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What Really Happened To The Freedom Angels At The Sacramento May Day Demonstration?

Freedom Angels
Thank you to Children's Health Defense for sharing this story with our readers.

By Danielle Gail and Curtis Cost

On May 1, 2020, citizens demonstrated across America over the measures that different states were taking to deal with the COVID 19 situation.  Demonstrations were taking place from California to New York, as well as multiple demonstrations within each state. Some were large, consisting of thousands of people, while others were much smaller with only a few hundred people. Most were peaceful, but at least one turned violent as was the case the Freedom Angels found themselves caught in during their Sacramento, California demonstration.

May 1st was the date that some politicians had promised to reopen America, but the date was extended again and hence, as an expression of growing frustrations, demonstrations were organized by different groups in each state. While most people understood the challenges that COVID 19 represented, there were a wide range of different concerns over how the governors in each state were handling the crisis. Some groups wanted businesses reopened while others were most concerned with government infringement on constitutional and basic human rights. There were also those who raised questions about the lack of scientific evidence supporting social distancing and whether healthy people needed to wear face masks.  Still others just wanted to go back to work, exercise in a gym, go to a restaurant and in general, for life to return back to normal. 

One of the larger demonstrations took place in Sacramento, California on the Capitol grounds. About 5,000 people attended.  Some of the leaders of the rally were Heidi Muñoz Gleisner, Tara Thornton, and Denise Aguilar, also known as the Freedom Angels. This is a non-profit group that actively advocates to protect human rights and constitutional freedoms such as informed consent and protecting the body sovereignty of all Americans. The Freedom Angels said that the California Highway Patrol and the Sacramento Police were informed that the protest was going to be held that day, and they stayed in regular contact with them up to the day of the event and throughout the day.

One of the things that the Freedom Angels wanted to emphasize was that this was supposed to be a peaceful rally; for most of the day, everything was peaceful.  According to Tara Thorton:

It was a peaceful day. There were children playing on the grass. There were moms sitting down breastfeeding. Police were mingling with people in the crowd.  It was a peaceful 4th of July party.

Tara explained that this was the atmosphere for hours. Without warning, however, things took a turn for the worse. Hours into the protest, an order was given to get the protesters to get off the Capitol grounds. Based on their conversations with police officials, this order came from “the top,” which the Freedom Angels interpreted as meaning that it came from Governor Newsom himself. “It was just simply a political move he made. No one was violent,” according to Heidi of the Freedom Angels.

What the demonstrators did not know was that in addition to the police officers who were outside mingling with the people, there were about 700 officers inside the Capitol Building. All of a sudden, officers started pouring out of the building.  Barriers had been set up before the demonstration on both sides of the Capitol steps, which facilitated pushing the crowd onto the street. The Angels all believe that the barriers installed in advance for a peaceful demonstration meant that they were planning to “ambush” the demonstrators from the very beginning!

“As soon as the officers came out of the building, they were very aggressive. They were trying to maneuver people to the street. They had their batons out and began pressing up against the crowd. They caught everyone by surprise. It was like they wanted us to become violent,” explains Denise Aguilar. 

Denise also pointed out that most people in the crowd could not even hear the order to move back.  This was because the police did not have a sound system or even a blow horn. As the police advanced, the Freedom Angels, who were in the front, got caught in the middle of the advancing police and the crowd, who were largely motionless because they did not know what was going on.  Furthermore, Denise notes that the police did not even give people a few minutes to gather their things and move back. Parents with babies and children were also caught in the midst of the confusion.  The fact that most people could not hear the order to move back made matters much worse.

“There was nowhere to go,” Heidi Muñoz Gleisner explained. “I suddenly found my feet pinned underneath a handicap scooter and I was terrified that my feet were about to be broken because they were pushing me so hard against the scooter.” The Angels also said that an officer reached over to the scooter handle to try to start it.  If the officer had succeeded, Heidi’s feet would have been broken and many in the crowd, who were pressed up against the scooter, including Tara, would have been hurt.  Fortunately, Heidi saw a friend in the crowd reach over and pull the key out, preventing the scooter from starting, and thereby averting an even greater tragedy!

Heidi also explained how the all-male police officers lifted her up in the air, spreading her legs in front of the crowd of officers and protestors, even though she was wearing a dress and was  pleading with them not to do that and to put her legs down because she was wearing a dress. “They were deliberately trying to shame me in the worst possible way,” said Heidi. 

Tara’s treatment by the all-male police officers was also traumatic. She said that she felt the end of a baton thrust into her back, which was very painful. Tara also pointed out that what this officer did with his baton was a violation because a person’s spine or ribs could be broken.  The proper use of the baton, she said, was for an officer to hold a baton at both ends and only use the width of the baton to push people.  What this officer did with his baton, according to Tara, could have caused her serious or even permanent injury.  She yelled out that they were hurting her and that this was not necessary. Tara kept asking the officers to stop attacking the people because they were all peaceful. Some of her pleas were captured on video.

A short while later, Tara said that an officer grabbed one of her arms from behind and started twisting it against her back, which was so painful that she started screaming. The pain she was in was evident on her face in the numerous photographs of this moment. She said that she continued to plead with the male officer to stop, but instead of stopping, the same officer grabbed her other arm from behind and started applying even more pressure. The officer then tied her hands very tightly behind her back with plastic zip-ties.

Denise described how the all-male officers grabbed her legs and lifted her up in the air and spread her legs open, despite the fact that she was wearing a dress.  As disturbing as all this was, Denise never imagined that there was a possibility that she might be arrested, because if she had, she said, “I would have worn different undergarments.”  The end result was that when the police lifted Denise up in the air and spread her legs, “The crowd could see everything,” said Denise.

Lots of footage of the protest depicts the excessive force inflicted on the Freedom Angels and other protesters. Both Tara and Denise sustained bodily injuries from the police batons. Heidi incurred a bruise on her head, while Tara got one on her arm.

Inside the Capitol Building, Heidi was handcuffed from behind with zip-ties and then thrown to the floor face down. Heidi said: “My face could have been disfigured and my skull could have been cracked!  They did not seem to care!” Later, the Freedom Angels were led to the basement where approximately fifteen other protestors were handcuffed with zip-ties.

The women explained that it was a completely different vibe once they got to the basement where they were met with a different group of officers. “They were all nice. We told them they shouldn’t be doing this. We told them that they had broken their oath,” Tara stated.  The women also felt that some of the officers were ashamed to see how the situation was being handled and could not believe they were part of such actions.

While sitting, but still uncomfortably cuffed in the basement, the women described how they saw the next wave of police officers go out into the crowd in full riot gear. They were like storm troopers, pushing the line of protestors back about 35-40 feet to the street. They were just pushing and starting to pull people. An elderly man who was also in the basement with us said that if they given five minutes to clear the area, he would not have been arrested.  A fifteen-year old girl was also among the first group of those arrested.  A total of 32 people were arrested.

