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America's Skepticism of Operation Warp Speed Is Not Our Fault

Id buy that for a dollar
Source: RoboCop

Note: When I was a young woman, I remember my Dad telling me he never, ever bought a car in its first model year, no matter how snazzy or how much he wanted that shiny new GM. He said it took time to work out the kinks.

Many Americans are worried that a brand new, rushed and liability free COVID vaccine might not be safe. It's natural to worry. It's smart to worry. People who have never, ever questioned vaccines are perking up. ON THEIR OWN. We are not a club seeking fresh members. Enable us? Such nonsense. Dr. Hotez also blames the way the vaccines are being "communicated." In other words, they need a better AD CAMPAIGN. Better "optics" to use today's parlance.


'Operation Warp Speed' is fueling vaccine fears, two top experts worry

The federal government's "Operation Warp Speed" vaccine program, with its emphasis on quick production and testing of experimental coronavirus vaccines, is fueling fears already stirred up by vaccine skeptics, two experts said Friday.
The approach itself is not unreasonable, said Dr. Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine and professor of pediatrics and molecular virology and microbiology at Baylor College of Medicine. But the way it's being communicated is scaring people, he told CNN.

"The way the message is coming out of Operation Warp Speed creates a lot of chaos and confusion. And it is enabling the anti-vaccine movement," Hotez said.A White House coronavirus task force source told CNN earlier this week that the Trump Administration's Warp Speed program had chosen five companies mostly likely to produce a Covid-19 vaccine -- whittled down from 14 last month when "Operation Warp Speed" was launched.


Grace Green

You may be right that there are some perfectly nice doctors (could you send me their practice addresses please?) and some who don't know any better, but you missed out the third and largest group - those who know full well, and are doing it deliberately. They collectively have such a lot to cover up, and they know the compensation would be massive.

John Stone


I take it you were approving of giving it to doctors not people of colour (don’t think racism was ever your territory). My own view is that they should all be tried out by Bill & Melinda first. In my view however there are plenty of perfectly nice doctors and some of them even criticise vaccines, while others have simply swallowed the propaganda and don’t know any better.

Hans Litten

Posted by: michael | June 09, 2020 at 07:54 PM

Its a story I find hard to believe quite frankly.
A doctor with a conscience - dont sound like a true story to me. Doctors are all scoundrels imo

Great news though - acoording ot Melinda Gates, doctors to take any CV1984 vaccine first, and then people of colour next. Her words not mine !



I had a physician tell me several times her answer when the drug rep would come to her office with a new drug. She'd say to the rep, " come back to me when the drug has been on the market 40 years." Smart physician.

Bob Moffit

"The way the message is coming out of Operation Warp Speed creates a lot of chaos and confusion. And it is enabling the anti-vaccine movement," Hotez said"

Hotez is absolutely right … the "message" is all important in promoting vaccines .. far better to maintain "message" they have created and successfully planted in the court of public opinion … "THE BENEFITS OF VACCINES ALWAYS OUTWEIGHS THE RISKS"" …

Introducing "operation warp speed" raises serious concerns that "safety" is being sacrificed in favor of "speed" … SACRIFICING SAFETY IS STANDARD OPERATION IN DEVELOPING VACCINES …

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