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WebMD: A COVID-19 Vaccine by Fall Is Possible, But at What Cost?

Speak_out_for_safety_osha_caution_signBy Dennis Thompson
HealthDay Reporter

Don't clean your screen or call your optometrist, you read that correctly: WebMD is questioning the safety of a rushed COVID vaccine.

A COVID-19 Vaccine by Fall Is Possible, But at What Cost?

MONDAY, May 11, 2020 (HealthDay News) -- Efforts to create a COVID-19 vaccine are proceeding at an unprecedented pace, with eight different candidates now being tested in humans around the world.

But to have a vaccine available for widespread use by early next year could entail bending some rules regarding safety and testing -- actions that might put the health, and possibly the lives, of test volunteers at risk.

"It is possible to have a vaccine by the fall or winter," said Dr. Greg Poland, director of the Vaccine Research Group at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. "It is not possible to have a vaccine by fall or winter that has gone through the usual safety testing. Speed is a tradeoff with safety."

The government's leading vaccine expert -- Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases -- raised eyebrows in late April when he declared it "doable" to have millions of doses of coronavirus vaccine ready for distribution by January.

"We have to remember that the fastest we've ever seen this really being done is four years," said Dr. David Shulkin, former secretary of Veterans Affairs and former president and CEO of Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City. "The traditional methods and processes for developing vaccines take a great deal of time."

However, Shulkin and other experts agree that a COVID-19 vaccine could be ready for public distribution earlier than the 12- to 18-month development timetable that has been suggested.

The holdup isn't in creating a vaccine. The World Health Organization lists eight candidate vaccines currently in human clinical trials, and 100 more candidates are undergoing preclinical evaluation in laboratories worldwide.

Rather, testing each vaccine to make sure it's safe and effective is what eats up months and years, Shulkin said during a HealthDay Live Stream interview.

"It's likely we will see vaccine approvals outside the United States -- where the regulatory approvals may not necessarily be as stringent -- in a quicker time period than even the 18-month period we've discussed," Shulkin said.  Read more here.


Carolyn M

I forgot to add: the Army would not just be distributing vaccines. In the press conference it was announced that they would be distributing "therapeutics, diagnostics and vaccines". So the focus was not just on vaccines.

President Trump also stated that some diseases " go away " without a vaccine.

I watched a recording of the press conference online. Anyone who is interested can probably still find it online, watch it and decide for themselves.


I have placed the link to this latest Highwire video/episode on another thread, but am posting it here as well, given the concerns some here have regarding the possibility that a COVID vaccine could be mandated for all (I honestly do not believe this is going to happen).

PLEASE all - do watch this video. It is lengthy, to be sure, but if you've never viewed any of Del Bigtree's videos, this would be the best one to start off with:


Carolyn M


The general who commands the US Army Materiel Command is one of the two people in charge. He would be in charge of distribution once a vaccine is developed and ready.

The President stated that the vaccine would be available to "everyone who wants one" and that some people would not want one.

Just because the Army is involved in distribution doesn't mean that they will be going door to door force vaccinating people. In my opinion, it is more likely that they will be distributing the vaccine to medical providers - hospitals, clinics, etc.

I don't believe that the President will sign an executive order mandating the vaccine. Congress might pass legislation mandating a vaccine. What I think is much more probable is that mandates may occur at the state level. Either governors will sign executive orders mandating the vaccine or state legislatures will pass vaccine mandates.


Said something on the news that the military might be involved in the distribution of the Covid 19 vaccine.

Ohhh, where to hide?


Fauci is now back pedaling on his coronavirus vaccine narrative.

"There's no guarantee that that the vaccine is actually going to be effective.......There have been at least two vaccines in the past that have produced a “suboptimal response,” he said. “And when the person gets exposed, they actually have an enhanced pathogenesis of the disease, which is always worrisome. So we want to make sure that that doesn’t happen. Those are the two major unknowns.”


Anita Donnelly

I am using this opportunity to say this, I think it may be our best hope.

YES, I care about that older person or immune-compromised person who may get COVID if I go out without a mask.

I am thrilled to see that we care so very much about the weakest, that we are willing to protect them.

In return, I beg you to consider how risky it is for my child to get another vaccine, since he ended in the ICU after his hep-B shot at birth, and THEN he got extremely sick and was nearly catatonic for months after the set of shots he got at 12 months. I beg you to understand how terrified I am to ever give him another shot, because no one has ever identified exactly which of the 40 ingredients in those vaccines caused this to happen to him.

I value every person, and I don't believe that "the greater good" means that we must sacrifice ANYONE for the good of "everyone". I believe that the greater good is figuring a combination of testing, vaccines, treatments, indifidualized nutrition, vaccine exemptions, quarantines, and things we haven't even thought of yet--because we haven't tried, to achieve optimal health for EVERYONE.

I care about that elderly person, that immune compromised person. She could be my Mom. He could e my dear friend. So I will stay home, or wear a mask, or keep distant.

Please in return care about my son and his extreme sensitivity to the ingredients in vaccines. Someday this could be your child, your grandchild, your mother, yourself. Respect our right to judge what some cannot tolerate, what some cannot risk, what some cannot choose due to religious conscience. Respect American creativity --we can agree on a goal and come up with options that keep us all safe.

One size fits all medicine is a relic of an older time. We can do better.

Laura Hayes

Excellent 25 min. sermon warning about the New World Order, a one world government:



Africa, Parts of Asia, South America especially the area of greatest poverty--watch out! "It's likely we will see vaccine approvals outside the United States -- where the regulatory approvals may not necessarily be as stringent -- in a quicker time period than even the 18-month period we've discussed," Shulkin said.

"Now, whether that will be safe to commercialize and to make available to masses in the population of the United States, that will be a separate issue,"

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