The charges against the Freedom Angels were vague but essentially claimed that they were violating the new health safety guidelines. The ironic thing was that the police officers making the arrests were not wearing masks or gloves, and numerous photographs and videos show that police were not practicing social distancing as officers stood shoulder-to-shoulder when they formed the skirmish line and started to physically push the crowd off the premises.

The Freedom Angels believe that the reason why such violence was used against peaceful protesters was because government officials wanted to send a message to the public that if people try to stand up for their rights, this is what is going to happen to them. But this experience has had the exact opposite effect on the Freedom Angels. Tara, Heidi and Denise all stated that they feel even more determined than before. “It has strengthened our resolve,” said Tara. 

The Freedom Angels strongly believe that the most important thing people should know about what happened that day was the positive aspects.  Tara said:

There was a very diverse mixture amongst the demonstrators.  There were many people of different races, ethnicities, social economic status, political affiliations and so forth.  We were all there united in a common cause like one big family and it was beautiful!   

Tara also noted:

Not only was the crowd peaceful throughout the day, everyone remained peaceful even

when the police launched their assault!  That is the most important thing that people need to understand. Even though the Governor and the police wanted us to become violent, we stayed peaceful!

While the Freedom Angels emphasized the importance of peaceful protest, they also believe that many more people need to get involved because the issues are so serious.  Tara pointed out that: “Every minute that goes by, there are more people suffering from the lockdown and the consequences of it.”  They feel that people need to stay on top of their governors and other officials and express their concerns. The Angels feel that people should remain positive and courageous despite the odds.  As Tara put it:

We are just like any other mom or dad out there. There is nothing special about us. Anyone can do what we are doing. Anyone can stand strong in the face of tyranny. We are no different. We can do this together. We can stand shoulder-to-shoulder in peaceful, nonviolent resistance. We can fight this tyranny. We can fight for another way forward.

You can follow the Freedom Angels on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Telegram.

Their email address is:

It is up to each individual to weigh the merits of the actions being taken in response to COV-19 and draw their own conclusions.

Danielle Gale is a health freedom activist. Curtis Cost is an author, researcher and activist.

Freedom Angels video of arrest:


Grace Green

Why were you surprised to find that the symptoms of a cytokine storm connected with "CV" are the same as an autoimmune attack? The patients of this condition have often said that they got better from the cold/flu, and then followed the symptoms which landed them in hospital. It's always been known that Myalgic Encephalomyelitis follows a virus, and drags on sometimes indefinitely. And that a further infection exacerbates it. These people are not dying from the cold (CV) they're dying from an autoimmune reaction to earlier vaccines, which is then activated by the cold infection. If you listen to Judy Mikovits' interview on London Real, with Brian Rose, which is a brilliant interview, she says that a cold virus could never cause the symptoms which are being ascribed to it by "public health officials".
And that "doctor" you quoted on face masks was talking the biggest load of rubbish. People are not concerned about their civil liberties but about their health. Those masks do not work, and they even make the danger to the wearer greater. Also, in the UK as well as the USA we have actually not protected the elderly and people in care homes, but have deliberately infected them by sending infected people into the homes. They would have been better protected if the young and healthy had continued life as normal, caught the cold with few after effects, and reached natural herd immunity in a short period of time.



I didn't see your most recent comments here until now. Thank you. The infection was painful and scary. After three days on amoxicillin, it didn't seem to be improving and I felt very nauseous. I googled it and saw that the antibiotic could cause nausea. I switched to penicillin for two doses and that healed it, but I still felt dizzy and nauseous. I thought it was the antibiotics (for fish, BTW), and stopped them hoping that the infection wouldn't come back. I had no appetite for a week and a bad taste in my mouth. I finally thought I had never had side effects when taking antibiotics before and realized that my immune system had gone into an MS attack, cytokine storm, from having been riled up by fighting the infection. And that lasted several days. Still, I guess, it's only been a little a week. I took Mitocore, Cytokine Suppress, quercetin, selenium, C, but nothing ever makes me feel normal and healthy, the way I used to. I was surprised when I first googled cytokine storm in connection to CV to find that the non-lung symptoms were all those of an MS autoimmune attack, and the recommended supplements to take were the same.

So, again, I don't know what the moral is. It was a very bad thing for my parents to give me the mercury-containing DPT when I was little, but they had no idea it would do this to me. They only meant to protect me. I wish my immune system were intact, healthy, and protected me the way it used to, but I think taking the antibiotics was wise, my hand was frighteningly swollen, red, and painful. I told Cecily that before sulfa drugs and antibiotics it was common for people to die from just such an infection.



I fully recognize the dangers of vaccines. I am dizzy and wobbly right now from vaccine-induced multiple sclerosis. But we're going to go on a walk anyway, I have my grandfather's walking stick to keep my balance.

But I think that those who think a vaccine would be more protective than harmful for them should have the right to get them. I would like them to be aware of the dangers, but they should know already that adults have the responsibility to research those things. As you know, I'm in favor of the tetanus vaccine, polio if it comes back here, Hib for babies who have to be in day care if that's what their parents choose, and yellow fever for those who spend much time in a yellow fever zone. If you were crippled by polio or dying from yellow fever, the vaccine would look like the better choice to you. IF they were able to make a moderately effective, moderately safe CV vaccine, then people would have a right to get it, and it would be a justifiable choice given the prevalence and the lethality of the disease. But no vaccine mandates.

I'm sorry your father is having a hard time, and sorry he has to live through such a difficult period in our history. Sorry that all of us are. I don't know what the moral would be. Yes, vaccines should be minimized, but at the same time I'm glad that Cecily and I both got a tetanus booster in the summer of '05. It should last forty years, I hope. We've seen discussions here including cases of people getting tetanus despite good wound care. It isn't always enough. Think about the Black Plague and the Spanish flu, millions died miserably with no vaccines having been received. Your immune system cannot always cope.

This is what a doctor said about people who go to rallies without wearing masks. As a group, I don't like or trust doctors and he expressed himself harshly here, but at the same time it surprises me that it even needs to be said.

"Dr. Eric Mizuno, an internist at Weiss Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL, said we can “have it all” with the N95 mask. “I confidently walk into hospital rooms of 35 patients every day knowing this mask will protect me,” Dr. Mizuno said. “I walk into TB rooms with it. If everyone wore it then you go to your ball game, [you can] be within three inches, and [if] you don’t take your mask off [it will be fine]. You can’t breathe [the virus] in, and if you have it you can’t breathe it out.”
Some citizens think requiring a mask is a breach of their rights. To that, Dr. Mizuno said, “Just stay at home…which is a great violation of civil liberties.” He explains that while we live in the land of freedom, and honors the military which fought hard for that, it’s a moral obligation to protect the elderly.
“It may hop jump and skip to your grandma, or another person’s grandma, and it may kill them. Who beats up on older people?”
He is especially frustrated with protestors endangering others. While he does respect their constitutional right to do so, he proposes they should have to wear masks.
“You may as well take a knife and go to a nursing home and take out about ten percent and start stabbing them….it may be better. They’d die more quickly. They are dying prolonged, miserable and alone.”

