economic development. They say he has diverted agency resources to serve his personal fetish - that good health only comes in a syringe.

In addition to using his philanthropy to control WHO, UNICEF, GAVI and PATH, Gates funds private pharmaceutical companies that manufacture vaccines, and a massive network of pharmaceutical -industry front groups that broadcast deceptive propaganda, develop fraudulent studies, conduct surveillance and psychological operations against vaccine hesitancy and use Gates' power and money to silence dissent and coerce compliance.

In this recent nonstop Pharmedia appearances, Gates appears gleeful that the Covid-19 crisis will give him the opportunity to force his third-world vaccine programs on American children."

- Robert F. Kennedy Jr

susan welch

Very eloquently put, John.

Hans Litten

And we also know the Johnson family has been writing about eugencis and depopualtion for at least 40 years.

Hans Litten

We know for absolute certainty the BBC is on the Gates of Hell payroll.

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