British Prime Minister Channels Churchill As He Surrenders To Gates And The Vaccine Cartel
Peaceful Storms

21 and Done In Covidian 2020

The endBelow is a "best of" post from when my middle daughter (Lord is she ever, just like her Mom) aged out of the school system at 21. What on EARTH is happening for students aging out in 2020? Programs are closed everywhere. Zoom programming us DOOM programming for many on the spectrum.  What's happening in your State and how are you forging into adulthood?


2018: Time flies. Gianna, in her fashion, is leaving the nest (not literally, she lives with her sisters and me!) and starting the adult phase of her life. School ends today. She turns 22 next month. Can you imagine that?  She will be attending a program for adults with special needs. She'll be safe and well cared for and have a chance to grow and learn and gain skills toward more independence. And while it sure isn't what I had ever planned for her - I'm grateful that we have good people helping us. Mia's age out was much tougher on me.  But I'm in a better frame of mind than I was two years ago, so perhaps that's a big part of my peace. I hope you are find peace too.  In some fashion. We can do this, friends. Readers. Stay strong.

Love, Kim



go Trump

June 6-7 2000 // Just 20 short years ago today, the CDC Autism / vaccine mercury / Simpsonwood Conference north of Atlanta.

Almost time to bring in a few of these intellects to answer some questions.


Kim-good luck to Gianna and God Bless you and your beautiful family. I also have an adult son with autism and his day program is doing Zoom and it is going very well so far. They are all enjoying it very much.


Hugs to your three daughters and you Kim.

Mine has arthritis in his neck this year. I need to get to a neurologists and get him off of Keppra.
I failed him!
I should have tried getting him off of the Keppra five or so years ago. But it is hard to fix something that ain't broke, until it breaks.

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