Kennedy Tells How Vaccine Safety Commission Pfizzled When Pfizer Got Into Trump Administration
Giving Shots a Pass

Bill Gates and 1984

Steve Jobs created a world of imaginative products used the world over for creative connections between humans. Bill Gates created machines to conduct business. Today is a day to talk about Bill Gates' iron grip on every aspect of planet earth save maybe its orbit as the pandemic he may have crafted wages on. Two men. Genius level. Both college drop-outs. Both richer than most of us could ever imagine. One died from cancer, unable to save his own life using medicine. The other is now for all intents and purposes in charge of our lives, and believes using medicine is his to impose on every one of us. In  1984, when Jobs launched the Macintosh computer, the above TV ad mesmerized the world with its theme of a WOMAN shattering an Orwellian world.  A world with robotic people following instructions, marching in lockstep and even wearing.... masks.

Exactly the world Bill Gates is constructing around us TODAY.

The strange love-hate relationship between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

Said Gates of Jobs in

Bill Gates has a perfect explanation of the difference between him and Steve Jobs

Jay Yarow
Apr 7, 2015, 8:49 AM

Steve had a design mind-set. When I get to a hotel room, I don't go, 'Oh, if I had designed this car I would have done this and this.' People like Jony Ive and Steve Jobs are always looking at stuff that way. You know, I look at code and say, 'Okay, this is architected well,' but it's just a different way of understanding the world. His most natural, innate sense was a world-class instinct about whether this or that object met certain standards. He had extremely high standards of what was shit, and what was not shit."

Language alert:



Little Boxes By Pete Seeger Youtube


Seems as though the whole Gates/Jobs dynamic is now in its 2.0 (ha ha) version with Fauci/Hotez. Hotez is vying to unleash his “old school” vaccine on to the people of Brazil before Gates/Fauci can get their RNA genetic engineering interventions up and running.

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