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Adolescent Suicide and Murder, The Next Pandemics

Tarot_death_02Note: Thank you to Brett Wilcox for sharing this post from his blog "Running the Country."

Adolescent Suicide and Murder, The Next Pandemics

School is hard.

If you’re like millions of other people, school was hard for you. So hard, in fact, thinking about it hurts. Whether you graduated last year, five years ago, or 50 years ago, it still hurts. That’s because kids can be cruel and you were probably on the receiving end of some of that cruelty. If you were treated the same way as an adult at work, the offenders would likely end up fired or jailed.

On top of that, kids have a gazillion other things to worry about. Following is a short list:

  • body
  • face
  • hair
  • height
  • weight
  • strength
  • coordination
  • agility
  • athleticism
  • race
  • skin color
  • hormones
  • sexuality and sex
  • voice
  • odor
  • breath
  • clothes
  • friends
  • enemies
  • conversations
  • image
  • reputation
  • job
  • money
  • alcohol and other drugs
  • safety
  • religion
  • beliefs
  • values
  • hopes
  • fears
  • past, present, and future.

And when they’re not dealing with that, they’ve got their:

  • classes
  • grades
  • schedule
  • and homework.

In spite of all that and so much more, most kids survive, some just barely, but they survive.

When kids go back to school this fall, survival will be harder than ever.

Some kids aren’t going to make it.

This is why.

  • Kids need friends.
  • They need to belong to a group.
  • They need to fit in.
  • They need to feel safe and accepted.
  • They need to be loved.
  • They need to not be hated and they need not to hate themselves.

That’s always been true, but this year, it’s going to be harder than ever because HATE is the currency of the New Abnormal—hatred for others and hatred for self.

Hate is spawned in fear, and our owners—some of most powerful people in the world—are world class bullies and criminals who know how to create, manipulate and profit from our fear.

They’ve been doing it for centuries. And they’re doing it with a virus named SARS-CoV-2 and an array of symptoms called COVID-19. This is a matter of public record.  Read more here.



What does that rambling far right website linked to above have to do with adolescent suicide and murder?! Very little if any thing at all. Here AoA goes of on a tangent when the earlier AoA site was legitimate discussion of vaccine safety and unfair "forced vaccination". Let us go back to the original purpose of the AoA website and discuss vaccine safety. Many teen commit suicide because they are missing something in the life despite being upper middle class and many of them fill that void with computer games, gossip, extreme politics, and many other things. Many if not most of these suicidal teens are not mentally ill despite what either side of the political spectrum claims. Suicide is common in wealth East Asian countries for some strange reason despite prosperity and a nuclear family that is "supportive" that is claimed to bring happiness and suicide is rarest in some African societies along with middle eastern ones. Hmm what is that?!

go Trump

There are many different types of slavery.

I would guess the present younger generation will spend about 50% of their wealth on bank interest, 30% for some sort of mandated health care, and perhaps save 10% which will be lost on Wall Street.

They might get to spend 10% of their efforts on themselves, if their children are not required to pay off their student loans.

susan welch

This is such an excellent blog from Brett Wilcox. It really does sum up where we are at and where we are headed.

However, I do so wish I could disagree with him, but I can't.

Every day I see more evidence of the public falling for the propaganda and it saddens and worries me.

Bob Moffit

"In 2020, planet Earth became Lord of the Flies."

In the book .. the stranded children created their own LAWS … one was "free speech" limited to those in possession of the Conch .. a unique sea shell .. that represented civil discourse on the island, and only worked as long as the boys all believe in its power and the necessity of the idea it symbolizes. That idea being FREE SPEECH. Both literally and symbolically the conch is a fragile, vulnerable object, which is why Piggy, Ralph, and even Jack treat it with care.

In 2020 .. mainstream media and high tech information systems (GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, ETC) have a stranglehold possession of our modern CONCH .. allowing them to routinely deny FREE SPEECH to all who do not comply with their ideas and policies.

"In 2020, planet Earth became 1984."

The examples provided by Brett could have been written by ORWELL when he wrote the book:

•Intolerance is tolerance.
•Injustice is justice.
•Division is unity.
•War is peace.
•Hate is love.
•Inequality is equality.
•Racism is evil except when it’s not.
•Crime is bad except when it’s celebrated.
•We’re all in this together except when we’re not.
•Breathing is important except when it’s not.
•Hard work is oppression.
•Success is privilege.
•Black is beautiful.
•White is trash.
•Health is sickness.
•Sickness is shame.
•Freedom is selfish.
•Slavery is freedom.

With the establishment of an army of "contact tracers" having been formed … Orwell's BIG BROTHER is no longer FICTION .. IT IS OUR NEW NORMAL.

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