Benedetta F Stilwell

It has been not such a cold winter, but a wet one. Spring has been wet and cold both.
I had some health problems in January with being so dizzy, I would get up in the morning and have to hold on to the walls. Our preacher had to pull off of the interstate , cause his truck hood appeared to go right over his head. My husband, mother and daughter had their dizzy what ever too. My son had a severe strep infection that lead to OCD like I did not know could exist. IT took four months for his health to return and he still is very tired acting. Both our Cat and poor doggy has an eye infection, and just act sickly. I have been putting eye ointments and antibiotics into them. On top of all of that my father had pneumonia and they put a feeding tube in him in Feb. I have been trying to get four cans of food into him ever since, and all I could get was two can and not enough calories, cause it made him sick and nauseas. It turns out he had an infected gall bladder and we have been through that for the last few weeks. .
Just three weeks ago I sent my 95 year old father into the belly of the Covid 19 center -- the ER. Pretty empty really. They kept him in the hospital overnight to return him -in great pain to us in which I sent him right back with a note that it was his stomach , look at his stomach. And that is how he ended up at the university hospital for gall bladder tube to drain it. The center of the Covid 19-- Ah , empty parking lots, empty streets, empty usually busy hospital.

Find a lesson in there somewhere Cia.
Low oxygen sounds like my husband's acquired mitochondrial phosphorylation illness that he came down with have receiving a DPT - tetanus shot. He had taken plenty before and then one day he reacted to one, and then years later he reacted to another one that he received, and his oxygen levels get in the 80s when he is stressed.

Find a lesson in there somewhere too, Cia.

I guess the lesson I take away from it, is they don't know what they are doing to the immune system with these vaccines, and we need our immune system for more than just a disease they decide to vaccinate against.

Gary Ogden

Benedetta: Love the reference to Dihydrogen monoxide! Cheap, and available at any store. Just gotta wear a mask to purchase.


Thank you, Benedetta,

I can’t take the dog for a walk. She just pulls too hard and she would pull me down. We go to the fenced-in backyard and I throw Frisbees and her stuffed dog and raccoon for her, pet her and brush her, while I sit in a chair. I didn’t know when we got her five years ago that my health was going to get so much worse or that she’d be so energetic and hard to manage. I paid a pet trainer from Petco to teach her to walk normally on a leash, but he couldn’t, and said she just wasn’t a pet quality dog. Reading my old emails to David Burd the other day, I described tying her to a tree to bathe her with a hose. I could not possibly do that anymore.

I think Covid is unprecedented. New animal viruses which have just made the species leap, like the Spanish flu and H1N1, are often very deadly. Or SARS or MERS. But they usually become much less dangerous in a few years. Sometimes many years. What most worries me is the deliberate human “improvement” of its virulence, the PRRA nucleotide sequence, the furin cleavage site, artificially and deliberately inserted by human genetic manipulators. A mutation would change one letter. TTRRAG to TGRRAG maybe. But this was TRR PRRA AG, just out of nowhere. Non coincidentally exactly the furin cleavage insertion which researchers had already inserted into other viruses to increase their function. It was definitely artificially inserted: there’s nothing like it in the bat or pangolin genomes. Also, the bats were already in hibernation and the genome shows that the bat was from that one cave a thousand miles from Wuhan and the local pangolins. And the entire area of the lab had no cell phone activity and all roads blocked in and out for a week in mid-October.

So I don’t think the virus can be assessed by normal rules. It’s already bad enough but there may be time-release dangers we’re not aware of yet. It looks as though many of those who apparently recover, hundreds of thousands so far, continue to or again suffer from severe symptoms. We’ve never seen anything like this before.

I’m going to look up whether it’s normal to feel dizzy and nauseated when recovering from a fairly severe infection, which is clearly better now, but I’m still dizzy and nauseous, putting off getting up to take a shower and wash the dishes. It occurred to me that maybe my immune system working harder to fight the infection might now have caused it to go into cytokine storm and that’s why I’m so dizzy and nauseated. And that is the result of the vaccine damage which caused my MS etc.

I read this morning that a Chinese protocol for treating CV tentatively diagnosed it at oxygen saturation levels under 93% and breathlessness or difficulty breathing. In Feb and March for the first time I got breathless even taking two steps. I got an oximeter which often said I had oxygen saturation between 85 and 90%. As I’ve said, on Dec 6, coming back from Mexico, we were in four international airports for several hours each, three planes with many people coughing. That was Friday and Monday evening I suddenly got sick with a severe cough that went on for weeks, also extreme fatigue. The breathlessness came later. I’ve had conjunctivitis for a month, and when I looked it up, that’s a symptom of CV too. I talked to a doctor the other day, she thought I might have had CV, but she said the antibody test they’re using now is very unreliable. So I didn’t get it. I’d like to get the Roche test. Anyway, I have been sick for a long time, I don’t know for how much longer, but this is not your typical virus.


Cia; Keep that hand soaked in very hot Dihydrogen Monoxide, with additional baking soda and Epson salts.
Heat draws all the antibodies of your body to that spot and can do a good job healing, even better than antibiotics.

We have been through stuff like this before too.
A weak immune system is a horrible thing.
Example: .
My son had an infected finger when he was in the first grade that took forever to heal up. Even the teachers were calling home to us about it. I told them that the peds has just told us to soak it in hot water and that was all. So, we were soaking it, in the mornings, evenings, and nights and had been tempted to call and ask if the teacher would give it another soak during the school day. .


I am sorry you do not feel well.
Health, is not a given in my family either.
Cia; I am sorry you are not feeling well.
Too much passion on a subject will do that to you.
Walking the dog and taking a breather is an excellent idea.

What I meant by my comment was, everything can be made to sound horrible if stated in a certain way, and when using statistics. Just like the history books and the stuff you quote here about yellow fever, or Columbia has their ocean filled with those that died of Covid 19, and now it has hit Brazil. . No pathogen ever been so devastating on it's own, it always takes other environmental problems, that people in charge did not think important to fix until a pathogen comes along to set the whole pile of kindling on fire.

Dihydrogen Monoxide is a terrible thing The best scientific evidence available has taught us that 1.2 million people around the world die by drowning in it every year, that is more than two persons per minute. From that more than 50 percent are children. Dihydragoen Monoxide is a deceiving way to say water.

See how it works on our psyche?



I did not deliberately avoid answering anything. I do not keep a bank of articles I read for easy retrieval. I said I wasn’t feeling well. I had an open cut on my hand and did not wear gloves when transplanting vegetable seedling to five gallon pots on my deck and got a severe infection of the cut, a lot of pain, redness, and swelling. I could not bend my fingers at all. I took amoxicillin for three days, but it caused severe nausea and I switched to penicillin, which also caused nausea, but not as much, but also caused a metallic taste in my mouth. I soaked my hand in very hot water with vinegar every day since I became frightened at how much my hand had swollen and how painful it was. I have felt very weak and constantly nauseated. I have had no appetite and could not wash the dishes last night. Fortunately Cecily made supper and fed the cats, worked on a thousand piece puzzle she got for her birthday for an hour completely independently, I didn’t even suggest it, and I read the last two chapters to her of a Holly Webb book about a Shiba Inu puppy that got lost but is finally reunited with her owner. I was really happy that my daughter beamed with relief when the dog hurtled down the steps at the train station to Emi’s arms. She’s been leafing ahead in the Holly Webb books anxious to see what’s going to happen. Please God she’s finally starting to follow narrative lines and maybe start reading easy novels independently. I had a bad night, I decided to take the penicillin again despite the side effects, five days in antibiotics which I thought should have meant clear improvement, but I still had considerable swelling and pain. I looked up symptoms of MRSA, then thought, great, unemployed until I learn to format PDFs keeping the decorative borders, and thousands of dollars for ongoing MRSA treatment. I emailed a friend to see if her family would be willing to be successor trustees for my daughter’s third party special needs trust if I died soon, which I felt I might, and she said she would. I am also very grieved at David’s death, rereading the many emails we exchanged several years ago.

Meaning I have other things to do, other problems to deal with than trying to find where I read about what Abbott said.

I read some suggestions for reopening which I’d like to put up. Not from antagonism, but because I’m genuinely desirous of figuring out how to get back to normal as safely as possible, but also want to preserve people’s lives and health as much as possible. It is very frustrating to try to post links on the cell phone and in this case I want to put up two links. Again, not from antagonism, but because I want these suggestions to be widely known and considered. I don’t think gathering in large groups without masks is a good thing to do from any angle. I think I can put up the links when I go downstairs to where the computer is.



"I had read that every day for the past week, Texas had had a thousand Covid deaths a day. "

You never addressed the things I asked about the Governor's actual statements, you avoided doing so you just jumped to inaccurate figures about Texas deaths.

J'espère que tu trouves la vérité.

Angus Files

From people of Sweden

7 people in Sweden told us why they think their government made the right call in having no coronavirus lockdown

Most people in Sweden are happy with the country's coronavirus strategy that has avoided a full lockdown and left restaurants, parks, and schools open, according to polls.

Business Insider spoke to people across Sweden who support the plan, and say widespread trust in authority and a community spirit means Swedes socially distance without strict rules needed.

How successful the plan will be is unknown for now: the death toll is far higher than many countries that locked down, but is also lower than other places with stricter responses.

High deaths in nursing homes and care facilities is a concern, but many say the Swedish strategy could work better in the long term because it is more sustainable.

Pharma For Prison




We don't know the long term outcomes of Sweden vs other countries yet. It will take at least one year. Sweden does also count deaths in nursing homes unlike their neighbors.

You want to announce the winner of a marathon after the first 15 minutes.

Much of what is currently done around the world is experimental, no one really knows what they are doing and what the outcome will be.


OK, that time I got it.

Angus, many countries are ending lockdowns, or aspects of it. Finland, Denmark, etc, had a small number of deaths because they locked down. Sweden just threw away three thousand lives because it didn’t. No one intends for any of the lockdowns to be permanent. You will have to show that the other Scandinavian countries will now have loss of life from Covid proportionate to that of Sweden, and they will nevertheless forge full speed ahead, because now they have learned the lesson that even allowing thousands of your citizens to die preventable deaths is better than preventing them when this entails damage to your economy. Come back when and if that turns out to be the case.




I had read that every day for the past week, Texas had had a thousand Covid deaths a day. I just found this, which says Texas had reported its highest daily death increase hours before reopening.


I just don’t have time or interest to listen to High Wire. I like reading things better because I can glance at it rapidly.


I don’t think I understood what you said. Are you saying that what are thought to be Covid deaths are really from something else? If not, I apologize, I don’t feel well and need to take the dog out now.

I read an interesting article at the Guardian yesterday about how many people have very long cases of Covid, months long, maybe longer. I saved the link, I’ll put it up tomorrow. Hundreds of thousands of people with symptomatic relapses, or just permanently feeling dizzy, nauseous, brain fog, breathlessness. This may mean it’s not a good idea to just get it hoping for permanent immunity (which probably doesn’t occur anyway). Oh, I’m going to get it now.

Angus Files

Lockdown was not the way to go...

Sweden’s Coronavirus Strategy Will Soon Be the World’s
Herd Immunity Is the Only Realistic Option—the Question Is How to Get There Safely
By Nils Karlson, Charlotta Stern, and Daniel B. Klein
May 12, 2020

Whether or not they have openly embraced the Swedish approach, many other countries are now trying to emulate aspects of it. Both Denmark and Finland have reopened schools for young children. Germany is allowing small shops to reopen. Italy will soon reopen parks, and France has a plan to allow some nonessential businesses to reopen, including farmers’ markets and small museums, as well as schools and daycare centers. In the United States, which has by far the highest absolute number of reported COVID-19 deaths, several states are easing restrictions at the urging of President Donald Trump, who despite bashing the Swedish model, is pushing the country toward something very similar.

There are good reasons for countries to begin easing their restrictions. It will take several years to tally the total number of deaths, bankruptcies, layoffs, suicides, mental health problems, losses to GDP and investments, and other costs attributable not just to the virus but to the measures used to fight it. It should already be obvious, however, that the economic and social costs of lockdowns are enormous: estimates from the OECD suggest that every month of pandemic-related restrictions will shrink the economies of advanced countries by two percent. France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States, according to the OECD, will see their economies shrink by more than 25 percent within a year. Unemployment is rising to levels unheard of since the 1930s—fueling political backlash and deepening social divisions.

Lockdowns are simply not sustainable for the amount of time that it will likely take to develop a vaccine.
Lockdowns are simply not sustainable for the amount of time that it will likely take to develop a vaccine.

Pharma For Prison


susan welch

Cia, I have tried to understand your stance. I just thought that you were so paralysed by fear, brought on by watching/listening to mainstream media. However, when you say

I said a few weeks ago that I do not respect Del Bigtree or High Wire. If you give me one fact he reported on which you think is significant, tell me what it is and I’ll tell you what I think about it. I do not doubt that much of what he says is true, but equally, much of it isn’t.

.....I am completely at a loss. Of course it is your right to 'not respect Del Bigtree', but to say that much of what is reported on Highwire isn't true, you are totally and utterly wrong. Everything Highwire reports is fact based and can be verified. The team are dedicated to only reporting truth. Also, I don't know how you can make that statement when you clearly do not watch it on a regular basis.

However, maybe you can clarify what, specifically, when you did watch it, you think was false.



I am not sure how the state feels about the lockdown today and they may still feel the same, but the poll you linked was done a month ago if you are referring to the yougov poll. I read the link you sent about the governors statements.

In my opinion you take a lot of liberty with what he said. I can find nothing about him stating or anticipating "massive deaths". There is a little lack of clarify about how many new cases he thinks may occur due to re-opening and how much increase will be simply a reflection of more testing. There is still no evidence he believed or believes re-opening will lead to massive deaths. That re-opening will lead to massive deaths appears to be your opinion. You stated he believed something and stated it which he did not, at least in what you have linked. Here is part of what your article states and nowhere can you find it saying he planned to re-open while thinking it would cause massive deaths.

You have done the same again in your response to me in writing; "You can see that the governor of Texas said Fine, we’ll end the lockdown, make the *** happy, but it’s going to result in a huge increase of cases and deaths." Where is this sated or implied in what you have linked? I must be missing something.

From the article.
"The more that you have people out there, the greater the possibility is for transmission," Abbott said during the call. "The goal never has been to get transmission down to zero."

The Friday call wasn't the first time Abbott acknowledged that there "can" or "could" be a correlation between the reopening and a spike in confirmed cases, but his tone in the call indicated a clearer understanding of the risks, the outlet noted.

John Wittman, a spokesperson for Abbott, told the outlet that Abbott's language in the audio message doesn't deviate much from a recent interview he gave to a local TV station. In the interview, Abbott said, "all scientists and doctors say that as we do begin to open up, there could be an increase in the number of coronavirus cases."

The only thing ad says is there likely will be more cases after reopening. Nobody denies that could be the case. We were to flatten the curve, not indefinitely lock down. People who are high risk can and should stay home and care facilities be given strict precautions. Let those, a large plurality of people who will mostly not get seriously ill resume their lives and well being.

"However, the governor said in the interview that the possible spike would be a result of improved capacity for testing in the state, rather than the increase of personal contact as public spaces open back up."

Also, you have done the same again in your response to me in writing; "You can see that the governor of Texas said Fine, we’ll end the lockdown, make the *** happy, but it’s going to result in a huge increase of cases and deaths." Where is this stated or implied in what you have linked? I must be missing something.

As you may have noticed I take journalists these days with a couple of grains of salt, his statements may harmonize more than they frame them.



I am not being paid anything to comment or otherwise express my opinion anywhere. I never have been. It is insulting to say that I am, but I would have to feel more respect for the source to feel insulted, which I do not.


For Cia:

Each year, Dihydrogen Monoxide is a known causative component in many thousands of deaths and is a major contributor to millions upon millions of dollars in damage to property and the environment. Some of the known perils of Dihydrogen Monoxide are:
Death due to accidental inhalation of DHMO, even in small quantities.
Prolonged exposure to solid DHMO causes severe tissue damage.
Excessive ingestion produces a number of unpleasant though not typically life-threatening side-effects.
DHMO is a major component of acid rain.
Gaseous DHMO can cause severe burns.
Contributes to soil erosion.
Leads to corrosion and oxidation of many metals.
Contamination of electrical systems often causes short-circuits.
Exposure decreases effectiveness of automobile brakes.
Found in biopsies of pre-cancerous tumors and lesions.
Often associated with killer cyclones in the U.S. Midwest and elsewhere.
Thermal variations in DHMO are a suspected contributor to the El Nino weather effect.
What are some uses of Dihydrogen Monoxide?
Despite the known dangers of DHMO, it continues to be used daily by industry, government, and even in private homes across the U.S. and worldwide. Some of the well-known uses of Dihydrogen Monoxide are:
As an industrial solvent and coolant
In nuclear power plants
By the U.S. Navy in the propulsion systems of some older vessels
By elite athletes to improve performance
In the production of Styrofoam
In biological and chemical weapons manufacture
As a spray-on fire suppressant and retardant
In abortion clinics
As a major ingredient in many home-brewed bombs
As a byproduct of hydrocarbon combustion in furnaces and air conditioning compressor operation
In cult rituals
By the Church of Scientology on their members and their members' families
By both the KKK and the NAACP during rallies and marches
By pedophiles and pornographers (for uses we'd rather not say here)
By the clientele at a number of homosexual bath houses in New York City and San Francisco
Historically, in Hitler's death camps in Nazi Germany, and in prisons in Turkey, Serbia, Croatia, Libya, Iraq and Iran
In World War II prison camps in Japan, and in prisons in China, for various forms of torture
By the Serbian military as authorized by Slobodan Milosevic in their recent ethnic cleansing campaign
In animal research laboratories
In pesticide production and distribution
April Fools. DHMO is just water. Di = 2 Hydrous = H Mono = 1 Oxide = O H20
But it is amazing what you can do with statistics.



Fear is appropriate in this situation, and if it persuaded you to use masks, etc., it is life-saving.

In March you were shocked by the oral reports of doctors on the front lines of the catastrophe in Milan. You said we should listen to those who are there? What happened to that? There are ever more horrifying reports by those who are there. Did you see reports of the Covid horrors in Brazil and Mexico last week? I don’t know, is Del not alarmed enough about them to get your attention?

Even if you completely disbelieve all official figures everywhere in cases and deaths, look up “refrigerated trucks.” Before Covid it was very rare for a medical facility to need one to store dead bodies. Their morgue was enough. Now thousands of hospitals and nursing homes all over the world have been forced to call in hundreds of refrigerated trucks in which they cram in the dead bodies. Before, none, now hundreds. I would say, indeed, cui bono? Whose interests does it serve to deny the suffering of millions, in many cases their disability for life, and the death of hundreds of thousands so far? I could tell you, but the answer is both shameful and obvious.



Several of my comments have not been put up yet. 310, 000 deaths in the world so far (undercounted, the 60% increase worldwide of all-cause deaths gives a better picture), 89,000 deaths in the US, in only two months.

I agree that HCQ with zinc and AZT is the best treatment, especially when started in the first week of symptoms, highly effective. It would not, however, save everyone: no treatment for anything could do that. I would like ten tablets or capsules of each to be in the possession of every person in the world, to be started as soon as they get a suspicious cough. It would probably save most people.

The best thing would be to stomp out the disease, and we could do it. First, masks for everyone in public: that would stop most transmission, most new cases. Then universal testing of everyone, both for the disease and for antibodies, preferably in a week’s time, and in a month do it once more. Hundreds of thousands of free testing stations all over the country. Wuhan is testing every single resident in ten days time. It can be done. Contact trace using cell phone data where possible and needed. Isolate at government expense all positives, at centers or at home where reasonable, but no one can go out during the quarantine. In Asia they provide food three times a day to those isolated. I think obviously we would do the same. How many times have you read about people in schools, hospitals, prisons, being deprived of food and starving to death?

I went to the Providence South Med Center the other day. There were five or six young men in the National Guard directing traffic. I rolled down my window and a man in camouflage asked if I were there to get food from the Food Bank temporarily set up there to distribute food. I asked if they had enough, and he said yes, lots of food available for everyone who needed it. The military is not always evil.

The disease is bad and goes on for a long time in many people. I read an article in The Guardian last night about a new register to record the ongoing problems of many Covid patients which continue for months after their apparent recovery. I think that’s what’s happening to me. It said it was similar to dengue, in which patients often continued significantly ill for six to nine months after apparent recovery. The Army has dialed back on its refusal to accept as a recruit anyone who ever had Covid. They were reluctant to take those who were likely to be chronically ill for the rest of their lives. But they were pressured. to change that policy, now it’s just if you were ever hospitalized with Covid, you’re disqualified to enlist in the Armed Forces for the rest of your life.

I think we should make the effort I described and just eradicate it



Speaking is totally fine as long as it’s done while wearing a mask. I put up a link on request several weeks ago, could look for it again if needed, saying that the germs are transmitted at least forty feet by sneezing, coughing, even just talking and breathing.

Anyone who desires to do so while wearing a mask is free to say I think this is st-! I don’t believe in germs, don’t believe in Covid, don’t think it’s contagious, don’t think the positive tests diagnosing one and a half million Americans with it are correct, don’t believe that 89,000 Americans have been killed by it in the last two months, think all the videos on YouTube showing crashed clinics and hospitals in Wuhan, Milan, and NYC were clearly staged, the hundreds of coffins of Covid bodies were all really empty, ditto with the mass graves.

Go ahead. Say it. Show up en made and you can all say it, but with at least ten feet between all people except those with babies and small children they’re unaccountably willing to put in harm’s way. Stand there all day and all night repeating that the whole thing is a totally invented lie. But do it with masks on and social distancing to reduce the chances that you will sicken or kill someone else in your campaign to raise the curve. Your right to swing your arm stops at my nose. At least 80% of Americans believe in the virus, are afraid of it, and support the measures. What if 20% of the population didn’t believe in arson, thought it was impossible to set a house on fire, and went in large groups from house to house setting them on fire, and later, on the ashes, said that it was obviously that the homeowners had had a barbecue which got out of control? They had a blast exercising their liberty going from house to house with tinder and lighter fluid.


I said a few weeks ago that I do not respect Del Bigtree or High Wire. If you give me one fact he reported on which you think is significant, tell me what it is and I’ll tell you what I think about it. I do not doubt that much of what he says is true, but equally, much of it isn’t.



I got this with some difficulty, there was no link at the top I could click and save, I sent it to my inbox, tapped the link sent, it sent me back to the article, I clicked the source at the top, went back to my inbox, sent an email to myself clicking Copy in the space to write, and go this. You can see that the governor of Texas said Fine, we’ll end the lockdown, make the *** happy, but it’s going to result in a huge increase of cases and deaths. I found results of a Texas poll yesterday which found that 80% supported the lockdown, masks, etc., and did not want to end the lockdown now. Can you google that if you are interested? I’ll try to get a link if you’re interested but cannot do it yourself.

Grace Green

You keep saying this is between human life and the economy. You are clearly being so well paid for your efforts on AoA comments that you are incapable of understanding that people go to work for MONEY, not the economy. Money buys FOOD, (and housing, heating, clothes etc.) which is necessary to human life! People are dying because of the lockdown. You have no compassion.


Yikes. Sorry for all the typos, etc., in my latest comment; pushed 'send' prior to spellchecking...



You stated, "I just saw that Orange County, California, after weeks of declining cases and deaths, in the last two days has had the highest number of new cases so far, probably because of all the people going to the beach two and a half weeks ago. Most people want to continue the lockdowns in the face of evidence like that."

Where to begin: First -- cases. What does this mean, precisely? A 'case' simply means that someone MAY have tested positive, but given the oft times inaccurate PCR testing, a number of false positives (and/or negatives) has to be considered when these numbers are projected.

Secondly, Dr. Birx has stated, ON THE RECORD, that many of these test results lie in wait for many days until a result is received; therefore, when a flurry of 'cases' (she has stated) is then published, this does not mean that NEW CASES have been identified, but rather these cases have been waiting for confirmation as being a 'case' while the test results come in (which takes time for the labs to do).

Third - Will you PLEASE quit with the fear mongering? Have you viewed any of Del Bigtree's videos? I don't care if you don't like Del himself, but his INFORMATION is credible information and comports with many, many scientists and researchers around the globe as to their findings. Many of these scientists, such as Dolores J. Cahill, a virologist from Dublin, Ireland, are finally speaking out because they are concerned that the policy makers around the glove who are driving these policies regarding quarantine, social distancing and th elike are MAKING DECISIONS THAT ARE MAKING PEOPLE SICKER.

And that's a quote from Dr. Cahill herself -- "They are actually making policy decisions that are making people sicker."

Dr. Cahill has also revealed, for hte first time, on Del's Highwire program, that solicitors/attorneys are contacting many of the scientists who are NOT on government payrolls regarding COVID policy making decisions, are are in the process of organizing legal Tribunals in order to start prosecuting those of whom are driving these irresponsible policies, which ARE making people sicker, NOT healthier.

She also states that there is absolutely no reason whatsoever that ANYONE need have died because of this coronavirus. She states that the HQ treatment protocol WORKS and is extremely effective, and that many physicians areound the globe have been using this treatment plan with great success with their COVID patients.

I cannot emphasize enough just how important this interview with Dr. Cahill is; it is a must see for all here who have any concerns as to the policies in place re COVID-19 and want more CREDIBLE information, rather than the fearmongering perpetuated by the likes of government sponsored propgandists such as Drs. Fauci, Redfield and Birx.

I have already posted the link to Del's latest Highwire program on two separate threads. If I try to do a cut/paste of that video, I'll lose the entirety of this comment. For those of you unfamiliar with YouTube, please enter YouTube's website, plug in The Highwire with Del Bigtree; his latest video will put up there.


Cannot emphasize enough the importance of this latest Highwire episode with Del Bigtree:

Video is quite lengthy, but very much worth viewing. His interview with Dolores J. Cahill, PhD is fantastic.


I saw an astounding video online in the New York subway system of a young woman with a child about five or six years old. She had no mask on so five or six officers surrounded her and threw her to the ground with the child present. It was truly appalling. Can’t they just give someone like that a ticket? Strangely, in that case as well, I don’t think the officers had masks on.


Popular among some, for reasons difficult for most to understand, and factually inaccurate.



You wrote:

"The governor of Texas has ended the lockdown there but says he anticipates that massive death will ensue and they’ll have to go under lockdown again."

I asked previously:
"Could you source this please?"

I am repeating my request in case you did not see it.
I wish to register my displeasure withe the governor of Texas if he has/had an intent to reopen while thinking it will likely cause massive death.. Please direct me to the publication that contains this quote or a quote stating this or a near facsimile.


I just saw that Orange County, California, after weeks of declining cases and deaths, in the last two days has had the highest number of new cases so far, probably because of all the people going to the beach two and a half weeks ago. Most people want to continue the lockdowns in the face of evidence like that.

I also saw a proposal for school/work 4 days there, ten days home, to have time to see if you caught it and then stay home.


This is the link I tried to post just now, but had lost it.


Businesses in Texas are largely not opening even though the lockdown there has ended and they would’ve permitted to do so. They are afraid of CV and place a higher value on human life than the economy. So what good does storming capitols do if the majority are afraid to open yet? There’s no way to blame government for this.


I looked up the Tlatelolco massacre at Wikipedia. It said that since 2000 evidence had come to light that snipers were used to kill the peaceful protesters. It said that probably between three and four hundred were killed.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Cia, I believe Prof Cahill.

Carolyn M

700 police officers?

I highly doubt that there are normally 700 police officers at that location.

What were these officers pulled away from in order to make an example of the protesters - and possibly spark an incident that would justify a crackdown? How many places were left short of personnel? How much harm resulted because these officers were not where they were needed?



I said that if the police acted abusively, then they should be punished. I would want to see and hear the evidence from both sides. I had a friend in Mexico a long time ago, Dr. Apolinar Gonzalez Flores, an orthopedic surgeon, who was a medical student in Mexico City in 1968, at the time of the Tlatelolco demonstrations, when police shot and killed dozens of peaceful demonstrators. He said he saw people around him shot and killed. I’ll look it up, maybe it was hundreds.

No. It’s not just my opinion, it is proven fact that masks and social distancing save lives during an epidemic. I just told my neighbor thatI had gone to a medical center where everyone was wearing masks. She had gone to the optometrist, leaving home for the first time since March, and said how strange it was that everyone was wearing masks. I talked for a minute about how useful and life-saving they were, said there should be a national mandate, and I didn’t understand why there was resistance to them on the part of many. She said some people thought they were too big for them, meaning, I think, too haughty, too important, too vain, to stoop to protecting other people’s lives as well as their own.

What do you want to bet that if these protesters had worn masks, stayed ten feet away from the nearest people, expressed their opinion, and then gone home, that this wouldn’t be in the news now? What did they accomplish by their flaunting their indifference to others’ lives? What is their proposed method for preventing contagion and deaths if everyone agreed with them and ended the lockdown? (Which, again, most people support.) Would it be I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that my proposal would cause so much death and suffering? Or I think returning to the way things used to be is SO desirable that it’s WELL worth tens of thousands of people dying and most people living in terror at an uncontrolled plague? As long as WE get to go to the beach!

Jeanne J


You seem to be trying to find a way to make the old adage "two wrongs never made a right" invalid. Or trying to prove which wrong is the greater wrong. Wrong is wrong. If, in your opinion, people not following CDC social distancing rules is wrong, then that is your opinion, which you are entitled to. But, what has that got to do with the police violently manhandling peaceful protesters. Social distancing is not a law!!!!!!!!! But, the right to peaceful assembly is!!!!!!! If you are concerned about COVID-19 and chose to remain in your home for 1 month, 3 months, through the fall, etc., that is your choice as a private citizen. No one should fault you for finding that as the choice that best works for you. But, if other citizens disagree with the government holding that position, our Constitution has given them a Bill of Rights by which to peacefully voice their opposition. And that is their choice. That is the only way it can be in a free society. In a free society, there will always be differences of opinion, but law allows you the right to have your own opinion. That is what America is supposed to be. The right to march against state shut downs is no different than the right to march against state vaccine mandates!!!!!! You believe people marching against state shut downs endangers the lives of other people. Many people have said people marching against state vaccine mandates endangers other people. What is the difference?! Just as many here have said people who are afraid of "so-called" vaccine preventable diseases should just go ahead and get their vaccine, I am saying you should stay at home until you feel comfortable coming out. It is YOUR choice!

And as far as the acts that were committed again the Freedom Angels, grabbing a woman's legs wide apart, while she is wearing a dress, and pushing the end of a baton into someone's back falls into the category of police brutality to me - and I suspect could easily be brought to court as such!


"The governor of Texas has ended the lockdown there but says he anticipates that massive death will ensue and they’ll have to go under lockdown again."

Could you source this please?

Tim Lundeen

One major problem with masks is reduced oxygen levels. They can easily be less than the EPA standards: a workplace with O2 this low would have to evacuate. Low O2 levels reduce immune system competency, making you more likely to get sick.



If there was police brutality, and what I read here sounded pretty mild, to the extent it may have noem and why weren’t they wearing masks and staying at some distance (according to that study I posted several weeks ago, at least thirty feet)? I hope that several weeks from now someone will publish an article on those who contract Covid as a result of this irresponsible, childish action and if any of the sick die of it. Also trace the chain of those who catch it from those who caught it, etc., and those who died as a result.

Was anyone protesting killed or disabled by the alleged police brutality? Now, how many died of Covid in California before the lockdown and how many were saved from dying because of the lockdown? How many will die as a result of the protesters’ activity

susan welch

Cia, I hope you will read this. I accept that you will not agree with it, but hope that it may make you more tolerant of those that choose not to wear masks.

Danielle Gail

Hi Bob,

Thank you for sharing your opinion. The world could use more officers of your caliber. Especially here in NYC. What is becoming of our state, let alone, country, is a nightmare to say the least. Our leaders have gone mad and society turning a blind eye. The Constitution, pretty much non existent. What happened to all the Patriots? We need to unite and stand strong.



The curve has not gone down. Trump wants to reopen, but most people realize that cases and deaths have not started a definite downward turn, and people also realize that when and if they go down, it’s very likely as the result of the lockdowns, and as soon as they end, deaths will rise again. It won’t be forever: no epidemic has lasted forever. But if anyone or a business, city, etc., are afraid to open, you can’t make them and it would be wrong to make them. Are you going to take the responsibility if they die as a result? My daughter would like to get a job. She’d even like to resume training at the food bank and food pantry. Unfortunately, ACT, the agency doing her pre-voc program says that even though the state lockdown is over, says it will not send its employees with her for her training, because of Covid. Burrell is supposed to take her out for recreational activities, but they both don’t have available staff now: they could go with her to the food bank, but say they wouldn’t send staff there because of the danger of Covid. The public library is still not open. I don’t know if Douglass pool will open at the beginning of June the way it usually does The health food store closed over a month ago: it didn’t have to, as it sells a lot of groceries and produce, but it did to protect the lives of its employees. Our church requires you to register before going, and there is a limit to how many can go. It had been closed for six weeks, but now is cautiously opening but you can only go to Mass once a month and daily Mass twice a month.

So let’s say the local branch of Open Now! protested and did their thing. The state and city have already ended the lockdowns (for the time being). But what people really want is to go back to normal, but no human law can force the virus to go away and not kill anyone anymore. And at this time, most businesses here are putting human life over business as usual. So exactly what would the protesters demand be done? Demand that people stand in the line of fire and spread the virus far and wide? Drag them to work and tie them to the cash register? How democratic of them. The governor of California says he’ll probably call a lockdown for three months, all through the summer. I shudder to think of the reaction of Open Now! The governor of Texas has ended the lockdown there but says he anticipates that massive death will ensue and they’ll have to go under lockdown again. So what’s your solution? Just willingly assent to many of your fellow citizens dying in agony? Without even stopping to wear a mask? So what are you going to do if most people are not going to go along with that?

We’re you able to click on the link I provided to the charts showing a 60% spike in mortality from Covid in March and April? I understand that it may have been difficult for you to put the information I gave from the Financial Times into your search engine. Are you able to click on links?

Jonathan Rose

At the demonstrations in Trenton a few months ago, the NJ state troopers never treated us like this. They were very courteous, and as long as we were peaceful (which we were), they allowed us to protest as loudly as we wanted. So things have taken an ominous turn. The Bill of Rights does allow us to peaceably assemble: there are no "emergency" exceptions to that rule.


There is a lot of video of the protest. If the police acted abusively, those responsible should be sanctioned. Beyond that, the question remains: what were the protesters trying to accomplish? OK, they don’t like the lockdown. Do they think it’s better that Covid spread more rapidly and comprehensively, killing large numbers who would not have died had the lockdowns continued? Great, they have a right to say it, and then the majority 80% have a right to say why we support the lockdowns. The difference is that the 80% are not going to run around all day spewing germs on everyone in the vicinity. Is there a reason I should respect those who don’t value my life or that of anyone else?


Basically its a coup against the constitution directed against the people, supported by the Federal Government. Trump as President has authority to prevent states from violating constitutional rights of citizens. Eisenhower sent the National Guard in to open up the schools. States also are heavily dependent on Federal aid. Trump is giving CA and NY hundreds of billions . An EO with the threat if withholding aid and mobilizing troops ends it all. While is act to want to open up may fool some, his actions show his support. Same stuff going on in Israel and UK.

In any event, a Seattle cop made a video that went viral calling on cops to not follow tyrannical orders. He was fired. The Mans a hero. There are many good cops. Unfortunately, there are also psychopaths who enjoy flexing their muscle and those who have been bought off with that OT. After WWII, the Nuremberg. Trials held those who “were just following orders” to account. Following unlawful or tyrannical orders is no excuse.

Of course, any change will have to come from within. I have always thought that if necessary the military and police would stand up, at least those in the lower ranks. Maybe too many of them have sold out or are psychopaths for this to happen. If so kiss the constitution good bye. Its been in tatters for 20 years or more, but this is might be the end.


If the majority think we should protect lives and continue the lockdown, then neither public health nor democracy in action can be used to support ending the lockdowns now.


Unless someone was lying back in March, the idea of the lock down was to flatten the curve, to keep the health care system from being overwhelmed

If the curve has been flattened, then the lock-down did what it was supposed to, and it's time to end the lockdown.

If the curve has not yet been flattened, then the lock-down did not do what it was supposed to, and it's time to end the lockdown

GrandmaPeg-Margaret J.Jaeger

I cannot fathom how police officers...our own neighbors...choose to go along with such ravaging of people not violent, not hippies, not terrorists, not acting like rioters... I tried listening to the vids that weren't movies but it was when the guy was on the megaphone and people were being attacked...yelling and screaming was all that came thru. Did something occur before the attack that would make the government think it was violent or going to get that way on its own..? Regardless of those thoughts,,there is no reason to be attacking and beating on our townspeople as if they were violent criminals. Lots wrong here...Lots.

Tim Lundeen

Bullshit Newsom rides again.


How to reopen: N95 masks for everyone. How not to reopen: irresponsible protesters not wearing masks.

Jeanne J


What has a public opinion poll have to do with how violently people are treated at a peaceful rally. This post is about individuals being brutalized by police while exercising their constitutional right of free speech and assembly. Whether one takes issue with large gathers during COVID-19 or not, does a police officer have the right to manhandle a citizen, when no police order has been given? The post states that the police did not use any method to amplify their voices to the crowd (such as bull horns, etc.). How do you expect people to follow your orders "peacefully" when they didn't hear them in the first place. This is about governmental intrusion into our rights as citizens, not about whether or not we agree with how our government is or isn't handling COVID-19.


I don’t know what happened to my comment, as the second one went up with a link. I just looked at a few seconds of a video of the rally on YouTube, and didn’t see anyone wearing a mask or social distancing. The photos of the rally at the top of this article also do not show anyone in a mask or standing at a distance from others. Are they saying they don’t believe in coronavirus or they don’t care if they infect others, some of whom may die? I’ve seen other pictures and videos of demonstrations at which the participants were doing both. So how should public authorities have handled a lot of people who had already been there several hours expressing their minority opinion while endangering the health of everyone around them? Wasn’t all morning enough to make their point, and then they could have gone home without endangering anyone’s health any further?


What happened to my comment? Did my including a link cause it not to go up?

I just saw a poll from two weeks ago in Texas. Governor Abbot partially reopened Texas on May 1, but the vast majority of Texans do not support doing this, despite the economy’s suffering.

If the majority think we should protect lives and continue the lockdown, then neither public health nor democracy in action can be used to support ending the lockdowns now.


Excellently penned account! Makes me feel like I was in the morass. I'm appalled at the Freedom Angels being lifted in the air with spread legs. That is demeaning and abusive, and they should press charges for that as well as for the other ways they were treated.

Angus Files

How safe are we from the politicians and unelected bureaucrats who can use the Police like this to enforce unjust policy.

Tiananmen Square anyone?

Pharma For Prison


Laura Hayes

Another video showing the abuse of police force in CA, in attempts to intimidate and silence peaceful protestors and any who dare to speak out and demonstrate against unjust and unlawful tyranny:

Bob Moffit

"What the demonstrators did not know was that in addition to the police officers who were outside mingling with the people, there were about 700 officers inside the Capitol Building."

As a retired NYC police sergeant with 24 years of service .. I am embarrassed at the way these "700 officers" who were hidden inside the Capitol Building acted .. using tactics reminiscent of Hitler's Brown-Shirt-storm troopers .. during early days of Hitler's rise to power in Germany. These are tactics meant to intimidate peaceful demonstrators .. not tactics meant to simply restore peace and tranquility on Capitol grounds.

If they don't realize they are being used for political purposes .. such as a vague allegation peaceful demonstrators were in violation of "NEW HEALTH SAFETY GUIDELINE … NOT LAWS .. GUIDEINES ISSUED BY GOVERNOR ARE NOT LAWS … they should be ashamed of themselves.

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